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    May 22nd 2021 Dr Reiner Fuellmich Talks To James Delingpole on the lawsuits leading to an International Criminal Court for Coronavirus:

    WORLDWIDE EVENT: July 4th 2021 #INDEPENDENCE #DAY #WW3 The most powerful person in the world, Joe Biden & richest man in the world, Bill Gates face Nuremberg Trials 2.0 at https://nurembergtrials.net/nuremberg-trials-2-0/f/july-4-2021-independenceday-biden-gates-nurembergtrialsnet -- The International crime syndicate also appears on Hitler's 4th Reich "Most Wanted" list at http://4thReich.com. President Biden, facing a slowing rate of vaccinations and a hope for near normalcy by Independence Day, said the government would shift from mass vaccination sites to local settings. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/04/us/politics/biden-vaccination-strategy.html

    WORLDWIDE EVENT: For Immediate Release, March 20th 2021, The website 4thReich.com begins the "4th Reich" Nuremberg Trials in 2021 for Coronavirus Hoax and Crimes Against Humanity. Grand Jury selection begins today the 1st Anniversary of Act 1, Worldwide Martial Law by Government, "Lock-step" and illegal Presidential Directives and other made-up "Orders". The Zoom public trials with opening statements by the Grand Jury are set for July 4th 2021!

    Nuremberg Trials Covid Hoax

    The 4th Reich is the 1000 year hypothetical future Nazi Reich that is the successor to Adolf Hitler's Third Reich (1933-1945)

    March 13th 2021 The Nuremberg Trials website will have features for 4th Reich or Patriot subscribers such as 1) Evidence for Legal Case 2) Create a profile for your favorite Hitler Brownshirt or Hitlarian business 3) Vote for who belongs in Hitler's Cabinet 4) How to open up your business under Covid 5) Legal help 6) How to declare medical exemptions 7) No-Mask business directory 8) Local barter 9) Daily Covid News 10) Wolfenstein 4D https://teslaleaks.com/nurembergtrialscovid.html

    Nuremberg Trials for Covid Hoax Timeline:

    ) March 12th 2021 at Midnight, selection process begins for Grand Jury

    ) March 13th-July 3rd 2021, Evidence compiled, Inquiries made and Subpoena's served vs 4th Reich members

    ) July 3rd 2021, Public vote for Grand Jury members

    ) July 3rd 2021, Public vote for 4th Reich Members on Trial

    ) July 4th 2021, Grand Jury convenes on public Zoom meeting with Opening Statements against alleged members of the 4th Reich

    4th Reich

    Nuremberg Trials Evidence


    1) Covid-19 Hoax Introduction
    2) Crimes against humanity
    3) Medical & privacy rights
    4) Businesses under Covid
    5) Legal Cases for precedent
    6) Risk vs Benefits under Covid?
    -- - Emergencies/ Authorization/Vaccines
    7) Vaccinology used in Vaccines
    8) Contageon Theory & False Science
    9) Mandatory Vaccines & Injuries
    10) Cures & Solutions


    Nuremberg Trials Legal Cases







    BREAKING: April 30th 2021 #NUREMBERG #TRIALS The Nuremberg Doctors Trial and Modern Medicine's Panic Promotion of the FDA's Experimental and Unapproved COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. Should Medically-degreed physicians in the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID and the FDA (all of whom presumably pledged the hippocratic oath at the beginning of their medical careers) who then vigorously promoted the untested (long-term), experimental emergency use authorized (EEUA) Covid-19 Vaccines, be subject to the Nuremberg Code of Ethics? https://www.globalresearch.ca/nuremberg-doctors-trial-modern-medicine-panic-promotion-fda-unapproved-eeua-covid-19-vaccines/5743983

    April 7th 2021 The Significance of the Nuremberg Code: The Universal Right of Informed Consent to Medical Interventions by ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION https://ahrp.org/the-significance-of-the-nuremberg-code/

    The Nuremberg Code provides legal justification to litigate violations of informed consent. The first and foremost principle is unequivocal: "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential". The United States Military Tribunal established the Nuremberg Code as a standard against which applies to all citizens— soldiers as well as civilians." "the universally accepted norm in customary international law regarding nonconsensual medical experimentation." The 4thReich members and their aiders and abettors are responsible, whether they know it or not, violating the Nuremberg Code as a Crime Against Humanity.

    1) "a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient's consent commits an assault for which he is liable in damages."

    2) "responsibility for violations of informed consent rests upon individual doctors, government officials – and their aiders and abettors – each of who can be prosecuted for crimes against humanity"

    3) "any compelled intrusion into the human body implicates significant, constitutionally protected privacy interests"

    4) "All actors, however, are bound by the Nuremberg Code"

    "Of special interest to this Court, the Nuremberg Code, at least in significant part, was the result of legal thought and legal principles, as opposed to medical or scientific principles, and thus should be the preferred standard for assessing the legality of scientific research on human subjects. ? Under it, duties to research subjects arise. The Nuremberg code [i]s a summary of the legal requirements for experimentation on humans The Code requires that the informed, voluntary, competent, and understanding consent of the research subject be obtained. Although this principle is placed first in the Code's ten points, the other nine points must be satisfied before it is even appropriate to ask the subject to consent. The Nuremberg Code is the 'most complete and authoritative statement of the law of informed consent to human experimentation.' ? It is also 'part of international common law and may be applied, in both civil and criminal cases, by state, federal and municipal courts in the United States."

    Cases in Point: The case involved Pfizer which conducted an unapproved, trial of its experimental antibiotic, Trovan on children in Nigeria. The court found Pfizer guilty. -- Rabi Abdullahi, et al. v. Pfizer, Inc., 562 F.3d (2d Cir. 2009)

    1) "Among the nonconsensual experiments that the tribunal cited as a basis for their convictions were the testing of drugs for immunization against malaria, epidemic jaundice, typhus, smallpox and cholera. Seven of the convicted doctors were sentenced to death and the remaining eight were sentenced to varying terms of imprisonment. The American tribunal's conclusion that action that contravened the Nuremberg Code's first principle constituted a crime against humanity is a lucid indication of the international legal significance of the prohibition on nonconsensual medical experimentation."

    Telford Taylor explained,"Nuernberg was based on enduring [legal] principles and not on temporary political expedients, and this fundamental point is apparent from the reaffirmation of the Nuernberg principles in Control Council Law No. 10, and their application and refinement in the 12 judgments rendered under that law during the 3-year period, 1947 to 1949."

    The Nuremberg Code prohibits human experimentation of the very kind being endorsed and defended by the EMA. Even under the terms of their own original FDA authorization, COVID-19 vaccines are deemed "investigational" and their recipients "human subjects", who are, by definition, entitled to informed consent. Misleading populations into accepting investigational agents such as the gene-based COVID-19 "vaccines", or coercing them through "vaccine passports", constitutes clear and egregious violations of the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code mandates voluntary informed consent "without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit [or] duress". In other words, citizens have the right under the Nuremberg Code and related protections not to be subject involuntarily to medical experiments. It is clear that these experimental agents should be CONTRA-INDICATED in individuals not at elevated risk of serious illness & death if infected by SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore, the use of the experimental agents must also be withheld in the elderly population until a risk-benefit assessment has been properly conducted. In any event, the vaccine label must be revised to reflect the recently emerged serious adverse events addressed here.

    We remind the EMA that Nuremberg violations constitute crimes against humanity under the Geneva Convention. Crimes against humanity are deemed "the worst atrocities known to mankind", and are prosecuted under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


    For the avoidance of doubt, if your regulatory body does not immediately suspend its "emergency" recommendation of potentially dangerous inadequately tested gene-based "vaccines", while the matters which we have highlighted to you are properly investigated, we hereby put the European Medicines Agency on notice of being complicit in medical experimentation, in violation of the Nuremberg Code, which thereby constitutes the commission of crimes against humanity. Furthermore, it is your indirigible duty as a regulatory body to ensure that all doctors worldwide are advised that they are taking part in medical experimentation via "vaccination" programmes, whether wittingly or unwittingly, with all the legal and ethical obligations that such involvement entails.


    On March 1st 2021, Isaac Legaretta, a New Mexico Detention Center Officer filed the first US Lawsuit Over Mandatory Covid Vaccines. DOCKET: No. 2:21-cv-00179

    On March 7th 2021 an Israeli citizens group filed a a petition to the International Criminal Court charging the Israeli Government with violating the Nuremberg Code with its mandatory Vaccination policy. "When the heads of the Ministry of Health as well as the prime minister presented the vaccine in Israel and began the vaccination of Israeli residents, the vaccinated were not advised, that, in practice, they are taking part in a medical experiment and that their consent is required for this under the Nuremberg Code".

    On March 19th 2021On March 19th a group of researchers from Norway have filed a lawsuit charging the Norwegian government corona policy is a Crime Against Humanity. under the leadership of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team of investigators and lawyers. Read the English translation here or download the official document (in Norwegian) here. https://ahrp.org/the-significance-of-the-nuremberg-code/">https://ahrp.org/the-significance-of-the-nuremberg-code/

    On March 24th 2021 Fact Check-International Criminal Court has yet to assess Israeli anti-vaxxers submit ethics complaint to International Criminal Court citing Nuremberg Code. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-icc-israel-covid/fact-check-international-criminal-court-has-yet-to-assess-merit-of-a-claim-regarding-israels-covid-19-vaccination-programme-idUSL1N2LM2FS

    March 25th 2021 #VACCINES Mike Yeadon - Expert on Viruses Disagrees with Liberal Politicians https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-to-aflds-entirely-possible-this-will-be-used-for-massive-scale-depopulation/

    March 11th 2021 #4THREICH Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/klaus-schwab-and-the-fourth-reich/


    BREAKING: April 22nd 2021 Warning! The Fake Alien Invasion Threat is Real! A mass awakening is the greatest threat to the criminal cabal's greatest power; invisibility. Published by Tesla Leaks: Project Invisibility, Project Blue Beam and Blue Book, Directed Energy Weapons used on 9/11 and of Course, Nikola Tesla. https://banned.video/watch?id=60819701cc69f3017f9bf6d2 -- The Nucleomagnetic Disc 1958-1961, Owned and Published by Chris Edwards at Tesla Leaks: UFO Air Force Project 1794 Declassified - https://youtube.com/watch?v=JN3s2c2Ya-

    BREAKING: April 20th 2021 The Pushback by Oracle Films "Every part of this scenario is false" "No element of this hoax has a scientific basis" https://davidicke.com/2021/04/20/the-pushback-oracle-films-the-day-the-world-stood-together-daretothink/

    BREAKING: April 20th 2021 Fake News by 1000 "news stations" making false claims about Tesla Autopilot and false claims about battery fires -- Elon Musk admits that car data logs of the Texas accident involving a Tesla, was NOT on autopilot. Mainstream Media = Pathologic Liars!

    April 2nd 2021 'Vaccine' Depopulation – A Must Watch – David Icke Dot-Connector ft. Dr Mike Yeado & James Delingpole - No Trials, Risk/Benefit analysis etc. for mRNA experimental gene expression, chemotherapy "vaccines" origionally designed for cancer. "Nuremberg Trials" are required for justice "they must go to jail for the rest of their lives" -- The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero. https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/health-coronavirus-vaccines-skeptic/

    April 2nd 2021 BREAKING: Florida Governor today banned "contact tracing" (that didn't work) and mandatory vaccines as Unconstitutional, Illegal and a violation of the Nuremberg Code https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-desantis-vaccine-passport-order-20210402-k5g7n3vis5gfzebz7ot6xz4ala-story.html

    March 31st 2021 BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Governor's Statewide Mask Mandate https://apnews.com/article/legislature-madison-wisconsin-coronavirus-pandemic-strikes-9f05a7331f7957721799b23ea381fead

    March 31st 2021 BREAKING: Belgium Must Lift 'All COVID-19 Measures' within 30 Days, Brussels Court Rules. The League for Human Rights had filed the lawsuit several weeks ago and challenged Belgium's system of implementing the measures using Ministerial Decrees. https://www.globalresearch.ca/belgium-must-lift-all-covid-19-measures-within-30-days-brussels-court-rules/5741725


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    Medical Exemptions & Data Privacy False Flag & Stand Down at the Capitol No-Mask Business Directory & Barter

    Tesla Leaks list of Confirmed Hoaxes --------------- Tesla Leaks list of Special Reports -------------- Election Fraud Timeline 2011-2021
    Tesla Leaks list of Confirmed Hoaxes Tesla Leaks list of Special Reports Election Fraud Timeline 2011-2021


    BREAKING ON NUREMBERG TRIALS: March 17th 2021 WW3? We Are Fighting a 2-Front War with author of the U.S. Biological Weapons Act, Dr Francis Royal, joins Alex Jones and Infowars.com draws out a legal case for Vaccine's that violate the Geneva Conventions' Nuremberg Codex on Medical Experimentation during WW2 against the 3rd Reich

    LIVE EVENT: March 20th 2021 It's Time - Worldwide Protests against the 4th Reich

    LIVE EVENT: April 1st 2021 Dr. Nick Begich on Love and Relationships @ earthpulse.com

    EXCLUSIVE: March 17th 2021 UnMask.ca - How to File a Mask Exemption or Humans Rights Complaint in Canada or in any Country ie: media@aclu.org:


    FEATURE UPDATE TOP 15 FALSE-FLAGS: Nazi Bill Gates even owns the prison security system in Israel. G4S, the guys behind the recent Florida shootings. The guy worked for G4S.


    Columbines Police chief came from Bloomberg's head office for gun control.

    https://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/21/us/shooting-at-colorado-theater-showing-batman-movie.html https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-METROB-16639

    Sandy Hook alleged shooter was the son of GE's VP of Energy Finance, Peter Lanza, behind the Nikola Tesla Conspiracy & ENRON. The ENRON investigation ended when WTC 7 (The Solomon Brohters Building) disappeared on 9/11. The Solomon Brothers invented the Petro-Dollar during the Reagan Era.

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/10/newtown-connecticut-adam-lanza-father-wishes-son-born https://www.nhregister.com/connecticut/article/Peter-Lanza-father-of-Sandy-Hook-school-shooter-11371832.php

    Batman Shooter took Mind Control classes in college, his speech on Graphmemes and Time Projection were removed from YouTube.

    https://www.warriorforum.com/off-topic-forum/642368-james-holmes-studied-mind-control-college.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Holmes_

    Santa Barbara shooting is featuring "Duping Delight"; Santa Barbar packed with left wing activists and anti-nuclear power activists.


    Just days after the Mandalay Bay, Other Casino's and the Nevada School system commit to putting solar panels on their roof and buy cheap renewables from the open market, there is an alleged shooting at their hotel, the Mandalay Bay, that houses the largest solar grid on its roof than any building in the world. What a coincidence!! https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/for-utilities-like-nv-energy-rooftop-solar-is-the-tip-of-the-iceberg

    Just as Harry Reid's son, of Nevada and ENN energy want to build a 5 Gigawatt Solar Grid in the Desert, Bundy, Alex Jones, Cowboys from Houston, and CNN said it was about saving 5 cows on Bundy's Ranch... OH SURE!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y84OO4-ZsPA

    10/14/2014 Fort Hood (shooter) Military Base and Hill AFB is allegedly in the Nikola Tesla FBI File and FOIA requests have been made for " (DARPA) regarding the devices, inventions, or experiments of Nikola Tesla." https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/Documents/FOID/Reading%20Room/FOIA_Log/FOIA%20Log-FY15.xlsx?ver=2019-04-03-130452-697

    The 2014 Oregon Standoff "shooting" was Alex Jones and Pete Santilli going to the wildlife refuge in order to try to block the new Wind Turbines and Hydroelectric Plant across the high windy desert plains of Oregon. Alex Jones and friends broke the Hydroelectric Plant at the Oregon/Idaho border on their way out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMdzfQstLNs

    The 2014 "Slender Man" shooting was total bullshit; no video, no blood, no motive.... allegedly they were posting anti-government (anti-Vaccine) messages online https://www.cnn.com/2014/06/09/justice/las-vegas-shooting-couple

    The 2014 "Boston Bombing" was crisis-acting, and a crisis simulation military and NIH drill for a phoney "dirty bomb" ... looking for devices at the starting and finish line to search for biologic or radiation hazards. with phoney "radiation detector" toys; 2004 and 2014 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/14990671/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5531449/

    In 2013, the Navy Yard employee alleged shooting wrote "My ELF Weapon" on his shot gun (A Nikola Tesla Weapon) and worked the high frequency a/c electric motors for helicopters, like the ones dropping Tethers to the top of the WTC on 9/11; just before they fell and disappeared. NO SURPRISE THERE!! https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/officials-navy-yard-shooter-carved-odd-messages-into-his-gun-before-carnage/2013/09/18/edaae792-2065-11e3-8459-657e0c72fec8_story.html

    The Virginia Tech alleged shooting in 2007 was at Virginia Tech, the #1 Mind Control program in the United States. No surprise there!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia_Tech_shooting

    9/11 The Buildings "Vaporized" in 10 seconds at "Terminal Velocity" Speed -- CNN Where Did The Towers Go? Nothing was left of the WTC complex, except for a small piece of the 3 story Triton beams of the Lobby. By Peter Jennings & George Stephanopolous



    Tesla Leaks was the 1st in the World to both force and predict "The Great Reset" and simultaneously the "Phantom Menace" Covid-19 AI Scenario, on December 26th 2019 at 1AM at The Rise of the Jedi Podcast which began on Facebook, December 22nd 2019. https://facebook.com/riseofthejedi -- Coronavirus Timeline begins the next day, December 27th 2019 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_COVID-19_pandemic_in_2019#27_December

    Tesla Leaks predicts Forced Innoculations on December 27th 2019 at 1AM

    Forced Innoculations

    Tesla Leaks was 1st in the World proclaim the "Coronavirus Hoax" on February 25th 2020 on the Tesla Leaks Facebook Group. The Coronavirus Hoax post was removed by Facebook on December 25th 2021; 10 days later, the Admin for Tesla Leaks and it's 10,000 posts were removed by Facebook, January 5th 2021; right as Tesla Leaks was predicting and posting on the False Flag and Stand Down at the Capitol. The Coronavirus Hoax post had over 165 updates in that time. Those updates are not available; but have been re-created on the website as much as possible. https://facebook.com/groups/teslaleaks

    Three days later, February 28th 2020 is when Donald Trump agreed with the 10 original assertions of the Hoax; and he also called it a Hoax; now expanded to 66.6 factual assertions, with a total of over 500 official and 100% verifiable sources. Not one assertion was ever debunked while on Facebook, and not one assertion will ever be debunked by anyone ever!! https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/trump-calls-coronavirus-democrats-new-hoax-n1145721

    Coronavirus Hoax

    February 25th 2020 Tesla Leaks Original Post on the "CoronaVirus Hoax" Coronavirus Hoax contention of The Great Reset is to stop Tesla Giga Shanghai Part 1: 1) Coronavirus Hoax was invented the day after the Rise of the Jedi Podcast Launched, December 26 2019 https://facebook.com/riseofthejedi AND December 30th 2019, same day Tesla delivers first China-made cars from $5bn Shanghai factory. https://theguardian.com/technology/2019/dec/30/tesla-delivers-first-china-made-cars-from-shanghai-factory 2) Coronaviruses are types of viruses?? 3) Viruses are too small to see with a light microscope ? only seen with Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) detector in a scanning electron microscope 4) See these examples of HIV imagery. If some images are colored for scientific purposes, and others altered for aesthetic reasons, how can a viewer tell the difference? #NASA #PHOTOSHOP https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/symbiartic/youve-never-really-seen-a-virus-until-you-see-this/ 5) October 2017, A method for accurate quantitation of virus particles has long been sought, but a perfect method still eludes the scientific community. 6) There is only 1 claimed “real” photo of Coronavirus in Google Images https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coronavirus 7) Coronavirus originated by an “illegal” “fish market” in China. OH SURE!! 8) Sounds like Long John Silvers & Walmart have a hand in this one; to “stop the wildlife trade”? A “wet market” in Wuhan, China, is catching the #blame as the #probable source of the current coronavirus outbreak that’s sweeping the globe. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/19/health/coronavirus-animals-markets.html 9) All pathogens can be killed with UV lights in the air, on surfaces and in water (Nikola Tesla) https://facebook.com/groups/teslaleaks 10) All pathogens can be killed by purifying the blood with electric fields (John G Trump, MIT, 1978) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wozw24RACZ8 11) Tesla Bio-Defense Mode: https://electrek.co/2019/10/13/tesla-bioweapon-defense-air-wildfires/


    Bill Gates Deleted Documentary Why He Switched From Microsoft To Vaccines? Is Bill Gates, Hitler in the 4th Reich??

    February 16th 2021 Psychopath Gates Wants To Change 'Every Aspect Of Economy' While We Dine On Fake Meat (All in my books years ago and if this man is not brought to justice at Nuremberg-type trials he will finish the job of destroying your world and your children's future which has been the game all along) https://davidicke.com/2021/02/16/psychopath-gates-goes-full-captain-planet-wants-to-change-every-aspect-of-economy-while-we-dine-on-fake-meat-all-in-my-books-years-ago-and-if-this-man-is-not-brought-to-justice-at-nuremberg-type/

    Is Bill Gates a Bio-Terrorist? And Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death?

    February 16th 2021 The Netherlands (Holland) - Dutch court at The Hague deems covid curfew as Illegal. https://apnews.com/article/world-news-netherlands-coronavirus-pandemic-the-hague-92cf76ec9e318b6b5bd69954e2992b72 -- The city is also home to the U.N.'s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hague

    February 17th 2021 AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch government raced on Wednesday to prepare legislation to keep a nighttime curfew in place after a court ordered it to scrap the controversial COVID-19 measure which has become the focus of campaigning a month before a general election. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-netherlands-curfew/dutch-government-races-for-plan-b-to-uphold-nighttime-coronavirus-curfew-idUSKBN2AH1EF

    February 17th 2021 Source(s): AFP ,Reuters | Dutch nighttime COVID-19 curfew to continue pending government appeal. The Court of Justice in The Hague ordered the Dutch government to lift the curfew immediately on Tuesday, saying it lacks proper legal basis. According to the court, the curfew represents a violation of people's rights to freedom of movement and privacy and its enforcement was unjustified, as infection rates were already dropping in the country when the curfew came into force. The state filed a so-called urgent "turbo" appeal, asking to suspend the court order and maintain the curfew until the final appeal ruling next Friday. Shortly after the appeal hearing began at 4 p.m. local time, the session degenerated into an argument between the judge and the anti-lockdown protest group Viruswaarheid, or Virus Truth. "The curfew is based on a law for emergency situations, where there is no time for debate with parliament," the court said. "There was no such pressing need in this case. Far-reaching measures such as these need to be based on proper laws.". The judge ruled that there was no special urgency to the measure as the COVID-19 situation wasn't a new emergency in the Netherlands and the possibility of a curfew had been previously discussed. People are expected to go outside tonight after 9 p.m., either to celebrate or to demonstrate against the fact that the curfew is maintained. In any case, it's a highly embarrassing situation for the Dutch caretaker government, and today's quarrel leaves the curfew in legal limbo. https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2021-02-17/Dutch-court-orders-government-to-end-COVID-19-curfew-XVXmvt9ARO/index.html

    February 17th 2021 response to Nuremburg Trials for Covid Hoax: You're war criminals, claims Covid denier http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=60554&headline=You%27re%20war%20criminals%2C%20claims%20Covid%20denier§ionIs=news&searchyear=2021&cat=Law

    February 17th 2021 In quick response, Factcheck and Politifact makes false claims that the "Vaccines" are "safe and effective" or "not an experiment"; yet fast-tracked Vaccines are, by definition, not tested to any standards. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/feb/11/blog-posting/doctors-administering-covid-19-vaccines-arent-guil/

    February 17th 2021 Letter: Need more debate on Covid-19 vaccine, Did you know that mandating vaccines is a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code? Here is why: The Covid-19 vaccine is considered "experimental." Per the US National Library of Medicine, the vaccine is experimental and the trial will last two years. Anyone having the vaccine trials is taking part in an experiment (see Clinicaltrials.gov). Our legal system, specifically the Nuremberg Code/Law, enshrines the individual's right to voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking as a foundational medical ethic.https://elkodaily.com/opinion/letters/letter-need-more-debate-on-covid-19-vaccine/article_7432dee0-9c95-55a8-8459-8aed253ceb29.html

    February 18th 2021 Reuters | Nuremburg Trail 2021 Update Dutch curfew to stay as government #circumvents court order to drop it. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-netherlands-curfew/dutch-curfew-to-stay-as-government-circumvents-court-order-to-drop-it-idUSKBN2AI27Q

    February 18th 2021 The Abuse of Emergency Powers and Lockdowns https://www.aier.org/article/the-abuse-of-emergency-powers-and-lockdowns/

    -- The Problematic Usage of Emergency Powers in the United States -- "The moment the president declares a "national emergency"—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. For instance, the president can, with the flick of his pen, activate laws allowing him to shut down many kinds of electronic communications inside the United States or freeze Americans' bank accounts. Other powers are available even without a declaration of emergency, including laws that allow the president to deploy troops inside the country to subdue domestic unrest."

    February 18th 2021 Canadian Govt Sued for Forceful Quarantine of Citizens at Secret Locations https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/canadian-govt-sued-for-forceful-quarantine-of-citizens-at-secret-locations.html

    February 19th 2021 Dr Vernon Coleman: "Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried As War Criminals" https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/dr-vernon-coleman-doctors-and-nurses-giving-the-covid-19-vaccine-will-be-tried-as-war-criminals.html

    February 19th 2021 Dutch Government in 2-Pronged Bid to Save Coronavirus (Hoax) Curfew https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2021-02-19/dutch-government-in-2-pronged-bid-to-save-coronavirus-curfew

    February 20th 2021 Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg trials ... https://davidicke.com/2021/02/20/nuremberg-trials-nuremberg-trials-nuremberg-trials-nuremberg-trials/

    February 20th 2021 THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) - Dutch senators late Friday approved hastily drawn up legislation underpinning the country's coronavirus curfew, ensuring that it will remain in force at least until early March despite a court order on Tuesday that it be scrapped. Over the past two weeks, the 7-day rolling average of daily new infections edged lower from 22.98 to 21.39 new infections per 100,000 people. (Despite the PCR test not being capable of determining "Infections" and despite other tests only looking for "Antibodies"). The Dutch "Government" is obvisouly behind the Covid Hoax; this story calling it a "WIN FOR THE GOVERMENT". https://apnews.com/article/netherlands-bills-legislation-coronavirus-pandemic-the-hague-6945991a0703e685727fdaa3e710fe74

    March 3rd 2021 One prominent German lawyer, who is also licensed to practice law in America, thinks they should. And he is organizing a team of thousands of participating lawyers who want to prosecute a "second Nuremberg tribunal" against a cadre of international elites responsible for what he calls the "corona fraud scandal." https://davidicke.com/2021/03/03/calls-for-second-nuremberg-tribunal-to-try-crimes-against-humanity/

    March 10th 2020 10 new judges to the International Criminal Court? https://www.icc-cpi.int/Pages/item.aspx?name=PR1575

    #CONTACT TRACING 3rd Reich Health Passports https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC535959/

    March 10th 2021 The Nuremberg Code https://humansarefree.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2-2-the-nuremberg-code.pdf

    --------------------------------------------------- DAILY NEWS ------------------------------------------

    Vaccinology Covid AI Model Vaccines

    March 22nd 2021 Bloomberg today admits: MSM Now Admitting Covid Shot Is Experimental (Computer Models) Gene Therapy Biotechnology Never Used Before on Humans

    March 12th 2021 Anthony Fauci Admits Covid Shot is "Extraordinary Science" (no sources) of "Vaccinology" (not a real word, like "Scientology") Being Tested on the World Population. If Fauci vying for Josef Mengele in the Fourth Reich??

    BREAKING: March 13th 2021 "Vaccinology", according to Anthony Fauci, is being used in Covid Vaccines. By definition, he means that human trials can be skipped because of "In Silico", Bioinformatics Artificial Intelligence, Models and Scenario's from the WOPR (Whopper) computer. -- Nikola Tesla - "Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality. https://wallacegsmith.wordpress.com/2006/12/26/substituting-mathematics-for-experiments/ -- "Mathematical conclusions are not true, in and of themselves – they are only true if (A) their underlying assumptions are true and (B) the laws of mathematical grammar and syntax that have been used to derive them are valid.". Artificial Intelligence (AI); like nano-particles like Thermerisol and all genetic material "vaccine's" are not regulated; aka "The Invisible" or "Corporate Secrets". This scenario is the same as Bill Gate's Microsoft not releasing their source code since 1993. Please release the source "code" behind Windows NT (Nikola Tesla), Vaccine's source code for models developed by "Vaccinology", and while your at it, the "code" for voting machines. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_vaccinology

    November 23rd 2020 The Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine is made from a cold-causing adenovirus that was isolated from the shit of chimpanzees; ... that few American's have antibodies to. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03326-w

    ---------------------- DAILY COVID NEWS ----------------------

    July 4th 2021 #INDEPENDENCE #DAY The most powerful person in the world, Joe Biden & richest man in the world, Bill Gates face Nuremberg Trials 2.0 at
    https://NurembergTrials.net appear on Hitler's 4th Reich "Most Wanted" at http://4thReich.com. President Biden, facing a slowing rate of vaccinations and a hope for near normalcy by Independence Day, said the government would shift from mass vaccination sites to local settings. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/04/us/politics/biden-vaccination-strategy.html

    June 3rd 2021 Never ending bullshit for the morons of cartoon planet of stupid idiots:

    June 3rd 2021 #JIM #JONES #KOOLAID Alex Jones claims that mangnetic nanoparticles need more power than your cell phone "like 5G". 5G is 100 milliwatts, or 1/100 of 1 watt. That wouldn't hurt a fly. But, your all so stupid, you'll believe anything. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroxychloroquine

    June 3rd 2021 #DIE #MORONS And Bend-Over for that Anal-Swab!! As an infectious disease physician, I am often asked this question. The answer is yes. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should get tested for COVID-19 even if you are fully vaccinated. You won’t be at high risk for hospitalization or severe disease, but if you are infected you may pass the virus to an unvaccinated person, who could then get very sick. https://www.ctpost.com/news/article/I-m-fully-vaccinated-but-feel-sick-should-I-16223492.php

    June 3rd 2021 #VACCINES #SCIENE #FRAUD Canada says COVID-19 vaccine doses are 'interchangeable,' encouraging mix-and-match vaccines while the CDC still stands firmly against it href="https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-vaccine-mixing-doses-canada-says-interchangeable-cdc-against-2021-

    June 3rd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Lockdown 'had no effect' on coronavirus pandemic in Germany https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/06/03/german-study-finds-lockdown-had-little-effect-virus-infections/

    June 3rd 2021 #HIV #HOAX Fauci: COVID-19 vaccines could 'ultimately help us to develop a successful and highly effective HIV vaccine'. (Did you morons get HIV from kissing and toilet seats yet?) https://www.yahoo.com/news/fauci-covid-19-vaccines-could-191115518.html

    June 3rd 2021 #COERSION Companies are turning to all kinds of proverbial carrots --- free doughnuts, cash, paid time off and free rides --- to persuade workers to get the COVID-19 vaccination. https://finance.yahoo.com/m/bbc2ad3a-8e13-39b6-a695-be55537d630d/here%e2%80%99s-what-employers-are-not.html

    June 3rd 2021 #CORONAVIRUS #HOAX New daily COVID cases drop to below 10,000 in the U.S. Is the end finally in sight? From a 1/1000 death rate; that's 10 "alleged" deaths of 300,000,000 people https://www.yahoo.com/news/new-daily-covid-19-cases-drop-to-below-10000-in-the-us-is-the-end-finally-in-sight-215421586.html

    June 3rd 2021 #DEAR #MORONS Can Mosquitoes Spread COVID-19? What Experts Want You to Know Ahead of Summer https://www.prevention.com/health/a36531338/can-mosquitoes-spread-covid-19/

    June 2nd 2021 #CONTAGION #HOAX BREAKING : 98.5% of "Covid" "Deaths" are attributed to goverment controlled facilities; 1) Hospitals 2) Nursing Homes 3) Prisons https://www.juliusruechel.com/2021/05/the-lies-exposed-by-numbers-fear.html -- Infection Fatality Ratios for COVID-19 Among Noninstitutionalized Persons 12 and Older: Results of a Random-Sample Prevalence Study https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/M20-5352 -- 40% Of Recent Covid Victims Died Primarily of Other Conditions https://lockdownsceptics.org/2021/06/02/almost-40-of-recent-covid-victims-died-primarily-of-other-conditions/

    June 2nd 2021 #CONTAGION #HOAX The median infection fatality rate is .02%, .00% for children under 4, estimated by Professor John P.A. Ioannidis, in a paper published by the WHO, is something like 0.23% and this is highly stratified by age and depends upon the presence of comorbidities such as obesity. Depending on which source you look at, it appears that the average age of death from COVID-19 is around 80-82, which is much at the same as the average age of death from all illnesses. In a report issued by Imperial College London, age specific infection fatality rates were estimated to be as follows: https://jamiefranklin.wordpress.com/2021/05/31/ethical-considerations-concerning-covid-19-vaccinations/

    June 2nd 2021 #NUREMBERG Crimes against humanity at warp speed: The vaccine cabal unleashed. There is widespread agreement backed up by solid research that the federal government's voluntary ("passive") Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is fundamentally flawed because it captures only 1 percent to 10 percent of all adverse vaccine events. https://www.worldtribune.com/crimes-against-humanity-at-warp-speed-the-vaccine-cabal-unleashed/

    June 2nd 2021 #MASKS COVID-19 cases declined at 'virtually the same rate' after CDC drops mask guidance https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-cases-declined-virtually-165121410.html

    June 2nd 2021 #DARTH #VADER #CHOKE Magneto proteins remotely controls brain and behavior https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzs-OvfG8tE&t=01m19s

    June 2nd 2021 #KING #JAMES #AUTHOR #REWRITING #BIBLE The Book Of Love; Changed to the Book of Charity: This chapter covers the subject of "Love", but has been retranslated by King James into English as "Charity" in the King James version; but the word "love" is preferred by most other translations, both earlier and more recent. This chapter of 1 Corinthians is one of many definitional sources for the word "Agape" when used to refer to "divine love". Introducing his homage to love in 1 Corinthians 12:31, Paul describes agape as "A more excellent way". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1_Corinthians_13 -- According to rabbinic tradition, Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon. (an alternative tradition that " Hezekiah and his colleagues wrote Isaiah, Proverbs, the Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes" probably means simply that the book was edited under Hezekiah), but critical scholars have long rejected the idea of a pre-exilic origin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecclesiastes -- "An unnamed author introduces "Kohelet" as the son of David (1:1) and does not use his own voice again until the final verses (12:9–14)" Kohelet proclaims that all human actions are hevel, "vapor" or "breath", meaning "insubstantial", "vain", or "futile", since the lives of both wise and foolish people all end in death. he is unable to ascribe eternal meaning to it. ...reminds the reader that wisdom has its limitations and is not man's main concern.

    June 2nd 2021 #VACCINE #COERSION Biden promises free beer (and free anal swabs) if you vaccinate before the Nuremberg Trails 2.0 on July 4th 2021 https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/dd45c97a-d9ef-3557-a619-4c527dc72953/biden-promises-free-beer-and.html

    June 2nd 2021 African's not taking "The Jab". The World Health Organization (WHO) issued initial emergency use authorisation for the AstraZeneca jab when only six months worth of data was available. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/push-extend-covid-vaccine-shelf-life-african-nations-forced/

    June 2nd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS London March For Freedom 2 - Oracle Films https://banned.video/watch?id=60b753350f891e6156fda503

    June 2nd 2021 #HELEG #DIELECTIC 1) there is no virus 2) businesses are not at risk of being sued 3) businesses are not at risk of loosing in court ) The Biggest Flip-Flop Ever — Who's Going to Jail? https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/06/02/covid-origin.aspx

    June 1st 2021 #PHANTOM #MENACE Vaccines, Lies and Smears Odysee Exclusive https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/Vaccines-Lies-And-Smears-Odyssey-Comp-2:c

    June 1st 2021 #LEGAL Hundreds of people may have been wrongly convicted of coronavirus offences under a controversial system that bypasses court hearings, analysis by The Independent suggests. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-fines-laws-letters-court-prosecution-b1856653.html

    June 1st 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD As UK, Ireland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Texas etc. report zero Covid deaths, the made-up Double-Mutant Covid hits the fake news media https://www.republicworld.com/lifestyle/health/hybrid-covid-strain-hits-vietnam-medical-experts-answer-faqs-on-covid-and-emerging-variants.html

    June 1st 2021 #VACCINE #PASSPORTS Israel scraps its redundant vaccine passports, along with almost all of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions in public places. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/israel-scraps-its-redundant-vaccine-passport

    June 1st 2021 Tesla will have to ship Texas-made cars to other states before it can sell them to Texans because of state laws. There is over two dozen republican states that still ban selling Tesla's in their state, even after 17 years of Tesla's inception. The A/C induction motor in the Tesla was invented by Nikola Tesla in 1888. That's a 133 year ban; by morons in diesel trucks; who tell more lies than the devil himself. (Who know zero about electric cars, electric motors, batteries, nor anything else) See: Moron in Wikipedia https://www.yahoo.com/news/tesla-ship-texas-made-cars-120638740.html

    June 1st 2020 #STUPID #HUMANS Facing drought, farmers plan for 'economic disaster' https://www.yahoo.com/news/facing-drought-farmers-plan-economic-173510766.html -- Why? California's lack of investment in (raising dams) water storage infrastructure over the last 40 years. And of course, the Taliban and Chevron and the Greenies sabotage the Dams... The outcome was expected, but it was the latest in a political battle that has been raging for decades. Even as the dam was approved in 1913 to assist earthquake-ravaged San Francisco, environmentalists and nature lovers, who said the valley's beauty surpassed even Yosemite Valley's, were fighting its construction. https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/environment/a8515/what-happens-when-you-remove-a-dam-14845676/ -- May 6th 2021 Taliban captures key Afghan dam as fighting rages Dahla Dam provides irrigation to farmers via a network of canals as well as drinking water for Kandahar province. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/5/6/taliban-captures-key-afghan-dam-as-fighting-rages -- To add insult to injury for stupid humans. Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic. April 11th 2020 (As prices for Energy, Oil, Ethanol, Oil Sands, Natural Gas and Interest Rates went Negative and Coal went Bankrupt (again)) https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/business/coronavirus-destroying-food.html -- In 1908, "Environmental group's" tried to stop the SF Hechy Hechy Dam that used Nikola Tesla's A/C, and became PG&E, ... And still today Greenpeace, Sierra Club etc. want to tear down 10,000 dams. While that's going on. Greenpeace and Save the Oceans program and John Kerry intend to seize 2/3 of the entire Ocean https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/campaigns/oceans/

    June 1st 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Fauci replied to the email, which came on April 18, 2020, to thank Daszak for his "kind note." Earlier in the day, Fauci was asked directly about the lab leak hypothesis during a coronavirus briefing, and he said the scientific evidence "is totally consistent with a jump of a species from an animal to a human." https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/key-figure-in-wuhan-research-thanked-fauci-for-downplaying-lab-leak-hypothesis

    June 1st 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Is their a scientific experiment where you eat Bat Guano, or bitten by a Bird, or scratched by your Cat, and you catch a specific disease? I know you might think Cujo, but only 2 alleged people die per year from Rabies. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/how-many-people-are-killed-by-rabies-in-the-us.html

    June 1st 2021 #LEGAL #HIPAA Did you know the NHS is about to share your records? Unless you opt out by June 23, your medical data will be pooled to help tackle diseases - but some fear system may be exploited for profit. The "App" they use also steals all your other data off your phone and will also access your microphone and camera. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9637979/Did-know-NHS-share-records.html

    June 1st 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Lockdown Kitsch https://www.aier.org/article/lockdown-kitsch/

    June 1st 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD for #MORONS 'We should rename the WHO': Tory MPs slam health body's 'confusing' bid to rebrand the Indian variant as 'Covid Delta' to avoid 'hate crimes' - but ministers suggest they WILL adopt the new rules https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9638063/WHO-renames-Indian-variant-Covid-Delta-Kent-strain-Alpha-mutant-bugs-rebranded.html

    June 1st 2021 #VACCINES #SCIENCE #FRAUD Science by "vote": Moderna seeks full FDA "vote" for approval for its COVID vaccine — will this move the needle on vaccine hesitancy? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/moderna-seeks-full-fda-approval-for-its-covid-vaccine-will-this-move-the-needle-on-vaccine-hesitancy/ar-BB1gtX1E

    June 1st 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING #SCIENCE #FRAUD #GREAT #RESET Proactive, real-time surveillance in settings where (fake) animal-to-human disease spillover is most likely to occur. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/time-come-pandemic-treaty-chief-100628901.html

    June 1st 2021 #FAKE #NEWS #SCIENCE #FRAUD China confirms first human case of H10N3 bird flu: report https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/china-reports-human-case-h10n3-bird-flu-2021-06-01/

    June 1st 2021 #ELECTION #FRAUD Michael Flynn, who served as President Donald Trump's national security advisor, told a crowd at a QAnon conference in Dallas this weekend that the US should have a coup like the one in Myanmar. https://twitter.com/MC_Hyperbole

    June 1st 2021 COVID restrictions lifted across much of the country. New York closing vaccination sites (because no one shows up) and instead uses mobile vans(Coronavirus Hoax #RIP) https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-restrictions-lifted-across-much-152532755.html

    May 31st 2021 Group Vows Lawsuit Against Oregon Governor Over "Passport’ Orders" https://www.theepochtimes.com/group-vows-lawsuit-against-oregon-governor-over-vaccine-passport-orders_3837201.html

    May 31st 2021 The problem is that, while "the science" may (or may not: the "scientific" predictions have often turned out to be wildly wrong) be able to tell you how likely it is that Covid-19 will kill or hospitalise you, "science" cannot tell you whether it is reasonable, sensible or appropriate for you to run that level of risk. The answer to that question is an ethical or political matter. It is not a matter of data, scientific or otherwise. https://thecritic.co.uk/risky-business/

    May 31st 2021 #FIAT #CURRENCY A key US watchdog wants officials to set up a 'regulatory perimeter' for cryptocurrencies. https://www.businessinsider.com/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-regulation-us-watchdog-btc-rules-michael-hsu-2021-5

    May 31st 2021 #VACCINES #CONTACT #TRACING #LOCKDOWNS Tokyo Olympics fans may have to be vaccinated or test negative for the coronavirus before being allowed into venues, a Japanese newspaper report said Monday. Cheering, eating, high-fives and drinking alcohol would also be banned https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9636037/Tokyo-Olympic-fans-vaccinated-negative-Covid-test-enter-venues.html

    May 31st 2021 Shocking figures show that some have been left waiting two years for vital operations. And there has been a 21,000 per cent increase in the number waiting at least a year. There are 92,165 orthopaedic patients on hospital lists who have been waiting at least 52 weeks. In January 2020, the number stood at just 436 https://davidicke.com/2021/05/31/the-lockdown-legacy-of-the-fake-pandemic-two-year-wait-for-hip-operation-new-figures-reveal-some-patients-are-now-waiting-up-to-24-months-for-vital-surgery/

    May 31st 2021 WUHAN LAB, BIOWEAPON, GAIN OF FUNCTION, BUT…THE SARS-COV-2 VIRUS DOESN’T EXIST IN THE FIRST PLACE https://truthcomestolight.com/wuhan-lab-bioweapon-gain-of-function-butthe-sars-cov-2-virus-doesnt-exist-in-the-first-place/

    May 31st 2021 #CORONAVIRUS HOAX Wuhan Lab 'Virus' Leak: A Calculated Diversion From The Simple Truth – There Is No 'Virus' – David Icke Dot-Connector https://davidicke.com/2021/05/31/wuhan-lab-virus-leak-a-calculated-diversion-from-the-simple-truth-there-is-no-virus-david-icke-dot-connector/ -- https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9629183/Britons-split-middle-coronavirus-man-made.html

    May 31st 2021 #NUREMBERG #CODE Do Mandatory Masks & Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code? Oh Yes, Yes they Do! And U.S. and International Laws https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/05/do-mandatory-masks-vaccines-break-the-10-points-of-the-nuremberg-code-4-3751594.html

    May 31st 2021 #MARTIAL #LAW Martial Law w/ Checkpoints in Canada for phoney Variants. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/covid-19-bc-rcmp-turn-back-103-vehicles-fine-2-at-long-weekend-checkpoints/ar-AAKizhO - Canada Launches Nationwide Manhunt For Chris Sky https://banned.video/watch?id=60b4578bd45d2e5cc3eff133

    May 31st 2021 #VACCINES EEOC Green Lights Forced Inoculation and Temperature Tests https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/legal-and-compliance/employment-law/pages/complying-with-eeoc-anti-discrimination-laws-during-coronavirus-pandemic.aspx

    May 31st 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD 'We can't rule anything out': Minister hints No10 is prepared to cave in to SAGE pressure and push back June 21 Freedom Day after scientists warned UK is 'on a knife-edge' due to Indian variant outbreak https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9636255/SAGE-expert-calls-June-21-Freedom-Day-delayed-weeks.html

    May 31st 2021 #MARTIAL #LAW Canada has suspended elections until govt decides covid is over https://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message4802561/pg4

    May 31st 2021 #LOCKDOWNS One million Britons fear losing homes when eviction ban ends tomorrow – as up to 400,000 tenants have already been served notice or told to expect it due to unpaid rent over fake pandemic designed in part to this end https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9635985/One-million-Britons-fear-losing-homes-eviction-ban-ends-tomorrow.html

    May 31st 2021 #MASKS India's Black Fungus Scare is caused by Mask Wearing https://www.vernoncoleman.com/blackfungus.htm

    May 31st 2021 #4thREICH Victory when Fauci is arrested: Fauci warns US not to 'declare victory' despite lowest rates in a year https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-summer-fauci-warns-us-060016005.html

    May 31st 2021 #SCIENE #FRAUD May 29th 2021 Phoney infection rates of Unvaccinated are exactly the same before, and after the "vaccine" rollout https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-cases-deaths-down-021222310.html

    May 31st 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Zero Deaths Reported in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on Monday https://lockdownsceptics.org/2021/05/31/zero-deaths-reported-in-england-wales-and-northern-ireland-on-monday/

    May 31st 2021 #COERSION As American states entice their citizens with lottery tickets and donuts in exchange for a jab in their arms, travel agencies are popping up in Asian nations offering tailored packages for vaccine tourism. Vietnam (suffered fewer than 50 deaths) has only vaccinated one million of its 98m population, while Taiwan has jabbed 1.3 per cent of its 24m. Mainland China, 3%. https://www.yahoo.com/news/wealthy-asians-flying-us-organised-155007911.html

    May 31st 2021 #LEGAL "Clarify the Confusion" regarding the Covid Vaccine and the "Green Passport": Open Letter to Israel's Prime Minister https://www.globalresearch.ca/open-letter-israeli-prime-minister-health-minister-clarify-confusion/5746622

    May 31st 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Vaccines 2.0: Next-generation COVID-19 shots will be cheaper, easier to deliver and protect against more viruses, industry leaders say. #LIES They're safe and more than 90% effective at preventing any disease. https://www.yahoo.com/news/vaccines-2-0-next-generation-093007959.html -- There is nearly 1000 different "Vaccine's", at least 308 set for fast tracked approval, just in the U.S. https://www.globalresearch.ca/cubas-five-covid-19-vaccines/5746526

    May 31st 2021 #NUREMBERG #TRIALS Pfizer (PFE) COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Nod for Adolescents in EU. (Science now is determined by a "positive opinion" by some idiot). https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pfizer-pfe-covid-19-vaccine-123212730.html

    May 31st 2021 #VACCINES Certified Federal Medical Investigator/Registered Nurse Tells You the Nasal Swab Is Deadly! https://beforeitsnews.com/health/2021/05/certified-federal-medical-investigator-registered-nurse-tells-you-the-nasal-swab-is-deadly-must-video-3039843.html

    May 31st 2021 #HACKING Henry Kissinger Quote: https://itsamoneything.com/money/henry-kissinger-control-food-energy-money/ Controlling continents with Energy https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/pipeline-hack-sends-people-scrambling-fuel-south-77661024 and controlling countrys with Food https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-31/meat-is-latest-cyber-victim-as-hackers-hit-top-supplier-jbs and that (Fiat) money provides power over both.

    May 31st 2021 #NUREMBERG Comparison of Human Rights Values Between the East and the West https://www.globalresearch.ca/comparison-human-rights-values-between-east-west/5746585

    May 31st 2021 #MASKS German Judge Investigated by Police after Ruling Compulsory Mask-wearing in Schools Unconstitutional https://www.globalresearch.ca/german-judge-investigated-police-ruling-compulsory-mask-wearing-schools-unconstitutional/5746632

    May 31st 2021 #VACCINE #THEORY In her paper, "Worse Than The Disease: Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19," published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research in collaboration with Dr. Greg Nigh,2 Seneff explains that a significant part of the problem is that while the natural spike protein is bad, the spike protein your body produces in response to the vaccine is even worse https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/23

    May 31st 2021 #NUREMBERG Pediatricians Organization: Keep Kids Masked and Separated Until They Have Received Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Shots https://www.globalresearch.ca/pediatricians-organization-keep-kids-masked-separated-until-they-have-received-experimental-coronavirus-vaccine-shots/5746576

    May 31st 2021 #CHINA Didn't Alex Jones just say that China had a One child policy? Three-child policy: China lifts cap on births in major policy shift https://www.yahoo.com/news/china-says-couple-three-children-071655900.html

    May 31st 2021 [Exclusive Documentary] DeSantis: Florida vs. Lockdowns https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/exclusive-documentary-desantis-florida-vs-lockdowns_3834081.html

    May 30th 2021 #VACCINES More Than 100 Health Care Professionals and Staff Sue Hospital Over Vaccine Mandate, Warn Employees Are Not Human 'Guinea Pigs' https://www.westernjournal.com/100-health-care-professionals-staff-sue-hospital-vaccine-mandate-warns-employees-not-human-guinea-pigs/

    May 30th 2021 BBC purchased (The Center of the Coronavirus Hoax) Covid distancing sensor devices back in January; beset by noise and fire safety issues https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/may/30/bbc-withdraws-covid-protection-devices-over-safety-concerns

    May 30th 2021 Do you know that the benefit conferred by the Pfizer vaccine, in absolute risk terms, is only 0.7? That’s not 70 per cent or even 7 per cent – it’s 0.07, not even 1 per cent. And Moderna was 1.1 per cent – barely over 1 per cent. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/our-vaccine-rebuttal-competition-honourable-mentions-part-3/

    May 30th 2021 #CARTOON #COVID This #undated transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2, also known as novel coronavirus, the virus that (allegedly) causes COVID-19, (allegedly) isolated from a patient in the U.S. "Virus particles"; ( particles isolated from the feces of a monkey by anal swabs). ttps://www.jpost.com/health-science/study-identifies-antibody-from-common-cold-infection-that-reacts-to-covid-669579

    May 30th 2021 A Conversation on Scientific Censorship in Canada https://www.aier.org/article/a-conversation-on-scientific-censorship-in-canada/

    May 30th 2021 Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on the Origins of Coronavirus | FOX BREAKING NEWS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvVySTmCwcw

    May 29th 2021 TeslaLeaks.com, 4thReich.com and NurembergTrials.net unfoldes with a feature story on today's Freedom Marches in London and NY and elsewhere. All information on the websites after today may require newsletter subscription, paid subscription or full access with DIY. https://davidicke.com/2021/05/28/london-freedom-march-details-saturday-may-29th/

    May 29th 2021 TeslaLeaks.com will have a new site format with first three paid posts will be included in the newsletter subscription, paid subscription or full yearly access. The first Special Reports have been announced 1) TeslaLeaks.com -- What is a High Tension Radiant Beam? (source: Tesla FBI File) and how it is used in purification, curing, medicine and wireless power 2) NurembergTrials.net -- Privacy and Data w/ DIY for Business under Covid. 3) 4thReich.com -- Possible origins of Covid-19. Introduction videos for 4thReich https://youtube.com/watch?v=p_nJNkMHhNg -- Nuremberg Trials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G28CAj5oDY have been upload to the Rise of the Jedi Podcast YouTube and it's associated Facebook Page (where admin and other posts have been removed by FB) https://facebook.com/riseofthejedi

    May 29th 2021 #FREEDOM #RALLY Unite for Peace and to Restore Freedom Rally | Gerald Celente https://youtube.com/watch?v=QIowIJkuW-U

    #Nuremberg #Trials of Nazi doctors (1946). HITLER'S PERSONAL PHYSICIAN In the dock at Nuremberg when 23 Nazi Doctors and one women (the head of what would be the U.S. CDC) were charged with infamous practices upon hospital and concentration camp inmates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zui0oNxSR1E

    November 2nd 2019 #4thREICH Angela Merkel's chilling speech on setting up the 4th Reich in Europe with the "European Army". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWyYtLCe2SY

    March 5th 2018 #4thREICH Greater Germanic Reich | (except for, Nuke's don't exist) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FogcOuyYWRg

    December 6th 2016 #4thREICH "Welcome to the Fourth Reich"; "forever committed to an open, free and democratic society" : Legendary Actor Harry Belafonte on the Election of Donald Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XNbSWKyOkw

    January 20th 2016 #4thREICH #FUSION Projekt Huemul. The fourth Reich in Argentina - Trailer ENGLISH / Cinema 7 films https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8dfA0kuMiw

    July 7th 2011 #4thREICH German Fourth Reich? Predicted by Max Keiser?? Is Greece actually West Germany??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykhfxP3b6UY

    September 6th 2014 #4thREICH SOT, Pavel Gubarev, self-proclaimed "people's governor" of Donetsk (Russian) "I want to say that I very much love Europe, I have visited many European countries. But what I am against and do not like about Europe, it is this false "European Union" which for me is a kind of Fourth Reich." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeeNGyh2DdQ

    #4thREICH Stratovarius - 4th Reich Rising, 1994 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC8U2rgZIJk

    May 29th 2021 #4thREICH Nanoparticle Drug Delivery - WikiPedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanoparticle_drug_deliver

    May 29th 2021 #COVID #ORIGINS Update: Breaking the Silence on the Origins of Covid-19 https://www.unz.com/announcement/breaking-the-silence-on-the-origins-of-covid-19/

    May 29th 2021 #GRAND #REOPENING FreeSpeech.Reviews. Although our "Grand Opening" will actually be on Friday, June 4, the web site is open for your immediate review and addition of "face-friendly" businesses. Face-friendly means that they do not require you to wear face masks for any reason. This could be any type of business: restaurants, salons, grocery or retail stores, churches, services, etc. https://freespeech.reviews/

    May 29th 2021 #LEGAL Rebel News TV reporter Avi Yemini OWNS police who tried to ARREST him today at lockdown protest https://www.youtube.com/c/RebelMediaTV/videos

    May 28th 2021 #LEGAL Idaho governor nixes lieutenant governor's mask-mandate ban https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/idaho-governor-out-state-lieutenant-governor-bans-mask-mandates-n1268889

    May 28th 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING Biden and US Homeland Security taking 'very close look' at vaccine passports for international travel https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/may/28/homeland-security-biden-alejandro-mayorkas

    May 28th 2021 #COERSION Tucker Carlson Tonight | FOX BREAKING NEWS May 28, 21 -- Left's War on Science https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBggP7GvvZY

    May 28th 2021 #COVID #HOAX Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sřrensen (top right) and British Professor Angus Dalgleish (bottom right) concluded 'SARS-Coronavirus-2 has no credible natural ancestor' and that it is "beyond reasonable doubt" that the virus was created through 'laboratory manipulation.' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9629563/Chinese-scientists-created-COVID-19-lab-tried-cover-tracks-new-study-claims.html

    May 28th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Indian Covid-19 variant has now infected people in 53 territories, as strain spreads globally – WHO report https://www.rt.com/news/524829-indian-covid-variant-infected-53-territories/ -- The French government has announced that, due to the outbreak of cases of the Indian variant of Covid-19 in the UK, all visitors from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will face a mandatory two-week quarantine. https://www.rt.com/news/524879-france-quarantine-uk-indian-covid-variant/

    May 28th 2021 #NUREMBERG #TRIALS Sherry Tinpenny confirms the first use of Masks is to "Muzzle Slaves"; #1 cause of death for Children in Ohio is -Suicide-. Shedding vs Transmitting (Theory)? Why doesn't covid "transmit" to your eyes or ears or from toilet seats?? https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/05/dr-sherri-tenpenny-the-future-of-humanity-2521404.html

    May 28th 2021 #LEGAL Leigh Dundas & ARISE USA TOUR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEIeSAejeS0

    May 28th 2021 #4thREICH Kamala Harris; Hitler's ugly X-boyfriend: COVID is opportunity to transform almost every part of America. https://youtube.com/watch?v=pH35zo1rgQA

    May 28th 2021 #CENSORSHIP Facebook whistleblower loses job after exposing the fascist organisation's systematic censorship of anyone questioning the fake 'vaccine'- Project Veritas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVRqlCyvfmg

    #VACCINE #COERSION May 28th 2021 $1 million Ohio vaccine lottery winner was on her way to buy a used car when she found out she won https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/05/27/vax-a-million-winner-abbigail-bugenske/ -- Get Vaccinated in Hong Kong, Win $1.4 Million New Apartment https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-28/get-vaccinated-in-hong-kong-win-1-4-million-new-apartment -- California will give away $116.5 million to vaccinated residents. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/28/us/california-vaccine-lottery.html

    May 28th 2021 #VACCINE #FRAUD The World Health Organisation approved on Tuesday Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine for #emergency use for adults 18 and over. https://www.euronews.com/2021/06/01/who-greenlights-china-s-sinovac-coronavirus-vaccine

    May 27th 2021 #VACCINES #PASSPORTS Oregon is the first U.S. to require businesses to police people's health, Including the OSHA fine scam. There is no virus. https://www.kgw.com/video/news/local/the-story/oregon-businesses-could-be-fined-if-they-dont-enforce-vaccine-passports/283-5aacc731-a6f1-424d-a7c8-ca7fb5865789

    May 27th 2021 #4thREICH RFK, Jr. Interviews Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb on the 'Deliberate Coverup' of Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein's Relationship + More https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/rfk-jr-the-defender-podcast-whitney-webb-coverup-bill-gates-jeffrey-epstein-relationship/

    May 27th 2021 #QUARRANTINE Covid: One-parent rule for boy's cancer treatment 'cruel' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-57255740

    May 27th 2021 #GREAT #RESET The 'Great Reset': A Technocratic Agenda that Waited Years for a Global Crisis to Exploit https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-great-reset-a-technocratic-agenda-that-waited-years-for-a-global-crisis-to-exploit/5729507

    May 27th 2021 #4thREICH Lying psychopaths and Cult-gofers Hancock and Johnson preparing the ground to break the promises of June 21st restriction easing as was always the plan – WE the People end this or these criminals will just go on and on with their fascism. London national freedom march, this Saturday, May 29th – LET THE PEOPLE SING https://davidicke.com/2021/05/27/lying-psychopaths-and-cult-gofers-hancock-and-johnson-preparing-the-ground-to-break-the-promises-of-june-21st-restriction-easing-as-was-always-the-plan-we-the-people-end-this-or-these-criminals-will/

    May 27th 2021 #INFORMED #CONSENT Nurse resignation letter to NHS https://davidicke.com/2021/05/27/an-nhs-nurses-resignation-letter-i-am-utterly-dismayed-and-disheartened-by-my-profession/

    May 27th 2021 #VACCINES Moderna boss; mRNA jabs are 'rewriting the Genetic Code' we call it 'information therapy' Ted 2017 https://youtube.com/watch?v=2iKStLW8ijg

    May 27th 2021 #4thREICH Nobel Prize winning inventor of the PCR Test Kary Mullis on Anthony Fauci https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RctiSru4AUo

    -------------- A GOOD START --------------

    EXPLAIN PLEASE: Explain how the flu disappeared but has been replaced with something which has the EXACT same symptoms.

    Explain how the only proof that Covid exists is a computer modelled genome with zero physical proof.

    Explain how you prove something into existence without going through an isolation or purification process.

    Explain why no government agency has any quantifiable proof that "it" even exists.

    Explain why they downgraded “Covid 19” to a non consequential infectious disease days before they declared a pandemic.

    Explain how they pulled the coronavirus Act 2020 legislation out of their arseholes in a matter of days, despite the act being several hundred pages long.

    Explain why they have to use bullshit criteria like “deaths for ANY reason within 28 days of a positive "test".

    Explain why they banned autopsies.

    Explain why they changed the law to allow any practitioner to diagnose covid through observation alone, even if it is done through video consultation.

    Explain why undertakers have seen no difference in custom.

    Explain how all cause mortality is at an all time low.

    Explain how millions of protesters across the globe aren’t getting sick with "Covid."

    Explain how this is the only crisis that needs an advertising campaign paired with a constant barrage of repetitive brainwashing propaganda on the TV and in the streets.

    Explain how tens of thousands of people stood on the streets of London last Saturday but it wasn’t once shown on ANY TV channel.

    Explain how thousands were yelling "shame on you" outside the BBC HQ in both London, Manchester and Cardiff but it wasn’t shown on the TV?

    Explain how the people who are wearing the masks and following the rules are the only ones who are catching "COVID".

    Explain how the creator of the PCR amplification tool is on record for stating that the PCR was not designed as a test for infectious diseases.

    Explain why they are using the PCR to diagnose an infectious disease.

    Explain why it’s been changed from Covid deaths, to covid infections to covid "cases" .

    Explain how the "anti-vaxxers" are being blamed for the rise in "cases" when the only people who could possibly be contributing to the statistics are the people who are getting the "test" in the first place.

    Explain why the hospitals were empty during the height of the "pandemic."

    Explain why 1000s of nurses are getting fired for saying that their hospitals were empty.

    Explain why the hospitals are now filling up with vaccine adverse reactions but the MSM aren’t reporting it.

    Explain why kids need to be vaccinated when, by your own definitions, covid isn't dangerous to children.

    Explain, if all the vulnerable people have already been vaccinated, why do all the healthy people need to get vaccinated if you’re already protected and the recovery rate was already 99.96% without the vaccine.

    Explain why the average age of death with "Covid" is higher than the average age of death without.

    Explain how you can get banned from Facebook and Twitter for sharing official government links.

    Explain why there are several class actions in progress, taking governments across the globe to court for crimes against humanity, but there is zero MSM coverage.

    Explain why most government leaders are reading from the same script.

    Explain how all the things that you were laughing at us for talking about last year are now becoming a reality this year.

    -------------- TO BE CONTINUED ... --------------

    May 27th 2021 Greetings from "New Normal" (Hitler's) Germany! https://off-guardian.org/2021/05/26/greetings-from-new-normal-germany/ May 27th 2021 #CORONAVIRUS #ORIGINS Calls for UN inquiry to investigate origins of Covid-19 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/27/call-un-inquiry-investigate-theory-covid-19-escaped-chinese/

    May 27th 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING Data relating to mental health, lifestyle, ethnic origin, biometric data and alleged criminal behaviour; what the hell does that have to do with proving you've had two jabs!?" https://davidicke.com/2021/05/27/the-nhs-app-has-been-updated-to-include-far-more-than-vaccine-jabs/

    May 27th 2021 #NUREMBERG #CODE NMC Code of Conduct; Nuremberg Code: What has happened to informed consent? Where is the informed consent for masks? Where is the informed consent for tests? Are you aware that Dr Reiner Fuellmich has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity and violations of the Nuremburg Code? Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention, "mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not required for the medical treatment of a protected person" are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a serious breach of the Convention. The "experimental" vaccine violates all 10 Nuremberg codes – which carry the death penalty for those who try to break these international laws". https://davidicke.com/2021/05/27/an-nhs-nurses-resignation-letter-i-am-utterly-dismayed-and-disheartened-by-my-profession/

    May 27th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS GPs face 'tsunami' of patients with 28million appointments booked in March as people return to NHS while Covid lockdown in England is eased off https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9625245/Coronavirus-GPs-England-face-tsunami-patients-Covid-lockdown-eases.html

    May 27th 2021 #FAKE #NEWS The most shocking thing about Dominic Cummings' testimony? It exposed Ofcom's Orwellian muzzling of our media https://www.mailplus.co.uk/edition/comment/72574/the-most-shocking-thing-about-dominic-cummings-testimony-it-exposed-ofcoms-orwellian-muzzling-of-our-media

    May 27th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS #4thREICH The unseen evil of Covid restrictions ... a dehumanising denial of physical contact https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/the-unseen-evil-of-covid-restrictions-a-dehumanising-denial-of-physical-contact/ -- May 26th 2021 Vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi suggested self-isolation for fully-vaccinated people could continue after June 21. https://twitter.com/talkRADIO/status/1397603934731218953

    May 26th 2021 #VACCINES Facebook Whistleblowers LEAK DOCS Detailing Effort to Secretly Censor Vax Concerns on Global Scale https://youtube.com/watch?v=Requt9zXN04

    May 26th 2021 #GENE #THERAPY Did You Know The Devil Is In The Details Of RNA-Sequencing? https://banned.video/watch?id=60aeb8a27bbded51c575372f

    May 26th 2021 BREAKING: #LEGAL The UK government (Joe Biden, UN & WHO) issued a statement/s asserting that "all possible theories" as to the origin of COVID-19 must be explored, becoming the latest official entity to refuse to rule out the lab leak explanation. https://nypost.com/2021/05/26/biden-orders-90-day-review-of-covid-origins-lab-leak-theory/ -- https://www.deccanchronicle.com/world/europe/260521/who-scientists-likely-to-reconsider-china-lab-origin-theory-of-covid-1.html

    May 26th 2021 #VACCINES Anthony Fauci: Booster Shots Will Likely Be Needed But When Remains Unknown https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/555535-fauci-vaccine-boosters-probably-needed-but-timing-unclear

    May 25th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD How the CDC Is Manipulating Data to Prop-up "Vaccine Effectiveness"; The trick is in their reporting of what they call "breakthrough infections" – that is people who are fully "vaccinated" against Sars-Cov-2 infection, but get infected anyway. False-postive tests & Inflated Case-count. https://www.globalresearch.ca/how-cdc-manipulating-data-prop-up-vaccine-effectiveness-2/5746068

    May 25th 2021 #PRIVACY Florida governor signs ban on 'deplatforming' by tech companies for censorship https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/florida-governor-signs-ban-deplatforming-tech-companies-rcna1018

    May 25th 2021 #TESLA After Elon Musk calls LIDAR a "fools errand"; he changes his mind. Is Tesla Using LiDAR Now? https://youtube.com/watch?v=oIk4GxzIGzM -- Tesla Leaks made several posts on LIFI and LiDAR starting with this Video posted to Facebook and TeslaLeaks-com February 9th 2016 on Lifi and Lidar with special details of the capability of LIFI and LIDAR for High Frequency, secure communication and Wireless Power w/ Solar Cells https://youtube.com/watch?v=4a2JO0t5TQc

    May 25th 2021 #LOCKDOWN #PROTEST Trends Journal: Unit for Freedom, Peace and Justice May 29th 2021, Memorial Day, the 1 year Anniversary of the break up with Danielle https://youtube.com/watch?v=lZfEaZhJQlM

    May 25th 2021 #VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE: To Girlfriend and Lover, Danielle: Ben Delaurentis Debuts New Song "TWO MORE WEEKS, FOREVER!" Exclusively With American Journal Happy Birthday! https://banned.video/watch?id=60ad3f79410db54bf3a0d19e

    May 25th 2021 #VACCINES #CONTACT #TRACING We don't want to be the ones that are really policing who's vaccinated, who's not vaccinated. https://www.yahoo.com/news/nj-expected-lift-indoor-mask-031346848.html

    May 25th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS The restaurant industry has lost 1.7 million from the plannedemic. https://news.yahoo.com/final-straw-pandemic-pushes-restaurant-200323148.html

    May 25th 2021 #ELECTIONS Trump tells court he has 'absolute immunity' over January 6 https://news.yahoo.com/trump-tells-court-absolute-immunity-185015284.html

    #SCIENCE #FRAUD New Variant Posing Threat, as Global #Vaccine Drive Falters. #LIES "where people have been dying in hospital corridors and courtyards" https://www.yahoo.com/news/variant-posing-threat-global-vaccine-114202813.html

    May 25th 2021 #SCEICE #FRAUD Fauci, U.S. officials call for COVID origin (Chinese anal) probe https://www.yahoo.com/news/fauci-u-officials-call-covid-224341785.html

    May 25th 2021 #PROPAGANDA #COERSION Biden, Fauci join forces with YouTube creators to combat Gen Z vaccine hesitancy https://www.yahoo.com/news/biden-fauci-join-forces-with-you-tube-creators-to-combat-gen-z-vaccine-hesitancy-154509689.html

    May 25th 2021 #4thREICH Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., that compared House Speaker #Nancy #Pelosi's mask mandate in the House of Representatives to the killing of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust by #Nazi Germany. She insisted that the left's "attempts to shame, ostracize, and brand Americans who choose not to get vaccinated or wear a mask are reminiscent of the great tyrants of history who did the same to those who would not comply." https://news.yahoo.com/mc-connell-and-mc-carthy-rebuke-greene-over-holocaust-remarks-but-stop-short-of-taking-action-against-rising-gop-star-180137850.html

    May 25th 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING Michigan residents tired of lockdown mandates say they 'identify as fully vaccinated,' ditch masks https://www.theblaze.com/news/michigan-residents-identify-as-fully-vaccinated

    May 25th 2021 #LEGAL America's Frontline Doctors Sue The Federal Government To Prevent Forcing Experimental COVID Vaccines On US Children https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/americas-frontline-doctors-sue-experimental-vaccines-on-children.html

    May 25th 2021 Unite For Freedom – 29th May – London – Oracle Films – Come on People BE THERE! https://davidicke.com/2021/05/25/unite-for-freedom-29th-may-london-oracle-films-come-on-people-be-there/

    May 25th 2021 #LEGAL The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Friday reversed its position on requiring companies that mandate COVID vaccines to treat adverse reactions as "recordable injuries," announcing that it will no longer enforce its previous ruling. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/osha-employers-not-liable-covid-vaccine-injuries/

    May 25th 2021 #VACCINES Hong Kong could soon throw away millions of unused COVID-19 vaccine doses. So far, just 19 per cent of the population has received one dose of either vaccine while 14 per cent have received two doses. Mainland China reported less than a 5% vaccination rate. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/covid-19-hong-kong-could-bin-millions-unused-vaccine-doses-14881080

    May 24th 2021 #4thREICH Macron & Merkel call for expanded funding, empowerment of WHO to battle pandemics https://www.rt.com/news/524642-macron-merkel-who-pandemic/

    May 24th 2021 #COERSION A pop up vaccine clinic in Canada that is offering kids free ice cream in exchange for a vaccine, no parental permission required. Police are guarding the front to stop parents from intervening. Canadians should be outraged. pic.twitter.com/FDovr1HjUq

    May 24th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Fauci's Wall Of Denial Is Crumbling Animal to Human Fraud. Bat Guano from a Coal Mine? Extracted from the feces of a Bat? How does the bat Guano from a fish market in Wuahn fit in? Only 96% similar to a cronavirus? When a human is allegedly 99% similar to a Chimp? Being questioned by Rand Paul, of coal laden Kentucky?? #all #nonsense https://banned.video/watch?id=60abdba8aeb6274694c2b27a

    May 24th 2021 #LEGAL New OSHA Guidelines: Employers That Mandate COVID Vaccines May Be Held Liable for “Any Adverse Reaction” https://www.activistpost.com/2021/05/new-osha-guidelines-employers-that-mandate-covid-vaccines-may-be-held-liable-for-any-adverse-reaction.html

    May 24th 2021 #LEGAL 3 Bills Introduced to Protect Citizens from Vaccine Mandates and Discrimination, Privacy Violations via “Vaccine Passports” (Ohio) https://www.activistpost.com/2021/05/3-bills-introduced-to-protect-citizens-from-vaccine-mandates-and-discrimination-privacy-violations-via-vaccine-passports-ohio.html

    May 24th 2021 #STATISTICS #FRAUD How the CDC Is Manipulating Data to Prop-up "Vaccine Effectiveness". New policies will artificially deflate "breakthrough infections" in the vaccinated, while the old rules continue to inflate case numbers in the unvaccinated. https://www.globalresearch.ca/how-cdc-manipulating-data-prop-up-vaccine-effectiveness-2/5746068 -- https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/health-departments/breakthrough-cases.html

    May 24th 2021 #CONSPIRACY #THEORY #FALSE #FLAGS Interpretation and Investigation: The Conspiracy Theory Trap. Two common themes among conservatives are that attacks on minorities, and major mass shootings, are fake, false flag operations, and that climate change is a fraud used for the interests of the rich and powerful. https://www.globalresearch.ca/interpretation-and-investigation-the-conspiracy-theory-trap/5745159

    May 24th 2021 #WINNING COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease. So, I really dug into the research literature (here) and by the people who've developed these vaccines, and then more extensive research literature around those topics. And I don't see how these vaccines can possibly be doing anything good. When you weigh the good against the bad, --"I can't see how they could possibly be winning, from what I've seen.--" https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-vaccines-bring-avalanche-neurological-disease/5746001

    May 24th 2021 #EMERGENCY #POWERS Remember the "Fake" 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu Pandemic: Manipulating the Data to Justify a Worldwide Public Health Emergency "In July 2009, the WHO Director General predicted with authority that: “as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-h1n1-swine-flu-pandemic-manipulating-the-data-to-justify-a-worldwide-public-health-emergency/14901

    May 24th 2021 Fauci's Wall Of Denial Is Crumbling Animal to Human Fraud. Bat Guano from a Coal Mine? Extracted from the feces of a Bat? How does the bat Guano from a fish market in Wuahn fit in? Only 96% similar to a cronavirus? When a human is allegedly 99% similar to a Chimp? Being questioned by Rand Paul, of coal laden Kentucky?? Weaponize Coronavirus? It's death rate is 1/1000; and is not weaponized at all. Coronavirus has not been isolated in any way from bat feces, dog feces, chimp feces, nor septic tanks. #all #nonsense "most likely", "could be", "blamed on", "someone says" ... https://banned.video/watch?id=60abdba8aeb6274694c2b27a

    May 24th 2021 Fauci Admits He's 'Not Convinced' 'COVID-19' Is Natural – embracing the 'Wuhan lab' theory to divert you from the truth – the truth that THERE IS NO 'VIRUS' https://davidicke.com/2021/05/24/fauci-admits-hes-not-convinced-covid-19-is-natural-embracing-the-wuhan-lab-theory-to-divert-you-from-the-truth-the-truth-that-there-is-no-virus/

    May 24th 2021 Animal Feces Swabs used to "Isolate Coronavirus" ... STUDY: “…We used both NP and OP swab specimens for virus isolation.... More on the coronavirus that doesn't exist; and the Pink Demon https://davidicke.com/2021/05/24/more-on-the-coronavirus-that-doesnt-exist-and-the-pink-demon/

    May 24th 2021 Put down your cool aid, the Covid cult is finished! https://youtube.com/watch?v=U77MA42hrHA

    May 24th 2021 Who will be the first to arrest Biden, Bill Gates, Fauci etal for Nuremberg 2.0? Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Passport. https://banned.video/watch?id=60ac30f7b34ee647cc644d38

    May 23rd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS The Government Plan Is For Lockdowns To Last Forever https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-government-plan-is-for-lockdowns-to-last-forever

    May 23rd 2021 #VACCINE #SIDEEFFECTS Could the 'Covid' Vaccine Be the Next Vioxx? https://jeffreydachmd.com/2021/05/could-the-covid-vaccine-be-the-next-vioxx/

    May 20th 2021 #LEGAL Motion for Temporary Restraining Order Against Use of 'Covid Vaccine' on Children https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/files/tro-motion-for-temporary-restraining-order-against-use-of-covid-vaccine-in-children

    May 20th 2021 #NUREMBERG Michael O'Bernicia – Court Case against Hancock, Witty, Ferguson, Vallance – Latest update https://davidicke.com/2021/05/20/michael-obernicia-court-case-against-hancock-witty-ferguson-vallance-latest-update/

    May 20th 2021 #VACCINES If They Get Jabbed After Watching This They Are Beyond Saving. (They should just jump off a cliff) https://davidicke.com/2021/05/20/if-they-get-jabbed-after-watching-this-they-are-beyond-saving/

    May 20th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD (Variants are Impossible) "It needs to be investigated through genome sequencing. But I doubt, the kind of transmission in Singapore, which is just a few cases, that is not enough to generate a new variant. ----The virus needs to multiply millions of times before it can become a new variant.---- It is unlikely to be a Singapore variant because new strains require sustained transmission," https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-57167542

    May 20th 2021 #NUREMBERG #TRIALS Covid-19 becomes fraud case of the century. (And I'm the Chief Justice) A second Nuremberg Tribunal has been prepared since last week and a class action is being set up https://breaking-news.ca/second-nuremberg-tribunal-is-prepared/

    May 20th 2021 BREAKING: #TESLA Predicted and previously posted by Tesla Leaks, ""California BANNING Tesla's from Roads | FAILED GOVERNOR"". It's well known that nearly 2 dozen U.S. states already ban purchasing a Tesla or Tesla operating in their state. By Fiat, even Biden could outright ban Tesla's in the U.S. Particularly given Bidens love for natural gas, bombing Nikola Tesla's hometown, his love for Thomas Edison and Ford, and his " some black guy invented the light bulb quote "; just as they can attempt to mandate taking untested innoculstions of a monkey virus take from the feces of another monkey. See Astrazeneca. As a bonus, California Governor Gavin Newsom's grandfather was the owner of Getty Oil, that made all their fortune selling oil and gas to Hitler's 3rd Reich https://youtube.com/watch?v=poEHx_U3y2s

    May 20th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD More Fake News for the Morons by the New York Times: The Latest Coronavirus Comes From Dogs https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/20/health/dogs-coronavirus-infections.html -- Even more Fake News for Morons. Dogs sniffing Covid from "Sweat"; will be placed at airports, train stations, sporting events, grocery stores and will even come into your home, without a warrant, looking to smell for more dogshit! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-05-19/dogs-sniffing-covid-from-sweat-fare-almost-as-well-as-pcr-tests

    May 20th 2021 #COEONAVIRUS @HOAX Video: The Corona Crisis and the Engineered Destabilization of the Global Economy. Michel Chossudovsky https://www.globalresearch.ca/video-michel-chossudovsky-the-corona-crisis-and-the-engineered-destabilization-of-the-global-economy/5745532

    May 20th 2021 #MASKS California will mandate masks for another month. Texas will ban mask mandates in schools. Are both states going too far? https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-will-mandate-masks-for-another-month-texas-will-ban-mask-mandates-in-schools-are-both-states-going-too-far-145508574.html -- California is currently averaging the fewest daily COVID-19 cases per capita in the country: just three for every 100,000 residents. 54 percent of Californians have already gotten at least one COVID-19 shot and California has logged the most cases of any state. Texas. Just 83,000 residents ages 12 to 15 have been vaccinated so far — a tiny fraction of that overall age group. May 19th 2021 #NUREMBERG Fauci expects (untested) COVID-19 vaccines for kids in late-2021, sees need for booster shot https://www.yahoo.com/news/fauci-expects-covid-19-vaccines-182937164.html

    May 19th 2021 #LEGAL Pennsylvania becomes 1st in nation to curb governor's emergency powers wielded during the COVID-19 pandemic. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/pennsylvania-becomes-1st-in-nation-to-curb-governors-emergency-powers-01621451442

    May 19th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD FoxNews #Ingraham Ingraham warns of coming 'climate lockdowns'; just as they had banned Primatene Asthma Inhalers in 2012 because of "Global Warming"; they'll ban using those during the "lockdowns" as well. https://youtube.com/watch?v=GD_cdkKDYWc

    May 19th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Asymptomatic Transmission: A dangerous idea "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGF0SHCNPjs

    May 19th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Large Events with No Masks and No Social Distancing Are Just as Safe as Going Shopping, Data Shows https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/big-events-without-masks-are-no-riskier-than-shopping-covid-trials-show-fb0msxgsl

    May 19th 2021 #QUARANTINE Holiday 'police' knocking on your door: Priti Patel reveals plans for up to 10,000 quarantine checks EVERY day to make sure returning Britons are self-isolating - as five million book summer trips to Europe https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9597685/Priti-Patel-reveals-plans-10-000-quarantine-checks-day.html

    May 19th 2021 #COERSION We now know unequivocally that we are victims of this government's unethical psychological campaign of coercion. We know many loved ones believe their relatives' deaths were falsely certified as Covid deaths on presumption and not evidence. And that a quarter of recently attributed deaths were not caused by the virus. I am still incredulous at the statement 'deaths of any cause within 28 days of a positive Covid test' as the caveat to daily reported figures. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/never-have-so-many-become-so-blinded-to-the-truth/

    May 19th 2021 #LEGAL Open Letter from UK doctors: Safety and Ethical Concerns Surrounding COVID19 Vaccination in Children to Dr June Raine, Chief Executive, MHRA https://www.hartgroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/OpenLetterChildVaccination.pdf

    May 19th 2021 #VACCINES Why are so many Africans leery of COVID vaccines? "Days will go by and no-one shows up for the free vaccines" https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ha-EeMBRYvc

    May 19th 2021 #VACCINE #MANDATES Health systems weigh (experimental) Covid-19 vaccine mandates for employees https://youtube.com/watch?v=2i3unvJEKWk -- Can Your Employer Require You To Get The Covid vaccine? https://youtube.com/watch?v=PTiV3BbHl7k

    May 19th 2021 #4thREICH Feeling Like The Twilight Zone! Are They (Dems/Rinos) Freaking Out Or What? https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/05/feeling-like-the-twilight-zone-are-they-demsrinos-freaking-out-or-what-pray-awk-must-video-3580307.html

    May 19th 2021 #NUREMBERG #HIV #HOAX Amazing Polly: Boom - Guess Who Fauci's Wife Is?! She ran the HIV vaccine fraud and AIDS hoax. "less safety testing for covid vaccines" - Gates https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/05/amazing-polly-boom-guess-who-faucis-wife-is-3750694.html

    May 19th 2021 #VACCINE #MANDATES One usually liberal LBC presenter suggested she would be tempted to 'poison their coffee'. https://www.spiked-online.com/2021/05/19/the-myth-of-vaccine-hesitancy/

    May 19th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Knee-jerk lockdowns are not the answer; as deaths from Covid currently make up less than two per cent of all weekly fatalities https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/19/knee-jerk-lockdowns-not-answer/

    May 19th 2021 #NUREMBERG It has — or perhaps, had — been a well established principle of bioethics and law that questions of child welfare should not be defined by reference to adult preferences, but instead require clear consideration of the benefits to and harms for the child. https://thecritic.co.uk/jabs-for-the-boys/">https://thecritic.co.uk/jabs-for-the-boys/">https://thecritic.co.uk/jabs-for-the-boys/

    May 19th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS A death knell for degrees: As universities reveal plans for online teaching for 3 years. (Your children are now certified morons) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-9593661/Professor-Robert-Tombs-Online-learning-UK-universities-death-knell-degrees.html

    May 19th 2021 #VACCINES Not worried about the jab? You should be. Safety and efficacy does not exist at all for under-18s. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/not-worried-about-the-jab-you-should-be/

    May 19th 2021 #COST #BENEFIT The study was titled, "Moralization of Covid-19 health response: Asymmetry in tolerance for human costs" which outlined how people's perceptions of Covid-19 could alter their ability to make an objective cost-benefit analysis. https://www.aier.org/article/the-moralization-of-covid-19/

    May 19th 2021 #NUREMBERG Lawyers and Medical Experts worldwide say they have all the evidence they need to convict WHO, CDC, PHE, Bill Gates and World Leaders of 'Crimes against Humanity' https://davidicke.com/2021/05/18/lawyers-and-medical-experts-worldwide-say-they-have-all-the-evidence-they-need-to-convict-who-cdc-phe-bill-gates-and-world-leaders-of-crimes-against-humanity/

    May 19th 2021 #HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE #HOAX Alex Jones, Mike Adams and similar ilk, are still promoting magnesium + Hydroxychloroquine (Bleech) which explodes when combined. Pfizer was sued for giving Hydroxychloroquine, the phoney Malaria drug, to poor people in Africa. http://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/terrorism_and_pyrotechnics/explosives/Making%20Plastic%20Explosives%20from%20Bleach.pdf

    May 19th 2021 #LEGAL Gov. Abbott bans mask mandates in Texas public schools, cities and counties https://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/texas/article/Gov-Abbott-bans-masks-mandates-in-Texas-public-16185845.php

    May 19th 2021 #LEGAL Bill banning mask mandates in Utah schools advances on Capitol Hill https://www.fox13now.com/news/coronavirus/local-coronavirus-news/a-bill-banning-mask-mandates-in-utah-schools-advances-on-capitol-hill

    May 19th 2021 #TESLA Gas Stations = APPROVED!! But, Unexploded World War II bombs, protests over trees, water and animal habitats, union scrutiny and a labor review have hindered Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory plans — but the biggest hurdle may come in the form of strict German regulations. https://www.forbes.com/sites/alanohnsman/2021/05/18/the-rules-even-tesla-berlin-gigafactory-elon-musk-cant-break/

    #ELECTION #LAWSUITS Post-election lawsuits related to the 2020 United States presidential election https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-election_lawsuits_related_to_the_2020_United_States_presidential_election


    May 18th 2021 #FORCED #VACCINES Video Shows National Guard Troops (not China) Administering Vaccines In Dallas 7-Eleven https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/video-shows-national-guard-troops-administering-vaccines-in-dallas-7-eleven.html

    May 18th 2021 #PROPAGANDA Government Scientists Admit Covid Mind Control To Terrorize Public https://banned.video/watch?id=60a45db9a8931534f6520bda

    May 18th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS After fully opening up, Texas reports 0 deaths from Covid in 2 months. https://news.yahoo.com/several-states-report-zero-covid-114909774.html

    May 18th 2021 #MASKS Many Americans are too scared of their own shadows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoUFCU_n-5M

    May 18th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Tory MPs warn Boris he MUST push ahead with June 21 'freedom day' despite Indian variant fears as PM says there should be 'conclusive' evidence on the threat it poses within days https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9590709/Boris-gathers-Cabinet-amid-claims-close-nil-chance-June-21-unlocking.html

    March 9th 2021 #NUREMBERG #TRIALS Repost: German Lawyers promise Nuremberg Trials against all behind the Covid Scam https://facebook.com/FlorinChilianOfficial/photos/a.324317230311/10159579101575312/

    November 14th 2020 #NUREMBERG #TRIALS Repost: Truth & Reconciliation or Nuremberg Trials 2.0? https://jameslbruno.blogspot.com/2020/11/truth-reconciliation-or-nuremberg.html

    May 22nd 1990 This is not a vaccine. It's simulated biology that's experimental and violates not only the Nuremberg Code set after WWII, but it violates Dr Francis Boyle's Biological Warfare Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 passed by the US Congress, and still on the books today. Anyone with their hands on this should be facing the death penalty..!!! https://www.congress.gov/bill/101st-congress/senate-bill/993/text

    May 18th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Animals to Humans contageon hoax. Instead Of Returning The Dog You Adopted During Lockdown, Do This... 3 Million animals could be at risk of euthanasia https://www.huffpost.com/entry/returning-the-dog-you-adopted-during-lockdown-do-this_l_609abe34e4b069dc48f36cbe -- #SCIENCE #FRAUD U.S. health departments push Animals to Humans contageon theory http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/animals/FAQ-PetOwners.pdf -- #SCIENCE #FRAUD People who walk their dogs are 78% more likely to contract COVID-19, new study finds https://abc7news.com/dog-covid-risk-study-owners-contract-can-dogs-pass-environmental-research/8051808/ -- Veterinarians doubt study linking dog walking to COVID-19 https://news.vin.com/default.aspx?pid=210&Id=9946548

    May 18th 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING Nearly every US state is dropping mask mandates for fully vaccinated people following new CDC guidelines. Here are the current rules in different states. The one year anniversary of my first break up with DaniB https://www.businessinsider.com/cdc-guidelines-mask-guidance-list-of-states-relaxing-keeping-mandates-2021-5

    May 18th 2021 #VACCINE #PASSPORTS The ultimate goal of vaccine passports, which are based on the notion of “health paternalism,” is to coerce people into accepting injections of the experimental vaccines that have been incessantly promoted by politicians, mainstream news, and unelected medical experts for many months. https://www.globalresearch.ca/vaccine-passports-medical-paternalism/5745563

    May 18th 2021 #CENSORSHIP Report: We Can Defeat the Corporate Media's War to Snuff Out Independent Journalism https://www.globalresearch.ca/we-can-defeat-corporate-media-war-snuff-out-independent-journalism/5745580

    May 18th 2021 The international travel ban is cruel and unscientific https://spectator.us/topic/international-travel-ban-cruel-unscientific/

    May 18th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD FAUCI AND THE FED: AMERICA'S TECHNOCRATIC FRAUDS https://mises.org/power-market/fauci-and-fed-americas-technocratic-frauds

    May 18th 2021 Ep. 1898 The COVID Stuff Is Finally Unraveling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTrUJ7cKT6A

    May 17th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS One last lockdown - Trailer https://youtube.com/watch?v=6TYZ0y-2qow

    May 17th 2021 #BOYCOTT "Boycott Costco (Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks) till they act like a Free American Company... not (China)," https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ricky-schroder-confronts-costco-employee-mask-requirement-184517317.html

    May 17th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD No one is ever going to Photoshop Mars; as every human allegedly has the Covid cold virus; and would be banned from going into Photoshop Space; and still require a Space Mask Mandate. https://www.businessinsider.com/nasa-may-have-accidentally-spread-life-to-mars-scientist-says-2021-5

    May 17th 2021 #PRIMARY #SOURCES MIT Researchers ADMIT That Anti-Mask, Anti-Lockdown Activists Understand Science Better Than Liberal Opponents https://banned.video/watch?id=60a2aaff5723432f51b65a40

    May 17th 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING #VACCINES EXPOSED - Biden's Plan To Drop Masks Will Fuel Demand For Vaccine Passports https://banned.video/watch?id=60a2aa8a5723432f51b655d6

    May 17th 2021 No one is ever going to Photoshop Mars; as every human allegedly has the Covid cold virus; and would be banned from going into Photoshop Space; with a Mask Mandate. https://www.businessinsider.com/nasa-may-have-accidentally-spread-life-to-mars-scientist-says-2021-5

    May 17th 2021 #CONTACT #TRACING (Polio was stopped by sewage, water and food purfication, quarrantine and ozone chambers with positive electricity, years before any public vaccine was available) The Global Polio Eradication Initiative: “New Technology” used to Locate Children for Polio Vaccinations https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-global-polio-eradication-initiative-new-technology-used-to-locate-children-for-polio-vaccinations/5325246

    May 17th 2021 #VACCINES Halt Vaccine Passports! It's illegal, medical apartheid https://www.globalresearch.ca/halt-vaccine-passports/5745478

    May 17th 2021 #TOO #EVIL #TO #FAIL We Are Truly up Against Pure Evil! We See Their Panic! Pray! - AWK Must Video https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/05/we-are-truly-up-against-pure-evil-we-see-their-panic-pray-awk-must-video-3579995.html

    May 17th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD No sick or dead people at any hospital in India, nor anywhere else. #targeted #assassinations #phoney #tests https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/covid-19-daily-cases-drop-below-3-lakh-for-first-time-since-april-20/articleshow/82699129.cms

    May 17th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS 'Since when did they become an authority on social behaviour?': BBC is slammed for creating 'creepy and weird' cartoon guide for 'safer hugging' during pandemic https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9587759/BBC-slammed-creepy-weird-guide-safer-hugging-pandemic.html

    May 17th 2021 #WAR #CRIMES Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow https://davidicke.com/2021/05/17/israel-is-deliberately-obliterating-media-buildings-in-gaza-to-cover-up-the-war-crimes-that-will-follow/ -- https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-charged-with-war-crimes-and-genocide-complete-judgment-of-kl-tribunal/5359433

    May 17th 2021 #VACCINE #GENE #THERAPY Article from 2016 explains how by genetically modifying the Ferritin protein you can remotely control brain activity and behaviour – The same protein as the 'Covid' jab is targeting https://davidicke.com/2021/05/17/article-from-2016-explains-how-by-genetically-modifying-the-ferritin-protein-you-can-remotely-control-brain-activity-and-behaviour-the-same-protein-as-the-covid-jab-is-targeting/

    May 17th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD WHO says pandemic is far from over despite high vaccination rates in some countries https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/17/who-says-pandemic-is-far-from-over-despite-high-vaccination-rates-in-some-countries.html

    May 16th 2021 #FALSE #FLAG #STAND #DOWN New Video Shows Capitol Police Lied About January 6th "Insurrection"; whilst Q-Anon is on video declaring to the crowd "we have a right to peacefully protest"... Go on the offensive and demand trials...

    May 16th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Covid Variant transmission hoax https://davidicke.com/2021/05/13/harms-the-trojan-horse-to-full-blown-fascism-david-icke-dot-connector/

    May 16th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS HUGE ANTI LOCKDOWN PROTEST IN LONDON THE MSM WONT TELL YOU ABOUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ACeo4m-yDQ

    May 16th 2021 BREAKING: #TESLA Elon Musk agrees that Bitcoin is a "waste of free energy". Tesla To DUMP All Their Bitcoin & Accept Doge? https://youtube.com/watch?v=hOpU0HM-GSY

    May 16th 2021 #CORONAVIRUS #HOAX The lies have failed, the house of cards is falling as the Covid-19 power grab accelerates faster than free fall speed ... Terminal Velocity, like the WTC on 9/11 https://banned.video/watch?id=60a1a0d01e79a42e3ee7945b

    May 16th 2021 #GAY Bill Gates is Gay, hiding in the closet with Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/16/business/bill-melinda-gates-divorce-epstein.html

    May 15th 2021 #GREAT #RESET A Timeline of "The Great Reset" Agenda https://www.globalresearch.ca/timeline-great-reset-agenda-foundation-event-201-pandemic-2020/5745205

    May 15th 2021 #TESLA Tesla JUST Ended The ICE Age... Tesla Model S Plaid makes a 9.2 second quarter mile run, breaking the world record for the fastest production vehicle in world history... beating the $3M Bughati. The Tesla Roadster 2 is expected to run a 8.5 second quarter mile, 1.8 second 0-60 with a top speed of 250 MPH https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=PNPE3TYrWvs

    May 15th 2021 #PSYCHOLOGICAL #OPERATIONS Behind a Manufactured Crisis: The COVID-19 and Psychopathy Connection https://icdt.ir/behind-a-manufactured-crisis-the-covid-19-and-psychopathy-connection/

    May 14th 2021 #MASKS Liberals Panic As Masks Go Away And They Lose Their Top Vehicle Of Hate https://banned.video/watch?id=609f1369a6280f2c6e7dbecb

    May 14th 2021 #HOAXES The U.S. Has Been Through A Vaccine Rollout Like This Before – Here's What Went Wrong https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/usa-vaccine-rollout-went-wrong.html">https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/usa-vaccine-rollout-went-wrong.html

    May 13th 2021 #ELECTION #FRAUD Maricopa County Elections Officials DELETED ENTIRE DATABASE From Voting Machines – Including 'All Election Information' https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/maricopa-officials-deleted-entire-database-from-voting-machines.html

    May 13th 2021 #PATHOLOGICAL #LIARS Social scientists have long shown that most people are inveterate #liars, and might be even more adept at lying to themselves. Researchers find that people who hold unpopular views usually keep them private or “live lies” to avoid conflict. https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/05/happiness-end-pandemic-start-over/618870/

    May 13th 2021 #4THREICH "Harms" - The Trojan Horse To Full Blown Fascism - David Icke Dot-Connector https://banned.video/watch?id=609cfb3cb0322826a7e87b86

    May 13th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD COVID-19: Boris Johnson 'anxious' about Indian variant and 'ruling nothing out' to tackle its spread https://uk.news.yahoo.com/covid-19-boris-johnson-anxious-122700301.html

    May 12th 2021 #NUREMBERG Asite - Open Your Eyes (video) - HAIL HITLER!

    May 12th 2021 #PROPAGANDA Revealed, how Bill Gates's influence spreads virally into UK public health policy https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/revealed-how-bill-gatess-influence-has-spread-virally-into-uk-medicine-and-science/

    May 12th 2021 #CONSPIRACY Conspiracy music guru – no amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot https://davidicke.com/2021/05/12/conspiracy-music-guru-i-told-you-so/

    May 12th 2021 #FEAR The age of mass hysteria of vaccinated people too frightened to do normal things in fear of getting 'Covid'. So why did the idiots get 'vaccinated'?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pux_gL096ZY

    May 12th 2021 #COERSION Ohio Announces $1 Million Dollar Vaccine Lottery https://banned.video/watch?id=609c8ec2ca6ed625f5e96e26

    May 12th 2021 #NUREMBERG The FBI Should Raid Gates and Fauci Says Top Biological Weapons Lawyer https://banned.video/watch?id=609c6e5eaff48124dcba3f51

    May 12th 2021 #NUREMBERG Rand Paul Exposes Dr Fauci's Warcrimes on "Gain of Function Research" In Sentate Hearing https://banned.video/watch?id=609c2f32610f9e249570a6f5

    May 12th 2021 #PROPAGANDA Demand Craters As Propaganda To 'Create Vaccine Demand' Spikes https://www.technocracy.news/demand-craters-as-propaganda-to-create-vaccine-demand-spikes/

    May 11th 2021 #VACCINES Why FDA Should Not Authorize COVID Vaccines for Kids, Teens https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/why-fda-should-not-authorize-covid-vaccines-kids-teens/

    August 21st 2020 #PROPAGANDA Journalism's Gates keepers https://www.cjr.org/criticism/gates-foundation-journalism-funding.php

    May 11th 2021 #NUREMBERG Patients died from neglect, not COVID-19, in Ontario LTC homes, military report finds: 'All they needed was water and a wipe down' https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-canadian-military-report-documents-deplorable-conditions-at-two/

    May 11th 2021 #NUREMBERG Nuremberg Trial 2.0 is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit supported by thousands of lawyers and medical professionals worldwide, led by the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum. https://davidicke.com/2021/05/11/who-and-world-leaders-have-serious-questions-to-answer-in-the-upcoming-trials-for-crimes-against-humanity-by-committing-covid-fraud/

    May 11th 2021 Fake Cyber Polygon 2021 to Stage Gasoline Supply Chain Attack Simulation Imminent https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2021/05/12/gas-shortage-gas-prices-colonial-pipeline-nc-virginia-north-carolina/5052551001/

    May 11th 2021 Fake Alien Invasion 2021 Imminent https://abc7chicago.com/line-of-lights-in-the-sky-2021-starlink-satellites-arizona-tracker-california-night/10609485/

    May 11th 2021 #NIKOLA #TESLA Masterclass 26: Nikola Tesla & New Energy Sources. Dr. Nick Begich forecasts future energy solutions, the future of fossil fuels, and other green energy policies. https://banned.video/watch?id=609b1733ee7ab222674d3279

    May 11th 2021 #Nuremberg #Trial 2.0 is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit supported by thousands of lawyers and medical professionals worldwide, led by the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum. https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/05/10/w-h-o-and-world-leaders-have-serious-questions-to-answer-in-the-upcoming-trials-for-crimes-against-humanity-by-committing-covid-fraud/

    May 11th 2021 #COTAGEON #THEORY Viruses are produced within each cell and cannot survive on their own. Viruses are not organisms. Therefore, they are not contagious. You cannot “catch a virus.” Viruses are really self-cleaners known as exosomes. https://truthcomestolight.com/the-variant-and-the-vaccine/

    May 10th 2021 #PRIVACY Biden Plans Expansion of Feds' Army of Snitches in "Dollars for Collars" Program. How the administration plans on expanding its already massive surveillance apparatus. https://www.globalresearch.ca/biden-plans-expansion-feds-army-snitches-dollars-collars-program/5745273

    May 10th 2021 #FREEDOM David Icke – The Freedom Podcast https://davidicke.com/2021/05/10/david-icke-the-freedom-podcast/

    May 10th 2021 #TESLA Why Tesla Will Sell EVERY Vehicle It Makes This Decade https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=namGmiVKOHI

    May 10th 2021 #TESLA The NTSB said that testing of an exemplar car at the crash location revealed that Autosteer "was not available on that part of the road." However, Tesla's Traffic Aware Cruise Control "could be" engaged by the NTSB during its testing. https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-model-s-crash-texas-ntsb-preliminary-report/

    May 10th 2021 #NUREMBERG #HIV #HOAX "We need a new public Nuremberg Trials in every country" @ 4thReich.com -- "There is nothing in the CDC report, no proof, no evidence that HIV causes AIDS"- David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=6098dd4264ee131bb0fa5724

    May 10th 2021 #HOAXES -- 10 Things We Have Learned During The Covid Coup https://humansarefree.com/2021/05/10-things-we-have-learned-during-the-covid-coup.html

    May 7th 2021 #NASA #BULLSHIT NASA finds Coronavirus from Chimpanzee feces on Mars https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/moon-mars/amp36356445/mushrooms-on-mars-nasa-photos-life-on-mars/

    May 9th 2021 Calhoun, who opposed the federal imposition of the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 and argued that the U.S. Constitution gave states the right to block the enforcement of a federal law. In November 1832 South Carolina adopted the Ordinance of Nullification, declaring the tariffs null, void, and nonbinding in the state. https://www.britannica.com/topic/nullification-crisis

    May 8th 2021 Beware of Covid PCR Testing and the Relentless "Vaccinate Vaccinate Vaccinate" Campaign. In many countries, Switzerland is a case in point, governments “allow” schools to test school children, including Kindergarten up to four times per month, and businesses may do the same, for the "safety of co-workers". https://www.globalresearch.ca/beware-pcr-testing-you-may-unknowingly-vaccinated-instead-tested/5742819

    May 8th 2021 The Spoils of War: Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade. Joe Biden's Hidden Agenda in Afghanistan: Sustain the Drug Trade. https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-spoils-of-war-afghanistan-s-multibillion-dollar-heroin-trade/91

    February 15th 2021 The superspreaders behind top COVID-19 conspiracy theories https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/superspreaders-top-covid-19-conspiracy-theories-75898559

    May 8th 2021 Prepping for a Cyber Pandemic: Cyber Polygon 2021 to Stage Supply Chain Attack Simulation https://www.globalresearch.ca/prepping-cyber-pandemic-cyber-polygon-2021-stage-supply-chain-attack-simulation/5744539

    May 8th 2021 Project Blue Beam Will Launch The Fake Alien Invasion to Usher in the AntiChrist - The Fake Holographic Asteroids Preparing for the Day of 1000 Stars and Asteroids – The Tesla Fireball Technology Will Be The Only Thing That Is Real! Must See Videos! (Satellite's don't exist) https://beforeitsnews.com/christian-news/2021/05/project-blue-beam-will-launch-the-fake-alien-invasion-to-usher-in-the-antichrist-the-fake-holographic-asteroids-preparing-for-the-day-of-1000-stars-and-asteroids-the-tesla-fireball-technol-2597574.html

    May 7th 2021 EXCLUSIVE: RFK Jr. is Filing Suit Against Big Pharma for Violating Nuremberg Code https://banned.video/watch?id=6095c429e82197189ee71645

    May 7th 2021 Spain mandating use of face masks while swimming in the ocean https://www.globalresearch.ca/health-experts-admit-outdoor-mask-wearing-ridiculous/5744575

    May 7th 2021 Rules-based International Order: NATO, Goldman Sachs and the Council on Foreign Relations https://www.globalresearch.ca/prepping-cyber-pandemic-cyber-polygon-2021-stage-supply-chain-attack-simulation/5744539

    May 7th 2021 (DARPA health projects include CRISPR technology using particle accelerators.) A "new" proposal by the Biden administration to create a health-focused federal agency modeled after DARPA is not what it appears to be. Promoted as a way to "end cancer," this resuscitated "health DARPA" conceals a dangerous agenda. https://www.globalresearch.ca/biden-proposal-could-make-us-digital-dictatorship/5744617

    May 7th 2021 How Bush Did 9/11 And What Came After In 2021! Illuminati Insider Reveals Plans New World Order Agenda 50 Years Ago To Cull The Elderly! https://beforeitsnews.com/christian-news/2021/05/how-bush-did-911-and-what-came-after-in-2021-illuminati-insider-reveals-plans-new-world-order-agenda-50-years-ago-to-cull-the-elderly-conspiracies-are-evil-theories-says-bill-gates-th-2597518.html

    May 7th 2021 Pfizer Records Largest Settlement For Healthcare Fraud In Justice Department History; Take Their Untested Vaccine Though https://banned.video/watch?id=6095e8f64ddaa518fdf2762f

    May 6th 2021 Above Top Secret Ex Deep State Operative Reveals All About C19 and How He Was Chosen to Do So. A story that is compelling, frightening, intriguing and scary to say the least. A near death experience, telepathy, DARPA, Mormons, Catholics, the Vatican, Crisper technology and much more. https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/05/above-top-secret-ex-deep-state-operative-reveals-all-about-c19-and-how-he-was-chosen-to-do-so-2520901.html

    May 6th 2021 Dr. Tenpenny Briefs Nurses On The Great Deception https://beforeitsnews.com/prophecy/2021/05/dr-tenpenny-briefs-nurses-on-the-great-deception-2520895.html

    May 6th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD The phoney test can pick up the around one-in-three cases in which people don't show any symptoms https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9542069/Heres-twice-weekly-testing-help-protect-coronavirus.html

    May 5th 2021 US backs waiving intellectual property rules on vaccines https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-approves-waiving-intellectual-property-193620374.html

    May 5th 2021 Ivanka Trump faces more anti-vaccine backlash from her followers after posting a photo of her 2nd COVID-19 shot https://www.yahoo.com/news/ivanka-trump-faces-more-anti-211644475.html

    May 5th 2021 Where Are Vaccine Passports Leading? https://www.thetrumpet.com/23962-where-are-vaccine-passports-leading

    May 5th 2021 GOP advocates police takeover https://jbs.org/video/weekly/gop-advocates-police-takeover/

    May 5th 2021 American History Is Being Falsified to Sow Political Division: Mary Grabar https://www.theepochtimes.com/american-history-is-being-falsified-to-sow-political-division-mary-grabar_3803398.html

    May 5th 2021 #HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty International's Annual Report 2021: A Scathing Review Of The World's Human Rights During COVID-19 https://www.humanrightspulse.com/mastercontentblog/amnesty-internationals-annual-report-2021-a-scathing-review-of-the-worlds-human-rights-during-covid-19

    May 4th 2021 #PRIVACY Does Elon Musk really need to hack into the heads of 7 Billion Morons?? What's in your head? Just like in Nolan's 'Inception', brain tech can hack your mind; 'neuro-rights' can keep you safe https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/panache/whats-in-your-head-just-like-in-nolans-inception-brain-tech-can-hack-your-mind-neuro-rights-can-keep-you-safe/articleshow/82387055.cms

    May 4th 2021 Why Is There No Correlation between Masks, Lockdowns, and Covid Suppression? https://mises.org/wire/why-there-no-correlation-between-masks-lockdowns-and-covid-suppression

    May 5th 2021 #STATISTICS FRAUD Vaccine Makers Claim COVID Shots Are '95% Effective' — But What Does That Mean? "When one does the math, the Pfizer clinical trial numbers showed: “The risk reduction in absolute terms [was] only 0.7%, from an already very low risk of 0.74% [in the placebo group] to a minimal risk of 0.04% [in the vaccine group].” (Dividing 0.7 — the difference between the two groups — by 0.74 is the mathematical calculation that produced the touted “95% effective” number)." https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaccine-makers-claim-covid-shots-95-percent-effective-what-does-that-mean/

    May 5th 2021 #WINNING "We're Winning" - Dr Mercola. BOMBSHELL: Dr. Mercola Makes Shocking Covid-19 Shot Prediction https://banned.video/watch?id=6092f042530512120402bd10

    May 5th 2021 #LEGAL Dr. David Martin of https://davidmartin.world joins guest host Dr. Jane Ruby of http://drjaneruby.com on The Alex Jones Show to break down how the 1986 Vaccine Protection Act would not apply to the Covid-19 injections. https://banned.video/watch?id=609326d148ad68130ba55b41

    May 5th 2021 #PRIVACY Demand NHSX spell out privacy risks https://privacyinternational.org/news-analysis/3949/open-letter-tracking-and-tracing-vulnerable-populations

    May 5th 2021 #4THREICH Dr. Fauci 'never would have imagined' such public outrage towards him'. (He's obviously and idiot.) https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dr-fauci-never-would-have-imagined-such-public-outrage-towards-him-075216313.html

    May 5th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD #EVOLUTION More than 90% of the US population is inoculated against measles, a high vaccination rate. But this still is not enough. (Evolution is the "pet theory" you must believe in, in order to believe in Contageon Theory, Vaccines, Gene Therapy and Mutant Virus'.) https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-won-t-reach-herd-070007975.html

    May 5th 2021 #PRIVACY In the rush to respond to Covid-19 and its aftermath, government and companies are exploiting data with few safeguards. https://privacyinternational.org/campaigns/fighting-global-covid-19-power-grab

    May 5th 2021 #ELECTIONS Anti-lockdown candidate Ayuso wins big in Madrid elections as Podemos party leader quits politics in defeat https://www.rt.com/news/522918-madrid-election-anti-lockdown/

    May 5th 2021 #ELECTIONS Jaw-Dropping CNN Report Exposes How Easily US Voting Machines Are Hacked- Yes We Said CNN… Everyone Needs To See THIS https://americasfreedomfighters.com/voting-machines-are-hacked/

    May 5th 2021 #RIGHTS More than half of people living in democracies believe their freedoms have been overly restricted during the Covid-19 pandemic https://www.rt.com/news/522938-democracy-covid19-freedom-masks-survey/

    May 5th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Animal --> Human --> Animal Transmission Hoax. Eight lions 'contract Covid-19' at Hyderabad zoo amid 'coronavirus surge' in India (Don't be silly – Oh, sorry, you are being – the diagnosis was confirmed by a PCR test not testing for the 'virus'. YAWN) https://davidicke.com/2021/05/05/eight-lions-contract-covid-19-at-hyderabad-zoo-amid-coronavirus-surge-in-india-dont-be-silly-oh-sorry-you-are-being-the-diagnosis-was-confirmed-by-a-pcr-test-not-testing-for-the-vir/

    May 5th 2021 #CORONAVIRUS #HOAX David Icke & George Webb Discuss The Coronavirus Hoax & The Reasons Behind It https://davidicke.com/2021/05/05/david-icke-george-webb-discuss-the-coronavirus-hoax-the-reasons-behind-it/

    May 4th 2021 #FREEDOM Gerald Celente Trends Journal: Freedom is Dead, The Politicians Killed it and the Mindless Masses Let Them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdTul17WnOo

    May 4th 2021 #Conspiracy Hoax: Contageon Theory and the Transmission of Covid from Vaccines Hoax: Beyon's Dr Mary's Monkey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux0QXwUdQQI

    May 4th 2021 'Pandemic Is Crime, We Have The Evidence!' — Top International Criminal Lawyer! +Must Video https://beforeitsnews.com/crime-all-stars/2021/05/pandemic-is-crime-we-have-the-evidence-top-international-criminal-lawyer-must-video-2489044.html

    May 3rd 2021 #PRESS 5 takeaways from the Reporters Committee's 2020 Press Freedom report https://www.rcfp.org/pressfreedoms2020/ https://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/05/03/world-press-freedom-day-us-report-reveals-startling-extent-police-violence-against

    May 3rd 2021 #TESLA How China could hurt Tesla https://www.businessinsider.com/how-china-could-hurt-tesla-2021-4

    May 3rd 2021 #PLANDEMIC "Planned Pandemic" by Bill Gates to cause 10M deaths https://banned.video/watch?id=609013d109bc6e0aa5b47384

    May 3rd 2021 #MASKS The Great American Mask Panic https://banned.video/watch?id=60903d6ebcf35b0ae0d98680

    May 3rd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS There is a mental health pandemic caused by fear and loneliness: the Government is actively stoking it and must stop. https://timeforrecovery.org/fear/

    May 3rd 2021 #VACCINES Denmark Ditches J&J COVID Vaccine, Says Benefits 'Do Not Outweigh Risk' of Blood Clots https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/denmark-ditches-johnson-johnson-covid-vaccine/

    BREAKING: #PHANTOM MENACE May 3rd 2021 Letter to British Medical Journal: Where is the 'virus'? Why does no laboratory have it? Answer: BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST. In March 2020, the World Health Organisation instructed authorities not to look for a virus but to rely instead on a genome test, the RT-PCR, which is not specific for SARS-CoV-2 (1) (2). A Freedom of Information request to Public Health England about cultivable clinical samples or direct evidence of viral isolation has no information and refers to the proxy RT-PCR test, quoting Eurosurveillance (3). https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3379/rr-2

    May 3rd 2021 #4THEREIGH The James Delingpole Channel with Naomi Wolf on the Bio medical facist state https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQwSUKZFGK0

    May 3rd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS MPs urge Boris Johnson to look at 'data not dates' and SPEED UP the end of Covid lockdown, as Britain records just ONE Covid death in lowest daily toll in nine months, with vaccines hitting 50 MILLION https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9538967/Boris-Johnson-urged-MPs-speed-end-Covid-lockdown.html

    May 3rd 2021 #VACCINES Children are not at risk of dying from Covid https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/03/healthy-children-simply-do-not-need-covid-jab/

    May 3rd 2021 BREAKING: Gov. Ron DeSantis announces he's suspending all local COVID-19 emergency orders in Florida. Pushes vaccines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFgKQSpmJ0

    May 3rd 2021 #VACCINES Every reason to doubt the vaccine makers' reassurances WE HAVE been exposed to many misleading statements aimed at getting as many of us as possible vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. These have included inflated ways of reporting cases and deaths, unvalidated measures such as enforced mask-wearing to increase fear of contagion, and false assurances from medical authorities and supposed 'fact-checkers' about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/every-reason-to-doubt-the-vaccine-makers-reassurances/

    May 3rd 2021 #4THREICH Germans will soon be able to reclaim some of their freedoms – but only if they agree to be vaccinated against Covid. https://www.thelocal.de/20210503/germany-to-bring-forward-plan-for-nationwide-freedoms-for-vaccinated-people

    May 3rd 2021 #VACCINES Hong Kong plan to force Covid vaccines on foreign domestic workers sparks alarm https://unherd.com/2021/04/could-you-spot-a-conspiracy-theorist/

    May 2nd 2021 #COERSION With less than one-third of Americans fully vaccinated, health authorities switch from mass vaccination clinics to outreach campaigns https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/may/02/us-covid-vaccinations-clinics-outreach-campaigns-vaccine-hesitancy

    May 2nd 2021 #CONTACT TRACING Queensland's new approach to COVID outbreaks to avoid border shutdowns https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/queensland-s-new-approach-to-covid-outbreaks-to-avoid-border-shutdowns-20210502-p57o6x.html

    May 2nd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS One in two people globally lost income due to the pandemic - Gallup https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-global-workers/one-in-two-people-globally-lost-income-due-to-the-pandemic-gallup-idUSKBN2CK0BX

    May 2nd 2021 #OIL Venezuela releases oil company criminals https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Venezuela-Releases-Citgo-Oil-Executives-From-Jail-To-House-Arrest.html

    May 2nd 2021 #OIL There are an estimated 2600 orphan oil and gas sites across Alberta, as well as 3400 orphan pipelines that require decommissioning to be made safe. The report suggests there are a further ((95,000)) inactive wells across the province. https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/How-Canada-Could-Repurpose-Oil-Wells-For-Its-Renewable-Revolution.html

    May 2nd 2021 #CONTACT TRACING Queensland's new approach to COVID outbreaks to avoid border shutdowns https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/queensland-s-new-approach-to-covid-outbreaks-to-avoid-border-shutdowns-20210502-p57o6x.html

    May 2nd 2021 #MASKS Ready to rock, and not a mask in sight! Thousands of music fans pack out live gig headlined by indie band Blossoms in latest Covid test event while snooker fans cram the Crucible stands. Gig-goers are not required to wear masks or socially distance once inside event. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9535231/Thousands-head-live-gig-Liverpool-headlined-Blossoms-latest-government-Covid-test-event.html

    May 2nd 2021 #NO HUGS Most scientists urge restraint when it comes to returning to physical contact with friends and family. “I don't think we will quite see the return to hugging and air-kissing between friends and colleagues for a while," said Hunter. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/02/the-end-of-lockdown-exactly-how-much-freedom-will-we-have

    May 2nd 2021 #VACCINES There are placards claiming covid is a hoax, "the experimental vaccine kills" and the QAnon "Save Our Children". https://lockdownsceptics.org/2021/05/02/a-tale-of-two-protests/

    May 2nd 2021 #VACCINES NHS draws up Pfizer Covid vaccine plan for schoolchildren https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/nhs-draws-up-pfizer-covid-vaccine-plan-for-schoolchildren-dscp3nwbz

    May 2nd 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Demonstrators, many maskless, march in Montreal against public health restrictions https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/demonstrations-montreal-anti-public-health-restrictions-1.6010632

    May 2nd 2021 SHOCK STUDY- Spike Protein Key Factor In Vaccine Deaths https://banned.video/watch?id=608f72c11dc06c09fe4d0d1a

    May 2nd 2021 #PRESS May 8: International Festival of Whistleblowing, Dissent and Accountability https://www.globalresearch.ca/may-8-international-festival-whistleblowing-dissent-accountability/5744127

    May 2nd 2021 #LEGAL CDC Violated Law to Inflate COVID Cases and Fatalities ttps://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/05/02/cdc-violated-law-to-inflate-covid-cases-and-fatalities.aspx

    May Day 2021 #TESLA -- Niagara Falls system was approved on May Day 1888, when Nikola Tesla's 40+ patents for his system of A/C power generation, distribution and the motors which was bought by Westinghouse for a "kings ransom". This system was used in 13 patents for Niagara Falls. Thomas Edison did not steal Nikola Tesla's inventions relating to the 40+ Alternating Current A/C Motors, Mono-Polar DC Dynamo's and Generators, nor his methods of A/C power transmission. However, Westinghouse and JP Morgan's General Electric (GE) and Thomas Edison did have a "patent sharing" agreement for such systems. https://teslaresearch.jimdo.com/niagara-falls-power-project-1888/ … 6 years later Westinghouse would purchase Tesla's patent for a lump sum payment of $216,000 as part of a patent sharing agreement signed with General Electric (a company created from the 1892 merger of Edison, and Thompson-Houston) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla — More on at http://TeslaLeaks.com — Theory: Nikola Tesla vs JP Morgan sets fire to Tesla Lab in 1895 then pays Tesla $150K to keep quiet https://youtube.com/watch?v=QgL8jLbPLgM — Delivered before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, May 1888. A New System of Alternate Current Motors and Transformers by Nikola Tesla https://teslaresearch.jimdo.com/lectures-of-nikola-tesla/a-new-system-of-alternate-current-motors-and-transformers-1888/

    May Day 2021 #VACCINES Harvard nanotechnology pioneer Charles Lieber, arrested for connections to China, has been developing nano bio-compatible transistors that can enter cells. Both these stories are from 2011 – long before the 'Covid vaccines'. https://harvardmagazine.com/2011/01/virus-sized-transistors -- Neuromorphic silicon neuron circuits https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnins.2011.00073/full

    May Day 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Lockdown lunacy https://spectator.com.au/2021/05/lockdown-lunacy/

    May Day 2021 #FRAUD Covid-19 = Insurance Fraud! Organisers warn more festivals could be cancelled without government backing https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9532823/Music-festivals-year-face-axed-lack-Covid-cancellation-insurance.html

    May Day 2021 #LEGAL My Declaration of Independence, 2021. In every stage of these Oppressions we have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble Terms: Our repeated Petitions and demonstrations have been answered only by Disdain and Repeated Injury. A Government whose Character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant is unfit to be the Ruler of a free People. https://www.bitchute.com/video/hG3ga4jZavdW/

    May Day 2021 #LEGAL 10 Pledges to unleash a decade of liberty https://www.liberalspring.org/

    May Day 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Adam Schneider, eCommerce consultant to the Libertarian Party's Mises Caucus, reports on the ongoing severity of Canadian lockdowns, along with high-profile cases of resistance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCncTX_ZLAw

    May Day 2021 BRILLIANT: Dr. John Lee, Prof of Pathology UK - Unlocked Documentary! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btWfAXQ8wYg

    May Day 2021 #LOCKDOWNS "New Normal" Sports Fans Could Be Banned From Drinking and Encouraged to Stamp, Not Cheer https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/sports-fans-face-sober-summer-of-stamping-their-feet-gv0qwldzz

    May Day 2021 #TITANIC #TESLA Juan O Savin - Titanic Reversals! The Deep State's Purim Disaster! Deeps State Purim Boomerang Q142! - https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/05/juan-o-savin-titanic-reversals-the-deep-states-purim-disaster-deepstate-purim-boomerang-q142-must-video-3577803.html

    April 30th 2021 #VACCINES Salk researchers and collaborators show how the protein damages cells, confirming COVID-19 as a primarily vascular disease https://www.salk.edu/news-release/the-novel-coronavirus-spike-protein-plays-additional-key-role-in-illness/

    April 30th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Animals-->Humans Hoax. Russia produces first batch of COVID-19 vaccine for animals -regulator https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/russia-produces-first-batch-covid-19-vaccine-animals-regulator-2021-04-30/

    April 30th 2021 #VACCINES 'It's going to be a tough call': Biden is considering ordering all military members to get COVID vaccine after data shows 40% of Marines refused https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9530549/Biden-considering-ordering-military-members-COVID-vaccine.html

    April 30th 2021 #FRAUD Alex Jones and Joe Rogan love phoney, poison vaccines to go with the Iodine for "Fukushima Radiation". Podcast host Joe Rogan clarifies vaccination comments: 'I'm not anti-vax' https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-56948665

    April 30th 2021 #VACCINES This essay will explain how it came to pass that the response of the UK government to Covid-19 caused far, far more harm than the virus itself, and then will suggest measures to prevent such a calamity from ever happening again. https://pandemic-reaction.com/

    April 30th 2021 #FRAUD Amazon hopes pandemic habits stick after profits triple https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56937428

    April 30th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Why lockdowns are immoral ... explained using BRIO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK1W0TEM6Yc

    April 30th 2021 #COVID 'Right Now' – Gareth Icke Talks To Opening Guest Yohan Tengra In Mumbai About What Is Really Happening In India https://davidicke.com/2021/04/30/right-now-gareth-icke-talks-to-yohan-tengra-in-mumbai-about-what-is-really-happening-in-india/

    April 30th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD Quackery in modern medicine can't cure anything, but they cliam that curing the Cold is 100% effective! In late March, BioNTech and Pfizer said that phase three trials for their jab in 12- to 15-year-old have proven 100 percent effective in preventing Covid-19. https://www.rt.com/news/522459-germany-covid19-vaccine-children-pfizer/

    April 30th 2021 #VACCINES "We played with a couple of key technological decisions and it is indeed a very different product,” says Bancel about the refrigerated version, which the company has just started testing in people. https://www.yahoo.com/news/moderna-testing-version-covid-19-163044374.html

    April 30th 2021 #MASKS #LEGAL At the High Court hearing today, 30 April 2021, it was revealed to the Court that neither the Tapton School Academy Trust (which runs 4 secondary schools) nor the government had conducted any assessment of the risk of harms from requiring children to wear masks in schools. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stop-masks-in-schools/

    April 30th 2021 #PROPAGANDA Obama to the youth in new PSA: Get your (Monkey Shit) COVID-19 vaccine (w/ bonus Anal Swab) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FInw-8ZGDWY

    April 29th 2021 #VACCINES Unmasking the Big Lies of Rigged Covid-19 “Vaccine" Studies and the Jab Propaganda they Manufactured https://ghionjournal.com/unmasking-big-lies-rigged-covid-19-vaccine-studies

    April 29th 2021 #VACCINES Scientists in Germany say they've worked out the two-step mechanism by which the AstraZeneca vaccine causes rare but devastating blood clots that gobble up the body's supply of platelets. https://anthraxvaccine.blogspot.com/2021/04/theory-for-how-astra-zeneca-adenovirus.html

    April 29th 2021 #VACCINES Hancock has blood on his hands – Shocking rise in expectant mothers who've lost their baby after having the Covid Vaccine https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/04/29/shocking-rise-in-expectant-mothers-whove-lost-their-baby-after-having-the-covid-vaccine/

    April 28th 2021 #4THREICH Hitler's Stazi monitoring anti-lockdown activists https://lockdownsceptics.org/2021/04/28/germanys-domestic-spy-agency-monitoring-anti-lockdown-activists-for-suspected-sedition/

    April 28th 2021 #LEGAL Arizona School Board Members Flee Meeting as Parents Protest Student Mask Mandate. Local parents then held their own meeting and proceeded to “elect" a new school board to rescind the mask mandate. https://www.yahoo.com/news/arizona-school-board-cancels-meeting-225432642.html

    April 28th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Forty million cervical cytology screening tests from 1964 to 1985 achieved no net benefit.5 https://www.bmj.com/content/373/bmj.n1058

    April 28th 2021 #LEGAL 25 state governments currently require people to wear face coverings in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico also have mask orders in place. To date, 14 states that had mask orders covering the general public have lifted them, 11 by gubernatorial order (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Texas and Wyoming), two by legislative action (Kansas and Utah) and one by court order (Wisconsin). Several governors have shifted or signaled plans to shift to indoors-only mandates. https://www.aarp.org/health/healthy-living/info-2020/states-mask-mandates-coronavirus.html

    April 28th 2021 #MASKS Covid-19 Mask, Social-Distancing Morons! A compilation by Wearechange: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru-1k_88ZsE

    April 28th 2021 #4THREICH Joe Biden Now Says There is NO END in Sight for Mask Wearing in the USA https://humansarefree.com/2021/04/joe-biden-no-end-in-sight-for-mask-wearing-in-usa.html

    April 17th 2021 #MASKS FROM the Stanford Study: The physical properties of medical and non-medical facemasks suggest that facemasks are ineffective to block viral particles due to their difference in scales [16], [17], [25].According to the current knowledge, the virus SARS-CoV-2 has a diameter of 60 nm to 140 nm [nanometers (billionth of a meter)] [16], [17], while medical and non-medical facemasks' thread diameter ranges from 55 µm to 440 µm [micrometers (one millionth of a meter), which is more than 1000 times larger [25]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7680614/

    April 28th 2021 #LEGAL Forced Masks In Schools and Children Illegal Under Texas Law because of the history of Masks , suffocation, psychology and in slave days. https://banned.video/watch?id=6089dfa93f8205005ef34dea -- Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan on the outdoor mask and Vaccine "science" fallacy Part 2 https://banned.video/watch?id=6089c546565ec6002424c8f7

    April 28th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS "Mom And Pop" Landlords Dying On The Vine As Un-Evictable Tenants Enjoy Pandemic Protections https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/mom-and-pop-landlords-dying-on-the-vine-as-un-evictable-tenants-enjoy-pandemic-protections.html

    April 28th 2021 #VACCINES Connecticut 6th state to end religious vaccine exemption. https://abc7ny.com/religious-exemption-connecticut-vaccines-antivax-childhood-vaccinations/10556688/

    April 28th 2021 #LEGAL Attorney Norm Pattis of https://www.normpattis.com/ to file a major Federal Lawsuit on Monday, breaks down the constitutional violations of being put on a no-fly list for thought crimes https://banned.video/watch?id=6089d5f7565ec6002425c8ea

    April 28th 2021 #PLANDEMIC Likely Death Blow to Masks (and Distancing) & Numerical Proof COVID Pandemic Did Not Exist (UK) https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/likely-death-blow-to-masks-and-distancing-numerical-proof-covid-pandemic-did-not-exist-uk.html

    April 27th 2021 Tucker Calls for Push Back Against Covid-19 Cult. Alex Jones breaks down the clip of Tucker Carlson calling for civil disobedience to the mask mandates and calling out those who would virtue signal their medical tyranny face coverings.

    April 27th 2021 #VACCINES Should colleges require students to get the COVID vaccine? https://www.yahoo.com/news/should-colleges-require-students-to-get-the-covid-vaccine-150729844.html

    April 27th 2021 #4THREICH Church Pastor that to turned back RCMP police, a second time, on the Alex Jones show today citing that they are "Brownshirts of Adolph Hitler"; quote source: '4thReich.com'. https://banned.video/watch?id=608886f83eb1a210d3d34770

    April 27th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD CDC relaxes outdoor mask guidance since Covid 19 is not contageous, nor is it contageous outside in the Sun https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/cdc-relaxes-outdoor-mask-guidance-fully-vaccinated-what-to-know-174215654.html

    April 27th 2021 #LEGAL ustin Suburb Unanimously Rejects Masks for Public School Children https://banned.video/watch?id=6088c30fab42a91192bfbb28

    April 26th 2021 #ENERGY Politico Playbook with Secretary Jennifer Granholm (Full Program) https://www.politico.com/video/2021/04/26/politico-playbook-with-secretary-jennifer-granholm-full-program-212038

    April 13th 2021 #MASKS Heading back to the gym? Ditch the cloth face mask! Coverings increase breathlessness and claustrophobia during exercise, study warns https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9466515/Wearing-cloth-face-mask-exercising-increases-breathlessness-claustrophobia.html

    April 26th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD India's New 'Triple Mutant Variant' Of COVID-19 Has Three Notable Mutations https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/india-triple-mutant-variant-covid-205400099.html

    April 26th 2021 Humanity on its Feet | Oracle Films | London 24.04.2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLHOjsuy7FY

    April 26th 2021 Tesla posts record net income of $438 million, revenue surges by 74% https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMujTlMXRMM

    April 26th 2021 India's Public Health Ambassador Dies Day After Taking COVID Vaccine https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/vivekh-59-popular-actor-and-green-ambassador-dies-in-city/articleshow/82122381.cms

    April 26th 2021 Genocide Confirmed: Covid Lockdown Starves Millions in India https://banned.video/watch?id=60872b949a697a0c4361ac80

    April 26th 2021 Bill Gates Fights to Keep Vaccine Ingredients Secret https://banned.video/watch?id=608748cccd7ef60d6be860c9

    April 25th 2021 Critically Thinking with Dr. T and Dr. P - Episode 44 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJL_xI7CpjU

    April 25th 2021 Is The Covaids (Moronic) Insanity Actually Getting Worse? https://lbry.tv/@DollarVigilante:b/The-Covaids-Insanity-VIDEO-720p:1

    April 25th 2021 Donald Trump, Alex Jones and Andrew Cuomo claimed that Hydro - Chloro - Zine (Bleech) is a "miracle cure" for a non-existant virus https://www.yahoo.com/news/florida-family-allegedly-sold-thousands-202149342.html

    April 25th 2021 Gold On Mars Bullshit Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwk8ix9_PLg

    April 23rd 2021 Elon Musk is the phoney cloth mask hoaxer of ill-repute. Phoney NASA bullshit artists wearing paper masks, in a closet size room, all by themselves! Do you have to wear that stupid bullshit on Mars too??

    April 25th 2021 Face Nappy police in Britain attack protesers at peaceful protest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UgGRjQumrY

    David Rockefeller ordered the massacre of 300 coal miner protesters using the National Guard in 1914 to protect his coal plant scams https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludlow_Massacre

    Encyclopedia Britannica: Utah coal industry began under the LDS church. The Morman Church employed 500,000 children between the 1850's and 1970's to dig in their 5 mile deep coal pits. This became the basis for all child labor laws in the United States, starting in 1916 https://www.uen.org/utah_history_encyclopedia/c/COAL_MINING_IN_UTAH.shtml

    Tesla Valve | The complete physics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suIAo0EYwOE

    April 23rd 2021 RAW: Montreal Police RAID Rebel News Airbnb,10-hour standoff ensues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMthw9Il3ZI

    April 23rd 2021 Freedom Rising Over The Fourth Reich - Leigh Dundas

    April 23rd 2021 A man who got his first COVID-19 vaccine a year ago in Moderna's clinical trial just received his third shot - and he's feeling great. As a participant in one of the first COVID-19 experimental vaccine trials - which started with just 45 people. https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-got-first-covid-19-195336645.html

    April 23rd 2021 Former Federal Attorney Says He Can End All Lockdowns And Mask Mandates https://banned.video/watch?id=60833c95662c4a0603a280a2

    April 23rd 2021 Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation" of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists

    April 23rd 2021 #VACCINES Halt Covid Vaccine, Prominent Scientist Tells CDC https://www.jennifermargulis.net/halt-covid-vaccine-research-scientist-urges-cdc/

    April 20th 2021 Australia considering quarrantine ankle bracelets for you slaves. Coming to a country near you! https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/australia/coronavirus-australia-a-tinderbox-waiting-to-explode-leading-epidemiologist-warns/news-story/063f51dcb16e562a1a1c016d864ee2ed

    April 20th 2021 Ted Nugent is a liar of ill-repute. He needs to go back on the Alex Jones show and spew his bullshit! "https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/ted-nugent-tests-positive-coronavirus-120944490.html

    April 19th 2021 COVID vaccine passports would be banned in N.J. under new bill https://www.nj.com/politics/2021/04/covid-vaccine-passports-would-be-banned-in-nj-under-new-bill.html

    April 19th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Hearing today in Manitoba lockdown action delayed by two weeks https://www.jccf.ca/hearing-in-manitoba-lockdown-action-delayed-by-two-weeks

    April 19th 2021 #LEGAL -1898- The British Vaccination Act of this year provided a conscience clause to allow exemptions to mandatory smallpox vaccination. This clause gave rise to the term “conscientious objector," which later came to refer to those opposed to military service. By the end of the year, magistrates had issued more than 200,000 vaccination exemptions. https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/britain-allows-exemptions

    April 19th 2021 #CENSORSHIP Trudeau minister says internet censorship bill will make Canadians 'safer' https://thepostmillennial.com/trudeau-minister-says-coming-internet-control-bill-will-create-safer-environment-for-canadians

    April 19th 2021 #NUREMBERG Undercover video by Project Veritas of CNN's producer saying they fake the Covid numbers for #fear, stage all their fake stories, invite only liars on TV, and push the next lies they are going to tell? Pathologic Liars on every channel https://banned.video/watch?id=607dd75fb3d4d4319b31021e

    April 18th 2021 #VACCINE DEATHS The Gibraltar 'Vaccine' Massacre - Until now we have looked at Israel as the ultimate testing ground for the Pfizer experiment. As I have been reporting since the beginning of January, the outcome of the Israel/Pfizer experiment has been pretty devastating. Israel's Covid deaths doubled in just 2 months of vaccinations. Cases of newborn Covid grew by 1600%, hospitalisations doubled and so on. https://davidicke.com/2021/04/18/the-gibraltar-vaccine-massacre/

    Must See! Watch Bill Maher Comes Out Against The Covid-19 Hoax. 70% of all Democrats "believe' the mortality rate for the alleged Covid-19 is 50%. The official numbers are 1% and .2% for children. #MORONS

    April 18th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Wearechange | Trouble is COMING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ8TlyZ5Eo0

    April 18th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Animals --> Humans Hoax. Otters at Georgia Aquarium test positive for Covid-19 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/otters-georgia-aquarium-test-positive-covid-19-n1264431

    April 17th 2021 #LEGAL Repealed Genocide Act Precludes Indicting UK Government Officers To International Criminal Court https://www.thebernician.net/repealed-genocide-act-precludes-indicting-uk-government-officers-to-icc/

    April 17th 2021 Germany: The "Dictatorship of Democracy" Secretly Transformed into an "Open Dictatorship". The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) confirms: "Emergency Brakes" Act abrogates fundamental right of inviolability of home and body (1). The renowned legal scholar Volker Boehme-Neßler adds: The planned coercive measures such as de curfews are "unconstitutional, dictatorial and against human nature" (2). The German Bundestag will decide next week on this legislative path to open dictatorship. https://www.globalresearch.ca/song-germans-no-longer-applies-common-people/5730120

    April 17th 2021 Concerned Ontario Doctors: The Harms of Lockdowns and the Dangers of Censorship https://www.globalresearch.ca/renowned-professors-explain-harms-lockdowns-dangers-censorship/5742859

    April 17th 2021 #EVENT Unite For Freedom – April 24th – Central London – 1pm https://davidicke.com/2021/04/18/unite-for-freedom-april-24th-central-london-1pm/

    April 16th 2021 #NUREMBERG Vatican Health Care Conference Will Host Anthony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, Bill Gates' Pfizer and other Mass Murderers https://catholicvote.org/vatican-healthcare-conference-will-host-anthony-fauci-chelsea-clinton/

    April 16th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES British Government Shocking Report on Side Effects of Corona Vaccines: Strokes, Blindness, Miscarriages https://www.globalresearch.ca/british-government-publishes-shocking-report-side-effects-corona-vaccines-strokes-blindness-miscarriages/5742852

    April 12th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hosts COVID-19 roundtable discussion https://rumble.com/vflmuh-florida-gov.-ron-desantis-hosts-covid-19-roundtable-discussion.html

    April 16th 2021 #VACCINES Pfizer CEO says a third vaccine dose is likely, Moderna updates booster shot timeline https://finance.yahoo.com/video/pfizer-ceo-says-third-vaccine-132301567.html

    April 16th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD WHO chief says COVID-19 infection rate approaching highest of pandemic so far https://www.yahoo.com/news/chief-says-covid-19-infection-082131141.html

    April 16th 2021 #NUREMBERG Fauci Can't Explain Anything When Grilled By Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan is fed up with Fauci's fake suggestions regarding lockdowns and mask wearing, and seemingly never has an answer to why we do anything as the science and even the CDC is proving the opposite. https://banned.video/watch?id=6079d13b45087729a6cb0809

    April 16th 2021 #VACCINES The WHO's Vaccine Experts Inadvertently Communicate to the World that "Vaccine Hesitancy" Makes Scientific Sense. In this 9 point expose, the WHO vaccine experts admit that: -Vaccines can be fatal. - The design of safety studies makes it difficult to spot problems. - Safety monitoring is inadequate. - Vaccine adjuvants increase risk. https://www.globalresearch.ca/world-health-organization-vaccine-experts-vaccine-hesitancy-makes-scientific-sense/5700984

    April 16th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Canadian Constitution Foundation condemns new Ontario police powers as "police state" https://theccf.ca/canadian-constitution-foundation-condemns-new-ontario-police-powers-as-police-state/

    April 10th 2021 Covid: The Political Pandemic:

    April 16th 2021 #LEGAL Reignite Democracy Australia has been working with lawyers to put together some templates that you can use in situations where your personal rights are being encroached on. https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/legaldocuments/

    October 11th 2020 #TESLA The List of 19 Coincidences: Is it just a coincidence that the two main terms that seem to be intentionally not used, standing waves and 2D space, need to be understood to understand Tesla's wireless energy transmission system? https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-real-tesla-group-seeking-the-truth-not-the-propaganda/the-list-of-coincidences/701111250501083

    January 30th 2020 #VACCINES The WHO Vaccination Agenda 2030: a Global PhRMA Strategy https://ahrp.org/phrma-who-global-strategic-immunization-agenda-2030/ -- https://www.who.int/teams/immunization-vaccines-and-biologicals/strategies/ia2030

    July 2nd 2020 #LEGAL YOUTH & THE LAW | Medical Treatment: When can I give my own consent? This is called the 'mature minor doctrine'. It is law according to the common law. (Common law means judge-made law, as opposed to laws made by the government.) Alberta uses the mature minor doctrine for youth giving consent to medical treatments. https://www.lawnow.org/youth-the-law-medical-treatment-when-can-i-give-my-own-consent/

    March 13th 2021 #VACCINES Lipid nanoparticles for intranasal administration https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2211383521000605

    April 15th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Rapid Covid testing in England may be scaled back over false positives. Senior government officials have raised "urgent" concerns about the mass expansion of rapid coronavirus testing, estimating that as few as 2% to 10% of positive results may be accurate in places with low Covid rates, such as London. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/15/rapid-covid-testing-in-england-may-be-scaled-back-over-false-positives

    April 15th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD South African variant: Local restrictions could be needed in London to stop spread, expert warns https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/south-african-variant-london-local-lockdown-b929737.html

    April 15th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD False Perception Fabrication Inc. Mainstream Everything can create a pandemic out of anything, even out of a Low Infection Fatality Rate (1) virus that arguably has not been properly isolated, purified, or replicated. https://www.globalresearch.ca/world-health-organization-vaccine-experts-vaccine-hesitancy-makes-scientific-sense/5700984

    April 15th 2021 #COERSION Here's a list of free stuff you can get with your COVID-19 vaccine card https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/list-free-stuff-covid-19-153800142.html

    April 15th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Has Texas Achieved Herd Immunity? (20% is Herd Immunity??) About 19% of people in Texas are fully vaccinated, while the numbers are 22% in Michigan and 24% in Minnesota. https://www.yahoo.com/news/texas-achieved-herd-immunity-no-120207384.html

    April 15th 2021 #CONTACT TRACING 3rd Reich Health Passports https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC535959/

    April 15th 2021 #TSLA to 50 Trillion? Why is Tesla so valuable & how high will they go ? Biggest in History ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5qsyFmRT1Q

    May 15th 2021 #EVENT Cynthia McKinney The Return of Trump? Happy 4th - Robert David Steele Reveals All (Video) https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/04/the-return-of-trump-happy-4th-robert-david-steele-reveals-all-video-3747950.html -- McKinney authored one of the chapters, Chapter Eleven, which focuses on the dark history of the United States Government and their use of bioweapons to secretly experiment on U.S. citizens. http://atlantaprogressivenews.com/2020/11/25/cynthia-mckinney-edits-critical-volume-on-sars-cov-2-likely-manmade-origins/

    April 15th 2021 FULL SHOW 4/14/21 - World Awakens to Election Thief Joe Biden - The Great Awakening https://banned.video/watch?id=607778616dd57723d5eab87a

    April 15th 2021 Flu World Order? The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/apr/08/among-covid-sceptics-we-are-being-manipulated-anti-lockdown

    April 15th 2021 Escaping the anti-vax conspiracy rabbit hole https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-56762061

    April 15th 2021 UK Councils Bring Back 'COVID Marshals' to Report People For Not Social Distancing https://davidicke.com/2021/04/16/uk-councils-bring-back-covid-marshals-to-report-people-for-not-social-distancing/

    April 15th 2021 Denmark becomes first country to permanently stop use of AstraZeneca vaccine. Decision comes as another blow to EU's faltering immunization program https://www.marketwatch.com/story/denmark-becomes-first-country-to-permanently-stop-use-of-astrazeneca-vaccine-11618407629

    April 15th 2021 Humanity In It's True Form Is Unstoppable - David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=607813d5669df3253c9d8ff8

    April 14th 2021 #4THREICH Fearmongering Goes Nuclear — 'We're in Brand-New Pandemic' https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/04/14/fearmongering-goes-nuclear-brand-new-pandemic.aspx?v=1619856128

    April 14th 2021 Infowars at 2 minutes in, covers Nikola Tesla, John G Trump, the Tesla Files etc. As World Awakens to Election Fraud and The Great Awakening https://banned.video/watch?id=607778616dd57723d5eab87a

    April 14th 2021 Elon Musk teases Tesla AI Day for after July 4th 2021: What to Expect https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-ai-day-date-elon-musk-announcement/

    April 14th 2021 Tesla "Trying To Get Probability Of No Injury Above 99.999999% Of Miles For City Driving" With FSD, Elon Musk Tweets https://cleantechnica.com/2021/04/14/tesla-trying-to-get-probability-of-no-injury-above-99-999999-of-miles-for-city-driving-using-fsd-elon-musk-tweets/

    April 14th 2021 False Science - Lockdowns make people congregate, the opposite of quarrantine. Low 15% vaccination rate in U.K. More than 32 million people, over 60% of the country's adults, have had a first shot and almost 15% of adults have gotten both doses. 99% of coronavirus deaths so far are those aged over 45. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55274833

    April 14th 2021 BREAKING: COVID DOES NOT EXIST = FICTICIOUS: Fauci 'Father of COVID-19 Pandemic' Says MSM https://banned.video/watch?id=607761da61f960232bd3b439

    April 14th 2021 #FIAT CURRENCY Rule by Fiat: When the Government Does Whatever It Wants. "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." -- Ayn Rand https://davidicke.com/2021/04/14/rule-by-fiat-when-the-government-does-whatever-it-wants/

    April 14th 2021 #FAKE NEWS "CNN made COVID-19 a "gangbuster with ratings" by peddling fear" CNN Director Admits Network Practices 'Art of Manipulation' to 'Change The World' – what he says about 'Covid' coverage is shocking #ExposeCNN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9faQkIA6YNU

    April 14th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Doublling Down on Vaccine Evading "Double-Mutations"! Lockdown easing 'may need to be reversed if variant spreads rapidly' https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/people-government-nhs-south-african-department-of-health-and-social-care-b929551.html

    April 14th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Pfizer Vaccine May Put People at Higher Risk for COVID Variants, Israeli Study Shows https://www.globalresearch.ca/pfizer-vaccine-put-people-higher-risk-covid-variants-israeli-study-shows/5742701

    April 14th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES NHS senior nurse describes what is happening with 'Covid vaccines' as 'genocide' and a 'horrid act of human annihilation' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap1A7ihzZsM

    April 14th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD First. -Anal Swabs- now -Smartphone Swabs-. Scientists are harnessing smartphones again to identify coronavirus particles on surfaces as an additional line of defense against the pandemic, alongside more robust treatments such as vaccines and antiviral drugs. https://rightwingnewshour.com/attn-mega-conglomerate-has-a-new-way-to-control-your-f reedoms/

    April 14th 2021 #VACCINE Special Report: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Steve Quayle on The Hagmann Report https://rumble.com/vfhtc5-dr.-sherry-tenpenny-and-steve-quayle-on-the-hagmann-report-full-show-472021.html

    April 14th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS The Great Re-Opening Campaign Talk To David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=6076d9a757c46c2226c4d2d9

    April 14th 2021 #LEGAL Memo to Governors: Free states vs. Slave states https://davidicke.com/2021/04/15/memo-to-governors-free-states-vs-slave-states/

    April 14th 2021 How Bill Gates Helped Drug Companies Maintain Their Monopoly On Vaccines During COVID https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/how-bill-gates-helped-drug-companies-maintain-their-monopoly-vaccines-during-covid

    April 13th 2021 Australians could be banned from overseas travel even AFTER the whole country finally gets Covid vaccine, health minister admits - despite government touting jab as our ticket to freedom https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9465017/amp/Australians-banned-overseas-travel-country-Covid-vaccine.html

    April 6th 2021 #FAKE NEWS Viral thoughts: Why COVID-19 conspiracy theories persist https://apnews.com/article/why-covid-19-conspiracy-theories-persist-2586c1bc28259f7e224885b609c8f131

    April 13th 2021 #VACCINES Robert F. Kennedy Jr. WARNS: Don't take a COVID-19 vaccine under any circumstances https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/04/robert-f-kennedy-jr-warns-dont-take-a-covid-19-vaccine-under-any-circumstances-2670738.html

    April 13th 2021 #RIGHTS The Free World Died of COVID https://www.globalresearch.ca/free-world-died-covid-19/5742558

    April 13th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Shocking liar Johnson: 'Lockdowns caused cases and deaths to fall not vaccines.' They fell because the amplification of the PCR test was reduced in January on the order of the World Health Organization which meant fewer (false) positives and fake 'cases' which become 'deaths' on the death certificate no matter what the real cause. This psychopathic liar is just preparing you for lockdown after lockdown into the future in line with the Cult script by saying they work when it's all a scam https://davidicke.com/2021/04/13/shocking-liar-johnson-lockdowns-caused-cases-and-deaths-to-fall-not-vaccines-they-fell-because-the-amplification-of-the-pcr-test-was-reduced-in-january-on-the-order-of-the-world-health-organizat/

    April 13th 2021 #GREAT RESET Global Research E-Book, Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). The E-book also includes analysis of curative and preventive drugs as well as a review of Big Pharma's Covid-19 mRNA vaccine which is an "unapproved" and "experimental" drug affecting the human genome. (It is a dangerous drug. See Chapter VIII) https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-2020-worldwide-corona-crisis-destroying-civil-society-engineered-economic-depression-global-coup-detat-and-the-great-reset/5730652

    April 13th 2021 #VACCINES Everyone is talking about DNA/RNA vaccines. Can they alter our own genetic codes? https://www.globalresearch.ca/why-i-wont-take-johnson-johnson-vaccine-scientist-perspective/5742576

    April 13th 2021 #LEGAL On Sunday 11 April 2021, Dr Beate Bahner, a lawyer, member of the Lawyers for Medical Law and member of the Lawyers for the Right to Enlightenment, made an urgent video appeal to all Germans. https://unser-mitteleuropa.com/ex-pfizer-vizepraesident-die-regierungen-luegen-euch-an-und-bereiten-eine-massenentvoelkerung-vor/

    April 13th 2021 #VACCINES Trends Journal: Vaxula https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YJNdQMBukg

    April 13th 2021 #LEGAL Disgusting way a doctor, judge and lawyers forced an elderly woman to have the untested 'Covid vaccine' – her son tells the story. My own theories on the legal position. https://davidicke.com/2021/04/13/disgusting-way-a-doctor-judge-and-lawyers-forced-an-elderly-woman-to-have-the-untested-covid-vaccine-her-son-tells-the-story/

    April 13th 2021 #LEGAL Alberta bill removes mandatory vaccinations, repeals Bill 10 powers https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-bill-removes-mandatory-vaccinations-repeals-bill-10-powers-1.5984531

    April 13th 2021 #MASKS The Science Is In: Masks Don't Help, They Hurt You https://banned.video/watch?id=6075fbea7fd02f1f881b8c75

    April 13th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES U.S. Calls for Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine After Blood Clotting Cases https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-johnson-johnson-va/u-s-pauses-use-of-jj-vaccine-over-rare-blood-clots-rollout-delayed-in-europe-idUSKBN2C01BC

    April 13th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES Federal health officials called for a halt in the use of the company's coronavirus vaccine while they study serious illnesses that developed in six American women. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/13/us/politics/johnson-johnson-vaccine-blood-clots-fda-cdc.html

    April 13th 2021 #VACCINES Chicago's River North's predominant ZIP code has nearly double the percentage of residents fully vaccinated than the ZIP code covering South Shore. But River North also has twice the number of new COVID-19 cases, relative to population size. https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-19-cases-more-vaccinated-171700136.html

    April 12th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD Israeli researchers found that cases of Covid-19 in people fully dosed with the vaccine developed by Pfizer were more likely to be caused by the so-called South African variant. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/7273738d-e77e-3bb6-87aa-5902ab911b9c/one-strain-better-than-others.html

    April 12th 2021 #LEGAL The Weimar District Court has ruled that the obligation to wear a mask, to maintain minimum distances and to perform rapid tests in schools pose a threat to the mental, physical or emotional well-being of the child. So serious that, without any intervention, significant harm to children can be foreseen with a high degree of certainty. The judge stated in his decision: https://www.globalresearch.ca/hammer-judgment-weimar-no-masks-no-distance-no-more-tests-students/5742392

    April 12th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES:Another of the Many Dark Sides of Vaccines. Getting the "Vaccine" After Having Had the Infection. Getting a Covid "vaccine" after having had the infection should be regarded as a relative contradiction until comprehensive clinical studies are done that have established both short and long-term safety and efficacy. So far there are no such research studies being done. https://www.globalresearch.ca/another-of-the-many-dark-sides-of-vaccines/5742394

    April 12th 2021 #CONTACT TRACING: "Hell Has Been Released!! "It's All Illegal, It's All Criminal. They are behind, and now accelerating because of the global awakening in the Covid Hoax. They are not going to space this out 5-10 years." Bill Gates / DARPA / MIT putting nano (wireless powered and wireless radio) Implantable Chips (and other mechanisms) in (experimental) Vaccines https://banned.video/watch?id=6074a7f7a498cb1a9e915e66

    April 12th 2021 #FALSE FLAGS Operation Polygon; one of many AI simulations manufactured by the WOPR computer, for cyber pandemic https://www.infowars.com/posts/cyber-polygon-2021-globalists-run-simulation-of-a-coming-cyber-pandemic-to-prepare-for-economic-reset/

    April 12th 2021 #EUGENICS: from 2017: Why #Hitler Bathed and Medical Tyrant by fumigating and cleansing for bugs and for people https://banned.video/watch?id=60749570a498cb1a9e90b2cb

    April 12th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD: Variants Hoax forces schools to remain locked down https://www.thestar.com/politics/provincial/2021/04/12/schools-to-remain-closed-after-spring-break-doug-ford-says.html

    April 12th 2021 #FORCED INNOCULATIONS: Shock Video: Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs Girls In Statewide 'Operation Homebound' Program https://www.infowars.com/posts/shock-video-cops-force-vaccinate-special-needs-girls-in-statewide-operation-homebound-program/ -- Operation Homebound https://news.yahoo.com/pilot-program-vaccinate-homebound-peninsula-032316769.html

    "> April 12th 2021 #CONTACT TRACING: Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body BEFORE you show symptoms https://canadafreepress.com/article/pentagon-scientists-reveal-a-microchip-that-senses-covid-19-in-your-body-before-you-show-symptoms

    April 12th 2021 #LEGAL: Support for our Medical Freedom Bill has been gathering momentum. Over 30,000 have lobbied senior politicians via our website and more than 10,000 have expressed their concerns on a Government consultation. https://www.ukmedfreedom.org/

    April 12th 2021 #VACCINES: 18 Reasons I Wont Be Getting a Covid Vaccine https://www.deconstructingconventional.com/post/18-reason-i-won-t-be-getting-a-covid-vaccine

    April 12th 2021 #LEGAL: Children's Health Defense has made significant progress in the case against Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg since the last court filing, and looks forward to its next court date, May 5. Defendants were pressured by a prominent Congressman to suppress so-called vaccine "misinformation" — incredibly defined to include content that "casts doubt on the safety or efficacy of vaccines.". Defendants acted with the joint participation of the CDC — a federal agency — and its proxy, the WHO, with which Facebook partnered to create its "fact-checking" protocol. As a consequence, and as CHD has consistently argued, Facebook and Zuckerberg were not acting merely as private parties, but were functioning as government actors — and thus are subject to the First Amendment's strictures against government censorship. https://www.globalresearch.ca/federal-government-illegally-pressured-facebook-censor-chd-website-social-media-content-lawsuit-alleges/5742357

    April 12th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD: If negative, people are advised to continue "social distancing" and wearing masks; if positive, the result needs to be confirmed by an RT-PCR test in order to mark the "variant" and allow contact-tracing. The Académie nationale de médecine, an independent but official learned society in France, published a statement on Thursday warning that nasopharyngeal swabs used for PCR tests to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus "are not without risks." https://www.academie-medecine.fr/les-prelevements-nasopharynges-ne-sont-pas-sans-risque/

    April 12th 2021 #ELON MUSK Elon Musk tweets "Soon u will feel a strange desire for Zune" and he uses the CORONAVIRUS HOAX image used on our website https://teslaleaks.com/coronavirushoax.html. Thanks Elon! Next time credit the website!! https://www.unilad.co.uk/technology/elon-musk-makes-dig-at-bill-gates-with-anti-vaxx-cartoon/

    April 12th 2021 #FALSE FLAGS Dispatches From the War: Epidemics Are Staged on Television by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News https://truthcomestolight.com/dispatches-from-the-war-epidemics-are-staged-on-television/

    April 11th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES Why Are People Experiencing Unusual Period Symptoms After Getting Vaccinated? https://uk.style.yahoo.com/why-people-experiencing-unusual-period-061208766.html

    April 11th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Small Business Closures Soar Back Near Pandemic Peak As "Financial Hopelessness" Builds https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/small-business-closures-soar-back-near-pandemic-peak-as-financial-hopelessness-builds.html

    March 25th 2021 #VACCINES Mike Yeadon - Expert on Viruses Disagrees with Liberal Politicians https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-to-aflds-entirely-possible-this-will-be-used-for-massive-scale-depopulation/

    April 11th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS: Fauci: 'It's Still Not OK' to Eat or Drink Indoors Even if You're Vaccinated https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/04/11/fauci-its-still-not-ok-to-eat-or-drink-indoors-even-if-youre-vaccinated/

    April 11th 2021 Covid-19 and the Falsification of Death Certificates: The CDC's "More Often Than Not" Clause https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-and-the-falsification-of-death-certificates-the-cdcs-more-often-than-not-clause/5742321

    April 11th 2021 Human rights attorney, Leigh Dundas, Goes Off On Orange County CA Board Of Education For Wanting To Secretly Vaccinate Children citing the 3rd Reich and Nuremberg Trials https://banned.video/watch?id=607336a3c5f4c31752d33944

    April 11th 2021 Face-Nappy Daleks and 'Covid' 'breaches' under corporate contractual Statute Law not applicable under Common Law. The Face-Nappies are in effect private security guards for private corporations which is what 'police forces' really are and the government really is https://davidicke.com/2021/04/11/face-nappy-daleks-and-covid-breaches-under-corporate-contractual-statute-law-not-applicable-under-common-law-the-face-nappies-are-in-effect-private-security-guards-for-private-corporations-wh/

    April 11th 2021 Night-time curfews, sweeping business closures and severe limits on public gatherings are all part of the German government's new bill aimed at "standardizing" Covid-19 measures to stop the third wave, German media report. https://www.rt.com/news/520697-germany-covid-restrictions-quarantine-bill/

    April 10th 2021 Watch Bill Gates (Rockefeller, CNN & Oprah Winfrey) Admit To Human Depopulation Programs and "Producing Childhood Death". As an aside his TED speech on CO2=People X Services X Energy X Consumption; "one of these will have to get close to Zero"; "Energy" to Zero or "People" to Zero?? https://www.bitchute.com/video/doDX1uwK4m8E/

    April 8th 2021 Saudi Arabia's second PV tender draws world record low bid of $0.0104/kWh. For comparison to gasoline cars and electric cars, to calculate an 'electric 25 gallons' you multiply the Kw/Hr X 1.33 = 13.3 cents per electric gallon; add 1 cent Kw/Hr to your house; or 23.3 cents per gallon. You're paying 10X that for gasoline. #too #cheap #to #meter https://www.pv-magazine.com/2021/04/08/saudi-arabias-second-pv-tender-draws-world-record-low-bid-of-0104-kwh/

    April 10th 2021 We Live in a Simulation Scientific American | David Icke ft. Scientific American https://banned.video/watch?id=60702e11da38c41351f25356

    April 10th 2021 'Absolute Interference' - Greg Hunter & Mike Lindell: Election Fraud Proof Puts Trump Back in Office! +Must Video https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/04/greg-hunter-mike-lindell-election-fraud-proof-puts-trump-back-in-office-must-video-3574409.html

    April 9th 2021 Despite 73,000 vaccine slots, state has few takers. Mississippi's pileup of unclaimed vaccination appointments exposes something more worrisome: the large number of people who are reluctant to get inoculated. https://www.yahoo.com/news/mississippi-73-000-vaccine-slots-120858606.html

    April 9th 2021 Project Monarch: Monarch, Masks and Nazi Mind Control https://www.bitchute.com/video/kjlivExwww8/ -- http://pdfpremiumfree.com/download/project-monarch-nazi-mind-control-pdf/ -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

    April 9th 2021 Science Says! So what does that mean, exactly? Whatever they want it to mean, of course! by Corbett Report https://www.corbettreport.com/sciencesays

    April 9th 2021 The Dangers of Masks | American Institute for Economic Research https://www.aier.org/article/the-dangers-of-masks/

    February 24th 2021 Covid-19 becomes fraud case of the century. Appeal to annul the approval of a vaccination filed against the European Commission, lawsuit in New York on the status of PCR testing, German lawsuits, Canadian lawsuits, Australian lawsuits, Austrian lawsuits, lawsuits at the International Court of Justice and at the European Court of Human Rights. A second Nuremberg Tribunal has been prepared since last week and a class action is being set up https://greatreject.org/second-nuremberg-tribunal/

    March 2016 NIH: 3rd Reich Nazi victims of unethical human experiments and coerced research under National Socialism. There has been no full evaluation of the numbers of victims of Nazi research, who the victims were, and of the frequency and types of experiments and research. This paper gives the first results of a comprehensive evidence-based evaluation of the different categories of victims. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4822534/

    April 9th 2021 Rebuttal Letter to European Medicines Agency (EMA) from Doctors for COVID Ethics. COVID-19 poses no substantive risk vs Vaccination. The Nuremberg Code prohibits human experimentation of the very kind being endorsed and defended by the EMA. Even under the terms of their own original FDA authorization, COVID-19 vaccines are deemed "investigational" and their recipients "human subjects", who are, by definition, entitled to informed consent. See this. https://www.globalresearch.ca/rebuttal-letter-european-medicines-agency-doctors-covid-ethics/5741659

    April 8th 2021 The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday that compulsory vaccinations are legal and may be necessary in democratic societies. https://www.dw.com/en/echr-rules-obligatory-vaccination-may-be-necessary/a-57128443

    April 9th 2021 Former Pfizer VP: 'Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.' He addressed the "demonstrably false" propaganda from governments in response to COVID-19, including the "lie" of dangerous variants, the totalitarian potential for "vaccine passports," and the strong possibility we are dealing with a "conspiracy" which could lead to something far beyond the carnage experienced in the wars and massacres of the 20th century. https://www.infowars.com/posts/former-pfizer-vp-your-government-is-lying-to-you-in-a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death/

    April 9th 2021Coach Who Refused to Enforce Masks on Student Athletes Speaks Out https://banned.video/watch?id=6070d258565aa7145e819c68

    April 9th 2021 Texas business owner fights back against masks and faccines. On the mask, Travis wrote, "Dumbo's Feather! A mind control device!" Essentially, the sign is saying masks give people a false sense of security and that we don't need them to feel safe. Another sign on the door reads, "The science says: 35+ research studies prove masks do not stop any virus even SARS-CoV-2!" The flyer cites alleged CDC data, claiming, "Your chance of dying from COVID-19 = 0.02% – Your chances of dying from the vaccine = 5.0%" https://www.infowars.com/posts/business-owner-fights-back-against-covid-masks-vaccines/

    April 9th 2021 North Carolina sites halt J&J shots after adverse reactions https://www.yahoo.com/news/north-carolina-sites-halt-j-000205052.html

    April 9th 2021 Operation Covid #Jab Don't. Take. the. COVID-19. Vaccine. Ever! The whole world is witnessing a pre-planned and highly organized criminal cover-up of the deaths and injuries and illnesses and diseases and miscarriages directly caused by the various toxic types of COVID-19 injections. https://beforeitsnews.com/terrorism/2021/04/dont-take-the-covid-19-vaccine-ever-2462425.html

    April 9th, 2021 - mRNA Vaccines May Edit Your Genes Through "Retro-Integration"! - Mike Adams "The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60 per cent and 70 per cent of the wave, respectively," the report reveals. https://beforeitsnews.com/health/2021/04/situation-update-april-9th-2021-mrna-vaccines-may-edit-your-genes-through-retro-integration-mike-adams-must-video-3038826.html

    April 9th 2021 CDC Just Declared a 'New Public Health Threat' Emergency! No it's Not COVID, it's Worse... it's Racism!? https://beforeitsnews.com/health/2021/04/cdc-just-declared-a-new-public-health-threat-emergency-no-its-not-covid-its-worseor-is-it-3038828.html

    April 9th 2021 Lockdown Protests Flare Up Around the World. Since the beginning of 2021,16 demonstrations calling for an end to COVID lockdowns and voluntary vaccination have spanned the globe from Canada17 to the Netherlands18 and Lebanon.19 February and March 2021 saw anti'lockdown protests in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland20 and other countries. https://www.globalresearch.ca/lockdown-protests-flare-up-around-world/5742232

    Nov 28, 2011 Gavin Newsom's Nazi Roots lawsuit based on family J. Paul Getty's support for Hitler beginning in 1938 and the. GETTY OIL COMPANY shipments of oil during the Battle of Britain. https://sfist.com/2011/11/28/gavin_newsom_kentfield_california_h/ -- With Hitler, Goring & Goebbels he did stand; While trying to undermine the American land! For paintings & artifacts he did receive With his oil he was able to deceive? Hoover & the FBI and Roosevelt they knew That J.P. Getty & espionage he drew! Many a young lad and Jew did die As planes dropped bombs from the sky. https://www.amazon.com/Fuckin-Gavin-Newsom-Grant-MacDonald/dp/B010GFYFKE

    April 9th 2021 #SCIENCE FRAUD: Smashing the "1 in 3 people (Placaebo Effect) with Covid-19 have no symptoms" claim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qm3zI0j_OA -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placebo_effect_(disambiguation)

    April 9th 2021 #VACCINE INJURIES: A&E 'swamped' with patients seeking help for mild Covid jab https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/apr/09/ae-swamped-with-patients-seeking-help-for-mild-covid-jab-side-effects

    April 8th 2021 #CONTACT TRACING: According to a report in the London Telegraph, anyone wishing to drink in a pub garden in Britain from Monday (only the outside areas will open) will be forced to hand over their phone to venue staff who must check the individual is registered on the government's tracking app. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2021/04/08/exclusive-pub-staff-will-check-drinkers-phones-prove-have-registered/

    April 8th 2021 The 2020-21 Worldwide Corona Crisis - Global Research Webinar https://vimeo.com/534721735

    April 8th 2021 The essence of The Great Reset https://davidicke.com/2021/04/08/the-essence-of-the-great-reset/

    April 8th 2021 What happened when they checked what was on the swab in the 'Covid' test – interesting bit starts at six and a half minutes https://davidicke.com/2021/04/08/what-happened-when-they-checked-what-was-on-the-swab-in-the-covid-test-interesting-bit-starts-at-six-and-a-half-minutes/

    April 8th 2021 Watch below as we break down the new discoveries in the SPARS 2025-2028 depopulation document. https://banned.video/watch?id=606f87a6b24e6a11ab3a610c

    April 8th 2021 Tesla's California-based real estate company Caruso Properties has announced it will accept rental payments in Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) for both residential and retail properties. https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/21/04/20543370/teslas-landlord-caruso-properties-now-accepts-bitcoin-for-rent-payment

    April 8th 2021 SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028: A Repeat Rehearsal of Event 201? "At the end, what the 4th Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital and our biological identities." – Klaus Schwab, Founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum (WEF) https://www.globalresearch.ca/spars-pandemic-repeat-rehearsal-event-201/5742172

    April 8th 2021 Rare side effects of the 100's of Vaccine's (Jabs) are emerging https://www.economist.com/science-and-technology/2021/04/08/with-millions-vaccinated-rare-side-effects-of-jabs-are-emerging

    April 8th 2021 Colorado vaccination site shuts down after 11 'adverse reactions' to Johnson & Johnson jabs. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/04/08/covid-news-michigan-variants-vaccine-passport/7126994002/

    April 8th 2021 Nano particles, Nano bots, Phosphorescent Gels in Covid-19 "Test Kits". The "Testing' and "Vaccine" can make you test positive for Covid. https://davidicke.com/2021/04/08/what-happened-when-they-checked-what-was-on-the-swab-in-the-covid-test-interesting-bit-starts-at-six-and-a-half-minutes/

    April 8th 2021 The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled on Thursday that compulsory vaccinations are legal and may be necessary in democratic societies. https://www.dw.com/en/echr-rules-obligatory-vaccination-may-be-necessary/a-57128443

    April 8th 2021 The absolutely shocking child-abuse impact on young people of masks and 'Covid' regulations as psychopathic parents and teachers impose the will of a psychopathic government. Don't tell the authorities to be ashamed – they have no shame – but the parents and teachers should have shitloads. REBEL KIDS – REBEL https://davidicke.com/2021/04/08/the-absolutely-shocking-child-abuse-impact-on-young-people-of-masks-and-covid-regulations-as-psychopathic-parents-and-teachers-impose-the-will-of-a-psychopathic-government-dont-tell-the-authori/

    April 7th 2021 People who got the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine say they have more side effects, 80% of immediate site reactions, 50% of full body reactions https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/7/22371665/covid-vaccine-side-effects-moderna-pfizer

    April 7th 2021 #LEGAL Title III of the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodations, including hotels, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, grocery stores, parks, schools and museums. https://www.courthousenews.com/websites-not-bound-by-ada-accessibility-rules-11th-circuit-finds/

    April 7th 2021 FEATURE: The -Scientology- Cult and Scientific Fraud in Modern Medicine: https://teslaleaks.com/nuremberg-trials-evidence.html -- For the overwhelming majority of people, COVID-19 is a religion. On faith, they blindly accept that SARS-CoV-2 is the virus that causes COVID-19. On faith they believe that COVID-19 PCR, antigen and antibody tests are accurate. On faith they believe that vaccines using an experimentalmRNA technology never before used on humans, developed in less than a year instead of the normal 5-10 yearsto evaluate the long-term effects on people's health, are safe and effective. On faith they believe that draconian measures, like mask mandates and global lockdowns that have destroyed lives, economies, and trampled centuries of cherished civil liberties will protect them. On faith they believe that doctors, scientists, politicians, public health bureaucrats, and the mainstream media are telling them the truth about COVID-19. https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-pandemic-cult/5741954

    April 7th 2021 255 Transvestite (men) are asking to be moved to the womens jail facilities; With Biden's illegal Presidential Directive, Transvestite's can legally change their names, so that the women aren't notified that they are actually men. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/255-transgender-inmates-request-transfer-womens-prisons-after-california-passes-new-law

    April 7th 2021 Kamal Harris admits all wars were for Oil (which was never needed since 1893) https://banned.video/watch?id=606e468b3a83f60d1cb4a36f

    April 7th 2021 Corporate Influence Is a Core Component of the Great Reset ft. Hitler & Coca Cola

    March 16th 2021 KLAUS SCHWAB IS THE GREAT BARKER OF THE FOURTH REICH https://aim4truth.org/2021/03/16/klaus-schwab-is-the-great-barker-of-the-fourth-reich/

    Former National Security Adviser/Head of Defense Intelligence Agency warns the world of Covid-19 takeover plan - MUST watch! https://www.infowars.com/posts/watch-live-the-intentional-collapse-of-america-is-underway/

    April 7th 2021 Pandemic inquiry for Conservative Party Erin O'Toole? How about an opinion on lockdowns, spending or travel restrictions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oarJRaO6q8o

    April 7th 2021 NCAA requiring athletes to wear masks during competition, even Asthmatics that have medical exemptions. Be prepared to sue the NCAA and the schools; was children begin to get injured and die. Previously, the NCAA banned using Primatene Mist or other medicine on-field; now they mandate suffocation! https://www.infowars.com/posts/track-field-coach-fired-for-refusing-to-force-runners-to-wear-masks-while-competing/

    April 7th 2021 PBS | Vaccine Passports imminent? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/why-vaccine-passports-may-be-inevitable-in-next-phase-of-covid-19

    April 7th 2021 Doctor invites public to tour EMPTY COVID wards... then backtracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swzxk37THTY

    April 7th 2021 Former FEMA operative on poisons in your Food, Water & Vaccines: https://beforeitsnews.com/christian-news/2021/04/former-fema-operative-celeste-solum-tells-us-whats-in-the-bill-gates-vaccine-and-the-end-game-to-totally-enslave-us-weaponized-food-must-see-banned-videos-2596052.html

    April 7th 2021 Masks are not effective and dangerous. https://www.globalresearch.ca/masks-ticking-time-bomb/5742085

    April 6th 2021 WHO rejects vaccine passports, for now! https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-who-vaccines/who-does-not-back-vaccination-passports-for-now-spokeswoman-idUSKBN2BT158

    April 6th 2021 Italians clash with police over lockdowns https://apnews.com/article/europe-rome-italy-coronavirus-pandemic-097446c7734ee7e5a9af960b6e7e30e0

    April 6th 2021 CDC on Transmission by Surfaces; From Covid-19 or HIV Hoax, less than 1/10,000 chance of getting sickness; or 0% from surfaces, toilet seats and kissing. https://www.businessinsider.com/cdc-risk-covid-19-surfaces-low-undermines-deep-cleaning-2021-4

    April 6th 2021 Human Rights: Saving Children from Covid-19 human rights abuses https://www.globalresearch.ca/human-rights-children-saving-children-covid-measures-abuses/5741974

    April 6th 2021 New York Times reportedon in February 2006. The U.S. Government under George W. Bush decided to resurrect authoritarian strategies to control pandemics which on April 5, 2020 ABC News reported: "…formed the foundation for the national response to the coronavirus pandemic underway right now." https://www.yahoo.com/gma/george-w-bush-2005-wait-pandemic-appear-too-080830555--abc-news-topstories.html

    April 6th 2021 #White #Rose Choosing your place in history under the 4thReich's Covid Hoax: Implicit, unconditional devotion to Der Fuhrer began to dwindle after the Battle of Stalingrad. Incrementally, people throughout Germany, who had their loved ones tied up in conflict on the road to the 'New Order' and Lebensraum, began to recognise that the Fascist regime - complete with its utopian overtures - was implementing yet another destructive ploy that would benefit the few at the expense of the many. https://waketfupweekly.substack.com/p/choosing-your-place-in-history-in

    April 6th 2021 Tesla Cybertruck just got BETTER with the CYBERLANDR - WORLD PREMIERE

    April 6th 2021 Situational Update: We're #Winning! https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/04/x22report-you-are-witnessing-the-offensive-they-are-divided-there-is-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-must-video-3573884.html

    April 6th 2021 Linked to Covid Vaccines & Tests, Morgellans, Fibers, Poison, Nano Chips, Phosphorescent Gels https://beforeitsnews.com/health/2021/04/these-are-all-linked-covid-19-vaccines-morgellans-fibers-nano-chips-pcr-tests-pt-2-must-video-3038755.html

    April 6th 2021 Chris Sky put on no-fly list: Telling the truth about rights, privacy and vaccine's is considered Terrorism in Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXe4l8lFLQ

    April 6th 2021 $1500 ticket given to man for removing his mask to unlock his phone, Quebec's 8PM curfew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FHmkyJRfnU

    April 6th 2021 UK labor party to reject vaccine passports https://www.thecanary.co/uk/news/2021/04/06/boris-johnson-faces-battle-with-tory-rebels-and-labour-over-vaccine-passports/

    April 6th 2021 Gallup Pole: Fear of Covid reaches record lows; from 49% to 35% https://news.gallup.com/poll/344183/americans-worry-catching-covid-drops-record-low.aspx

    March 31st 2021 Survey: Americans' Trust of Big Tech Drops to All-Time Low https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/03/31/survey-americans-trust-of-big-tech-drops-to-all-time-low/

    April 6th 2021 National File Texas cases drop to record lows after scrapping the mask and social distancing mandates https://nationalfile.com/texas-covid-cases-drop-to-record-lows-after-scrapping-mask-mandate/

    April 6th 2021 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bans government-mandated 'vaccine passports' https://www.texastribune.org/2021/04/06/texas-greg-abbott-covid-vaccine-passport/

    April 6th 2021 US to lose 80,000 more retail stores by 2026 https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/the-us-to-lose-80000-retail-stores-by-2026-ubs-183422600.html

    April 6th 2021 #FAKE NEWS Viral thoughts: Why COVID-19 conspiracy theories persist https://apnews.com/article/why-covid-19-conspiracy-theories-persist-2586c1bc28259f7e224885b609c8f131

    April 5th 2021 Ron Paul issues emergency waring on Vaccine Passports https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/04/05/ron_paul_vaccine_passports_might_be_the_thing_that_makes_people_finally_wake_up_thats_enough.html

    April 5th 2021 Man with medical exemption gets arrested at Disney for not taking the phoney temperature checks https://www.infowars.com/posts/police-body-cam-footage-shows-man-arrested-at-disney-world-for-refusing-temperature-check

    April 5th 2021 Vaccine reaction deaths are just the tip of the Iceberg https://davidicke.com/2021/04/05/vaccine-reactions-deaths-are-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-david-icke

    April 5th 2021 #mysterious #death Tanzania's late president was a threat to the Covid Hoax https://davidicke.com/2021/04/05/tanzanias-late-president-magufuli-science-denier-or-threat-to-empire

    April 5th 2021 Letter: Medical Freedom Bill Campaign that will actively protect the freedoms of every individual in this country and ensures that no individual can be discriminated against based on their vaccine status. https://saveourrights.uk/medical-freedom-bill/tell-boris-no/

    April 5th 2021 Boris Johnson plans on making you take 2 phoney Covid tests in order to leave your house https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9435859/Boris-Johnson-plans-two-Covid-tests-week-everyone.html

    April 5th 2021 Patrons at Crowded Restaurant Chant 'Get Out' at COVID enforcers https://www.newsweek.com/patrons-crowded-restaurant-chant-get-out-covid-health-inspectors-1581045

    April 5th 2021 A family was asked to leave a Spirit Airlines flight after their 2-year-old child (with medical exemptions) didn't have a mask on while eating https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ne-spirit-airlines-child-mask-orlando-atlantic-city-20210406-exfmg6mpajcrxilkhahtct2fwe-story.html

    April 5th 2021 Over 40% of American's reject Vaccine Passports https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-ne-spirit-airlines-child-mask-orlando-atlantic-city-20210406-exfmg6mpajcrxilkhahtct2fwe-story.html

    April 5th 2021 UK government has planned for vaccine passports all along - Paul Joseph Watson https://www.infowars.com/posts/uk-government-has-planned-for-vaccine-passports-all-along/

    April 5th 2021 Kids are now confirmed to be abject morons, with IQ's at -300 https://www.infowars.com/posts/uk-mulls-emergency-education-plan-as-200000-primary-school-students-lack-basic-reading-skills-after-covid-19-lockdowns/

    Mar 21, 2021 Former FDA Chief Says Social Distancing Mandate Wasn't Clear Science https://www.theepochtimes.com/former-fda-commissioner-says-social-distancing-mandate-wasnt-based-on-clear-science_3742844.html

    GITMO: Which Presidents Are Going? Deep State, Treason, Military Tribunals, Official Documents, List of Indictments (video) https://beforeitsnews.com/police-state/2021/04/gitmo-which-presidents-are-going-deep-state-treason-military-tribunals-official-documents-list-of-indictments-video-5965.html

    April 4th 2021 The Covid-19 AI Scenario formulated by the WOPR (Whopper-Story Computer) was Predicted by Tesla Leaks on December 26th 2019 at 1AM and now is confirmed by Scientific Americanhttps://www.scientificamerican.com/article/confirmed-we-live-in-a-simulation/

    April 4th 2021 The "Pope" wants you to kill you, and more specifically "poor people" that can't read disclosures, nor disclaimers on "Vaccines". Pope Francis urged countries in his Easter message on Sunday to quicken distribution of COVID-19 vaccines https://www.yahoo.com/news/pope-easter-message-slams-weapons-103911550.html

    April 1st 2021 | Judicial Watch Obtains Additional Records of FDA Purchases of Fetal Tissue for "Humanized Mice" Project; Agency Wanted "Fresh, Shipped on Wet Ice" Fetal Organs https://www.judicialwatch.org/press-releases/humanized-mice-fda/

    May 4th 2020 | Judicial Watch Watchdog group sues for Fauci, World Health Organization communications https://www.judicialwatch.org/in-the-news/watchdog-who-communications/

    March 3rd 2021 Genetic Armageddon - Full Audiobook - COVID 19 - Shot Is Not a Vaccine! - Moving Black Strings on Masks & Swabs - Parasites? Morgellons? https://beforeitsnews.com/agenda-21/2021/04/genetic-armageddon-full-audio-book-covid-19-vaccine-is-not-vaccine-2981.html

    September 7th 2020 Gretchen Whitmer Lawsuit on illegal lockdowns in Michigan https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2020/09/07/gretchen-whitmer-lawsuit-michigan-lockdown-illegal-column/3453141001/

    April 3rd 2021 #LEGAL: The Facts: The Finnish Prime Minister has withdrawn recent COVID-19 lockdown proposals because they have been deemed #unconstitutional by a constitutional law committee. https://www.collective-evolution.com/2021/04/03/finald-withdraws-covid-19-measures-after-deemed-unconstitutional/

    April 2nd 2021 #CONTACT TRACING: 2 ID's to get Facebook, Twitter, Tinder account in Australia https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/security/government-considering-100-points-of-id-to-get-facebook-tinder-account/news-story/624550c621d662da7d3bd98ff3f0e888

    April 2nd 2021 Coronavirus has never been Isolated, nor determined the Cause of Covid-19 https://davidicke.com/2021/04/02/no-ones-got-any-virus-mike-yeadon-former-pfizer-head-of-research-says-that-well-over-a-year-after-the-virus-is-supposed-to-have-appeared-no-one-has-an-isolated-sample-of-it-told-yer/

    April 2nd 2021 Animals to Humans Contageon Theory Hoax: https://davidicke.com/2021/04/02/russia-registers-worlds-first-covid-19-vaccine-for-cats-dogs-as-makers-of-sputnik-v-warn-pets-farm-animals-could-spread-virus/

    Russia's Sputnik "Artificial Satellite Hoax" is a CARTOON!! There are no ICBM's in "Space" NEITHER!!

    April 3rd 2021 The Top Four Reasons Why Many People, Doctors and Scientists Refuse to Take the COVID Vaccine https://www.globalresearch.ca/top-four-reasons-why-many-people-doctors-scientists-refuse-take-covid-vaccine/5741730

    April 3rd 2021 Chemical Cocktail Found in Face Masks. "Breathing in Carcinogens, Allergens and Synthetic Microfibres" https://www.globalresearch.ca/exclusive-chemical-cocktail-found-face-masks/5741709

    April 3rd 2021 Infowars Emergency Saturday Broadcast! World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Documenthttps://banned.video/watch?id=6068e6f54749bf7c6f0fcb7b

    April 3rd 2021 European Plans for 'Vaccine Passports' Were in Place 20 Months Prior to the Pandemic. Coincidence? https://www.dr-rath-foundation.org/2021/04/european-plans-for-vaccine-passports-were-in-place-20-months-prior-to-the-pandemic-coincidence/

    April 3rd 2021 Are Vaccine Passports The End Of America? https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/are-vaccine-passports-the-end-of-america.html

    April 3rd 2021 How to Opt Out of Immunity Passports and Improve Your Quality of Life While You're at It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0ierE28XXM

    April 3rd 2021 Covid: UK regulator reports 30 cases of rare blood clots after Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine https://www.itv.com/news/2021-04-02/covid-rare-blood-clots-after-oxfordastrazeneca-jab-uk-regulator

    April 3rd 2021 Feds Warn Mortgage Firms: "Tidal Wave Of Distress" Coming As Forbearance Programs Set To Lapse https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/feds-warn-mortgage-firms-tidal-wave-of-distress-coming-as-forbearance-programs-set-to-lapse.html

    April 3rd 2021 Hawaii Unveils COVID Passports For Inter-Island Travel https://www.zerohedge.com/covid-19/hawaii-unveils-covid-passports-inter-island-travel

    April 2nd 2021 Contageon Theory Propaganda! Can Vaccinated People Spread the Virus? We Don't Know, Scientists Say. https://www.yahoo.com/news/vaccinated-people-spread-virus-dont-121235173.html

    May 2, 2020 Are the Lockdown Orders Constitutional? https://www.cato.org/commentary/are-lockdown-orders-constitutional

    April 2nd 2021 Mike Lindell Presents Scientific Proof of Election Fraud https://banned.video/watch?id=60673ae0b5c55279ac2712b2

    April 2nd 2021 CNN: Limit 'Freedoms' of Americans Without Covid-19 Vaccinationhttps://www.infowars.com/posts/cnn-limit-freedoms-of-americans-without-covid-19-vaccination/

    April 1st 2021 Feds Plan To Broadcast Government Propaganda To Streaming Platforms https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/feds-plan-to-broadcast-government-propaganda-to-streaming-platforms.html

    March 31st 2021 BREAKING: Belgium Must Lift 'All COVID-19 Measures' within 30 Days, Brussels Court Rules. The League for Human Rights had filed the lawsuit several weeks ago and challenged Belgium's system of implementing the measures using Ministerial Decrees. https://www.globalresearch.ca/belgium-must-lift-all-covid-19-measures-within-30-days-brussels-court-rules/5741725

    April 2nd 2021 BREAKING: Florida Governor today banned "contact tracing" (that didn't work) and mandatory vaccines as Unconstitutional, Illegal and a violation of the Nuremberg Code https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-desantis-vaccine-passport-order-20210402-k5g7n3vis5gfzebz7ot6xz4ala-story.html

    April 2nd 2021 'State of Fear: how ministers 'used covert tactics' to keep scared public at home' -- The Telegraph. "A truly frightening backlog': ex-NHS chief warns of delays in vital care" – The NHS's former boss Sir David Nicholson has warned that "patients could be waiting as much as two years for vital operations by the time of the next election due to a 'truly frightening' backlog of care", the Guardian reports. "Mass testing at UK Universities is haphazard and unscientific, finds BMJ investigation" – Screening asymptomatic students for COVID-19 has "found very few positive cases since its launch in December", a BMJ investigation has found. https://lockdownsceptics.org

    April 2nd 2021 Rebel News TV: "Open your business and keep going": Nobletoyz owner encourages others to keep fighting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpPJvPd8LNw

    April 2nd 2021 Is the U.S. and NATO going to blow up the Nikola Tesla Museum in Serbia, again??: The US Militarization of the Balkans. A Threat Against Russia and Serbia? https://www.globalresearch.ca/defender-europe-21-threat-against-russia-serbia/5740627

    April 2nd 2021 4thReich.com endorses putting our 4thReich Nuremberg Trials 2021 Stickers on businesses that work for Hitler https://www.infowars.com/posts/video-hollywood-endorses-globalist-health-safety-seal-to-battle-covid-19

    April 2nd 2021 3 Booster Shots with Astrazeneca Chimpanzee Virus for "the entire population." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/coronavirus-news-covid-astrazeneca-vaccine-lockdown-variant/

    November 30th 2020 The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic. Dr. Mike Yeadon https://www.globalresearch.ca/pcr-false-positive-pseudo-epidemic/5741669

    April 2nd 2021 Human Rights for Children: Beyond a Crime, Worldwide: The Immoral, Destructive Impacts of the Covid Measures on Our Children https://www.globalresearch.ca/human-rights-children/5741677 -- "It is essentially akin to solitary confinement': UofG viral immunologist frustrated by child COVID-19 quarantine messaging" – An account in the Guelph Mercury Tribune of an Immunology's Professor clash with the local public health authority in Guelph, Ontario over their advice that he should put his healthy child into solitary quarantine https://lockdownsceptics.org/

    April 2nd 2021 LUCIFERASE: Enzyme in Bill Gates New Implantable Vaccine Biochemical ID https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/04/luciferase-enzyme-in-bill-gates-new-implantable-vaccine-biochemical-id-3746819.html

    March 29th 2021 CRISPR (Particle Beam at CERN) used for Waxy Corn https://www.globalresearch.ca/gm-waxy-maize-gene-edited-trojan-horse-moving-gates/5741739

    April 2nd 2021 Selected Articles: The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic https://www.globalresearch.ca/selected-articles-the-pcr-false-positive-pseudo-epidemic/5741748

    April 2nd 2021 FDA Authorizes First Machine Learning-based COVID-19 Non-diagnostic Screening Device. The device identifies certain biomarkers that (may be) indicative of SARS-CoV-2 infection https://www.activistpost.com/2021/04/fda-authorizes-first-machine-learning-based-covid-19-non-diagnostic-screening-device.html

    April 2nd 2021 Ukraine ministry of health uses propaganda from entertainers to reduce vaccine hesidency. Ukraine to receive first batch of COVID-19 vaccine under COVAX until April 15 https://www.kyivpost.com/ukraine-politics/ukraine-to-receive-first-batch-of-covid-19-vaccine-under-covax-until-april-15.html -- Ukraine has approved the COVID-19 vaccine developed by China's Sinovac https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-ukraine-vaccine-idUSKBN2B11H6

    March 31st 2021 Bill Gates to get $22B for VR headsets for the military industrial complex. https://news.yahoo.com/microsoft-gets-contract-worth-22-195204769.html

    March 30th 2021 Lateral flow test vast majority of covid tests were false positives https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2021/03/30/vast-majority-positive-covid-tests-taken-schools-likely-false/

    Nov 30, 2020 Asymptoptic in China never occured: A mass screening program of 10 million Wuhan residents identified 300 asymptomatic cases in May, but NONE were infectious. (.00003%) alleged infection rate. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/11/201130131511.htm

    Aug 24, 2020 Increase 80% children psychology issues under Covid and lockdowns. The children may develop feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear of death, fear of parents' death and fear of being isolated in the hospital which may have a very detrimental effect on their psychological development (APA, 2020; CDC, 2019; Dalton et al., 2020). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7444649/

    April 1st 2021 Coronavirus: Dozens of MPs criticise 'divisive' Covid passports https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-56605598/

    April 1st 2021 Doctors and Scientists Accuse Medical Regulator of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers https://www.globalresearch.ca/urgent-open-letter-from-doctors-scientists-european-medicines-agency-regarding-covid-19-vaccine-safety-concerns/5739571/

    April 1st 2021 Students at Florida High School Warned They Will be "Re-Educated" If Caught Not Wearing a Mask https://www.infowars.com/posts/students-at-florida-high-school-warned-they-will-be-re-educated-if-caught-not-wearing-a-mask/

    April 2nd 2021 The history of vaccination; recommended in 1895. Yet, Nikola Tesla never said the word "vaccination" one time in his entire life. 7th century when the monks in India tried to immunize themselves by drinking snake (oil) venom. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3623509/

    March 31st 2021 How conspiracy theorizing may soon get you labelled a 'Domestic Terrorist' https://off-guardian.org/2021/03/31/how-conspiracy-theorizing-may-soon-get-you-labelled-a-domestic-terrorist/

    March 30, 2021 Check Point Research highlights new trend of forged negative COVID-19 test results and fake vaccine certificates offered on the Darknet https://abc7chicago.com/fake-vaccine-card-cdc-covid-for-sale/10470703/

    March 1st 2021 A group of scientists and doctors has today issued an open letter calling on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to answer urgent safety questions regarding COVID-19 vaccines, or withdraw the vaccines' authorisation. https://www.globalresearch.ca/doctors-scientists-accuse-medical-regulator-downplaying-covid-19-vaccine-dangers/5741596

    February 18th 2021 Why South Korea Still Hasn't Vaccinated Anyone – The Diplomat https://thediplomat.com/2021/02/why-south-korea-still-hasnt-vaccinated-anyone/

    April 1st 2021 "The experts" disinformation campaign is ongoing about COVID, even after vaccines," she ranted on Fox News;' "The Ingraham Angle" Wednesday. "The variants! The variants are coming! The mutations! Gloom and doom!" https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/laura-ingraham-warnings-varaints-disinformation-campaign-122746386.html

    April 1st 2021 The CDC also explicitly notes that it does not endorse the use of face shields, as their effectiveness against COVID-19 is still unknown. https://www.yahoo.com/news/influencer-slammed-wearing-ridiculous-mask-163216932.html

    April 1st 2021 George Orwell's Double-Think: "Vaccines are working. The latest surge in Covid (lockdown states like MI, NJ & NY) cases proves that." https://www.yahoo.com/news/vaccines-working-latest-surge-covid-203300862.html

    April 1st 2021 The European Medical Agency (EMA) said there could be a possible link between AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine and a rare type of blood clot, identifying 62 cases of the condition https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ema-may-issue-updated-recommendation-175823497.html

    April 1st 2021 Fake news, fake statistics provided by the manufacturer https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pfizer-biontech-covid-19-shot-113327760.html

    April 1st 2021 Pfizer cliams they have cured that "Cold"; and now the only thing at the hospital that's 100% effective! https://www.yahoo.com/news/pfizer-coronavirus-vaccine-children-usa-next-school-year-135319871.html

    April 1st 2021 UK Police Chief Brags That COVID Patrols Aren't Necessary because there is so many #snitches reporting other people visiting the beach https://www.infowars.com/posts/uk-police-chief-brags-that-covid-patrols-arent-necessary-because-there-are-so-many-snitches/

    April 1st 2021 Macron announces new restrictions, putting France into a third national lockdown https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/03/31/world/covid-19-coronavirus/covid-france-lockdown

    April 30th 2020 UK police receive 194,000 calls from lockdown #snitches | UK https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/30/uk-police-receive-200000-calls-from-lockdown-snitchers

    January 19th 2021 #Snitch on your neighbour says Met Police chief Dame Cressida Dick in London https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9162803/Met-Police-chief-says-public-report-persistent-peope-breaking-lockdown-rules.html

    March 31st 2021 George Orwell "just doing his job"! Facebook bans and removes your voice on their platform. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/31/facebook-removes-video-interview-with-trump-citing-his-ban-from-the-platform.html

    March 30th 2020 Trends Journal: Dr. Strangevax, Vaccinate the World

    March 31st 2021 BREAKING: Wisconsin Supreme Court Strikes Down Democrat Governor's Statewide Mask Mandate https://apnews.com/article/legislature-madison-wisconsin-coronavirus-pandemic-strikes-9f05a7331f7957721799b23ea381fead

    March 31st 2021 #HOAX "Finding evidence of vaccine breakthrough cases reminds us that, even if you have been vaccinated, you still need to wear a *mask, practice *socially distancing, and *wash your hands to prevent spreading COVID-19 to others who have not been vaccinated," Dr. Umair Shah, Washington state's secretary of health, said in a statement Tuesday. https://www.doh.wa.gov/Newsroom/Articles/ID/2720/Cases-of-COVID-19-vaccine-breakthrough-confirmed-in-Washington-state

    March 31st 2021 mixed up the vaccines' ingredients?? Johnson & Johnson Halts Shipment of COVID Vaccine after Factory Mistake Ruins 15 Million Doses https://www.chicagotribune.com/coronavirus/vaccine/ct-aud-nw-nyt-johnson-johnson-vaccine-mixup-20210331-yjisjrlt2ncolcemezjfgqvsuq-story.html

    March 31st 2021 Amazing Polly: Corona Crimes Against Humanity Defined: Murder, Torture, Enslavement, Deportation, Imprisonment, Isolation, Deprivation, Sufferage, Coersion ..! Nuremberg Trials, The ICC, Rome Statute. The Coronavirus responses are being challenged as Crimes Against Humanity. Human Rights activists need YOUR testimonies for their court case. - Must Video https://www.bitchute.com/video/5nEDBKGoalpM/ -- https://amazingpolly.net/contact-support.php -- NOTE: The United States is NOT a member of the ICC. Please do not send your info to Sarah / Volker if you are in the US. VIDEO: Is This Torture? https://www.bitchute.com/video/3yk3xezML8Q/ -- Susan & Volker Human Rights Defender website: https://unser-politikblog.blogspot.com/2020/11/charge-to-international-criminal-court.html -- Email for Testimonies: unserpolitikblog@gmail.com -- ICC Rome Statute: (see S 7on Page 10) https://www.icc-cpi.int/Publications/Rome-Statute.pdf -- Amnesty International report on Torture, 1976: https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/204000/act400011975eng.pdf

    March 31st 2021 YouTube tests hiding dislike counts on videos; because Vaccine's and Biden video's are getting hammered!! https://techcrunch.com/2021/03/30/youtube-tests-hiding-dislike-counts-on-videos/

    March 30th 2021 COVID-19 shows why united action is needed for more robust international health architecture. https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/op-ed---covid-19-shows-why-united-action-is-needed-for-more-robust-international-health-architecture

    March 30th 2021 Request for public Nuremberg Trails @ 42:25 https://rumble.com/vf7acb-reminding-americans-what-they-still-refuse-to-deal-with.html

    March 26th 2021 "SOCIAL DISTANCE" SHAM https://rumble.com/vf2s5h-social-distance-sham.html

    Nov. 7, 1915 TESLA'S DISCOVERY NOBEL PRIZE WINNER; Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires, Which Affects Present-Day Problems. TO ILLUMINATE THE OCEAN Scientist Says Collisions Will Be Avoided and Unlimited Water Drawn to Irrigate Deserts. https://www.nytimes.com/1915/11/07/archives/teslas-discovery-nobel-prize-winner-transmission-of-electrical.htm l -- Article added to Tesla Universe archive on September 12, 2017 https://teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla/articles/teslas-discovery-nobel-prize-winner -- Video posted by Tesla Leaks on Feb 2, 2016 on Nikola Tesla's Nobel Peace Prizes 1943, 1915 & 1912 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZsMu0CoxF8&t=02m37s

    June 30, 2019 Why the United States rejects international criminal justice: looking back at Nuremberg https://theconversation.com/why-the-united-states-rejects-international-criminal-justice-looking-back-at-nuremberg-119027

    May 27, 2020 — Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a "vaccine criminal" and urged the Italian President to hand him over https://www.addisherald.com/italian-politician-demand-bill-gates-arrest-for-crimes-against-humanity/

    March 30th 2021 Virus Policy: Saving Lives by Killing People. https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/03/virus-policy-saving-lives-by-killing-people-2670122.html

    March 30th 2021 @ 13:30 "This is the 3rd Reich 2.0" aka 4thReich.com - Alex Jones, 3/30/21 https://banned.video/watch?id=6063ce71acb01d6f47ac4804

    International Criminal Court
    Information and Evidence Unit
    Office of the Prosecutor
    Post Office Box 19519
    2500 CM The Hague
    The Netherlands
    Fax +31 70 515 8555

    March 30th 2021 Stand Up to Tyranny: How to Respond to the Evils of Our Age: 1) Secrecy, surveillance and rule by the elite 2) Widespread police presence 3) Citizenry with little recourse against the police state 4) Perpetual wars and a military empire 5) Martial law 6) A nation of suspects 7) Acts of civil disobedience by insurrectionists 8) Military-style arrests in the dead of night 9) Torture and capital punishment https://www.globalresearch.ca/stand-tyranny-how-respond-evils/5741373

    March 30th 2021 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Federal Law. "Federal law 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) requires that the person to whom an EUA vaccine is administered be advised, 'of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.'" "Under the Nuremberg Code, no one may be coerced to participate in a medical experiment. Consent of the individual is 'absolutely essential," Kennedy wrote. https://www.globalresearch.ca/rfk-jr-rutgers-president-covid-vaccine-mandate-violates-federal-law/5741411

    March 30th 2021 Texas Governor, Abbott told his aid to hang up the phone because Walensky was "a melodramatic crisis actor spreading false fear and pushing Covid lies on the American public." https://beforeitsnews.com/blogging-citizen-journalism/2021/03/gov-abbott-hangs-up-phone-on-crisis-actor-cdc-director-2650040.html

    March 29th 2021 Toronto Children's Hospital Recommends Back to School without Masks or Social Distancing. Detailed Report https://www.globalresearch.ca/back-school-without-masks-social-distancing-advises-sickkids-hospital/5719018

    March 29th 2021 As New York attorney Aaron Siri pointed out in a recent article on StatNews, neither governments nor employers are currently permitted to require covid vaccinations, as covid vaccines have not yet been officially licensed: they only received an "emergency use authorization" in the US and a "conditional marketing authorisation" in the EU. Indeed, the US FDA specifically notes that covid vaccines are "investigational vaccines not licensed for any indication." https://www.globalresearch.ca/vaccine-conundrum/5741279

    March 29th 2021 Immune response may be linked to AstraZeneca vaccine clot issue; death risk rising among young adults in Brazil https://news.yahoo.com/immune-response-may-linked-astrazeneca-201408822.html

    March 29th 2021 What the studies didn't show was whether vaccinated people were also protected from getting infected with the virus in the first place. https://www.yahoo.com/news/vaccines-stop-covid-19-infection-182541925.html

    March 29th 2021 Coronavirus: Brits should NOT hug each other yet, SAGE expert says https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9414135/Coronavirus-Brits-NOT-hug-SAGE-expert-says.html

    March 29th 2021 UK Nurse & US Businessman Call Out Their Government On COVID Tyranny https://rumble.com/vf5i2r-uk-nurse-and-us-businessman-call-out-their-government-on-covid-tyranny.html -- https://rumble.com/user/sonsoflibertyradiolive

    Doctor Andrew Kaufman: SARS-CoV2 Is A Fraud - It Does Not Exist. The entire COVID crisis has been deemed to be nothing more than a CONvid-1984 crisis by many of us. However, several docors are now joining forces to call out the fraud that is SARS-CoV2 with scientific evidence. Among those is Dr. Andrew Kaufman. He and Dr. Thomas Cowan have listed their reasoning for this based on the science in a Statement On Virus Isolation (SOVI). He joins me in this episode to discuss this claim. https://rumble.com/vey56j-doctor-andrew-kaufman-sars-cov2-is-a-fraud-it-does-not-exist.html -- https://andrewkaufmanmd.com/live-webinars

    December 31st 2021 Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine: Pfizer was responsible for the design and conduct of the trial, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, and the writing of the manuscript. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2034577

    July 15th 2020 ADA does not provide blanket exemption from face mask requirements; (but does allow you to claim any exemption) https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/07/15/fact-check-ada-disability-rights-and-face-mask-requirements/5391830002/

    March 28th 2021 Dr. Fauci warns parents about children playing together without masks https://nypost.com/2021/03/28/fauci-warns-parents-about-children-playing-together-without-masks/

    August 21st 2020 The use of masks for children of any age with developmental disorders, disabilities or other specific health conditions should not be mandatory and be assessed on a case by case basis by the child's parent, guardian, educator and/or medical provider. In any case, children with severe cognitive or respiratory impairments with difficulties tolerating a mask should not be required to wear masks. https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-children-and-masks-related-to-covid-19

    March 28th 2021 30 travellers entering Canada caught with suspected fake COVID-19 test results: CBSA. CBSA said, though, that over the last seven days, 99.8 per cent of travellers arriving in Canada by air have complied with the mandatory pre-arrival testing. "Failure to comply with the current border entry restrictions is an offence under the Quarantine Act and could lead to up to six months in prison and/or $750,000 in fines," the email read. "Further, a person who causes a risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm to another person while wilfully or recklessly contravening this Act or the regulations could be liable for a fine of up to $1,000,000 or imprisonment of up to 3 years or both." https://globalnews.ca/news/7724514/canada-cbsa-travellers-fake-tests/

    March 28th 2021 "Making Something Out of Nothing": PCR Tests, CT Values and False Positives https://www.globalresearch.ca/making-something-out-nothing-pcr-tests-ct-values-false-positives/5741146

    March 28th 2021 The Vaccine Disaster Ahead: https://thehighwire.com/videos/vaccine-disaster-ahead/

    March 28th 2021 Incredible Hulk "Virus Variants" and Other COVID Science Fiction Fantasies https://www.globalresearch.ca/incredible-hulk-variants-covid-sci-fi-fantasies/5740991

    4thReich.com March 28th 2021 Breaking: Biden White House Working With Companies To Develop "Vaccine Passports" In America. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/03/28/vaccine-passports-for-work/ -- Mask mandates, Covid tests, daily selfie's, lockdowns, temperature checks, contact tracing, quarrantine FEMA camps, and booster shots. You'll have the choice of any "Vaccine Cocktail", the experimental 1) Chimpanzee Virus 2) mRNA Covid replicator 3) Immunotherapy by Autoimmune disease, or any combination of the other 100 "Vaccines". Fauci also recommended 4) Injecting Bleach and Bug Spray -- Full Covid Hoax Timeline with 2000 official source's @ teslaleaks.com March 28th 2021 Pregnant women 'didn't have the data' – until now: COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, even for babies, study shows 131 patients is a "Large Study"? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/03/27/covid-19-pregnancy-vaccines-safe-protect-moms-babies-study/6979881002/

    March 28th 2021 COVID: Remember how we segregated smokers? It could be a lot worse for the unvaccinated https://www.yahoo.com/news/covid-remember-segregated-smokers-could-090057200.html -- According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, 62% said unvaccinated people should not be allowed to travel on airplanes. Furthermore, 55% believed that unvaccinated people should not exercise in public gyms, sit in movie theaters or attend concerts. And 72% said it was important to know if people nearby (and certainly within six feet) were vaccinated. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-vaccines-poll/americans-support-restricting-unvaccinated-people-from-offices-travel-reuters-poll-idUSKBN2B41J0

    March 28th 2021 "It is extremely unusual to have 2-3,000 anti-vaxx emails coming in to European Parliament overnight and over the course of a day and a half." https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/anti-vax-email-deluge-hits-european-parliament/

    March 28th 2021 Nikola Tesla's Inductively powered thermo-nuclear light bulb was "Invented by Me, not Aliens" and various phenomena from Helium/Hydrogen Fusion to Wireless Power https://patents.google.com/patent/US455069A/en -- https://teslauniverse.com/nikola-tesla/patents/us-patent-514170-incandescent-electric-light -- Used for 100% efficient thermonuclear fusion https://patents.google.com/patent/US5162094A/en Nikola Tesla's patent #493776, referred to above, is missing at the patent office. Just for confirmation and note to self #493776 is referred to in the #514170 patent above, but no individual US patent #493776 exists in Google Patents, nor in Google despite the citation and renewal cited in #514170. These details were previously cited on previous posts. It is in a scan of the February 6th 1894 US Patent office book, page 913. That page also has Nikola Tesla's "Reciprocating Engine", the basis of all internal combustion engines. In combination with the wireless thermonuclear light bulb, you get the Mr Fusion Engine in Bsck to the Future. And in combination with his Oxone generator, Tesla said he would do away with all fuels if any kind... The Air is the input fuel, to be perfectly fused or manufactured AND hydrocracked, from input gasses since 1891-3 & 1896-7. And the Wireless, all planned for Niagara Falls by 1896+. Then came the Spanish American War, kicked off by the Maine being hit by a tethered or wireless torpedo. By, 1899, Tesla tells Insurance Magazine that "everything would have to be insured" against the Automaton. @ teslaleaks.com

    March 28th 2021 The potential for either a statutory or government sponsored discrimination between those who have been vaccinated and those who have achieved natural immunity is contrary to all legal, moral and ethical constraints on the exercise of State authority and should be rejected out of hand as a fallacious perversion of the long-established rights of citizens evolved over eight hundred years. It is also important to exercise careful judgment due to the requirements of informed consent for medical procedures as per the Nuremberg Code 1947, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the European Charter on Human Rights and the Montgomery Judgement 2015. https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2021/03/vaccine-passports-are-a-con-trick-whatever-they-are-called-2670030.html

    March 28th 2021 The Patriot's 101 Guide To Surviving The Biden Apocolypse! AKA Defund Democrats https://restrictedrepublic.com/pages/The%20Patriot's%20Guide

    March 28th 2021 Florida's DeSantis threatens lawsuit if CDC doesn't enable U.S. cruises to resume by summer https://www.yahoo.com/news/floridas-desantis-threatens-lawsuit-cdc-010656801.html

    March 28th 2021 Los Angeles Vaccination Super Site Closing Just Weeks After It Opened And One Day After Newsom Expands Eligibility https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/los-angeles-vaccination-super-closing-190511262.html

    March 28th 2021 H.R. 353 Comply Or Die! New Intelligence Bill Will Initiate Real Time Purge...Final Stage Arrives! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mJVNxo880o

    February 26th 2021 GERM THEORY HOAX: This Is the Video to Watch: Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/02/this-is-the-video-to-watch-infecting-wcovid-swab-the-rna-vaccine-artificial-intelligence-3741455.html

    March 27th 2021 Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says "Second Wave" Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, "Pandemic Is Over". Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer for 16 years, says that half or even "almost all" of tests for COVID are false positives. The survival rate of COVID-19 has been upgraded since May to 99.8% of infections. This comes close to ordinary flu, the survival rate of which is 99.9%. https://www.globalresearch.ca/chief-science-officer-pfizer-says-second-wave-faked-false-positive-covid-tests-pandemic-over/5724753

    March 27th 2021 Help STOP B.C. publication bans from unreasonably silencing our reports! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe6GCiIQD34

    March 27th 2021 The Ides of March: False Pretexts Galore in the Wars on Yugoslavia, Serbia and Iraq. "Biden was a man who believed in regime change. Biden was a man who believed Saddam Hussein was the personification of evil. Biden was a man who believed that we had to use whatever means necessary up to and including war to remove Saddam Hussein from power. And Joe Biden recognized that weapons inspections, if allowed to proceed would undermine his effort. This is why he had to discredit the inspections." – Former Chief UN Weapons inspector Scott Ritter (included in interview.) https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-ides-of-march-false-pretexts-galore-in-the-wars-on-yugoslavia-and-iraq/5741063 -- US-NATO's War of Aggression against Yugoslavia https://www.globalresearch.ca/twenty-years-ago-natos-war-of-aggression-against-yugoslavia/5671987

    March 27th 2021 With Texas Classrooms Reopening and No State Mask Mandate, School Nurses Have Become Crucial in Battling Pandemic -- But Districts Aren't Required to Have Them https://www.yahoo.com/news/texas-classrooms-reopening-no-state-120100599.html

    March 26th 2021 EU Report: An Electric car uses 300-400 TIMES LESS resources than an ICE gas car !!! The basis for the prediction by Tesla Leaks of The Great Reset in October 2019

    March 26th 2021 Selected Articles: "Fraudulent Marketing": The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Is an "Unapproved Product" https://www.globalresearch.ca/selected-articles-fraudulent-marketing-the-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-is-an-unapproved-product/5741075

    March 26th 2021 The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of "Positive Cases" are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis https://www.globalresearch.ca/nucleic-acid-testing-technologies-use-polymerase-chain-reaction-pcr-detection-sars-cov-2/5739959

    March 26th 2021 UFC 261 sells out in minutes, tickets warn of 'death' and 'permanent damage' from COVID-19 https://www.yahoo.com/sports/ufc-261-tickets-sell-out-record-jacksonville-warnings-death-disability-coronavirus-covid19-pandemic-173907221.html

    March 26th 2021 The Latest: Texas state judge upholds Austin's mask mandate https://news.yahoo.com/latest-frances-macron-defends-no-094006637.html

    March 26th 2021 Laura Ingraham cut Trump off when he tried to repeat false claims that the election was stolen, as Fox News faces defamation lawsuits https://www.yahoo.com/news/laura-ingraham-cut-trump-off-124746653.html

    March 26th 2021 Boris Johnson asks for Vaccine Passports, Phoney Testing, Contact Tracing you and your Friends and various medical privacy Law-Breaking, just to buy a Beer https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/covid-vaccine-pub-boris-johnson-b1822270.html

    March 26th 2021 UK: Rule of 6, 6, 6, Lockdown roadmap dates: Which rules change on 29 March? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/lockdown-roadmap-rules-dates-29-march-b1820429.html

    March 26th 2021 UK vaccines minister said people over the age of 70 will receive (yearly) booster jabs from September to protect them from (alleged) new coronavirus variants. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/covid-news-latest-rules-roadmap-shops-booster-b1823282.html

    March 26th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD COVID-19 Science Update released: Edition 82 https://www.cdc.gov/library/covid19/03262021_covidupdate.html

    Two weeks before the Covid Hoax; On 10 December 2019, the Court of Appeal refused to suspend the "unconstitutional" ruling by the Court of First Instance on the anti-mask regulation. As scheduled, a full hearing will commence on 9 January 2020.[61][62][63] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-mask_law -- 1. The World Health Organization (2020) guidance, based on expert opinion, suggests wearing of masks may be problematic for children, developmentally challenged individuals, those living with mental illness, elderly individuals with cognitive impairment, persons with chronic respiratory or breathing problems (such as asthma/COPD), individuals who have had facial trauma or recent oral maxillofacial surgery, as well as individuals residing in hot and humid environments

    March 26th 2021 "I don't speak in hyperbole when I say this bill ends the renewable energy industry in Kansas," https://cleantechnica.com/2021/03/26/kansas-gop-split-over-anti-wind-bill/

    March 26th 2021 Definition of Medicalization: Totalitarian Dictatorship Implemented Under the Auspices of Medical Necessity https://banned.video/watch?id=605e73c20d286e647ddcf5e6

    March 26th 2021 European Database Of Adverse Drug Reactions For COVID-19 'Vaccines': 3,964 DEAD And 162,610 Injured https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/europe-covid-19-vaccine-reactions-dead-injured.html

    March 26th 2021 Oath Keepers leader coordinated with Proud Boys and others before Capitol riot, prosecutors say https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/oath-keepers-leader-coordinated-proud-boys-capitol-riot-prosecutors-say-n1261928

    March 26th 2021 "Stop the Steal" movement are now adopting a new agenda from the anti-vaccination campaign to arrest the 4th Reich in Nuremberg Trials. https://news.yahoo.com/far-extremists-move-stop-steal-121000965.html

    March 26th 2021 Elon Musk Stresses Self-Reliance From A Young Age As He Dismisses Alleged Emerald Mine (And SA Coal Plants) Connection Of Family https://finance.yahoo.com/news/elon-musk-stresses-self-reliance-075139934.html

    March 26th 2021 Bill Gates predicts date that the world will be 'completely back to normal' in 2 years. (After 500 Million are in "extreme poverty", and 30 Million dies from the Lockdowns.) https://nypost.com/2021/03/25/bill-gates-predicts-when-world-will-be-completely-back-to-normal/

    March 26th 2021 Get Ready To Become A 'Digital Asset' Of The Globalists' Great Reset -- "I was one of the first last year to suggest that Gates ought to be taken seriously and that his ultimate plan was to "update" every person's genetic code with the latest version of mRNA virus protection, similar to the way his Microsoft Windows operating system automatically updates your computer." https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/become-a-digital-asset-globalists-great-reset.html

    March 26th 2021 Ask a Lawyer: Refusal to wear a mask and mask exemption requests. https://cnps.ca/article/mask-exemptions/

    March 26th 2021 Covid shots for newborns,. Given that "there is no approved vaccine for newborns and young children and the fact that the vaccine is still in shorter supply than needed to meet current demands, this study provides an opportunity to innoculate newborns. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/vaccine-pregnant-breastfeeding-224332612.html

    March 26th 2021 Israel, the Jews and New Jersey are the first to mandate vaccine's, green passports and experimental vaccine's to children. "The Chosen People", chosen to murder everyone on Earth?. The Christian's and Catholics are a close 2nd. Rutgers University, New Jersey's flagship state institution, said Thursday it will require COVID-19 vaccination for students before they arrive on campus this fall, possibly the first school in the country to announce a vaccine requirement. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/rutgers-university-jersey-require-students-230139540.html

    March 26th 2021 In 20 states, you can overturn election results, by law. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/543853-mcconnell-pelosi-trying-to-overturn-a-state-certified-election-in-iowa https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/most-arizona-congressional-republicans-voted-to-overturn-states-election-results-11524037 https://ktla.com/news/nationworld/trump-endorses-challenger-to-georgia-secretary-of-state-who-wouldnt-overturn-2020-election-results/

    March 26th 2021 UK National Health Service (NHS) Your how to manage your medical data: https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/manage-your-choice/">https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/manage-your-choice/">https://www.nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters/manage-your-choice/

    March 26th 2021 British former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption has warned that "social controls", pernission to leave your house, brought about by the coronavirus pandemic may be kept in place by governments for up to 10 years. https://summit.news/2021/03/25/massive-backlash-to-no-jab-no-pub-proposal/ -- Bloomberg : Opt Ed. Prepare for Permanent Lockdowns https://summit.news/2021/03/25/bloomberg-op-ed-we-must-start-planning-for-a-permanent-pandemic/

    March 26th 2021 Pro Lockdown campaigner calls for 2 year lockdown and permission to leave your house https://www.infowars.com/posts/campaigner-calls-for-2-year-lockdown-government-permission-to-leave-house/

    March 25th 2021 Teachers Sue LA School District Over COVID Vaccine Mandate https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/teachers-sue-la-school-district-covid-vaccine/

    March 25th 2021 NYC Judge Removes 6-Year-Old From Mother Because She Didn't Wear A Mask While Dropping Her Off At School https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/judge-removes-6-year-old-from-mother-because-she-didnt-wear-a-mask.html

    March 25th 2021 "Do you still want to be vaccinated with an understanding there are currently no available data on the safety or effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, including Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, in pregnant people, lactating people or immunocompromised people?" https://news.yahoo.com/mississippi-remove-misleading-language-covid-121351124.html

    March 25th 2021 Passengers have their temperatures checked at boarding, and can't exceed 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. https://www.yahoo.com/news/flew-frontier-during-pandemic-found-163545758.html

    March 25th 2021 Franklin Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham published a Facebook post Wednesday on the COVID-19 vaccines. He's "been asked if Jesus were physically walking on earth now, would He be an advocate for vaccines," Graham wrote. His answer was "yes." https://news.yahoo.com/pro-trump-evangelical-advised-getting-094501092.html

    March 25th 2021 Why Israel could be heading for its most right-wing government in history https://news.yahoo.com/why-israel-could-heading-most-090637045.html

    March 25th 2021 Moncef Slaoui, the former head of Warp Speed, has exited 3 biotech firms after facing a 'substantiated' sexual-harassment claim https://news.yahoo.com/former-scientific-head-trumps-vaccine-130658385.html

    March 25th 2021 Legally, No, "store policy" can't include "No Mask Exemptions"; discrimination. threats, assault, theft, lies nor gang stalking by employees. You can video tape their crimes in their store. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF620SI01x4

    March 25th 2021 Figures from Public Health England (PHE) show the risk of dying from covid if infected is 1,513 per 100,000 people for over-80s, but for children aged five to nine, this is just 0.1 per 100,000. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9395467/Children-vaccinated-August-11m-18s-inoculated-start-term.html

    March 25th 2021 The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d'État and the "Great Reset". The first stage of this crisis (outside China) was launched by the WHO on January 30th 2020 at a time when there were 5 cases in the US, 3 in Canada, 4 in France, 4 in Germany. Do these numbers justify the declaration of a Worldwide public health emergency? https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-2020-worldwide-corona-crisis-destroying-civil-society-engineered-economic-depression-global-coup-detat-and-the-great-reset/5730652

    March 24th 2021 COVID-19 – The Fight for a Cure: One Gigantic Western Pharma Rip-Off https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-19-fight-cure-western-pharma-rip-off/5707360

    March 24th 2021 Synthetic mRNA COVID Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease. It is also important to note, despite SarsCov2 virus and the syndrome labelled as Covid being used interchangeably, causation has not been proven as per Koch's postulates. https://www.globalresearch.ca/synthetic-mrna-covid-vaccines-risk-benefit-analysis/5738270

    March 24th 2021, Mainland China and Hong Kong have covered around 5% of their populations with Vaccines; most Asian countries are at less than 3%. Hong Kong had just 3 "alleged" deaths from Covid in the last week. https://www.wsj.com/articles/quick-to-contain-covid-19-asia-trails-west-in-vaccinations-11616578236

    March 24th 2021 Pubs could be allowed to BAN customers who haven't had the Covid jab, Boris Johnson says, with landlords to decide whether to use vaccine passports https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9398809/Pubs-allowed-BAN-customers-havent-Covid-jab-Boris-Johnson-says.html

    March 24th 2021 Large Study From 160 Countries Over 8 Months: Lockdowns NOT Linked With Lower COVID Death Rates https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/lockdown-one-year-on-it-doesnt-work-it-never-worked-it-wasnt-supposed-to-work.html

    March 24th 2021 Amazon is reportedly telling delivery drivers they must give 'biometric consent' so the company can track them as a condition of the job https://www.yahoo.com/news/amazon-reportedly-telling-delivery-drivers-205024167.html

    March 24th 2021 Bill Gates at fast food drive thru: "Would you like the #1 Astrazenica Chimpanzee Virus with extra Protein Spike Sauce? The #2 Pfizer Covid-19 Replicator Gene Therapy? The #3, the Whopper, with everything on it, Immuno-Therapy? All 3 for $5 or pick your "Vaccine Scenario" at the order window! All scenario's guaranteed to be made-to-order, 100% mortuary approved! 4thReich.com

    March 24th 2021 Today, Dr Ron Paul confirms "researchers" have revealed that these "Vaccinology" Vaccines have not been tested, until tested on you. 2) NY Post: Researchers and UN confirm, more people died from the effects of the "Lockdowns, (10-15 Million worldwide) than the Virus"; not including the fake Virus numbers, like the Flu, dropping 95% this year, all counted as Covid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc6GhWf4aUk

    March 24th 2021 Jabs will be COMPULSORY for care home staff: Leaked report says ministers will make vaccinations mandatory for workers in adult social care amid concerns over low take-up https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9391579/Coronavirus-vaccines-COMPULSORY-care-home-staff.html

    March 24th 2021 Hong Kong suspended all Bill Gates/Phiser Vaccines due to 50 instance's of bad batches and bad packaging. While that's going on, Hong Kong, with 7.5M people recorded a whole 10 ALLEGED CASES, leading to exactly ZERO deaths, given the 98%-99.9% survival rate. https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/3126716/coronavirus-hong-kong-and-macau-suspend

    March 24th 2021 Tesla Leaks follow-up on Privacy Issues with In-Car Camera's, GPS & Biometrics https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-cabin-cameras-consumer-reports-analysis/

    March 24th 2021 Tesla responds, by beginning to take payments by Bitcoin https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-tsla-bitcoin-payments-confirmed/

    March 24th 2021 The Federal Reserve chair warns public on Bitcoin https://thehill.com/regulation/finance/544404-powell-warns-public-of-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-risks

    March 24th 2021 Bernie Sanders hate's Tesla's and lies about electric cars https://www.teslarati.com/bernie-sanders-berate-elon-musk-net-worth-2021/

    March 24th 2021 Gym offers free memberships to people who refuse vaccine https://www.infowars.com/posts/gym-offers-free-memberships-to-people-who-refuse-covid-vaccine/

    March 24th 2021 George Orwell Double-speak: "Natural Immunity is out of the question" "Only Vaccine's create herd immunity" https://news.yahoo.com/spread-covid-19-getting-vaccine-004400827.html

    March 24th 2021 Astrazeneca uses phoney data and phoney statistics https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fauci-reacts-astrazeneca-coronavirus-data-155210002.html

    March 24th 2021 Astrazeneca is a military operation, to be fast-tracked, using a Chimpanzee cold virus with 5X10 to the 10th "virus particles" and the SARS-2 spike protein https://www.astrazeneca.com/media-centre/press-releases/2021/astrazeneca-us-vaccine-trial-met-primary-endpoint.html

    March 24th 2021 Moreover, (neither the cause nor the epidemiology of influenza was well understood), and many experts remained (unconvinced that social distancing measures had any measurable impact). https://www.marketwatch.com/story/americans-have-tired-of-wearing-masks-and-social-distancing-before-heres-what-happened-next-11616535687

    March 24th 2021 After 2 vaccine's, you still need social distancing, masks and lockdowns https://www.yahoo.com/news/health-expert-says-travel-first-202310676.html

    March 24th 2021 Only 5% of Chinese have taken a "vaccine" https://www.yahoo.com/news/hong-kong-halts-batch-pfizer-014446413.html

    March 24th 2021 The Vaccine, filled with your body producing Covid spike proteins... to give women persistent problems https://news.yahoo.com/women-40s-50s-survive-covid-124630875.html

    March 24th 2021 Long Covid "Vaccine" affects seven in 10 patients five months later https://news.yahoo.com/long-covid-affects-seven-10-131442695.html

    March 23rd 2021 Pfizer to go solo on new vaccines using mRNA technology to develop new vaccines for other viruses - WSJ https://news.yahoo.com/pfizer-other-vaccines-using-technology-095319514.html

    March 23rd 2021 Regeneron "said" their vaccine reduced "symptoms" from 14 people to 10 people, a whole 4 people. https://www.barrons.com/articles/regeneron-stock-climbs-on-positive-covid-19-antibody-data-51616505432

    March 23rd 2021 All Around The World - Anti-Lockdown Protests:

    March 23rd 2021 Dear Humans: (Blow Rock?) This is your future. You deserve it, you'll probably like it. And, never argue with the robot! Have you seen Robocop? Don't worry (It's only a Glitch)

    March 23rd 2021 Wearechange | 7,000 Fine for breaking Covid travel rules, Robots to police people for political views, criminalize protests. In the future, you'll have to blow the robot, just like you blow your slave-owners today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZE831pInH8

    March 23rd 2021 - They tried the Trump Card, Nuremberg Fire at the Capitol, Now.... Four Ace's of Terror! (It all happened exactly like the news said, right Alex Jones? That's what I thought!) https://banned.video/watch?id=605a6aec16b2d05b31fa9c6f

    March 23rd 2021 Alex Jones Bullshit! Where's the video from the Supermarket? Amateur video, Cut scenes, gunshot sounds added... Total bullshit!! Where's the blood on the bodies, shoes or hands from the "Vic-Sims" or "Vic-Witnesses or Vic-Shooter? No Motive? Alex Jones says it's real, just like Donald Trump says to "take the experimental vaccine" https://banned.video/watch?id=605a1fc6835cb75a48d14b38

    March 23rd 2021 Lawsuit filed in Canada over Covid Quarantine Hotels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db7E1XdEBak

    March 23rd Astrazeneca is lying, and animals don't get Covid! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/astrazeneca-says-covid-19-vaccine-094535121.html

    March 23rd 2021 20 Countries suspend use of Astrazeneca vaccine https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/20-countries-suspend-use-of-astrazeneca-vaccine-but-regulators-insist-benefits-outweigh-risks.html

    March 23rd People are now dying from the experimental Johnson & Johnson "Vaccine" https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/young-people-are-now-dying-following-the-experimental-johnson-and-johnson-covid-injections.html

    March 22nd 2021 Get your candy, and experimental computer model "Vaccine", all free today!! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/donuts-weed-gift-cards-companies-195953786.html

    March 22nd 2021 Trump to launch a social network like 4thReich.com https://finance.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-social-network-211532975.html

    March 22nd 2021 The "Summer of Love" is now the "Summer of Super Gonorrhea"? - WHO https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-scientists-think-summer-stis-111628078.html

    March 22nd 2021 You still have to pay your back rent, despite the Presidntial Directive banning evictions. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/2555c311-b4e5-3c11-a358-2c7e644ccc37/my-landlord-gave-me-a-waiver.html

    March 22nd 2021 58 Billion Masks have already been thrown in the trash. Not including the fact that your supposed to throw way each mask, every time you use it, or about a dozen masks per day, per person or 3.5 Trillion masks per year. https://www.yahoo.com/news/plastics-recycling-90-percent-garbage-083545398.html

    U.S. Military pushes the UFO Hoax:https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-military-recorded-lot-more-154910933.html

    March 22nd 2021 Gematria expert Zackary Hubbard's last broadcast before being banned by the 4th Reich Nazi's "About to be deleted for 20th time by YouTube Nazis" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE3wwo03dTo

    March 22nd 2021 UK: Covid masks and social distancing could last years, despite taking 10-20 "Vaccine" scenario's https://davidicke.com/2021/03/22/covid-masks-and-social-distancing-could-last-years/

    March 22nd 2021 Want a Job, Get a Shot? Dr Ron Paul http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2021/march/22/want-a-job-get-a-shot/

    March 21st 2021 Fantastic London lockdown march grotesquely misrepresented here as 'protestors clash with police' – No – the face-nappies clashed with peaceful protestors in a crowd so large the face nappies could not have stopped it if they tried. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/police-filmed-clashing-anti-lockdown-23764310

    March 21st 2021 Lockdown and 'vaccine' protestors on the streets of Melbourne – Come on Aussie, come on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS7IODcRGDg

    March 21st 2021 Fascist Dutch police shower anti-lockdown protesters with water cannons after crowd assembles near Van Gogh Museum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2yN-Vrk2rk

    March 21st 2021 MASSIVE Anti-Lockdown Protests Rage Worldwide: 'Burn Your Masks!' https://off-guardian.org/2021/03/20/discuss-worldwide-rally-for-freedom/

    March 20th 2021 The Coronavirus Vaccine: The Real Danger is "Agenda ID2020". Vaccination as a Platform for "Digital Identity" https://www.globalresearch.ca/coronavirus-causes-effects-real-danger-agenda-id2020/5706153

    March 20th 2021 EMERGENCY SATURDAY BROADCAST! Great Reset Goes Off The Rails As Humanity Awakens To Global Tyranny https://banned.video/watch?id=60567d6bc0deeb54eef4a4b7

    March 20th 2021 Ronavax Roulette: Lipid Nanoparticles — PEG And The Protein-Corona (Part Three) https://www.activistpost.com/2021/03/ronavax-roulette-lipid-nanoparticles-peg-and-the-protein-corona-part-three.html

    March 20th 2021 Congresswoman Gabbard denounced not only the criminal war against Syria, but also the unilateral, criminal economic embargo imposed on Syrians: The Biden administration continues to use our military to illegally occupy northeastern Syria to, quote, take the oil as Trump so crassly but honestly put it, violating international law. Washington is imposing sanctions on the Syrian people, it is NOT imposing sanctions on al Qaeda, ISIS and SDF (all Washington proxies) inside Syria. Furthermore, all Western "humanitarian" aid (sic), she says, goes to al Qaeda. (3) https://www.globalresearch.ca/permanent-warfare-war-terror/5740301

    March 20th 2021 Spa THREATENED with $100,000 a day in fines — Boho owner says microblading safer than WalMart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIZl5y3rwRE

    March 20th 2021 World Wide Rally For Freedom - #NewWorldNextWeek? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1jfJMt0jFQ

    March 20th 2021 UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights https://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/ -- Medical Ethics, Health, Declarations, Resolutions, Charters https://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/MedicalEthics.aspx

    March 20th 2021 Declaration of Geneva – WMA – The World Medical Association safeguards the ethical principles of the medical profession https://www.wma.net/what-we-do/medical-ethics/declaration-of-geneva/

    March 20th 2021 New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says NYPD officers should pay people home visits if they engage in "hurtful" behavior to others even if the action isn't criminal. https://www.infowars.com/posts/mayor-de-blasio-tells-nypd-to-pay-people-home-visits-for-hurtful-comments/

    March 20th 2021 2013 Rockefeller Paper Predicted Isolation, the Death of Physical Interaction, Privacy & Global Health Police https://davidicke.com/2021/03/20/2013-rockefeller-paper-predicted-isolation-the-death-of-physical-interaction-global-health-police/

    March 20th 2021 Autonomous Vehicles Will Automatically Stop For Police, Roll Down Windows And Unlock Doors. The National Institute of Justice, the RAND Corporation and the Police Executive Research Forum want to give law enforcement real-time access to autonomous vehicles. https://www.activistpost.com/2021/03/autonomous-vehicles-will-automatically-stop-for-police-roll-down-windows-and-unlock-doors.html -- Will Elon Musk at Tesla allow for privacy violations from in-car camera's, biometrics, gps, radar, geo fencing etc. https://www.tesla.com/support/car-safety-security-features

    March 19th 2021 The Final Revolution of the 4th Reich? The Mark Of The Beast Is Here! Walmart Joins Communist China, EU With Medical Social Credit Score https://banned.video/watch?id=60553b1be261c9526295d5a8

    March 19th 2021 FACT: Bill Gates Finances, Influences Nearly Every Major Institution Driving the Global Pandemic Narrative https://21stcenturywire.com/2021/03/16/fact-bill-gates-is-financing-controlling-nearly-every-major-institution-driving-the-global-pandemic-narrative/

    March 19th 2021 Live Stream: Activist Chris Sky vs 20 Canadian Cops for Not Wearing a Mask #justsayno https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_DwqCnlhQo

    March 19th 2021 MMR "Vaccines" Hoax: Chickenpox is Herpes Simplex 10 (Eddie Murphy). MMR Vaccines are not needed; babies don't need any Herpes. Later, you get Shingles from the "Vaccine". No one dies No one dies from Chickenpox. So, why do they need to vaccinate 7 Billion people when it's not a deadly disease? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chickenpox

    March 19th 2021 TO PROTEST OR NOT TO PROTEST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOkQEEh1pYU

    March 19th 2021 Vaccine Secrets: What parents should know before vaccinating your children. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/vaccine-secrets-parents-should-know-before-vaccinate/

    March 19th 2021 The mRNA Bio-weapon Vaccine causes massive reactions in those who have already had a previous "Vaccine"; that manufactures Covid genetic materical in human cells https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/strong-reaction-first-covid-19-vaccine-may-signal-previous-infection-experts-214925129.html

    March 19th 2021 Facist Hitler Brownshirts https://www.yahoo.com/news/woman-refuses-wear-mask-texas-221512551.html

    March 19th 2021 Self Defense. This particular poster has had health and life threatened by moron shop-keepers, more than a dozen times! https://www.yahoo.com/gma/man-allegedly-stabs-fast-food-104214339.html

    March 19th 2021 #woke is George Orwell's 1984: #justice "The end will be put, the idea of penalizing one man for the errors of another."; Violation of Nuremberg Trials - Nikola Tesla in John Galt's Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wseyWRBWzyM

    March 18th 2021 Israeli using artificial wombs in a "Jar" to end Humanity; created by "the chosen people" https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/03/17/1020969/mouse-embryo-grown-in-a-jar-humans-next/

    March 18th 2021 The Child Rapist, and mass-murderer, Pope, calls for New World Order http://www.christianitydaily.com/articles/11171/20210316/pope-francis-calls-for-new-world-order-for-post-pandemic-world.htm

    March 18th 2021 Rebel News TV: International Criminal Court complaint filed by Canadian Politician for Unneccessary Lockdowns that have killed more people than the "Virus"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoengjLTeWU

    March 18th 2021 CNN Covid Duping Delight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKl9XEbkJZI

    March 18th 2021 Phoney Vaccine Jab on Politicians & Actors: Compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBo69MxWoPI

    March 18th 2021 Wearechange: They think your Stupid. And, they're right!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A-dBFCAEb8

    March 18th 2021 Messages of MANKINDNESS.net https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfC-7LXJp_0

    March 18th 2021 Public Health England Admits It Cannot Scientifically Prove That 'COVID 19' Is Contagious https://tapnewswire.com/2021/03/public-health-england-admits-it-cannot-scientifically-prove-that-covid19-is-contagious/

    March 18th 2021 I didn't order the Fauci baloney on rye with RNA sauce. "Denmark was the first to suspend giving out the vaccine on Thursday. Thailand, Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia had all followed suit by Friday." https://davidicke.com/2021/03/18/i-didnt-order-the-fauci-baloney-on-rye-with-rna-sauce/

    March 18th 2021 Britain will take a step closer to police state tyranny this week when parliament passes a bill that will effectively end the cherished, longstanding tradition of 'the right to protest.' https://www.technocracy.news/delingpole-uk-rapidly-moving-toward-police-state-tyranny/

    March 18th 2021 Pfizer executives explain to investors that people may need a third dose of 'Covid vaccine', in addition to regular yearly boosters (Told yer). The company will soon begin plans to hike prices given the 'significant opportunity for our vaccine' https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20514141-pfe-usq_transcript_2021-03-11

    March 18th 2021 4th Reich - Covid-21 https://www.amazon.com/4th-Reich-Covid-21-ebook/dp/B08F4NTP7Z

    March 18th 2021 How a Mexican town became paradise for thousands fleeing soul-destroying lockdowns https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/mexican-town-became-paradise-thousands-085628574.html

    March 18th 2021 Trump Supporters Turn On Him Over COVID-19 Vaccine In Uncomfortable CNN Segment https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/oklahoma-diner-coronavirus-shot-090301890.html

    March 18th 2021 Foreign secretary calls EU threat to block vaccine exports. It has decided not to approve vaccines on an emergency basis, as the UK's regulator - the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) - has done. Brussels only 3.57% of population fully vaccinated https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-eu-threatens-to-block-jab-exports-to-uk-and-other-countries-with-high-vaccination-rates-12248671

    March 18th 2021 Isreal mandates "Freedom Bracelets" for citizens and travelers entering the country https://www.rt.com/news/518424-israel-covid-bracelet-mandate/

    March 18th 2021 #LOCKDOWNS Number of youth in hospital after suicide attempt tripled over 4-month period under COVID-19. Referrals to Eating Disorders Program increased by 90% https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/pandemic-safety-measures-children-teen-health-impact-1.5953326

    March 17th 2021 FIGHT BACK: Virginia Restaurant Owner Scraps Mask Mandate, Will Fight for His Business in Court. https://www.newsweek.com/virginia-restaurant-owner-defies-covid-rules-1576760

    March 17th 2021 China asks WHO to create a worldwide vaccine passport https://www.scmp.com/news/china/politics/article/3125372/coronavirus-chinas-plans-vaccine-passport-may-be-hampered-lack

    March 17th 2021 Digital Trails: How the FBI Is Identifying, Tracking and Rounding Up Dissidents Relying on selfies, social media posts, location data, geotagged photos, facial recognition, surveillance cameras and crowdsourcing, government agents are compiling a massive data trove on anyone and everyone who may have been anywhere in the vicinity of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The amount of digital information is staggering: 15,000 hours of surveillance and body-worn camera footage; 1,600 electronic devices; 270,000 digital media tips; at least 140,000 photos and videos; and about 100,000 location pings for thousands of smartphones. FBI agents are matching photos with drivers' license pictures; tracking movements by way of license plate toll readers; and zooming in on physical identifying marks such as moles, scars and tattoos, as well as brands, logos and symbols on clothing and backpacks. They're poring over hours of security and body camera footage; scouring social media posts; triangulating data from cellphone towers and WiFi signals; layering facial recognition software on top of that; and then cross-referencing footage with public social media posts. https://www.globalresearch.ca/digital-trails-how-fbi-identifying-tracking-rounding-up-dissidents/5740087

    March 17th 2021 Klaus Schwab's Fourth Reich Reset and Kill Gates' Vaccine Genocide - Dollar_Vigilante https://beforeitsnews.com/international/2021/03/klaus-schwabs-fourth-reich-reset-and-kill-gates-vaccine-genocide-dollar_vigilante-2503889.html

    March 17th 2021 RFK, Jr. to President Biden: No. 1 Driver of Vaccine Hesitancy Is Mistrust of Regulators https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/03/rfk-jr-to-president-biden-no-1-driver-of-vaccine-hesitancy-is-mistrust-of-regulators-3745314.html

    March 17th 2021 Moderna Begins Testing It's Gene Therapy "Vaccine" On Children As Young As 6 Months! https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/17/moderna-begins-testing-its-covid-19-vaccine-in-children

    March 17th 2021 COVID – Bioethics, Eugenics and 'Death Panels': 'A Warning' https://www.globalresearch.ca/covid-bioethics-eugenics-death-panels-warning/5740095

    March 17th 2021 Is Fauci President of the World? Trump: "Fauci told me to tell you" ... 'I would recommend' getting (one or all of the 100 un-tested) COVID-19 vaccine/s; 'It works incredibly well'. The former president urged Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine, while acknowledging that his supporters make up a large portion of those unwilling to do so. (Trump was also the one who told his followers "I'll meet you at the Capitol"; and then never shows up. Then, in his farewell address, he calls his followers that were waiting for him at the Capitol; an "attack" so that his followers can be tried as Seditionists and Terrorists.) https://www.npr.org/2021/03/16/978008056/trump-encourages-his-supporters-to-get-covid-19-vaccine-within-limits-of-freedom

    March 17th 2021 Boris Johnson pushes bill for more CCTV surveillance and undercover police in bars and nights clubs. https://www.kdrv.com/content/national/573999432.html?ref=432

    March 17th 2021 European Union Announces Must-Have Coronavirus Passport. Are you going to need one of these for Elon Musk to send you to Mars? https://www.usnews.com/news/health-news/articles/2021-03-17/european-union-announces-coronavirus-passport-to-allow-free-travel-in-bloc

    March 16th 2021 ICC Goes After Israel for Nuremberg Code Violation Complaint. Draw your attention to the fact that a copy of this document will also be sent to the media around the world for violating the Nuremberg Code. https://www.globalresearch.ca/icc-goes-after-israel-nuremberg-code-violation-complaint/5740213

    March 16th 2021 The World Health Organization (WHO) tacitly admits one year later that ALL PCR tests conducted at a 35 cycle amplification threshold (Ct) or higher are INVALID. https://www.globalresearch.ca/nucleic-acid-testing-technologies-use-polymerase-chain-reaction-pcr-detection-sars-cov-2/5739959

    March 16th 2021 Operation Crimson Contageon? An AI scenario that makes the "Virus Theory" assumption that "Virus", or genetic material, is contageous. https://banned.video/watch?id=6050fd58ce21bf47bd7bd110

    March 16th 2021 URGENT: New documentary proves "Climate Engineering", not "Global Warming", is causing droughts, heat and rain. Paying "Carbon Taxes" will not change the weather. https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/urgent-new-documentary-proves-climate-engineering-by-controlling-the-weather-not-global-warming-is-destroying-life-and-the-planet-immediate-danger-far-greater-than-covid-19.html

    March 16th 2021 Trends Journal: COVID-19 WAR, Our Freedom or Power, Money, and Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm2pdXeLY64

    March 8th 2021 Ben Carson is the "brain surgeon" that developed special techniques for "Labotame's" for children https://boingboing.net/2021/03/08/watch-ben-carson-reads-his-anti-cancel-culture-poem-on-fox-news.html

    MOON HOAX REWIND: This is the piece of junk "moon lander?"; held together by tape and super-glue is "science"! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UuRCwsGugg

    April 3rd 2020 Joe Biden, health officials to hand out chemically-doused masks in order to kill you https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-chemical-masks-robbery/false-claim-criminals-in-the-uk-are-handingoutchemically-doused-masks-in-order-to-commit-robbery-idUSKBN21L37U

    March 16th 2021 Lauterpacht Centre of International Law https://www.lcil.cam.ac.uk/lectures-events/hersch-lauterpacht-memorial-lectures

    March 16th 2021 Politico: Celebrates the End of Humanity https://www.politico.eu/article/no-more-babies-expert-warns-that-hormone-altering-chemicals-threaten-human-procreation/

    March 16th 2021 Thousands of Latinos were sterilized in the 20th century. Amid COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, they remember https://www.yahoo.com/news/thousands-latinos-were-sterilized-20th-090055817.html

    March 16th 2021 The AstraZeneca vaccine has not been authorized for use yet in the United States, although a review of its U.S. (computer model) trial is expected soon. https://www.yahoo.com/news/concerned-blood-clots-bleeding-az-114623011.html

    February 7th 2021 Lessons from the Nuremberg Trials: A Response to "East West Street" By Phillippe Sands https://www.humanrightspulse.com/mastercontentblog/lessons-from-the-nuremberg-trials-a-response-to-east-west-street-by-phillippe-sands

    January 1st 2021 AMA Journal of Ethics | Cautions About Medicalized Dehumanization https://edhub.ama-assn.org/ama-journal-of-ethics/module/2774470

    March 15th 2021 The 2020 Worldwide Corona Crisis: Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global Coup d'État and the "Great Reset" | Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-2020-worldwide-corona-crisis-destroying-civil-society-engineered-economic-depression-global-coup-detat-and-the-great-reset/5730652

    March 15th 2021 Public Health England Admits It Cannot Scientifically Prove That 'COVID 19' Is Contagious https://tapnewswire.com/2021/03/public-health-england-admits-it-cannot-scientifically-prove-that-covid19-is-contagious/

    March 15th 2021 Israeli anti-vaxxers submit ethics complaint citing the Nuremberg Trials https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/coronavirus-israeli-anti-vaxxers-submit-ethics-complaint-to-icj-report-661925 -- https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/israels-green-passport-vaccination-program-has-created-a-medical-apartheid.html

    March 15th 2021 Israeli Police State Medical Tyranny is the Model for the 4th Reich; Ignore Info-Whores citing hydrocloroquine hoax and nuke hoax https://banned.video/watch?id=604fbe33dd5caf458aee03ad

    March 15th 2021 Joe Biden Urges Pastors and Priests to Promote Coronavirus Vaccines, Masks to MAGA Americans https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/03/15/joe-biden-urges-pastors-and-priests-to-promote-coronavirus-vaccines-and-masks-to-maga-americans/

    March 15th 2021 Trump vaccine scientists warns of "aerosolized" bio-weapons; ignores UV lights as cures against pathogens. It's about COVID-19 now, but I think it's going to be about aerosolized and respiratory viruses in the future," Birx said. "I think we'll all look at." https://www.yahoo.com/gma/birx-trumps-disinfectant-injection-moment-222000435.html

    March 15th 2021 China Streamlines Visas for Foreigners Inoculated with Chinese Vaccines with Phoney Test Not Looking for a Virus. 'Chinese embassies in these countries also noted in the statement that COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] nucleic acid tests and serology IgM antibody tests taken within 48 hours are still required upon arrival, and travelers must follow local quarantine rules at their destinations in China,' the Global Times wrote. https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202103/1218400.shtm -- 50% of Chinese medical workers hesitant to take Chinese vaccine https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3122418/chinas-public-hesitant-take-covid-19-vaccines-another-survey

    March 15th 2021 The Vatican likes gays, child molestation and child trafficking, but "union's" are a no-no. The note distinguished between the church's welcoming and blessing of gay people, which it upheld, but not their unions. https://apnews.com/article/vatican-decree-same-sex-unions-cannot-bless-sin-077944750c975313ad253328e4cf7443

    March 15th 2021 Rat-Man Fauci, scurries around, weighs 3 foot social distancing; which doesn't help against smoke or virus that float in the air for 45 minuts https://www.yahoo.com/news/fauci-us-weighs-3-foot-144239918.html

    March 15th 2021 The Washington Post has issued a correction to a January 9 story in which it claimed that then-President Donald Trump had told a Georgia state elections investigator to 'find the fraud.' In fact, an audio recording showed Trump said no such thing. https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2021/03/15/washington-post-admits-trumps-find-the-fraud-quote-was-fake-news/

    March 15th 2021 Commenter: This is Trump's vaccine. Please remember: 'I hope everyone remembers when they're getting the COVID-19 (often referred to as the China Virus) Vaccine, that if I wasn't President, you wouldn't be getting that #beautiful 'shot' for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn't be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!' https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/donald-trump-wants-credit-for-the-vaccine-as-if/2021/03/12/4f40a492-836e-11eb-81db-b02f0398f49a_story.html

    March 15th 2021 Lee's sandwich employees (properly) identified as Nazi's for requiring face masks to buy a shit sandwhich https://www.yahoo.com/news/leess-sandwich-employees-called-nazis-205036359.html

    March 15th 2021 FRANCE, Germany and Spain are the latest nations to suspend use of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine today due to blood clot fears. https://www.the-sun.com/news/2516094/astrazeneca-covid-vaccine-france-suspended-blood-clots/

    March 15th 2021 Bank of America in Galveston called police after Wright refused to wear a mask while inside. "Police brutality right here people," she said to the other customers at the bank. Replies of "no" and "no, it's not" could be heard. (The Morons who believe in Coronavirus are now your mortal enemy. The police officer could have well have blown her brains out, and the morons would cheer!) https://www.yahoo.com/news/arrest-warrant-issued-woman-rejects-221823800.html

    March 15th 2021 Police dogs and water cannons: Anti-lockdown protest meets heavy fascist police response in The Hague, the International Criminal Court https://davidicke.com/2021/03/15/police-dogs-and-water-cannons-anti-lockdown-protest-meets-heavy-fascist-police-response-in-the-hague/

    March 15th 2021 Why is Death After 'Covid-19 Vaccination' Always Assumed to Be Coincidental? "flash pulmonary edema" https://thevaccinereaction.org/2021/03/why-is-death-after-covid-19-vaccination-always-assumed-to-be-coincidental/

    March 15th 2021 We Will NOT Be Silenced: Medical Professionals Worldwide Continue To Speak Out In 'Ask The Experts II' https://davidicke.com/2021/03/15/we-will-not-be-silenced-medical-professionals-worldwide-continue-to-speak-out-in-ask-the-experts-ii/

    March 30th 2020 First CT scan on Covid cases led to the initial diagnosis of pneumonia. Lung fluid (PCR) of known pathogen panels led to negative results for Covid. (?80%, ?50%, and ?96% similarity to the genome of the severe acute respiratory syndrome virus (SARS-CoV)) (Less % "similarity" than between Mice and Humans) https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsnano.0c02624

    March 15th 2021 Alleged Democrat, CA Governor, and son of an Oil barron, Gavin Newsom calls for wearing double-masks, even standing by yourself, in the middle of the forest https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/coronavirus/southern-california-coronavirus/california-mask-guidance-double-coronavirus-covid/2542258/

    March 15th 2021 Florida Sees Same COVID Case Rate and 1/2 Death Rate as California, Despite No Statewide Restrictions https://www.newsweek.com/florida-sees-same-covid-case-rate-california-despite-no-statewide-restrictions-1576211

    March 15th 2021 50% of Prison Guards said "hell no" to Vaccine https://apnews.com/article/us-prison-guards-refuse-vaccine-despite-covid-19-outbreaks-522775575fc815ee2354e97c3428dce0

    March 15th 2021 Health officials in Nevada reported an additional 222 COVID-19 cases and 1 more "alleged" death on Sunday. https://www.capradio.org/articles/2021/03/15/california-coronavirus-updates-march-2021/#ukinwashoe

    March 15th 2021 Lockdowns have caused 15-88 Million people to enter "extreme poverty" UN - "Access to healthy, fresh, healthy, nutritious food has really been disrupted"" Payan said. "So there are more people who are at risk and are missing out on the fresh vaccine and don't have access to healthy food." https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/vaccine-high-risk-factsheet.aspx

    March 15th 2021 2 Million vaccine doses would reduce the cases by 3? The plan changed the threshold for counties to enter the red tier from 7 cases per 100,000 residents to 10 cases once the 2 million doses were delivered. https://www.capradio.org/articles/2021/03/12/sacramento-surrounding-counties-could-move-to-red-tier-soon/

    March 14th 2021 Fauci Says Coronavirus Temperature Checks 'Notoriously Inaccurate'. Just a 1 degree temperature reading above "normal" can lead to a : "covid case", quarrantine and contact tracing https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2020/08/13/fauci-says-coronavirus-temperature-checks-notoriously-inaccurate/

    March 14th 2021 Nuclear stood front and center during Premier Li Keqiang's 2021 Government Work Report delivered at the start of the week long meeting. 'We are going to increase nuclear and make sure it is safe,' he said. https://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2021/03/14/how-china-aims-to-beat-the-us-europe-at-net-zero-carbon/?sh=78eef1ae708a

    March 14th 2021 Anthony Fauci says Trump should urge his supporters to get the new technology, AI modeled, untested, fast-tracked "Vaccine/s" https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/03/14/fauci-trump-supporters-vaccine/

    March 14th 2021 Canadian Health Chief Says COVID Restrictions Must Continue Even AFTER Taking Vaccine https://www.infowars.com/posts/canadian-health-chief-says-covid-restrictions-must-continue-even-after-taking-vaccine/

    March 14th 2021 New Zealand PM admits Covid is "Propaganda" https://banned.video/watch?id=604c15428dc93040dd576a16

    March 14th 2021 I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19; I have seen some positive PCR tests in asymptomatic people, and watched people be imprisoned in their own homes and isolated from family and friends. https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/er-doctor-and-advanced-trauma-life-support-professor-i-have-never-seen-a-patient-sick-with-covid-19-we-are-being-deceived-and-manipulated.html

    March 14th 2021 Statement on urgent open letter from doctors and scientists to EMA regarding 'Covid-19 vaccine' safety concerns - Professor Sucharit Bhakdi https://davidicke.com/2021/03/14/statement-on-urgent-open-letter-from-doctors-and-scientists-to-ema-regarding-covid-19-vaccine-safety-concerns-professor-sucharit-bhakdi/

    March 14th 2021 Anti lockdown protest in Dresden, Stuttgart & Munich Germany https://www.brusselstimes.com/news/world-all-news/159870/germany-police-officers-injured-in-protest-against-coronavirus-measures-pandemic-lockdown-dresden-stuttgart-munich-protester/ -- March 14th 2021 Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters march through Copenhagen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXF9IHiVkIs -- March 14th 2021 Dutch, Denmark, Copenhagen Police Clashes With Anti-Lockdown Protesters Ahead of Election https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXF9IHiVkIs -- March 13th 2021 Anti lockdown Protest, Bloor ST, Downtown, Toronto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRLgpT6JVzY -- March 11th 2021 Athens Protesters Hurl Petrol Bombs as Anti-Police Brutality March Turns Violent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLJvDByKuKE -- March 11th 2021 Freedom Protests in U.K becomes Malay (anti-lockdown protests) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4l7AouHkxc -- March 11th 2021 Czech Republic: Anti-COVID restrix protest hits Prague https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsskKdZofMA -- March 9th 2021 Anti Lockdown Protest - Ireland, Canada, Denmark, Argentina, Austria - Global Resistance - Anti Mask https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDr_UJC0kW0

    March 10, 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis did just that by passing Executive Order 21-65 which removed any COVID-19-related fines on individuals or businesses from local governments https://www.flgov.com/wp-content/uploads/orders/2021/EO_21-65.pdf

    March 10th 2021 #PANDEMIC #SIMULATIONS The titles of these exercises are reminiscent of Hollywood productions: "Dark Winter" (2001), "Global Mercury" (2003), "Atlantic Storm" (2005) or "Clade X" (2018). High-ranking government representatives as well as well-known journalists were involved, most recently, at "Event 201" in October 2019, also board members of large global corporations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3WUv5SV5Hg

    --------------------------------------- YOUR PRIVACY & HUMAN RIGHTS + LAWS & LAWSUITS ---------------------------------------

    -- How to declare your rights and laws to open up your business; declare medical examptions under Covid --

    March 11th 2021 Rebel News TV | Meet the Toronto nurse who REFUSED a COVID test and quarantine legallyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRICJKu2nME

    March 9th 2021 First Court Case Against Mandatory COVID Vaccination Filed in New Mexico https://apnews.com/article/public-health-lawsuits-coronavirus-pandemic-courts-new-mexico-47b5e8eb9d20eb7c1a3910f9ee1b3a98

    March 7th 2021 Bioethics and the New Eugenics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HqBK9ACo7k

    March 5th 2021 MPs, Medical Experts, & Victim Families Demand Inquiry Into Deaths Wrongly Certified As COVID-19 https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/inquiry-into-deaths-wrongly-certified-as-covid-19.html

    March 2nd 2021 President Zuzana Caputova said that Sputnik V "Vaccine" wasn't one of them because "there's no responsible authority to guarantee its safety." https://money.yahoo.com/russian-sputnik-v-vaccine-splits-185534273.html

    February 28th 2021 Common Law Court's John Smith talks with David Icke about how businesses can reopen under common law and overcome the fascist impositions of the state "https://banned.video/watch?id=603b5b9413460b2162f72ef6

    September 11th 2019 VirtualU.net | HIPAA, CCPA, medical privacy laws and dozens of others are cancelled by directives & orders. Trump suspends HIPAA penalties with national emergency declaration -- Masks, Contact tracing and Temperature readings are all a violation of HIPAA, CCPA, US-EU Privacy Shield, other medical and privacy laws..

    HIPAA Medical Exemptions

    April 19 2020 Let the lawsuits begin! Tesla succombs to Coronavirus Hoax guidelines to open Gigafactory Nevada and implements unconstitutional rules. 1) Violations of the Right to Assemble 2) Violations of HIPPA Laws for Biometrics and APP data sharing 3) Violation of California Privacy Law 4) Violation of Personal Data Laws like the EU’s “Right to be Forgotten” 5) Violation of personal health; wearing masks, taking temperature readings and how many vaccines you’ve tanken are not a gague of human health. https://youtube.com/watch?v=qwvsFCXejsE

    Biometrics Complaint Lawsuit: https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/privacy/man-files-lawsuit-over-former-employers-use-of-biometric-fingerprint-scanner/

    May 3rd 2020 It has been well published here since May 2018 at the Zuckerberg Congressional Hearings: “Any attempt to perform “Contact Tracing”” is illegal without permission by Congressional Madates, Laws, Acts and Guidelines such as the US-EU “Right to be Forgotton, AMA, HIPAA Patient Privacy Act, California Privacy Act 2020” and others. Contact Tracing by Corbett Report: https://youtube.com/watch?v=0IDURYmdGeg; US-EU Privacy Shield, HIPAA etc. official videos and links to their sources: https://youtube.com/watch?v=hLELUCoC7Dk

    HIPAA Patient Privacy Act https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B_IWwsTb9o

    California Privacy Law CCPA 2020 (Including Biometrics) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elg9lrxx_RM

    NY Shield Act 2020 https://findbiometrics.com/new-yorks-shield-act-includes-biometric-data-provision-032402/

    US-EU Privacy Shield Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLELUCoC7Dk

    November 18 2020 Privacy Changes to YouTube's Terms of Service to clarify Facial recognition restrictions (Including in Tesla cars): The Terms of Service already state that you cannot collect any information that might identify a person without their permission. While this has always included facial recognition information, the new Terms make that explicitly clear. https://youtube.com/t/terms

    February 3rd 2021 Forced vaccines, vaccine passports against human rights: Council of Europe https://davidicke.com/2021/02/03/forced-vaccines-vaccine-passports-against-human-rights-council-of-europe/

    UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6 requires consent and a thorough understanding of the ingredients in the vaccines. http://portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=31058&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html

    The Nuremberg Code (German: Nürnberger Kodex) is a set of research ethics principles for the brutality of the unethical medical experiments https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Code

    We Must Demand #Nuremburg #Trials For All The "Covid" Perpetrators, Psychopaths, Killers And Their Lapdogs For Crimes Against Humanity and "I was just following orders" will not wash – as at Nuremburg. Here Rachel Elnaugh sets out a way forward to bring these people to account https://davidicke.com/2021/02/05/we-must-demand-nuremburg-trials-for-all-the-covid-perpetrators-psychopaths-killers-and-their-lapdogs-for-crimes-against-humanity-and-i-was-just-following-orders-will-not-wash-as-at-nurembu/

    Mysterious Death?: Li Wenliang that allegedly found Coronavirus, mysteriously died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Wenliang -- Kary Mullis, that invented the phoney PCR test, that does not diagnose diseases, also mysteriously died. https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/kary-mullis--inventor-of-the-pcr-technique--dies-66256

    FEATURED HOAX: Spanish Flu #Hoax: The same scenario happened in 1918. If 50-100M died, that would be 1000-2000 NFL football stadiums packed with dead bodies. 1) Mask Mandates 2) Arrests for not covering your mouth 3) Empty hospitals 4) Empty tents 5) Not 1 dead body in Google Images for "spanish flu 1918". Zero! Not 1 dead body from Covid, neither. Zero! Patients murdered by hospital staff maybe, but not "dropping dead in the street" dead.

    ----------- CORONAVIRUS HOAX POSTED ON FACEBOOK FEBRUARY 25th 2020 : Updated February 25th 2021 ----------

    Coronavirus Hoax

    1) ----- For Immediate Release: February 2nd 2021 - TESLALEAKS.COM SPECIAL REPORT: Questions presented to the International Criminal Court at The Hague about war crimes against humanity from the Coronavirus Hoax. Evidence for a new Nuremberg Trial & How to open up Legally are BELOW Posted on Facebook February 25th 2020 with 500 updates titled: "66.6 Facts Why CoronaVirus is a Full-Blown Hoax". http://teslaleaks.com/coronavirushoax.html

    3 Cards in the Illuminati Mutual Assured Distraction Card Game by Steve Jackson Games, 1999 & 2010

    Mutual Assured Distraction Card Game

    66.6+ Reasons Why Corona Virus is a Full-Blown Hoax

    1) Maderna & Phiser innoculations are not "Vaccines" and are also manufactured "gain of function" genetic material. Phiser admits that COVID mRNA Vaccine is -Not A Vaccine- at all!! Its "Chemotherapy" and Gene Therapy. It is unlawful under the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. 41 et seq., to advertise that a product or service can prevent, treat, or cure human disease unless you possess competent and reliable scientific evidence, including, when appropriate, well-controlled human clinical studies. https://banned.video/watch?id=60076fda8c03b74ce0e2f6f5

    Ebola Virus and Species Patent owned by the U.S. Department of Health. November 12th 2015 Chapel Hill NC gain of function research on bats stirs debate over risky research. Merck and Astrazenica abandoned development and testing of coronavirus vaccines. March 14th 2016 SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence | PNAS

    mRNA that manufactures "Spike" Proteins that can result from the expression of recombinant DNA within living cells are termed recombinant proteins. When recombinant DNA encoding a protein is introduced into a host organism, the recombinant protein is not necessarily produced.[1] Expression of foreign proteins requires the use of specialized expression vectors and often necessitates significant restructuring by foreign coding sequences.[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recombinant_DNA

    2) Two types of "Vaccines" described at the National Institute of Health 1) makes your own cells manufacturer the viral genetic material 2) mRNA, recombinant DNA, by definition, physically changes your DNA "expression" by manipulating the "codons" that contains the instructions for manufacturing https://news.vanderbilt.edu/2021/02/17/sars-cov-2-protein-blocks-an-essential-step-in-host-gene-expression-new-discovery-finds/. Safety and efficacy studies at the NIH or by the manufacturer are only looking for "Immunoresponses, NOT for Viruses; despite the vaccine companies writing their own studies and fast-tracked. "They use a safe virus to deliver the genetic code (DNA) of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to human cells so that the cells can make the protein. JNJ-7843672 uses a human adenovirus to deliver the code for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein." https://niaid.nih.gov/diseases-conditions/covid-19-vaccine-faq.

    In the same fashion, Koch Postulates to "Isolate" a "Virus" or duplicated "genetic material" for Covid has only been done with Monkeys, with anal swabs, and only found "virus particles". https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7095368/

    3) Covid-19 AI Scenario, the Forced Innoculations and 13 other aspects of the Hoax was predicted by Tesla Leaks as the most likely response to the domination of Tesla & Nikola Tesla; at The Rise of the Jedi Podcast on December 22nd-December 26th 2019 at 1AM Rise of the Jedi Podcast

    4) The Great Reset and Plandemic was pre-planned; as their New World Order was at risk of collapse - Joe Biden, January 2016

    5) Plandemic was pre-planned at the 2019 World Economic Forum; under the title Event 201 Scenario by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates

    6) Just as their old order of oil, gas, propane, coal and tree buring failed; as their prices collapsed and renewable energy reached "negative prices"; they shut down Tesla Factories in the U.S and Shanghai

    7) Hosptitals don't provide or use the words "Cures" to anything, more or less anything for a cold virus, they use the word "Treat"

    8) The 2002-2004 SARS outbreak sourced "hospital staff" as the originators of SARS, 500,000 yearly cases of sepsis and other infectious diseases. March 2003 report where 200 hospital staff get SARS and spread it to patients.

    9) All real medical cures from Ozone, to UV, to Plasma, to filtering your blood with Electric Fields; are banned by hospitals; while also not covered by Insurance

    10) WHO lies about UV-C light and Sunlight; claiming UV-C does-not kill Coronavirus. FDA: UV-C destroys SARS-Coronavirus. The destruction of the protein shell ultimately leads to inactivation of the virus. UV-C is safe for human skin

    11) EPA banned peer review of the first study by Trump team on UV-C lights with resperators on humans, citing alleged danger.

    12) Governments and Hospitals banned Primatene Mist in 2011 to breath, and instead they use incubators to kill 90% of you. Just 1 mask reduces O2 intake by 20% and causes carbon dioxide poisoning.

    13) Mainstream Media ignores real cures of virus and disease. AMA bans electric healing in the early 1900's calling it "quackery" clack clack clack, and Pseudo-Scientific. Electricity Greatest of All Doctors - Nikola Tesla to the IEEE in 1899

    14) No authentic pictures exist of Coronavirus; without a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or TEM Microscope and Photoshop. SARS-2 Photoshop Cartoon

    15) Covid from Bat guano in China is only #blamed and never has been proven in any way. Chinese Officials Blame US Army for Coronavirus; citing "this is the Black Swan event the Globalists have been waiting for"

    16) No #causation ever proven between any particular virus and a particular disease; not even HIV & AIDS; citing "The correlation between antibody to HIV and AIDS does not prove causation" - NIH

    17) Hospitals are empty; emergency tents are empty; have been already torn down. U.S. Field Hospitals Stand Down, Most Without Treating Any Covid Patients - PBS

    18) Flu disappeared in 2020 all counted as Covid cases and deaths

    19) Swab tests, Anal probes and other test look for antibodies or reactions, not for a particular virus - NIH. Tanzania President shows how Goats show false-positives to Covid tests and "has technical errors". Austrian politician presents a False-positive test using Coca-Cola. Coca Cola and Pepsi join the hoax and promote using thier plastic bottles for covid testing.

    20) mRNA therapeutics, by definition, changes your DNA. This mRNA "Vaccine" is from the lung tissue of an aborted child from 1966.

    21) PCR test copies genetic material; 40X with errors each replication, looks for only "markers", to become anything they want; and not for diagnosing any illness or disease. However, it must be noted that detection of microbes in the CSF does not always indicate a CNS infection, since impairment of the blood-brain barrier may permit transit of microbes. - NIH

    22) Temperature readings of 98.8, is not an accurate gague of a disease. Testing machines are also faulty. The human body is not uniform in its temperature; thus, measurements at different locations can yield varying results. The most accurate way to measure temperature is to take a rectal reading. See China Anal Probe test for Covid.

    23) Immunologic Adjuvant "Vaccines" never have been and never will be a cure for anything; other than a poison to solicit a reaction, to reduce or increase T-Cells.

    24) All Vaccines contain unregulated nano-particles of protein snippets of #whatchamacallit; nano-organic mercury; nano aluminum, and other so-called adjuvents. The #1 side effect of all mercury derivatives in all innoculations is "brain damage" - NIH

    25) Vaccines, by definition, are designed create a cytokine storm of rogue antibodies in which the innate immune system causes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules called cytokines. Cytokine Storms May Be Fueling Some COVID Deaths - WebMD

    26) Trump, Jones, Fauci & NIH claim Hydro-cloro-quine (Hydrogenated Chlorine (Bleech) + AmphetamIne (Ine)) + stinky Sulfer is a "cure" for cold virus's. The FDA & NIH and the larger scientific community have warned against the use of the Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, citing ineffectiveness, lack of benefits and risk of heart rhythm problems. The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet could not verify the data on which the results depended. It's not a Malaria (Hoax) cure either. It simply reduces your T-cells by 40%, reducing the "cases" by 40%, Malaria still ends up killing the patient. Therapies to decrease CD8 immune activation

    27) Holes in a paper mask are 1000X bigger than genetic material at .02-.20 Microns. HEPA 2.5 is 10-100X bigger than a Virus. Masks only prevent large particles, not nano-particles. - NIH. To cover for their original lie that "just wear the mask" - Joe Biden; Experts are now claiming you need to wear 2 or 3 masks.

    28) Masks in many ways, by touching your ass and face and then mask, foster disease, infection, and even lung cancer it doesn't prevent them. Bacterial Pneumonia (spread by the hospital staff) Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza. - NIH & Fouci, 2008

    29) Masks suffocate and train to suffocate children, elderly, asthmatics and others. Wearing a mask can be dangerous or pose a suffocation hazard

    30) Join the Dark Side, We have Masks! Masks are worn by Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Empire's minions and Walmart employees

    31) Psychological effects of mask wearing is astouonding and innumerable. Evidence suggests that there may be consequential psychological impacts of mask wearing on the basic psychological needs of competence, autonomy, and relatedness - NIH

    32) Dead Virus's are not Transmittable, despit what you've been told. No one you know died of Coronavirus, that didn't have 5+ pre-existing conditions. Death Counts are considered "Provisional" - CDC. 94% of U.S. COVID-19 deaths had numerous contributing health problems - CDC. But, the fake news does claim Lions at zoo's can get Coronavirus; while the CDC admits that Some coronaviruses, such as canine and feline coronaviruses, infect only animals and do not infect people.

    33) There is no newspaper death notices, funerals etc. for any of the alleged deaths. Since there is no funerals, instead Biden to hold national memorial service for US Covid victims.

    34) Children have less than a .2% death rate, even with phoney death numbers. Few US children are dying from covid-19 - The Washington Post.

    35) There was no dead people in body bags in NY as Trump suggested. He is lying to prop-up the Hoax. Trump Describes Seeing Bodies in Body Bags At NYC

    36) There is less overall deaths in 2020 in the U.S. than there was in 2019; when removing the increase in suicide, record drug overdoses, poverty; the reduction in traffic deaths and un-registered illegals being counted as deaths.

    37) All the politicians and are actors that said they had Covid, had no side effects whatsoever; Larry King did not die of Covid. - Shawn King. Boris Johnson didn't even clear his throat once in his Live Interview.

    38) Lockdowns have officially made 40 Million people homeless; without the Presidential Directive banning evictions. USAToday. Lockdowns made 120 Million Jobless.

    39) Lockdowns cause people to congregate at home, the opposite of the reason for a lockdown

    .666) The 6' X 6' X 6' social distancing is, you've got it, 666, or 12' X 12' X 12' is, you've got it 3 6's, or 666.

    40) The species name of Covid-19 is (HEL1) spoken "hell one" helical virus; categorized as a family of cold virus by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and in the 1989 AMA Encyclopedia. Coronavirus nsp13 SF1 Helicase (HEL1) - NIH

    41) Psychological effects of social distancing, no hugs, hand shakes, kissing or sex; is astounding and innumerable. No sources needed.

    42) Rockefeller (Oil) Foundation & US DOS wrote a report on Operation Lockstep; for public policing policy called #lockstep; a prison term. The US Department of State is policing the population policy 1999, NIH. - Rockefeller Foundation is the founder and funder of the World Health Organization.

    43) U.N. is threatening a global food pandemic of Apocolyptic proportions

    44) 10 Million people have already starved to death because of lockdowns. 132 Million into Hunger - UN

    45) 50%-80% of businesses in the U.S. could go out of business, leaving just Taco Bell. Coronavirus Bankruptcy Tracker

    46) HIPAA medical privacy laws and dozens of others are cancelled by directives & orders. Trump suspends HIPAA penalties with national emergency declaration

    47) $6.66T bailouts and free money to the people behind all these scams. U.S printed $6.66T in phoney currency in 2020.

    48) Bill Gates said he will make 200X his investment into his operating system Vaccines

    49) First you needed a Vaccine, now multiple Vaccines, next you'll need 100; and still have to wear 3 masks, social distance and a Tattoo of phosphorescent nano-dots. There are currently more than 50 COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

    50) CNN admits that you will need a Certificate of Vaccination 2019 (Covid-19) passport to leave your house

    51) CNN admits the Contact Tracing APP will ensnare anyone you've been near; to be forceaby quarrantined. Contact tracing will be conducted for close contacts (any individual within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes or more) - CDC. Could your child or pregnant wife be a victim of medical kidnapping?

    52) Masks, Contact tracing and Temperature readings are all a violation of HIPAA medical and other privacy laws.

    53) Vaccine Mandates or you will not be able to have a job, get government funds or go outside your house without taking Bill Gate's OS vaccines.

    54) Citizens around the world have been threatened by merchants, other citizens and police with death from day 1, if they don't do as their told. Police make 6500 arrests in the U.K. for breaking mask and distancing guidelines.

    55) Once mandatory by December 9, 2020, national guard, police and military will use the Martial Law to National Guard will administer the vaccines force vaccinate you and your family. - Military Times

    56) Local police are now setting up Mask Squads to round up people not obeying their rules (or whatever else they say)

    57) Banks are now closing customer bank accounts and destroying your business if you don't wear a mask, or anything else they say

    58) False-Flag operations are now in effect, to blame truth, freedom and the American Way and/or God. Oregon Senator correctly describes the Capitol "attack" as a False-Flag Operation to treat American's as Terrorists.

    59) Mainstream news is now lying about every event that happens on the ground, making claims of fact we all know are false; such as proven voter fraud and the phoney attack on the Capitol. The company Scytl Secure Electronic Voting, S.A, (also stylized SCYTL) is a Spanish provider of electronic voting systems and election technology; that counts the votes for the U.S., then returns the results, It has board members from the Rockefellers, Rothchilds, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Russia & Others.

    60) Covid was a cover for the facist communists to steal the election using dozens of fraudulent vote counting methods. Dominion Voting Systems are a complete fraud. The data is always accessable by the manufacturer.

    61) All Presidential Directives, Orders & Mandates are Unconstitutional; the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been CANCELLED! Despite this lack of constitutional authority,...

    62) "Rules" are not "Laws"; in the dictionary. To make you think they are the same, they use the term Rule of Law to make it so. A Rule, of a Law, means that government beurocrats can make-up 1000 rules, to supposedly abide by a particular law.

    63) Governments are now making Sex Rules where you must not have sex, but masterbate in front of your partner, social distanced and be wearing 3 masks

    64) Homeland Security is rolling out Social Distancing Shock Collars for the Slaves as a "cure" for Coronavirus. Social Distancing is a mis-nomer and worthless. Nano-particles float in the air like smoke for at least 45 minutes. Nano-particles from just speech float for 8 minutes.

    ((Predictive Programming in Movies: In the 1991 movie "Wedlock"; if you venture too far from your controllers, the shock bracelet around your neck; blows your head off)) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedlock_(film)

    65) Medicare pays $13K to $300K to list any case or death as a Covid-19 death

    66) Weapons confiscation before the government agents and NWO stooges come to kill you. Pelosi wants security money for Stormtrooper Mask and Body Armor to face the "enemy within" House of Representatives

    February 24th 2021 Wearechange | It was ALL a LIE...

    ------------------------------------------------------ DAILY COVID NEWS ----------------------------------------------

    KIDNEYX CONSPIRACY: March 13th 2021 As predicted, Covid is a cover story to harvest kidney's https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/covid-science-severe-kidney-problems-195244087.html -- Previous "Vaccines" given to you cause kidney disease, so that they can sell you kidney's and kidney dialysis later.... KidneyX in collaboration with UCSF and Vanderbilt University. https://www.hhs.gov/cto/initiatives/kidneyx/index.html -- President Donald Trump's Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health Initiative; to "retain" good kidney's, lower kidney dialysis costs, and sell you new kidneys, to make-up the back-log of 1 Milllion kidneys. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advancing_American_Kidney_Health -- In 2015 The Kidney Project was awarded $6 million from the National Institute of Health. -- Dec 14, 2020 Kidney Dialysis Is a Booming Business -- Is It Also a Rigged https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/kidney-dialysis-is-a-booming-business-is-it-also-a-rigged-one1/ -- May 29, 2020 AstraZeneca Provides $1.1 Million to American Kidney Fund https://www.kidneyfund.org/news/news-releases/astrazeneca-provides-1-1-million-to-akf-coronavirus-emergency-fund.html

    March 13th 2021 #Operation #Endgame Biden Announces Military Operation Deployment of 4,000 More Troops (Army of Vaccinators) to Help forcibly vaccinate the public https://www.nytimes.com/live/2021/03/11/us/joe-biden-news

    March 13th 2021 Colbert's family is in the Vaccine business https://news.yahoo.com/dr-fauci-chooses-between-pfizer-143120691.html -- His father, James William Colbert Jr., was an immunologist https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Colbert

    March 13th 2021 Hungary with highest vaccination rate, has the highest Covid death-rate. The country now has the third highest Covid-19 fatality rate in the world. https://www.yahoo.com/news/sick-man-europe-record-virus-161226496.html

    March 13th 2021 #fourth #reich Bill Gates got the contract for MS DOS from his mom at IBM. https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/ibm-holocaust-computational-machines-vaccine-tracking-and-food-allowance.html

    March 13th 2021 Human Shock Collars & Bracelets! Originally designed for their first phoney target, Al-CIA-Duh. In the Movies like the Running Man https://banned.video/watch?id=604bc1f02659533ff14a8615

    March 12th 2021 Canadian Doctors speak out on Covid. The facts about Covid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7vWuIO5Q6Y

    March 12th 2021 Before COVID, Gates planned social media censorship of vaccine safety advocates with pharma, CDC, media, China and CIA https://www.afinalwarning.com/503298.html

    March 12th 2021 "V for 2021"

    March 12th 2021 41% of Republican's and 11% of Democrats "will not take the Vaccine" https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicholasreimann/2021/03/11/here-are-the-groups-who-dont-want-a-vaccine-and-trump-voters-are-near-top/

    March 12th 2021 Big Bank's Globalist Death Cult Announce Plans For Global Communism https://banned.video/watch?id=604bb8502659533ff1498f51

    March 12th 2021 Biden Announces If We All Take Vaccines Like Good Slaves We Can Be Free Again In July. Texas AG says state ruling supersedes "local rules and regulations" on mask mandates. 'It's hard to see what (you can't see), but you'll soon see.' - Joe Biden – Watch Live https://banned.video/watch?id=604b5b914d3d043f29e2e11c

    No Plane No Virus

    March 12th 2021 'England hits important milestone as less than 1% of people catch Covid in every region'. NO - the amplification protocol of the 'test' not testing for the 'virus' has been lowered on WHO instructions to reduce the number of fake 'positives' called 'cases' to make it look like a fake non-vaccine is 'working' - no one 'caught' it before and no one's 'catching' it now https://davidicke.com/2021/03/12/more-baloney-england-hits-important-milestone-as-less-than-1-of-people-catch-covid-in-every-region-no-the-amplification-protocol-of-the-test-not-testing-for-the-virus-has-been-lowered/

    March 12th 2021 Watch Fauci Admitting There Is No 'Science' Behind Continued Lockdown https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/fauci-admits-there-is-no-science-behind-lockdown.html

    March 12th 2021 3000 police to enforce new lockdown in central Indian city https://news.yahoo.com/police-enforce-lockdown-central-indian-121250450.html

    March 12th 2021 CA Covid tracking APP "Daily Pass" required for all schoolchildren https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2021/03/09/los-angeles-orange-counties-poised-red-tier-california-coronavirus-reopening-blueprint/

    March 12th 2021 Confirmed: You're Vote Doesn't Count Part 8 -- VIDEO: Pelosi Says 'Of Course' Democrat House Could Overturn Election Results To Let Democrat Win Months After Losing Election https://www.infowars.com/posts/video-pelosi-says-of-course-democrat-house-could-overturn-election-results-to-let-democrat-win-months-after-losing-election/

    March 12th 2021 Green Party Hoax Update: The "Green Party" wants to shut down your food, water, energy, carbon (or anything else) and your rights to "save the planet"; they have nothing to do with renewable energy or electric cars. Green Party peer says ALL MEN should face 6pm CURFEW: Baroness Jones calls for ban on males after dark to 'make women feel safer and lessen discrimination' – you mean like her discrimination against men? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9350711/amp/Green-peer-calls-MEN-face-6pm-CURFEW-wake-Sarah-Everard-murder.html

    March 12th 2021 Big Bank's Globalist Death Cult Announce Plans For Global Communism https://banned.video/watch?id=604bb8502659533ff1498f51

    March 11th 2021 Biden's Army of Vaccinators https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/11/us/biden-expands-vaccine-sites.html

    March 11th 2021 The Great Reopening | Are we seeing the end of the Covid Hoax? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk7m7BVpFs4

    Gerald Celente's Trends Journal: The Wizard of Covid, Who is Behind the Curtain? "They should be jailed"

    March 11th 2021 CBS | Experts Say Covid Will Never End! (downvoted 3-1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7JhvSgcuy0

    March 1st 2021 The 4th Annual Fake News Awards! -- Winner: Coronavirus Hoax!

    STATISTICS ALERT: March 9th 2021 CDC Report: National Mask Mandates only reduced "Cases" by 1.1% to 2%; (not including the phony tests); that would be 30,000 "cases" reduced. Of the 30000 "cases", and a 99% survival rate is a grand total of 300 people. Of the 300 people "saved"; the national mask mandates reduced the death rate by 3%, or about 9 people. https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210308/cdc-issues-new-report-on-face-mask-effectiveness

    March 11th 2021 European Nations Reportedly Halt AstraZeneca Jabs on Reports of 'Serious' Blood Clots https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/10-european-nations-halt-astrazeneca-jabs-on-reports-of-serious-blood-clots.html

    March 11th 2021 Oklahoma Lifts Mask and Lockdown Restrictions https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/2021/03/11/oklahoma-gov-kevin-stitt-undo-remaining-covid-19-restrictions/6947773002/

    March 11th 2021 In Israel, Refusing COVID-19 Vaccination Means 'Your Life is Basically Over'. "No entrance to shopping malls. No more theater visits. Children about 16 who did not take the injection are not allowed to take their exams. Protesting parties in the Knesset are brought to silence and threatened by the military." https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/israel-refusing-vaccination-means-your-life-is-over.html

    March 11th 2021 MRNA JABS PIONEER FROM ROCKEFELLER UNI TARGETED CANCER, TESTED IT ON HIMSELF, DIED OF CANCER https://tapnewswire.com/2021/03/mrna-jabs-pioneer-from-rockefeller-uni-targeted-cancer-tested-it-on-himself-died-of-cancer/">https://tapnewswire.com/2021/03/mrna-jabs-pioneer-from-rockefeller-uni-targeted-cancer-tested-it-on-himself-died-of-cancer/

    March 10th 2021 The letter was copied to the President of the Council of Europe and the President of the European Commission citing Nuremberg Code. Video: Doctors and Scientists Write to European Medicines Agency (EMA) Warning of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers https://www.globalresearch.ca/doctors-scientists-write-european-medicines-agency-warning-covid-19-vaccine-dangers/5739515

    February 24th 2021 Pfizer has become a terror. The US pharma company is reportedly asking for military bases and sovereign assets as guarantee for vaccines. WION's Palki Sharma has the details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zoSSHx9QtA

    March 10th 2021 Can lockdowns be defeated Legally? OpenSaskatchewan.com Open Saskatwhawan | Rebel News TV, Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X4lFmnfStU

    August 18th 2020 About 30.9% of the respondents said that they 'had symptoms of anxiety or depression' and about 26.3% reported trauma and stress-related disorders caused by the outbreak. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2020/08/18/the-pandemic-has-caused-an-increase-in-anxiety-stress-depression-and-suicides/?sh=235cda175863

    March 9th 2021 Stanford Medical Professor | Lockdowns were the worst public health mistake in the last 100 years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfhgsi6sCCc

    March 9th 2021 CDC updates: Wear a mask while exercising indoors (by yourself even) at gyms. pilates, even by yourself! https://www.nbcnews.com/shopping/wellness/cdc-masks-during-exercise-n1260261

    March 1st 2021 Lockdowns Have Killed Millions by Sebastian Rushworth M.D. https://sebastianrushworth.com/2021/03/01/lockdowns-have-killed-millions/

    March 10th 2021 The Nuremberg Code https://humansarefree.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/2-2-the-nuremberg-code.pdf

    March 10th 2021 ZERO School Children Died of COVID in Sweden During the 'First Wave' Despite Schools Being Open - Leading Academic Quits After Intimidation and Threats for His Findings https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/zero-school-children-died-of-covid-in-sweden-during-the-first-wave-despite-schools-being-open-leading-academic-quits-after-intimidation-and-threats-for-his-findings.html

    March 9th 2021 At 35:18, Oathkeepers leader Stewart Rhodes confirms Tesla Leaks contentions since 2012 with Facebook time and date stamps that the fraud in Elections included the stealing of Elector's from Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 https://banned.video/watch?id=6047c6bb9428d235f97cd709
    -- Tesla Leaks special report on the 37 Ways Ron Paul Was Cheated in 2012 and Your Vote Doesn't Count Parts 1-7 page search for any keyword @ www.TeslaLeaks.com

    March 9th 2021 How Oil Could Go To $100 Per Barrel | https://oilprice.com/Energy/Crude-Oil/How-Oil-Could-Go-To-100-Per-Barrel.html

    March 9th 2021 U.S. Oil Refineries Still Down And Out After Freeze https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/US-Oil-Refineries-Still-Down-And-Out-After-Freeze.html

    March 8th, 2021 My HIV/AIDS investigation, and the parallels to the COVID hoax https://canadafreepress.com/article/my-hiv-aids-investigation-and-the-parallels-to-the-covid-hoax

    March 3rd 2021 The Schrems II ruling created a noteworthy disruption in the data-privacy environment. https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/risk/our-insights/international-personal-data-transfer-amid-regulatory-upheaval

    February 28th 2021 #Operation #Endgame - America's "Domestic War on Terror": Under Domestic Terrorism Laws, Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government Can be Considered a Terrorist https://www.globalresearch.ca/america-domestic-war-terror-domestic-terrorism-laws-anyone-disagrees-government-considered-terrorist/5738527

    March 9th 2021 March 9th 2021 U.S. Billionaire Stan Kroenke Wins Fight to Kill Public Access to Lakes. Kroenke, who is married to Walmart heiress Anne Walton, owns the largest ranch in Canada. https://www.yahoo.com/news/u-billionaire-stan-kroenke-wins-215622330.html

    March 9th 2021 Most merchants in the world and not "private property". They are Renters; they don't own the parking lot either. Over 50% of mall department stores to close by 2021: Greenhttps://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/29/50percent-of-all-these-malls-forecast-to-close-by-2021-green-street-advisors-says.html

    March 9th 2021 At 35:18, Oathkeepers leader Stewart Rhodes confirms Tesla Leaks contentions since 2012 with Facebook time and date stamps that the fraud in Elections included the stealing of Elector's from Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 https://banned.video/watch?id=6047c6bb9428d235f97cd709

    -- Tesla Leaks special report on the 37 Ways Ron Paul Was Cheated in 2012 and Your Vote Doesn't Count Parts 1-7

    Re-Posted November 11th 2018 - 37 Ways Ron Paul Was Cheated: https://www.facebook.com/christopher.l.edwards13/posts/10157940206551632

    March 8th 2021 Oprah Winfrey commonly runs advertisments promoting Vaccines, Prescription Dope and Abortion. British viewers took to Twitter during Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's bombshell interview with Oprah last night to question why pharmaceutical companies advertise directly to viewers. https://news.yahoo.com/brits-calling-dystopian-post-apocalyptic-161811483.html -- Oprah Winfrey gave a big boost to the "abortion is wonderful" cause last month when she included in her O magazine a first-person story by the woman who began the #ShoutYourAbortion movement. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/oprah-champions-shoutyourabortion-and-ignores-women-who-regret-their-abortions

    March 8th 2021 Most Pandemics, like the Black Plague, were from "Poisoning the Water, or Poisoning the Pot". UK: 191,832 Individual Adverse Events, Including Blindness and Deafness, Have Been Reported After Receiving the mRNA COVID Jabs. "So they poured out for the men to eat. And it came to pass, as they were eating of the pottage, that they cried out, and said, O thou man of God, there is death in the pot. And they could not eat thereof." 2 Kings 4:40 (KJB) https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/uk-191832-individual-adverse-events-including-blindness-and-deafness-have-been-reported-after-receiving-the-mrna-covid-jabs.html

    March 8th 2021 I AM LEGEND Predicted COVID-19 Vaccine Mutations / Death https://banned.video/watch?id=604628ff7d2e5c334e317a81 -- "Chickenpox" is also Herpes that is in the "Vaccine's"; has nothing to do with Chickens! Both give you Shingles https://www.nbcnews.com/health/kids-health/chickenpox-lifelong-herpes-virus-comes-serious-side-effect-n1004201

    March 8th 2021 Here's All The Evidence Of Election Fraud In 2020 We Have So Far https://banned.video/watch?id=6046db1e7c94fc349d0c02a9

    March 8th 2021 The Deputy Medical Officer of Ontario, Canada, Dr. Barbara Yaffe recently stated that COVID-19 testing may yield at least 50 percent false positives. This means that people who test positive for COVID may not actually have it. Former scientific advisor at Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, argued that the proportion of positive tests that are false may actually be as high as 90%. https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/lancet-article-50-75-of-positive-pcr-tests-are-not-infectious-people.html

    March 8th 2021 Research: Mask Mouth Causes Gum Disease, Which Increases Coronavirus Death Risk by 900% https://nypost.com/2021/02/08/covid-19-patients-with-gum-disease-more-likely-to-die-study/

    August 27th 2018 In a Twist, Scientists Find Cancer Drivers Hiding in RNA, Not DNA https://www.mskcc.org/news/scientists-find-cancer-drivers-hiding-rna-not-dna

    March 8th 2021 Numbers in new CDC report DESTROY the case for masks and they are lying about those numbers, too - masks are about psychological reframing, dehumanisation, and damaging respiratory health which they can call 'Covid-19' https://davidicke.com/2021/03/08/numbers-in-new-cdc-report-destroy-the-case-for-masks-and-they-are-lying-about-those-numbers-too-masks-are-about-psychological-reframing-dehumanisation-and-damaging-respiratory-health-which-they-c/

    January 28th 2021 10 Reasons that SARS-CoV-2 Is an Imaginary and Theoretical Virus https://thefreedomarticles.com/10-reasons-sars-cov-2-imaginary-digital-theoretical-virus/

    March 7th 2021 #NUREMBERG Lawyers Promise "Nuremberg Trials" Against All Behind COVID Scam. Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum. https://politicalvelcraft.org/2021/03/07/lawyers-promise-nuremberg-trials-against-all-behind-covid-scam/

    March 7th 2021 #InsuranceThe letter, seen by The Telegraph, says that if not enough pupils wear masks it could create "ramifications" for a school's Insurance. Insurance, is that where your loyalties lie, is that your alibi? I don't think so!! https://www.yahoo.com/news/unions-threaten-parents-school-closures-203532716.html

    "Vanderbilt, Morgan, Trump, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Getty Oil, Getty Images, Gates!... your dirty, dirty, money. Sell it to the Devil" --Anything For MONEY - Michael Jackson

    March 7th 2021 Zika was a warm-up for COVID; it didn't fly https://davidicke.com/2021/03/07/zika-was-a-warm-up-for-covid-it-didnt-fly/

    March 7th 2021 Kids Living Near Fracking Wells Absorbing High Levels of Dangerous Chemicals -- Study https://davidicke.com/2021/03/07/kids-living-near-fracking-wells-absorbing-high-levels-of-dangerous-chemicals-study/

    March 7th 2021 Numbers In The New CDC Report DESTROY The Case For Mask Mandates https://www.infowars.com/posts/numbers-in-the-new-cdc-report-destroy-the-case-for-mask-mandates/

    March 7th 2021 Thousands Protest Coronavirus Restrictions and Vaccines in Romanian Capital (EU) https://apnews.com/article/world-news-bucharest-romania-coronavirus-pandemic-84de17023bc4ba67597b2d0253689b6f

    March 7th 2021 Republicans and Churches praise Conservative-Nationalist Communist China; while they deal dope from Afghanistan. Sounds like what the Republican Party has been spouting since Nixon. Remember when Limbaugh the pill head called for drug users to be executed? The United Soviet Socialist Republics. The People's Republic of China. The Republic of North Korea. The Islamic Republic of Iran. The Republican Party. Spun from the same cloth. China As Variety notes, the proposal—and the public's apparent ready support for it-comes just a few weeks after the China Association Of Performing Arts issued new "celebrity morality guidelines" that ranged from requiring performers to profess love for the country's Communist Party. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/china-reportedly-considering-ban-actor-034800538.html

    March 7th 2021 Biden is going after the most vulnerable. Children that have a .1% death rate, lower than death by slipping on a banana peel. The Biden administration is preparing to launch the first of several Covid-19 testing hubs to coordinate and oversee a $650 million expansion of testing in K-8 schools and congregate settings like homeless shelters. https://news.yahoo.com/biden-team-plots-country-first-070003988.html

    March 7th 2021 #child #abuse Students are struggling to read behind masks and screens during COVID-19, but 'expectations are no different' https://news.yahoo.com/students-struggling-read-behind-masks-110050253.html

    March 7th 2021 In Washington, city officials have implemented a multi-agency strategy for vaccinating homeless individuals regardless of age or condition https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/homeless-americans-fear-vaccine-conspiracies-100008777.html

    March 7th 2021 Dolly Parton Got A Dose Of The Vaccine She Helped Fund https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/phew-dolly-parton-got-dose-161709190.html

    March 7th 2021 Doctors admit that children now have major mental health problems because of fear, lockdowns, masks and the fake news media. Issues like self-harm and eating disorders were on the rise. https://news.yahoo.com/schools-warned-alert-mental-health-222800672.html

    March 7th 2021 Shut these Masked-Morons down!! People threaten to call ICE on Texas Mexican restaurant that kept mask rule, it says. https://www.yahoo.com/news/people-threaten-call-ice-texas-174830375.html

    March 7th 2021 Austria suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine batch after death https://www.yahoo.com/news/austria-suspends-astrazeneca-covid-19-112542559.html

    March 7th 2021 #NUREMBERG Lawyers Promise 'Nuremberg Trials' Against All Behind COVID Scam. Right now, a second Nuremberg tribunal that is in preparation, with a class action lawsuit being set up under the aegis of thousands of lawyers worldwide behind the American-German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who is prosecuting those responsible for the Covid-19 scandal manipulated by the Davos Forum. https://politicalvelcraft.org/2021/03/07/lawyers-promise-nuremberg-trials-against-all-behind-covid-scam/

    March 6th 2021 GREAT JOB HACKERS! Bury these shitheads!! At Least 30,000 U.S. Organizations Newly Hacked Via Holes in Microsoft Exchange. The attack exploited holes in Exchange, a mail and calendar server created ... In the hack that Microsoft has #attributed to the Chinese. (Microsoft IS the VIRUS) https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/06/technology/microsoft-hack-china.html

    March 6th 2021 Joshua Slocum: We're Living in a Cluster B World; the origins of Fascism, Liberalism & Domestic Violence is the Evil in Human Nature and it's cover The Mask of Woke-ism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNQFu82cdLA

    Justin Trudeau is not a "Liberal". He is a Fascist, Ultra-Nationalist, Vatican Assassin that works for gas stations. Trudeau attended the prestigious Collčge Jean-de-Brébeuf (a private French Jesuit school), where he supported Quebec nationalism. His father, Charles-Émile Trudeau, had acquired a chain of gas stations. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trudeau_family

    March 6th 2021 Mask burning rally in boise, Idaho - Anti-Mask protest. 'I will not self suffocate' Idaho protesters burn masks at state capital. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COVN2NHxnZQ

    March 6th 2021 Saturday, March 6th 2021 The Second Coming. Researchers, reporters, authors alike were discredited and labeled Conspiracy Theorists. Now in the midst of a global pandemic, we see many of these very "theories" being openly discussed by world leaders. Terminologies like: "The Great Reset," "Build Back Better," "Agenda 2030," "World Vaccinations," "Microchipping" are terms being referenced in the media and by governments around the world. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1PlJQPAMmgnGE

    Data released today by the CDC confirm several ongoing trends, including that 47% of deaths occurred in people who reported becoming sick within 48 hours of receiving a COVID vaccine, and 20% of vaccine injuries were cardiac-related. Between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 26, a total of 25,212 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, including 1,265 deaths and 4,424 serious injuries. https://davidicke.com/2021/03/06/covid-vaccine-deaths-and-injury-reports-continue-to-grow-and-remember-these-figures-will-be-massively-under-reported/

    March 6th 2021 LIVE: Protesters rally in Vienna against 'Covid' restrictions: counter-protests expected https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeDy9k2Ly4A

    March 5th 2021 Scientist Urges Fellow Christians: Love (Murder your neighbor for Jesus) Your Neighbor By Getting A (100) COVID-19 Vaccine/s https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/francis-collins-vaccine-christians-coronavirus-234249008.html

    March 5th 2021 The Fear Variant | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55PBnPWWdJg

    March 5th 2021 Alex Jones interjects "All the Nuclear Power Plants are Melting Down!". Which one's Mr Jones? https://banned.video/watch?id=60428ea73282f82eeac060b0

    March 5th 2021 What's Happening? 80% of the Nuns in Kentucky Convent Got COVID 2 Days After 'Vaccine' and 3 Died https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/nuns-in-kentucky-got-covid-2-days-after-vaccine-and-3-died.html

    March 5th 2021 34 Women in US and 8 in UK Suffered Miscarriages and Stillbirths After Taking COVID-19 Vaccines https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/miscarriages-and-stillbirths-after-taking-covid-19-vaccines.html

    March 5th 2021 Hundreds of Florida Residents Report Side Effects Following Wuhan Coronavirus Vaccination https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/hundreds-of-florida-residents-report-side-effects-following-wuhan-coronavirus-vaccination.html

    March 5th 2021 MPs, Medical Experts, & Victim Families Demand Inquiry Into Deaths Wrongly Certified As COVID-19 https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/inquiry-into-deaths-wrongly-certified-as-covid-19.html

    March 5th 2021 Governments are a Fascist SCAM

    Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. - Wikipedia

    March 5th 2021 REPOST: Mass-Murdering Morons!! April 24th 2020 Cristina Cuomo says she treated her coronavirus with Clorox baths; Experts, Clorox itself warn against bleach baths https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2020/04/24/coronavirus-experts-warn-against-cristina-cuomos-bleach-baths-methods/3017294001/

    March 5th 2021 Un-necessary Cancer treatments coming soon! Swelling after COVID-19 shots may cause cancer false alarms https://news.yahoo.com/swelling-covid-19-shots-may-181049834.html

    March 5th 2021 Send the robber barrons and mass murderers packing https://news.yahoo.com/pope-francis-arrives-iraq-where-130508210.html

    March 5th 2021 Poison me, again and again and again... Pleeease!! The Government Loves Me!!! https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/went-anaphylactic-shock-covid-vaccine-021507839.html

    March 5th 2021 The alleged "Vaccine's" reduce Antibodies that fight infections, so that you'll die from a mild infection; just like the phoney Hydroxychloroquine and Clarozine does in Malaria; which only function to lower Antibodies. "Lower neutralization capacity of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and partial immunity against new variants suggests that reinfection could occur in convalescent or even vaccinated individuals," https://news.yahoo.com/brazil-variant-reinfect-virus-survivors-210105030.html

    March 5th 2021 https://davidicke.com/2021/03/05/death-rates-skyrocket-in-israel-following-pfizer-experimental-coldly-calculated-covid-vaccines/

    March 5th 2021 https://davidicke.com/2021/03/05/global-apartheid-with-sabbatian-ruled-israel-leading-the-way-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share/

    March 5th 2021 Mike Lindell Is Readying Another Documentary and Lawsuit That He Claims Will Finally Convince SCOTUS the Election Was Stolen https://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/mike-lindell-is-readying-another-documentary-and-lawsuit-that-he-claims-will-finally-convince-scotus-the-election-was-stolen/

    March 4th 2021 Transhuman 101: Moderna Declares COVID Vaccine To Be An 'Operating System' https://www.technocracy.news/transhuman-101-moderna-declares-covid-vaccine-to-be-an-operating-system/

    March 4th 2021 The Congo-Ebola Hoax: The Congo is getting poisoned because the Oil companies are fracking and side-drilling into Lake Chad; emptying the lake and poisoning the people; appearing as illnesses. https://davidicke.com/2021/03/04/ebola-the-new-fake-outbreak -- Ebola Virus and Species Patent owned by the U.S. Department of Health.

    March 4th 2021 Nancy Pelosi Is The President Of The United States https://banned.video/watch?id=6041718667438b2d57bfbfa9

    March 4th 2021 A CBS News report says data across two dozen states in the U.S. shows that a 7% drop in births was recorded in December, nine months after the coronavirus pandemic began. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/researchers-decry-declining-births-america-223000690.html

    March 4th 2021 Saudi-Armaco Chevron wants the smart cities with no cars and robots to control the slaves https://www.yahoo.com/news/saudi-prince-pushes-500-billion-121945052.html

    March 4th 2021 These are the "police officers" that are going to give you and your children anal-swabs in private rooms https://www.yahoo.com/news/orleans-police-officer-groomed-raped-200123185.html

    March 4th 2021 Trump appointee Federico Klein, associate of Alex Jones, arrested in connection with Capitol riot https://news.yahoo.com/trump-appointee-arrested-connection-capitol-212420608.html

    March 4th 2021 World of Morons: 'A Baltimore high school student passed all but three classes over four years and still graduated near the top half of his class with a 0.13 GPA, according to Fox 45 Baltimore.' https://www.yahoo.com/news/baltimore-hs-student-fails-3-211655068.html

    March 4th 2021 $66.6B for California schools, that aren't even in school https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/03/04/california-school-reopening-money-6b-approved/

    Repost: No mask, no custody. COVID is a new factor in family law https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fl-ne-covid-family-court-order-20201001-dt65cwe3nrex5ltjwnjkh3ggqu-story.html

    March 4th 2021 The Truth Behind The Vaccine Trials. The vaccine is not technically licensed as the clinical trials will not be completed until 2023, yet the vaccine promotion campaign is rampant everywhere. https://davidicke.com/2021/03/04/the-truth-behind-the-vaccine-trials/

    March 4th 2021 Police can kick in your door, rape your wife and children; and blow your brains out for "community safety"; just like they just did in Iraq & Afghanistan to steal Oil & deal Dope. "Home Invasions: All the Ways the Government Can Lay Siege to Your Property" https://davidicke.com/2021/03/04/home-invasions-all-the-ways-the-government-can-lay-siege-to-your-property/

    March 4th 2021 C Beyond - PROPAGANDA SHUSH ft David Icke (Official Music Video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3lRLW2bOcQ

    March 4th 2021 Election fraud probe involving Trump heads to Georgia grand jury https://www.wtoc.com/2021/03/04/election-fraud-probe-involving-trump-heads-georgia-grand-jury/

    March 4th 2021 Judge Weill found many 78% irregularities with absentee ballots in Mississippi https://www.wcbi.com/notary-arrested-charged-voter-fraud-connection-aberdeen-alderman-election/

    March 4th 2021 Vaccine's are the 'Vial Of Death': Louis Farrakhan. Daily Caller claims no-one has died from the "Vaccine"; despite the CDC recording over 1000 deaths https://dailycaller.com/2021/03/03/louis-farrakhan-vaccine-conspiracy-facebook-twitter/

    March 4th 2021 Johnson & Johnson "Vaccine" includes Fetal Cell Lines https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/03/02/archdiocese-new-orleans-johnson-vaccine/

    March 4th 2021 Covid Tongue & Covid Toes Hoax: https://www.vox.com/22307256/covid-19-symptoms-tongue-variant-vaccine-long-haulers

    March 4th 2021 FBI admits "no firearms were found" on the "assault" at the Capitol; USAToday claims they know more than the FBI https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/03/04/fact-check-fbi-says-bureau-didnt-recover-guns-capitol-riot/4578286001/

    March 4th 2021 Barrett authors first U.S. Supreme Court ruling, a loss for environmentalists (looking to block hydroelectric power and other renewables) https://www.yahoo.com/news/barrett-authors-first-u-supreme-164133186.html

    March 3rd 2021 "This is all going over the news. You're all going to suffer the consequences." Another man yells, "This is Nazi Germany!" https://www.yahoo.com/news/hasidic-family-kicked-off-frontier-171301963.html

    March 3rd 2021 New Yorkers must flash COVID-19 passport to enter venues https://nypost.com/2021/03/02/new-yorkers-must-flash-covid-19-passport-to-enter-venues-under-new-program/

    March 3rd 2021 "Pay Your Taxes Too", but we don't pay taxes... - The Church https://davidicke.com/2021/03/04/do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do/

    March 3rd 2021 House Approves Major Election Reform And Voting Rights Bill to expand illegal alien voting, felons and those who cannot produce and ID. https://www.npr.org/2021/03/03/972568115/house-approves-major-election-and-campaign-finance-reform-bill

    March 3rd 2021 Alex Jones at Infowars talks Bigfoot, Aliens, Neanderthal & 12 Dimensions of Bullshit @ infowars.com

    March 3rd 2021 Vaccine Efficacy = Placebo Effect: 63 "Cases" X 33% "Placebo Effect" = 18 Cases that "believe" they were still "Sick" from Invisible Virus. From the story, by Vaccinating 5,000 people, you allegedly save 1% of that group, or 50 people total or 1% effective at saving lives. Of the 63 cases, given a .2% fatality rate for under 65 years of age, is 1.26 deaths of 5000 people. With 10,000 visits back and forth to the "doctor"; or 500,000 miles, there will be at least 1 death from a car accident. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/03/03/science/vaccine-efficacy-coronavirus.html

    March 3rd 2021 How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? - Corbett Report https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX817JzfkLE

    March 3rd 2021 The Anti-Human Agenda is the Core of the New World Order. The Anti-Human Agenda that underpins the NWO (New World Order) is moving sharply into view with the advent of the COVID scamdemic (Operation Coronavirus) and its experimental nano-infused mRNA (Operating System) tools of destruction they are calling "vaccines." https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/anti-human-agenda-is-the-core-of-the-new-world-order.html

    March 3rd 2021 Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID 'Vaccines'."This is a new Holocaust" – Haim Yativ and Dr. Seligmann https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/deaths-skyrocket-in-israel-following-pfizer-vaccine.html

    March 3rd 2021 "[According to CDC statistics], 'influenza and pneumonia' took 62,034 lives in 2001 — 61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified." Boom. You see, the CDC creates one overall category that combines both flu and pneumonia deaths. https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/massive-number-of-flu-cases-are-re-labeled-covid-cases.html

    March 3rd 2021 U.S. States with and without Mask Mandates https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/articles/these-are-the-states-with-mask-mandates

    March 3rd 2021 Bill Gates bets on startup that uses our previously posted A/C motor technology called "Switched Reluctance Motors" by using software to regulate the timing. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-03-03/robert-downey-jr-and-bill-gates-bet-on-electric-motor-startup

    March 3rd 2021 Reuters | Canada vaccine committee advises against use of AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots for 65 years and above https://www.yahoo.com/news/canada-vaccine-committee-advises-against-211218257.html

    March 3rd 2021 https://www.yahoo.com/news/chinese-vaccines-sweep-much-world-050236113.html

    March 3rd 2021 Science!! "They said" and "it has not yet been peer reviewed" https://davidicke.com/2021/03/03/brazil-covid-19-variant-may-reinfect-up-to-61-of-those-who-recover-from-virus-study-oh-better-have-another-dna-manipulating-vaccine-then-and-another-and-another-yawn-bloo/

    March 3rd 2021 Italy shuts all schools in 'Covid-19 hotspots', toughens travel rules and curfew until after Easter amid spread of made-up 'variants'. "has a particular ability to affect younger groups." - Lies https://davidicke.com/2021/03/03/italy-shuts-all-schools-in-covid-19-hotspots-toughens-travel-rules-until-after-easter-amid-spread-of-made-up-variants-the-same-the-world-over-as-cult-psychopaths-take-control-of-humanity-o/

    March 2nd 2021 Breaking: Texas Governor Strips Mask Mandate, Ends Shutdown by Unconstitutional Directive. Governor promotes massive vaccination using any/all "Vaccines". Pushes Virus Hoax.

    March 2nd 2021 Mississippi To Lift COVID-19 Mask Mandates And Business Capacity Limits https://www.npr.org/2021/03/02/972952844/texas-and-mississippi-to-lift-covid-19-mask-mandates-and-business-capacity-limit/

    March 2nd 2021 The UAE Emirates and DHA to launch COVID-19 digital verification to steal your private medical records https://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/emea/emirates-and-dha-launch-covid-19-digital-verification-system-travel

    March 2nd 2021 Volvo plans to only sell electric cars by 2030, says internal combustion engine has no future https://electrek.co/2021/03/02/volvo-only-sell-electric-cars-by-2030/

    March 2nd 2021 "Freedom Bracelet" Tracking Device Launched As Alternative To Quarantine (For a Virus With a 99.95% Survival Rate for People Under 70) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKSkjgdCwWc

    March 2nd 2021 Two Leading Swedish Health Experts Explain That COVID Lockdowns Have Killed Millions of People https://www.collective-evolution.com/2021/03/02/two-leading-swedish-health-experts-explain-that-covid-lockdowns-have-killed-millions-of-people/

    March 2nd 2021 Boy Scouts of America (BSA) said in a court filing on Monday that it would put $220 million (Ł157 million) towards compensation for tens of thousands of former scouts, who say they were sexually abused https://money.yahoo.com/boy-scouts-america-offers-220m-182007925.html

    March 2nd 2021 The New Orleans archdiocese said in a statement Friday that the development of the J&J vaccine involved cells from two abortions, one in the 1970s and one in the 1980s. It described the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as "morally compromised as it uses the abortion-derived cell line in development and production of the vaccine as well as the testing." https://money.yahoo.com/cautions-against-premature-return-normal-090015930.html

    March 2nd 2021 President Zuzana Caputova said that Sputnik V "Vaccine" wasn't one of them because "there's no responsible authority to guarantee its safety." https://money.yahoo.com/russian-sputnik-v-vaccine-splits-185534273.html

    March 2nd 2021 Ask the Experts on Coronavirus Hoax https://davidicke.com/2021/03/01/ask-the-experts-2-bbc-panorama-response-oracle-films/

    March 2nd 2021 World Health Organization insider blows the whistle on what is happening inside the Gates-owned WHO and Gates-created GAVI https://davidicke.com/2021/03/02/world-health-organization-insiders-blow-the-whistle-on-what-is-happening-inside-the-gates-owned-who-and-gates-created-gavi-his-vehicle-to-vaccinate-the-entire-human-population-and-gates-tried-to/

    ----------------------------------------------------------------SPECIAL REPORT -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Voted the #1 Song in the World for 2020 & 2021: Land of Confusion by Genesis and Phil Collins, for a 2nd Year in-a-row!! Genesis was so kind to expose the Nuke Hoax, Dinosaur Hoax, Alien Hoax, Fake News Danger, Martial Law, Puppets & Puppet Masters, Actor Ronald Reagan (spokesman for JP Morgan's GE) and much much more; back in 1986 ft The Men of Steel.. the Men of Power, Losing control by the hour! https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yq7FKO5DlV0

    CoronaVirus Has The "Invisible Touch"; with Concentric Waves, Constructive and Destructive Interference (patterns), Standing Waves, Loops & Nodes, "Invisible" Contact Tracing, X-rays, Body Scanners, 5G, Social Distancing Devices, Temperature Rays, "Covid Detectors", Nano Bots and Nano Dots, Phosphorescent Vaccine's & Tattoos and Worldwide Wireless Emergency System with Guided Surface Waves and Nano Bots.

    Must-watch: What's REALLY in the fake 'vaccines - former FEMA employee Celeste Solum talks with David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=603df049e9046725ccbcc7f6

    March 1st 2021 Bill Gates' "Internet Trust Tool" vs Tesla Leaks' "Bullshit Detector" https://banned.video/watch?id=603d18c12c4d1e232a82725e

    March 1st 2021 The Great Reopening -- NETHERLANDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqRjYMqVTu0 -- HUNGARY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FsZQ8H9AM8 -- GERMANY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCSom7jPESk -- BRAZIL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTt52xyfzeI -- AUSTRALIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE0Afib-QAo -- AFRICA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAmg7Pg7bMU -- INDONESIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJQGj7QZ8MQ -- SWEDEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVonnzhlKE8 -- CANADA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgGnRIPm4tc -- IRELAND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgH5kPPmX2g -- FRANCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lcdDJCj6q8 -- ROMANIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4LE9s4PXCI -- FLORIDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83a2-fpevQM -- INDIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPTzmRwT8vM -- SPAIN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI7s56biTB0 -- CYPRUS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=001i8MXYlAE -- GREECE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpvr22phPHc -- ISRAEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POS6ftKhDAs

    March 1st 2021 Reuters | Tokyo asks China to stop anal swab tests for COVID-19 on Japanese citizens https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-china-japan-idUSKCN2AT21Q

    March 1st 2021 Human Lab Rats: UK to Infect Volunteers with COVID-19 in World's First Human Challenge Trial https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/human-lab-rats-uk-to-infect-volunteers-with-covid-19-in-worlds-first-human-challenge-trial.html

    March 1st 2021 Reuters | Over 60% of Russians don't want Sputnik V vaccine, see coronavirus as biological weapon: Reuters poll https://www.yahoo.com/news/over-60-russians-dont-want-160018340.html

    THE GREAT RESET & OPERATION ENDGAME: Decoding Davos: The Global Endgame. George Orwell's chilling line about "a boot stomping on your face forever" from his book 1984 is very close to its ultimate fulfillment. https://humansarefree.com/2021/03/decoding-davos-the-global-endgame.html -- March 1st 2021 The Great Shutdown https://banned.video/watch?id=603d2b422c4d1e232a82cf04

    February 28th 2021 (CoVid-19 Confirmed as "Certificate of Vaccination 2019"-2020-2021-2022) Leaders From the European Union Have Decided This Week That a Digital Vaccination Certificate Must be Ready for Roll-Out by this Summer https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/european-union-digital-vaccination-certificate-must-be-ready-this-summer.html

    February 28th 2021 Bill Gates' Pfizer, CEO: 'Every Year You Will Have to Get Your Annual Shot for COVID' https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/pfizer-ceo-every-year-you-will-have-to-get-your-annual-shot-for-covid.html

    February 28th 2021 CDC Forced by Lawsuit to Remove Claim that 'Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism' from Its Website https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/cdc-forced-by-lawsuit-to-remove-claim-that-vaccines-do-not-cause-autism-from-its-website.html

    February 28th 2021 The DOJ says it will appeal after a February 25 2020 (The same day Tesla Leaks published the "Coronavirus Hoax") Trump-appointed judge struck down a federal eviction moratorium as "Unconstitutional". As of today, 40-70M American's now face evication. https://www.yahoo.com/news/doj-says-appeal-trump-appointed-100621676.html

    February 28th 2021 War Criminal Blair's 'Institute for Global Change' (see World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates) promotes the Cult agenda for global dictatorship (of course it does global tyranny is the 'New Necessary') https://davidicke.com/2021/02/28/war-criminal-blairs-institute-for-global-change-see-world-economic-forum-klaus-schwab-and-bill-gates-promotes-the-cult-agenda-for-global-dictatorship-of-course-it-does-global-tyranny-is-th/

    February 28th 2021 Common Law Court's John Smith talks with David Icke about how businesses can reopen under common law and overcome the fascist impositions of the state "https://banned.video/watch?id=603b5b9413460b2162f72ef6

    February 28th 2021 #4THREICH Decoding Davos - The Global Endgame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJGMcwCidOc

    February 27th 2021 We're deleting this tweet. Lockdowns aren't "quietly improving cities" around the world. But they are an important part of the public health response to COVID-19. pic.twitter.com/D2Pyb9x4yy -- World Economic Forum (@wef) February 27, 2021

    February 27th 2021 New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has imposed another lockdown on the city of Auckland and placed the remainder of the country under Level-2 restrictions, after (1, One, Uno) new case of Covid-19 was confirmed. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-newzealand/new-zealands-auckland-starts-second-covid-19-lockdown-this-month-idUSKCN2AR0PF

    February 27th 2021 German government health advisers have signalled they might fast-track vaccines to allow older individuals to receive the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine as EU governments come under increasing pressure to clear the stockpile of unused doses. https://finance.yahoo.com/m/cdc1def1-80df-3171-91b6-22ff688e3d43/german-health-advisers-signal.html

    February 27th 2021 Taylor Swift cancels Lover Fest (I'ts all Dani's Fault) - Emphesis Added https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/02/27/taylor-swift-cancels-lover-fest-world-tour-after-postponing/6852089002/

    February 27th 2021 Special Report: 1984 Newspeak vs The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

    Century Magazine, 1900, The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy by Nikola Tesla https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/tesla_probincreasinghumanenergy.pdf

    February 26th 2021 After battling with AstraZeneca over shipment delays, and even casting doubt over its Covid-19 jab's efficacy, EU countries are seeing stocks of the company's shots pile -- unused. https://finance.yahoo.com/m/81493fb8-fa92-3a39-91ed-d80a06603d2b/europe%E2%80%99s-astrazeneca.html

    February 26th 2021 #pandemic #poverty The fake COVID-19 planned-emic to add as many as 150 Million Extreme Poor by 2021, pushing an additional 88 million to 115 million people into extreme poverty this year, with the total is rising. 8 million Americans slipped into poverty in 2020, in a study by Columbia University. https://www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-release/2020/10/07/covid-19-to-add-as-many-as-150-million-extreme-poor-by-2021 -- Posted by Tesla Leaks here and the Tesla Leaks Facebook Group back in April, 2020 'Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.' A Global Food Crisis Looms. The world has never faced a hunger emergency like this, experts say. It could double the number of people facing acute hunger to 265 million by the end of this year. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/22/world/africa/coronavirus-hunger-crisis.html -- Before that posted, on the U.N. Food Apocolypse, in March, 2020 https://www.un.org/pga/74/2020/04/17/the-impact-of-covid-19-on-global-food-security-and-nutrition-preventing-a-health-crisis-from-becoming-a-food-crisis/

    February 26th 2021 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said today that the single-dose Johnson & Johnson(J&J) COVID vaccine is safe and effective. According to the FDA's report, J&J's vaccine has an overall efficacy rating of 66% for preventing "moderate to severe COVID-19," but was even less effective against the new South Africa variant. The vaccine was only 42.3% effective about a month after getting the shot in people 60 or older. That's only 9.3% higher than the placaebo effect, of 33%. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/26/fda-says-johnson-and-johnson-covid-vaccine-is-safe-and-emergency-approval-given-when-proper-testing-has-not-been-done-is-expected-within-days-cult-owned-regulators-giving-approval/

    February 26th 2021 Police Have Been 'Reframed' Into A State Of Robotic Storm-Trooper Insanity -- David Icke Dot-Connector -- https://banned.video/watch?id=6038eca4beaddc1d5dfcdf49

    February 26th 2021 The US has launched airstrikes on eastern Syria to protect Chevron & Exxon – the first military action undertaken since Joe Biden became president. https://www.ft.com/content/3369f741-86b8-437b-8b72-109a954450d

    February 26th 2021 Fake "Queen" urges everyone to take "the Vaccine"; whichever one that is! Comments are blocked. What a day it will be when these "people" drop dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsuIzQOBOGk

    February 25th 2021 French President Emmanuel Macron suggested the vaccine was "quasi-ineffective," and it wasn't given approval for the over 65s, the most-at-risk demographic, in France and Germany despite a WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation. AstraZeneca is behaving like an unreliable second-hand car salesman. Getting reliable data from this company is still a challenge. https://www.rt.com/news/516456-europe-covid19-vaccine-astrazeneca/

    February 25th 2021 #RETARDS High school band uses individual tents to keep practicing during pandemic. https://nypost.com/2021/02/25/school-band-rehearses-in-individual-pods/ -- September 22, 2020 #RETARDS Outdoor dining bubbles are the perfect solution for chilly NYC https://nypost.com/2020/09/22/nyc-restaurant-sets-up-dining-bubbles-as-weather-cools-down/

    February 25th 2021 Increasing Biofuels like Ethanol and Bio-Diesel In Petrol Tanks Will Accelerate Deforestation. Two-thirds of the ethanol added to petrol in the UK in 2020 came from food crops including wheat, corn and sugar beat. Turning food crops into liquid biofuels to burn in vehicle engines has been discredited, and is widely recognised to cause as much environmental harm as good. https://cleantechnica.com/2021/02/25/increasing-biofuels-in-petrol-tanks-could-accelerate-deforestation/

    February 25th 2021 ByU.S. Energy Information Administration: Texas Natural Gas Production Fell ~45% During Cold Front. https://cleantechnica.com/2021/02/25/texas-natural-gas-production-fell-45-during-cold-front/

    February 25th 2021 EVs Are More Expensive Than Traditional Cars—But Not by Much. Last year, an analysis from BloombergNEF found that "upfront cost parity" for U.S. electric and internal combustion vehicles will arrive in 2024. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-25/are-electric-vehicles-more-expensive-than-cars-yes-but-not-by-much

    February 25th 2021 #MORONS A Pennsylvania man was outed by his ex-girlfriend after trying to stop Congress from recognizing President Joe Biden's election victory, according to court documents. If you can't see the election was stolen, you're a moron," Richard Michetti texted his ex-girlfriend, according to the criminal complaint. (Your now in a world where complete mind-controlled, robot "Morons" won't debate your facts, they just call the cops! Your better off throwing these Morons in the trash, like trash. They aren't needed by anyone; the birds, bugs, rocks, air, God, Heaven, Hell, they do-not, and never will, need these Morons for any reason. They need to take their shots and move to Mars with Elon Musk.) https://news.yahoo.com/ex-girlfriend-tipped-off-fbi-022937077.html

    February 25th 2021 With some studies showing that as many as one-third of patients with COVID-19 may experience lingering symptoms. NIH admits that it doesn't know where the constellation of symptoms are coming from. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/long-term-effects-of-covid-19-given-name-by-experts-fauci-231226751.html

    February 25th 2021 The Federalist alleging those who broke into the Capitol were seemingly professional provocateurs and not the "working-class" people seen protesting outside early in the day. https://www.yahoo.com/news/amy-klobuchar-shuts-down-ron-221500468.html

    February 25th 2021 Pfizer begins study on 3rd vaccine dose as booster shot against new variants. The 100th booster is in waiting. https://www.yahoo.com/news/pfizer-begins-study-3rd-vaccine-124516288.html

    February 25th 2021 Don't Be Fooled By Fake Footage From The Mars Perseverance Rover. It's AAALLLLL Photoshop! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dont-fooled-fake-footage-mars-

    February 25th 2021 Saudi-Armaco Chevron also shorts Tesla stock https://finance.yahoo.com/news/saudi-wealth-fund-lucid-windfall-104336565.html

    February 25th 2021 NIH admits that immunoresponse to Covid cold virus is the same as the immunoresponse from the Vaccines; making the Vaccines, worthless! Further, they admit that they are looking for "coronavirus antibodies", not a Virus. https://www.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-infection-leads-immunity-thats-160050681.html

    February 24th 2021 By U.S. Department of Energy: Awards $46 Million For Geothermal Initiative Projects With Potential To Power Millions Of U.S. Homes https://www.energy.gov/articles/doe-awards-46-million-geothermal-initiative-projects-potential-power-millions-us-homes

    February 24th 2021 Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US https://www.yahoo.com/news/amid-covid-19-pandemic-flu-050428633.html

    SPECIAL REPORT: February 24th 2021 Texas Wind Power Graph Failure During Storm Debunked. The so-called un-debunked graph provided by Infowars, Cascend and others; shows a startling revelation. 1) High-Winds in Texas in January and February 2021, during 7 time periods, wind power produced completely eleminated the need for Natural Gas, down to 0. From the graph, it there was twice the Wind Capacity installed in Texas, which has been blocked for the last decade, then you could shut down just about all the Natural Gas plants and Coal Plants; and turn them all into whore-houses run by Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.

    Texas Power Failure

    February 24th 2021 #Phoney #Greenies like Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace etc. (who all lobby to block wind, solar, tear-down hydroelectric and ban nuclear power; claiming they are "environmentalists"!) gets major donations from alleged Democrat Michael Bloomberg, alleged Democrat George Soros, alleged Democrat Bill Gates and Monopoly Man, Warren Buffett, with the Energy & Environment Institute – Big Donors & Conflicts – Warren Buffett, Mike Bloomberg, George Soros, Bill Gates Undermine Manufactured Housing via Sierra Club Lawsuit https://www.manufacturedhomepronews.com/masthead/energy-environment-institute-big-donors-conflicts-warren-buffett-mike-bloomberg-undermine-manufactured-housing-via-sierra-club-lawsuit/

    February 24th 2021 How Much of Warren Buffett's Empire is at Risk if Elon Musk's Vision for the Future is Realized? "https://cleantechnica.com/2021/02/24/how-much-of-warren-buffetts-empire-is-at-risk-if-elon-musks-vision-for-the-future-is-realized/

    February 17th 2021 George Soros, an alleged Democrat, owned stakes in gun manufacturers and coal companies. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-17/george-soros-bets-on-quantumscape-as-palantir-stake-sale-looms

    February 16th 2021 Warren Buffet, Monopoly Man, just invested $4.1 Billion with Chevron https://cleantechnica.com/2021/02/16/warren-buffett-just-invested-4-1-billion-into-big-oil/

    February 24th 2021 Jake the Asshole #Stormtrooper #Masks now mandatory for the New World Order stooges! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgG84aKaobY

    February 24th 2021 Dublin Woman Arrested by 50 Police for opening her business. Alex Jones wants more police, more and more prisons just like Kamala Harris, and Chiina!. How many police do you need to arrest an old woman for opening her business Mr Jones? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blXMT-QgT60

    FEATURED SONG: Land of Confusion by Genesis and Phil Collins is Voted the #1 Song in the World for 2020 & 2021, for a 2nd Year in-a-row!! Genesis was so kind to expose the Nuke Hoax, Dinosaur Hoax, Alien Hoax, Fake News Danger, Martial Law, Puppets & Puppet Masters, Actor Ronald Reagan (spokesman for JP Morgan's GE) and much much more; back in 1986 ft The Men of Steel.. the Men of Power, Losing control by the hour! https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yq7FKO5DlV0

    February 23rd 2021 Joe Biden's pre-written spech includes the Nuke Hoax, New World Order "Lockstep", Drones Patrolling the Borders, NORAD's North American Union, phoney "Net Zero" emissions'; which means 50% gas/50% renewable, not 100% renewables. etc https://banned.video/watch?id=60359b1645e415171a35dd96

    BREAKING: Malaria Vaccine Hoax Repost: Trump, Jones, Fauci, NIH and others went so far as to claim 1) Hydro-cloro-quine (Hydrogenated Chlorine (Bleech) + AmphetamIne (Accelerates the poison through the cell wall)) + stinky and bug-loving (Sulfer) is a 99% and "cure" for cold virus's or malaria or anything else. The FDA & NIH and the larger scientific community have warned against the use of the Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, citing ineffectiveness, lack of benefits and risk of heart rhythm problems. https://nytimes.com/2020/06/04/health/coronavirus-hydroxychloroquine.html -- The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet could not verify the data on which the results depended. It's not a Malaria (Hoax) cure either. The Cloramine poison simply reduces your T-cells by 40%, directly reducing the "cases" by 40%, reduces your immune system so that any pathogen, stubbing your foot or even Malaria still ends up killing the patient. The exact same number of people die from Malaria for the last 10-20 years, despite the 10M vaccines administered in just Africa. NIH - Malaria Therapies to decrease CD8 immune activation https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3821003

    April 18th 2020 Predicted Here: Trump, Alex Jones, Fox News, National Review & Media Matters recommendation to use Hydrochloroquine (Bleach) combined with explosive Zinc as a "cure" for Coronavirus, is now killing people. https://reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-brazilian-chloroquine-study/true-claimbrazilian-chloroquine-studyon-covid-19-patients-washalted-after11deaths-idUSKBN21Z395 -- https://usatoday.com/story/news/2020/04/15/coronavirus-chloroquine-test-halted-drug/2983129001/ -- Study of High-Dose Chloroquine For COVID-19 Stopped Early https://sciencealert.com/clinical-trial-for-high-dose-of-chloroquine-stopped-early-due-to-safety-concerns -- A New York woman with coronavirus symptoms died last week after being prescribed a drug cocktail with known cardiac side effects https://nbcnews.com/health/health-news/family-new-york-woman-blames-hydroxychloroquine-combo-fatal-heart-attack-n1185451 -- A recent poll found that 65 percent of physicians in United States would prescribe chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 in a family member.

    February 23rd 2021 Pseudo-Democrat, Catholic Knight of Malta and Vatican Assassin Joe Biden, wants to send all American's useless, suffocating masks for Invisible Virus, that are likely lined with poison in order to make you his slave and kill you. Masks are 0% effective against small nano particles from Genetic material, exhaust like Smog or petrochemical fumes, Smoke, Breathing, Singing or Sneezing. Such that he want's you to kill yourself at home, suffocate your children, and murder your neighbor; as opposed to him strangling you all to death by hand. He's also working for Hitler in The 4th Reich. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2021/02/17/government-send-masks-all-americans/

    February 23rd 2021 Alex Jones is NOT against Vaccines, Roger Stone is NOT against Vaccines, Donald Trump is NOT against Vaccines and Rebel News TV in Canada is NOT against Vaccines. Why is that? Because they are all Republican Facist working for Hitler! They are also under investigation for staging the "attack" on the Capitol, so that their supporters can be arrested as Terrorists! Alex Jones and his Transgender "Oathkeeper" were both in contact with and protected by the Secret Service on January 6th 2021. February 21st 2021 Jessica Watkins, a 38-year-old transgender woman, who dressed up in drag as a Patriot, is one of nine associates of the far-right anti-government group conspiring and charged for to attack the Capitol. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9284383/Oath-Keeper-claims-met-Secret-Service-Capitol-riot.html -- February 23rd 2021 Law enforcement officials lay out evidence Capitol riot was 'coordinated' attack (By Republican Facists Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Donald Trump, that also ran the FBI Informant and Transvestite "Oathkeeper" and alleged "Proud Boys"; with hand signals and radio communications | TheHill https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/540064-law-enforcement-officials-lay-out-evidence-capitol-riot-was-coordinated

    February 22nd 2021 SHOCKING Videos of Forced COVID Vaccinations in German Nursing Homes (a violation of the Nuremberg Code) – Attorney: 'We're Dealing With Homicide, Maybe Even Murder' https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/shocking-video-of-forced-covid-vaccinations-in-german-nursing-homes-homicide-murder.html -- Spain: Second Pfizer Shots Halted After 46 Nursing Home Residents Die After the First Shot https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/spain-pfizer-shots-halted-after-46-nursing-home-residents-died.html -- CDC Withholding Information: 1,170 DEAD Following COVID Injections – Almost Twice as Many Deaths as Found in VAERS https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/cdc-withholding-information-1170-dead-following-covid-injections-almost-twice-as-many-deaths-as-found-in-vaers.html -- CDC: 653 Deaths & 12,697 Reported Injuries Following Experimental mRNA COVID Injections https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/cdc-deaths-injuries-experimental-mrna-covid-injections.html -- Whistleblower: 8 of 31 Residents in German Nursing Home DEAD After Being FORCIBLY Injected with Pfizer Experimental mRNA Shots AGAINST THEIR WILL https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/whistleblower-8-of-31-residents-in-german-nursing-home-dead-after-being-forcibly-injected-with-pfizer-experimental-mrna-shots-against-their-will.html German Attorney Reiner Fuellmich, who has previously stated that those responsible for the "Corona Scandal" must be criminally prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity.

    February 22nd 2021 Flashback reminder: Some of the world's top vaccine-promoters warn about unique and frightening dangers inherent in developing a Covid vaccine. Vaccinated animals suffered hyper-immune responses including inflammation throughout their bodies, especially in their lungs, He went to register that this "'paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon' means vaccinated people may still develop the disease, get sicker and die" https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/pfizer-covid-vaccine-trial-shows-alarming-evidence-of-pathogenic-priming-in-older-adults

    February 22nd 2021 Ontario Conservative is investing $2.5M in wearable tracing tech that will beep or vibrate if people aren't six feet apart. Working for Hitler maybe? https://davidicke.com/2021/02/22/ontario-investing-2-5m-in-wearable-tracing-tech-that-will-beep-or-vibrate-if-people-arent-six-feet-apart/

    February 22nd 2021 92% of restaurants in NY couldn't pay rent in December 2020 https://thenycalliance.org/information/december-2020-rent-report

    February 22nd 2021 Over Half of Military Families Do Not Want COVID Vaccines (And Employers Cannot Legally Mandate Experimental Shots) https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/half-of-military-families-do-not-want-covid-vaccines.html

    February 21st 2021 The G7, all run by Facist Republicans, 100%, are responsible for administering 50% of all Vaccinations in their countries, worldwide, even though they only account for 10% of the population. The G7 setting aside $7.5 Billion to murder people in poor countries with 100+ untested, poison "Vaccines". https://www.france24.com/en/europe/20210219-g7-leaders-commit-7-5-billion-to-vaccine-rollout-in-poor-countries

    The Leaders of the 4th Reich: The Republican Facists behind the Covid Hoax, support mandatory vaccines, lockdowns and crimes against humanity are 1) Republican Donald Trump of the U.S.A., Catholic Knight-of-Malta and Vatican Assassin Joe Biden, Police Officer Kamala Harris, Republican Anthony Fauci, Republican Bill Gates, Republican Elon Musk, Republican Warren Buffet, George Soros who worked for Hitler and buys-up Hitler's defunct coal-plants, Fake Liberal Trudau of Canada, phoney Democrat and family of Republican Gettes Oil Family; Gavin Newsom of CA, Police Officer and "Some believe that this helped lead to the 2007–2010 subprime mortgage crisis" Andrew Cuomo of NY, Republican Rand Paul of KY, Republican Abbott of TX, Republican and founder of "The Great Reset" Charles Schwab, Conservative Angela Merkel of Germany, Republican Boris Johnson of Britain, Republican Turnbull of Australia, Republican Macron of France, Republican Azana of Spain, Republican Modi of India, Republican Putin of Russia, Right Wing Nationalist Shinzo Abe of Japan, Republican Widodo of Indonesia, Republican Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Conservative Xi Jinping of China, Republican Michelsen of Norway, just to name a few, all Republican Churches and the entire Republican Vatican. Hitler's Reichstadt, means "Right Side" or Republican or NAtional-Socialist + ZIonist (NAZI). Your other choice is the Socialist-Communist party of Joe Biden; (The Fall Guy) who works for Communist Ukraine's President Zelensky in the Propane business, who is an "Actor" in Cartoons and who's grandfather worked for the Red Army. This is also why The 4th Reich's Republicans attacked Communist Vietnam, Communist Russia, Socialist Venezuala, Socialist Japan, Socialist Libya and Socialist Iraq. Once destroyed, Joe Biden will be replaced with Communo-Facist, Kamala Harris. See "Hegel's dialectics" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dialectic

    Repost: October 7 2019 Hitler's "Coal Curtain": https://renewableenergyworld.com/2019/09/27/the-coal-curtain-why-eastern-europe-will-be-slower-to-adopt-renewable-energy/ 1) Hitler attacked the Reichstag because West Germany wanted renewables 2) Hitler attacked Poland to steal their Coal 3) Hitler banned Nuclear and Hydropower; are a big part of West Germany energy system, but aren t included in the EU mandate for renewables. https://globalvoices.org/2019/02/06/the-coal-curtain-is-the-new-iron-curtain/

    February 21st 2021 The Never-Ending Plandemic: How Many Doses of Vaccine Will Be Pushed for Every New Coronavirus Mutation? https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/never-ending-plandemic-vaccines-for-every-new-coronavirus-mutation.html

    February 21st 2021 UK Government Shocking Report: Experimental mRNA Injections Caused 1716 Cases of Eye Disorders and Left 22 People Blind https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/uk-government-report-experimental-mrna-injections-caused-1716-cases-of-eye-disorders-and-left-22-people-blind.html

    February 20th 2021 THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) - Dutch senators late Friday approved hastily drawn up legislation underpinning the country's coronavirus curfew, ensuring that it will remain in force at least until early March despite a court order on Tuesday that it be scrapped. Over the past two weeks, the 7-day rolling average of daily new infections edged lower from 22.98 to 21.39 new infections per 100,000 people. (Despite the PCR test not being capable of determining "Infections" and despite other tests only looking for "Antibodies"). The Dutch "Government" is obvisouly behind the Covid Hoax; this story calling it a "WIN FOR THE GOVERMENT". Anyone who believes this hoax, is a "Government Lover" who thinks "Government is GOD"! It's true. The KJV Bible does say "Do as they say" and "Pay your taxes too"! Even if the Government just prints out $6.66T a year in monopoloy money, you still pay sucker!! And do as they say too!!! (Written like a Mobster-Thug) https://apnews.com/article/netherlands-bills-legislation-coronavirus-pandemic-the-hague-6945991a0703e685727fdaa3e710fe74

    February 20th 2021 Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg trials ... https://davidicke.com/2021/02/20/nuremberg-trials-nuremberg-trials-nuremberg-trials-nuremberg-trials/

    February 19th 2021 Study: CDC Caught Massively Inflating Coronavirus Cases & Deaths in Violation of Federal Law https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/cdc-caught-inflating-coronavirus-cases-deaths.html

    February 19th 2021 Judge Court in Peru Rules: COVID-19 Pandemic Started by Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/court-in-peru-rules-covid-19-pandemic-started-by-bill-gates-george-soros-and-rockefeller.html -- the Rothschilds Are Behind The Great Reset? https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/the-rothschilds-are-behind-the-great-reset.html

    February 19th 2021 Dr Vernon Coleman: "Doctors and Nurses Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Tried As War Criminals" https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/dr-vernon-coleman-doctors-and-nurses-giving-the-covid-19-vaccine-will-be-tried-as-war-criminals.html

    February 19th 2021 Dutch Government in 2-Pronged Bid to Save Coronavirus (Hoax) Curfew https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2021-02-19/dutch-government-in-2-pronged-bid-to-save-coronavirus-curfew

    February 19th 2021 Since prior to March 13th 2020 up until today, people that know the masks are useless, Virus's are Invisible the phoney tests or poison vaccine; have been experienced Exclusion, Discrimination, Gang Stalked, Harrassed, Assaulted, Stolen from, Kidnapped, forced Medical procedures, forced Vaccines, Threatened with Murder, had False Reports about them, businesses attacked, businesses shut down, the Cops called, Cops won't respond to these death threats, separated from dying family members, do not resuscitate family members, quarrantine of family members, and a dozen other Crimes Against Humanity that Covid "believers" think they are against. Then, they'll claim that you can't record them commiting their crimes against you. -- February 19th 2021 Pro-lockdown mob calls for death of salon owner, police say "That's just a threat on the Internet" and do-not respond to the threat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba0v1bW-FcI http://teslaleaks.com/coronavirushoax.html

    February 18th 2021 Reuters | Nuremburg Trail 2021 Update Dutch curfew to stay as government #circumvents court order to drop it. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-netherlands-curfew/dutch-curfew-to-stay-as-government-circumvents-court-order-to-drop-it-idUSKBN2AI27Q

    February 18th 2021 The Abuse of Emergency Powers and Lockdowns https://www.aier.org/article/the-abuse-of-emergency-powers-and-lockdowns/

    -- The Problematic Usage of Emergency Powers in the United States -- "The moment the president declares a "national emergency"—a decision that is entirely within his discretion—more than 100 special provisions become available to him. For instance, the president can, with the flick of his pen, activate laws allowing him to shut down many kinds of electronic communications inside the United States or freeze Americans' bank accounts. Other powers are available even without a declaration of emergency, including laws that allow the president to deploy troops inside the country to subdue domestic unrest."

    February 18th 2021 Canadian Govt Sued for Forceful Quarantine of Citizens at Secret Locations https://humansarefree.com/2021/02/canadian-govt-sued-for-forceful-quarantine-of-citizens-at-secret-locations.html

    February 17th 2021 AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch government raced on Wednesday to prepare legislation to keep a nighttime curfew in place after a court ordered it to scrap the controversial COVID-19 measure which has become the focus of campaigning a month before a general election. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-netherlands-curfew/dutch-government-races-for-plan-b-to-uphold-nighttime-coronavirus-curfew-idUSKBN2AH1EF

    February 17th 2021 Source(s): AFP ,Reuters | Dutch nighttime COVID-19 curfew to continue pending government appeal. The Court of Justice in The Hague ordered the Dutch government to lift the curfew immediately on Tuesday, saying it lacks proper legal basis. According to the court, the curfew represents a violation of people's rights to freedom of movement and privacy and its enforcement was unjustified, as infection rates were already dropping in the country when the curfew came into force. The state filed a so-called urgent "turbo" appeal, asking to suspend the court order and maintain the curfew until the final appeal ruling next Friday. Shortly after the appeal hearing began at 4 p.m. local time, the session degenerated into an argument between the judge and the anti-lockdown protest group Viruswaarheid, or Virus Truth. "The curfew is based on a law for emergency situations, where there is no time for debate with parliament," the court said. "There was no such pressing need in this case. Far-reaching measures such as these need to be based on proper laws.". The judge ruled that there was no special urgency to the measure as the COVID-19 situation wasn't a new emergency in the Netherlands and the possibility of a curfew had been previously discussed. People are expected to go outside tonight after 9 p.m., either to celebrate or to demonstrate against the fact that the curfew is maintained. In any case, it's a highly embarrassing situation for the Dutch caretaker government, and today's quarrel leaves the curfew in legal limbo. https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2021-02-17/Dutch-court-orders-government-to-end-COVID-19-curfew-XVXmvt9ARO/index.html

    February 17th 2021 response to Nuremburg Trials for Covid Hoax: You're war criminals, claims Covid denier http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=60554&headline=You%27re%20war%20criminals%2C%20claims%20Covid%20denier§ionIs=news&searchyear=2021&cat=Law

    February 17th 2021 In quick response, Factcheck and Politifact makes false claims that the "Vaccines" are "safe and effective" or "not an experiment"; yet fast-tracked Vaccines are, by definition, not tested to any standards. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/feb/11/blog-posting/doctors-administering-covid-19-vaccines-arent-guil/

    February 17th 2021 Letter: Need more debate on Covid-19 vaccine, Did you know that mandating vaccines is a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code? Here is why: The Covid-19 vaccine is considered "experimental." Per the US National Library of Medicine, the vaccine is experimental and the trial will last two years. Anyone having the vaccine trials is taking part in an experiment (see Clinicaltrials.gov). Our legal system, specifically the Nuremberg Code/Law, enshrines the individual's right to voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking as a foundational medical ethic.https://elkodaily.com/opinion/letters/letter-need-more-debate-on-covid-19-vaccine/article_7432dee0-9c95-55a8-8459-8aed253ceb29.html

    February 16th 2021 The Netherlands (Holland) - Dutch court at The Hague deems covid curfew as Illegal. https://apnews.com/article/world-news-netherlands-coronavirus-pandemic-the-hague-92cf76ec9e318b6b5bd69954e2992b72 -- The city is also home to the U.N.'s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hague

    Mask Hypnosis. Come on … it's just a MASK …

    In leaked video, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Takes 'Anti-Vax' Stance in Violation of His Own Platform's New Policy

    ------- BREAKING FEBRUARY 14TH 2021: ON VALENTINES DAY -------

    Top Story: February 14th 2021 The New Normal on Valentines Day: Double Masked, Double Tested, Double Vaccinated, Sanitized & Afraid!

    Emergency Broadcast: The Gates of Hell are Now Open featuring Diablo II and the Hell-Forge

    In Diablo 2 Lore, The Hellforge appears in Act IV of Diablo II and is protected by an Overlord called Hephasto the Armorer, who holds the Hellforge Hammer required to smash Mephisto Lord of Hatred, Soulstone. The Hellforge crucible that Manufactures-Diamonds & Crystals is located at the "Hell Forge" and located within the River of Flame. The Hellforge Quest must be completed before fighting Diablo Lord of Terror and later Baal Lord of Destruction

    February 13th 2021 Senator admits to both the False-Flag Operation & the Police Stand-Down at the Capitol + Governments Admit COVID-19 a Cover for Depopulation Program



    February 20th 2021 At a Bill Gates owned Phiser plant, Joe Biden tells the American people to continue wearing useless masks, even after their vaccinated with 100+ untested "Vaccines". He, like the Vatican, never question the safety, efficacy or anything else about the "Vaccines". Just "jab it right into the little kids vein" - Bill Gates/Joe Biden/Pope etal https://www.c-span.org/video/?509173-1/president-biden-delivers-remarks-pfizer-plant

    February 20th 2021 Despite Alex Jones at Infowars, David Icke, Paul Watson, the Rebel News TV, Truthstream media, Corbett Report, and other cancer causing gas station facists, complaining about the Texas power grid, the Texas Land Commissioner head up until 2018 was none other than George P Bush, a Republican and brother of George HW Bush. https://www.glo.texas.gov/the-glo/news/press-releases/2017/march/land-cmr-george-p-bush-statement-on-senate-confirmation-of-ryan-zinke-as-interior-secretary.html -- George P Bush also contgratulated Trumps Department of Interior head, another Republican, Ryan Zinke, who was the one, along with the greenies that want to tear down all hydroelectric dams, who called for blowing up the Hechy Hechy Dam outside of San Francisco. When Zinke was asked what will we do to replace the power and water, he responded "Well think of something"! The Governor of Texas in also Republican, and ERCOT Commissioner is from Austin, TX. As soon as their piece of shit system fails, they blame Tesla electric cars (That are banned in TX). Jones would have been more accurate to blame the Abominable Snowman. https://www.wsj.com/articles/interior-secretary-meets-with-group-seeking-to-drain-san-francisco-reservoir-1532286000

    February 20th 2021 Facist Germans 'Pandemic will be with us until EVERYONE on earth given (any or all of the untested, poison) Covid-19 vaccines', says Cult-owned Merkel reading her script like a good little psychopathic gofer. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/20/pandemic-will-be-with-us-until-everyone-on-earth-given-covid-19-vaccine-says-cult-owned-merkel-reading-her-script-like-a-good-little-psychopathic-gofer/

    February 20th 2021 The extraordinary indoctrination of children in American schools; still teaching that Thomas Edison invented "THE" light bulb, or maybe "some black guy" as Joe Biden suggested; yet, neither are true. Humans are capable of believing 1,000,000 LIES, and believing that ALL LIES ARE TRUE, all at the same time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSqrz_TuCfI

    February 20th 2021 Shelters refuse to save people from the cold; social distancing is more important. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSqrz_TuCfI

    February 20th 2021 THE GREAT REOPENING UPDATE, March 20th 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPZ_SilAggo

    February 20th 2021 Return to Radisson: protesters assemble outside Toronto COVID hotel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hSt2WK4umA

    February 19th 2021 Paris beefs up police patrols and Lyon bans booze as French authorities fear warm weather will spark Covid rule-breaking. https://www.rt.com/news/516102-france-police-patrols-covid-weather/

    February 19th 2021 AstraZeneca vaccine faces resistance in Europe after health workers suffer side-effects. health authorities in France have issued guidance to stagger giving the shot, two regions in Sweden paused vaccinations, and in Germany some essential workers are refusing it. "Between 10% and 25% of those vaccinated may have side-effects from this vaccination. In Sweden, two of 21 healthcare regions paused vaccinations of workers last week after a quarter called in sick after getting the AstraZeneca shot. The Sormland and Gavleborg regions said that around 100 out of 400 people vaccinated had reported fever or fever-like symptoms. https://reuters.com/article/instant-article/idUKKBN2AI237

    February 19th 2021 Don't Just Blame The Greenies For The Crisis: It's Central Economic Planning, Stupid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGp38qgId9Y

    February 19th 2021 Dutch Government in 2-Pronged Bid to Save Coronavirus (Hoax) Curfew https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2021-02-19/dutch-government-in-2-pronged-bid-to-save-coronavirus-curfew

    February 19th 2021 Since prior to March 13th 2020, people don't "believe" in useless masks or invisible virus or phoney test or poison vaccine; have been experienced Exclusion, Discrimination, Stalked, Harrassed, Assaulted, forced Medical procedures, forced Vaccines, Threatened with Murder, had False Reports, had the Cops called, separated from dying family members, do not resuscitate family members, quarrantine of family members, and all the other crimes against humanity, that "believers" think they are against. http://teslaleaks.com/coronavirushoax.html

    February 19th 2021 Coronavirus cases are falling Fast, more than 50%, as much as 95%, this month. But local "officials" say it's too soon to ease most restrictions. Including double-dosing small children, who have less than a .1% death rate. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/coronavirus-decline-dc-maryland-virginia/2021/02/19/37bc7ca2-709e-11eb-85fa-e0ccb3660358_story.html

    February 19th 2021 Vatican employees forced to take any number of 100+ untested "Vaccines"; and Gene Therapy drugs https://www.ncronline.org/news/coronavirus/vatican-employees-required-get-covid-19-vaccine

    February 19th 2021 Bill Gates' G4S Israel security company implementing facial recognition in the U.S. through military operations https://davidicke.com/2021/02/19/drones-with-facial-recognition-are-set-to-fly/

    February 19th 2021 The 100 Vaccines are designed to destroy your Immune System in such a way that there is no such thing as "Disease Diagnosis" https://davidicke.com/2021/02/19/vaccine-rollout-will-trigger-new-covid-variants-oxford-scientist-warns-adding-new-layer-of-complexity-to-pandemic-fight-just-how-much-more-evidence-do-we-need-the-fake-vaccine/

    February 19th 2021 The Maskless Ninja Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG4PK_DCr5CPA2KkAAQD1KQ

    -- Maskless Ninja's at Costco https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzwWUAhXqmA

    February 18th 2021 Indonesia warns of $450 fines for refusing COVID-19 vaccine https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-19/indonesia-warns-fines-for-refusing-covid-19-vaccine-world-first/13170826

    February 18th 2021 NASA is sending you directly to (Cartoon Mars) immediately after all your rights are taken away. Caption: Artist Illustration: Where's the original video of the "landing"? Despite just 200 miles from Earth, the ISS is in "ZERO GRAVITY", "ZERO THRUST" and "ZERO WINGS"; can "FLY"!! https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/nasas-perseverance-rover-attempt-ambitious-landing-mars/story?id=75931684

    February 18th 2021 Vaccine's causing swolen lymph nodes in women. Women now recommended to delay Mammograms if they had a Covid-19 Vaccine https://www.health.com/condition/infectious-diseases/coronavirus/swollen-lymph-nodes-under-armpit-covid-vaccine-mammogram

    February 18th 2021 Alberta, Canada Pastor James Coasts ordered to close his Church, then arrested without bail at a maximum security jail, for holding Church services. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW5HMKcTwEY

    February 18th 2021 Russian court sentences activist under law on 'undesirables' accused of membership of an "undesirable" organization, part of the authorities' effort to tighten control over the nation's political scene https://wtop.com/europe/2021/02/russian-court-sentences-activist-under-law-on-undesirables/

    February 18th 2021 UN: Huge changes in society (masks, social distancing, stormtrooper drag, bankruptcy, poverty, vaccines, killing granny, martial law, unlimited fiat currency, artificial foods, artificial intelligence, artificial politicians, artificial people) ... needed to keep nature, Earth OK https://www.courthousenews.com/un-huge-changes-in-society-needed-to-keep-nature-earth-ok/

    February 18th 2021 This Is How They Pulled Off The Biggest Hoax In History - David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=602e5bd04b436b0c0dd3a3e0

    February 18th 2021 Australians woke to empty Facebook news feeds on Thursday, after the social media giant blocked all media content in a surprise escalation of a dispute with the government, which could be a test for the future of online publishing worldwide. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/18/arrogant-fascist-facebook-unfriends-australia-news-pages-go-dark-over-dispute-with-government-easy-remedy-stop-using-facebook-when-they-have-utter-contempt-for-you/

    February 18th 2021 Predicted Here, Biden's "Dark Winter" as the Pope's play Frosty the Snowman in Texas + Hell Freezes Over @ HAARP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX3IOHpe6sY&t=02m13s

    February 18th 2021 Daily News at TheGreatReopening March 20th 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=232YKKHOxWk

    February 18th 2021 How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? - Questions For Corbett https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX817JzfkLE

    February 16th 2021 The Netherlands (Holland) - Dutch court at The Hague deems covid curfew as Illegal. https://apnews.com/article/world-news-netherlands-coronavirus-pandemic-the-hague-92cf76ec9e318b6b5bd69954e2992b72 -- The city is also home to the U.N.'s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hague

    February 17th 2021 AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch government raced on Wednesday to prepare legislation to keep a nighttime curfew in place after a court ordered it to scrap the controversial COVID-19 measure which has become the focus of campaigning a month before a general election. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-netherlands-curfew/dutch-government-races-for-plan-b-to-uphold-nighttime-coronavirus-curfew-idUSKBN2AH1EF

    February 17th 2021 Source(s): AFP ,Reuters | Dutch nighttime COVID-19 curfew to continue pending government appeal. The Court of Justice in The Hague ordered the Dutch government to lift the curfew immediately on Tuesday, saying it lacks proper legal basis. According to the court, the curfew represents a violation of people's rights to freedom of movement and privacy and its enforcement was unjustified, as infection rates were already dropping in the country when the curfew came into force. The state filed a so-called urgent "turbo" appeal, asking to suspend the court order and maintain the curfew until the final appeal ruling next Friday. Shortly after the appeal hearing began at 4 p.m. local time, the session degenerated into an argument between the judge and the anti-lockdown protest group Viruswaarheid, or Virus Truth. "The curfew is based on a law for emergency situations, where there is no time for debate with parliament," the court said. "There was no such pressing need in this case. Far-reaching measures such as these need to be based on proper laws.". The judge ruled that there was no special urgency to the measure as the COVID-19 situation wasn't a new emergency in the Netherlands and the possibility of a curfew had been previously discussed. People are expected to go outside tonight after 9 p.m., either to celebrate or to demonstrate against the fact that the curfew is maintained. In any case, it's a highly embarrassing situation for the Dutch caretaker government, and today's quarrel leaves the curfew in legal limbo. https://newseu.cgtn.com/news/2021-02-17/Dutch-court-orders-government-to-end-COVID-19-curfew-XVXmvt9ARO/index.html

    February 17th 2021 response to Nuremburg Trials for Covid Hoax: You're war criminals, claims Covid denier http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=60554&headline=You%27re%20war%20criminals%2C%20claims%20Covid%20denier§ionIs=news&searchyear=2021&cat=Law

    February 17th 2021 In quick response, Factcheck and Politifact makes false claims that the "Vaccines" are "safe and effective" or "not an experiment"; yet fast-tracked Vaccines are, by definition, not tested to any standards. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/feb/11/blog-posting/doctors-administering-covid-19-vaccines-arent-guil/

    February 17th 2021 Letter: Need more debate on Covid-19 vaccine, Did you know that mandating vaccines is a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code? Here is why: The Covid-19 vaccine is considered "experimental." Per the US National Library of Medicine, the vaccine is experimental and the trial will last two years. Anyone having the vaccine trials is taking part in an experiment (see Clinicaltrials.gov). Our legal system, specifically the Nuremberg Code/Law, enshrines the individual's right to voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking as a foundational medical ethic.https://elkodaily.com/opinion/letters/letter-need-more-debate-on-covid-19-vaccine/article_7432dee0-9c95-55a8-8459-8aed253ceb29.html

    BREAKING: February 16th 2021 The Netherlands (Holland) - Dutch court at The Hague deems covid curfew as Illegal. https://apnews.com/article/world-news-netherlands-coronavirus-pandemic-the-hague-92cf76ec9e318b6b5bd69954e2992b72 -- The city is also home to the U.N.'s International Court of Justice, headquartered in the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hague

    February 16th 2021 Israel: You can't leave your home in Isreal without taking "the jab" of an untested medical experiment. Gyms, shopping malls: The future in Israel belongs to the vaccinated with a 'green pass'. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/gyms-shopping-malls-the-future-in-israel-belongs-to-the-vaccinated-with-a-green-passport

    February 15th 2021 Texas electric grid operator says frozen wind turbines are hampering state's power output: However, they also noted that unfrozen wind turbines are spinning at a higher rate than expected, helping to offset the losses. "Due to the severe weather and freezing temperatures across our state, many power companies have been unable to generate power, whether it's from *coal, *natural gas, or *wind power," Abbott said in a statement. https://www.foxbusiness.com/energy/texas-electric-grid-operator-says-frozen-wind-turbines-are-hampering-states-power-output-report -- February 15th 2021 Alex Jones's Claims "UN Great Reset Turn off Texas Power" https://banned.video/watch?id=602b16b2d39d0a09315f31bb

    February 12th 2021 Alfie Oakes Calls on Business Owners to Take A Stand Against Covid Lockdowns March 1st

    Repost: November 27th 2019 Predictive Programming - The case for mandatory vaccination - Nature https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-03642-w

    Repost: April 10th 2018 The Era of Fake Video Begins. The digital manipulation of video may make the current era of fake news seem quaint. https://theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/05/realitys-end/556877/

    Note: All 50 states allow children to be exempted from vaccination requirements for medical reasons. No major religions prohibit vaccinations. https://www.historyofvaccines.org/index.php/content/articles/vaccination-exemptions


    PRELUDE PREDICTION BY TESLA LEAKS: December 26th 2019 at 1AM - Rise of the Jedi Podcast Episode 1 - The New, New World Order & The Great Reset

    Tesla Leaks predicts the entire Covid Hoax AI Scenario the day before Covid was allegedly identified, Covid-19 Timeline for December 27th 2019. The podcast combines The Empire vs The Jedi featuring Eisenhower's Farewell Address; that forced "The Great Reset". On December 26th 2019 1AM as George Washington is crossing the Delaware; "Rise of the Jedi Podcast" Episode 1: uploaded to Facebook & YouTube. 1) The Fear 2) The Chaos 3) Phantom Virus 4) The forced Vaccinations 5) PDD51, HR645, FEMA Camps and Lockdowns 6) The Stormtroopers Masks 7) The Governors Regional Control's 8) Presidential Directives 9) Fiat Currency 10) Unlimited resources that lead to Negative Prices 11) Government Contracts for Vaccine's & Contact Tracing 12) The Military Industrial Complex 13) The Scientific Technocratic Elite.

    Rise of the Jedi Podcast posted December 22nd 2019 featuring: On the anniversary of George Washington & (Or what would be his brother) plan to cross the Delaware. https://youtube.com/watch?v=-nk5ig_1BIA-- Learn Nikola Tesla's ways of The Force, the Jedi Mind Tricks, the Dark Side and the plans to the Death Star. Then become a member of the Jedi Order. Video Introduction: Nikola Tesla's Death Star @ Wardenclyffe & The Power of the Force with #Instinct, #Intuition #Imagination featuring Nikola Tesla's conversation with JP Morgan https://youtube.com/watch?v=5x5qyaXX3Zc --Darth Vader: Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Zzs-OvfG8tE

    Rise of the Jedi Podcast page was created on December 22nd 2019, two days before THE GREAT RESET officially started on December 24th 2019 -- The same day this post was made: My Offer & Plan for President! (THE GREAT RESET = THOMAS EDISON'S TRASH COMPACTOR + NIKOLA TESLA'S SMELTER) http://teslaleaks.com/posts/your_posts_1.html

    SHUTTING DOWN TESLA: By December 30th at 5AM, the press reports a run rate of 1000 cars per week; but approved soon for 3,000 cars per week. As of today, over 10,000. https://cnbc.com/2019/12/30/tesla-shanghai-factory-is-reportedly-making-1000-model-3s-per-week.html


    ------------- FEBRUARY 14th DAILY COVID NEWS -------------

    February 14th 2021 Boffins Want MASKS FOREVER / Hugo Talks #lockdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xplpgpM3WDs -- December 4th 2020 Many Epidemiologists Want Social Distancing and Masks Forever—Even After the Vaccine https://reason.com/2020/12/04/epidemiologists-masks-social-distancing-vaccine-forever-new-york-times/

    February 14th 2021 Hospitals completely empty. Cognitive Dissonance at A&E https://davidicke.com/2021/02/14/cognitive-dissonance-at-ae/

    February 14th 2021 David Martin | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown https://davidicke.com/2021/02/14/david-martin-full-interview-planet-lockdown/

    February 13th 2021 Of 20 Million people in Mumbai: 10 days since local trains started, no major Covid spike yet in MMR. "It's as if nothing has happened. The nightclubs are crowded. Schools and colleges are reopening. Sports venues are full. It doesn't seem like there is any Covid," says Sameer Mani Dixit, a public health specialist. "It defies logic." https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/mumbai/10-days-since-local-trains-started-no-major-covid-spike-yet-in-mmr-7184873/

    February 13th 2021 Solar Windows - Transparent Solar Solution? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9k3G-X2fpg

    Repost: Aug 18, 2014 MIT | Just 5% of existing discarded lead-acid batteries from gasoline cars, is enough lead for use in solar cells, to power the entire U.S., all by itself! https://news.mit.edu/2014/recycling-batteries-into-solar-cells-0818

    February 13th 2021 NHS accused of letting patients with learning disabilities die with do-not resuscitate ordershttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2101445/NHS-accused-letting-patients-learning-disabilities-die-consulting-families.html

    Rebel News TV Daily News covers the lockdown protests, mask protests, medical tyranny, false arrests, invalid ticketing and police brutality against those who are legally protesting and their freedom of speech. Rebel TV crowd funds legal fees for those harmed by the government. Protesting in Canada is now Illegal. https://www.youtube.com/c/RebelMediaTV/videos

    February 13th 2021 Bitcoin began in 2009 as the ((ultimate hacker to crack secure communications)) by solving "puzzles" with up to 200 Quintillion operations per second. The original source for this techinque was NASA's SETI@Home in 1999 which was,"to prove the viability and practicality of the "volunteer computing" concept" allegedly looking for "Aliens" yet "yielded no conclusive results: no evidence for extraterrestrial signals".

    February 13th 2021 Elon Musk admits that electronic devices with speakers, camera's etc. can be turned off by software, but just like Microsoft, no one has ever seen the Windows Code. Therefore, your speakers and camera's can be turned on and off at-will by the manufacturer or hacker; despite what is displayed on your screen. This is already admitted to by the manufacturers. AI is not regulated, nano particles in manufacturing is not regulated and nano genetic therapy is not regulated. https://banned.video/watch?id=6025de23516c1500c3841fae -- How does Bill Gates track your computer every time you turn it on? The Internet Time on your computer is set automatically by connecting to Microsoft.com. Then, since no one has ever seen the Microsoft Source Code since their inception, the Microsoft softwares become the Virus.

    China did-it Hoax: Alex Jones and others continuously berate the public, daily, that "China" is to blame for all the facism in the West. However, the people who are setting up tyranny in the U.S., the peoply lying about everything, the people making all the orders and rules instead of laws, are named Trump, Pence, Biden, Sanders, Schwab, Gates, Zuckerberg, Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, Newsom, Trudeau, Johnson, Morrison, Soros, Buffet, Bezos, Musk, etal. are all white people. No Chinamen there!! They are primarily Knights of Malta, NA-tional Socialist + ZI-onist (NAZI's) and/or Jewish. No Christians here!! This is why the above group of people want to kill, imprison or re-educate Trump supporters; because 80% are primarily Christian.

    History of the U.S. National Guard and U.S. Police: It has been proven here previously, that the original fouding of the U.S. National Guard and U.S. Police Force, were invented to protect coal plants, to put down coal miner protests, and protect oil fields & gas stations. To -Protect- Saudi Arabia & -Serve- Chevron! The orignation of the police in the U.S, began in Texas at The Alamo. The Alamo was the theft of oil and gas at the Eagle-Ford Shale field, the largest field in the U.S. located around San Antonio, from the country of Mexico. The potential amount of production of petroleum over the next 30+ years is incredible. http://www.aacog.com/DocumentCenter/View/12083/1st_EagleFordForum-Dec2011_Brochure

    Angels Don't Play This HAARP, 1995 - Nick Begich https://earthpulse.com

    February 12th 2021 You were warned, THE LOCKDOWNS AND MASKS WILL NEVER END!! https://banned.video/watch?id=60270c6d7257aa039f809e56

    February 12th 2021 Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerberg have succeeded like no other Tyrants throughout world history. https://banned.video/watch?id=6026e82aa8a70603241ca2dd

    February 12th 2021 Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code? https://davidicke.com/2021/02/12/do-mandatory-masks-and-vaccines-break-the-10-points-of-the-nuremburg-code/

    February 12th 2021 Murder By 'Vaccine' - The Evidence Mounts - David Icke https://banned.video/watch?id=602672cd49755d0223a6ac22

    February 12th 2021 Share Mask-Related Health Incidents Here... Do you have children in school who are being forced to wear a mask during school activities? Do you have a first-hand health incident to share as a result of wearing a mask (e.g. fatigue, rash, depression, shortness of breath, fainting, etc.)? If so, you are invited to tell us your story! https://nomasksforkids.com

    February 12th 2021 Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots, Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks? https://davidicke.com/2021/02/12/could-spike-protein-in-moderna-pfizer-vaccines-cause-blood-clots-brain-inflammation-and-heart-attacks/

    February 12th 2021 Freedom of information confirmation – only FOUR people officially died of 'Covid' in Cornwall trust hospitals in the whole of 2020 – FOUR – and they would have been diagnosed from symptoms that have many other potential causes and from a test not testing for the 'virus' https://davidicke.com/2021/02/12/freedom-of-information-confirmation-only-four-people-officially-died-of-covid-in-cornwall-trust-hospitals-in-the-whole-of-2020-four-and-they-would-have-been-diagnosed-from-symptoms-that-have/

    February 11th 2021 Andrew Cuomo on Twitter: "Great video from @HHPHorg ..." from 2011 to promote vaccines for minorities. Despite the video claiming that 10% will still get sick from the vaccine; or 35 Million people in the U.S. will get sick; who would have not gotten sick in the first place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vQOM91C7us

    February 11th 2021 Project Veritas removed off Twittter for posting on Facebook censorship. https://nypost.com/2021/02/11/twitter-permanently-suspends-project-veritas-account/

    February 11th 2021 When do you have "the most powerful powerful person in the world", Joe Biden, claim "some black guy", invented the light bulb? https://www.statesman.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/09/08/fact-check-who-really-invented-light-bulb/113860016/ -- See why Edison did not invent the light bulb either; his October 14th 1878 patent is titled "Improvement in electric lights", IS NOT "THE" LIGHT BULB. His light bulb took 1000 employees and 10000 experiments to produce a $845,000 light bulb that only lasted 13 hours. The first million dollar light bulbs were installed at JP Morgan's home; running off of coal generators; that also failed every 6 months. On the other hand, Nikola Tesla invented many types of lights from Arc Lamps, Flash Lamps, LED, Xray lights, UV lights, Neon lights, Thermo-nuclear Incandescent lights, Laser lights, Wireless lights,... Aura camera, Blackbody radiation, Shadow graphs, Timing and Metering lights, so much-so, in his Wardenclyffe Appeal court case in 1922, Tesla says in court, under oath "I had a separate room where there was 1000 lights; each describing a scientific phenomena". Those 1000 lights are still missing. By 1892, Nikola Tesla had already patented his "Carbon Button, Incandescent, wireless light" that was 10X more efficient than Edison's. (Cntrl+F search below for previous posts on Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla's contributions to lighting) at www.teslaleaks.com. Repost: In 1879, Thomas Edison crowns 14 months of testing with an incandescent electric light bulb that lasts 13 hours... Inside a near-vacuum bulb, it stayed alight for more than half a day. Soon, the lab got a carbon-filament bulb to last 40 hours. It had cost $40,000 (about $850,000 in today's money) and taken 1,200 experiments, but was ready at last for a public debut. https://www.wired.com/2009/10/1021edison-light-bulb/

    February 11th 2021 Robert F Kennedy Jr. banned off of Instagram for posting facts, to their own studies from Bill Gates at the WHO, CDC, NIH etc. of the dangers of Vaccines. We can all find these studies of their dangers in 1/2 a second. https://thehill.com/changing-america/well-being/prevention-cures/538408-robert-f-kennedy-jr-banned-from-instagram-over -- Robert Kennedy's respose to Instagram Removal: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/robert-kenney-jr-instagram-removal-account/

    February 11th 2021 Seniors (who are not supposed to be in Vaccine trials) are told to treat their CDC Vaccination Card like GOLD! https://news.yahoo.com/seniors-told-treat-cdc-vaccination-122000414.html

    February 11th 2021 CDC admits that 2 masks 1) cannot be used to generalize effectiveness, inc. bearded wearer's not effective 2) Not tested on humans, only Manaquine's 3) May inpede breathing 4) Only used for large particles, 0% of small particles; since Virus's are 100-1000X smaller than the holes in a paper mask 5) Small particles from speaking floats in the air for 8 minutes, from sneezing, like smoke, for 45 minutes https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7007e1.htm

    February 11th 2021 University's Draconian COVID Restrictions Look More Like Prison Than College https://www.infowars.com/posts/universitys-draconian-covid-restrictions-look-more-like-prison-than-college

    February 11th 2021 Biden moves closer to locking you in your home, and cannot leave, without goverment permission; by restricting Intrastate travel. Checkpoints between states are next. https://banned.video/watch?id=60256e499351f934e5d7ba87

    February 11th 2021 Mercury plunges to minus 22.9C on coldest UK night in more than 25 years as global warming bites https://davidicke.com/2021/02/11/mercury-plunges-to-minus-22-9c-on-coldest-uk-night-in-more-than-25-years-as-global-warming-bites/

    February 11th 2021 Canada tightens border restrictions further, will require (phoney) negative COVID test https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2021/02/10/canada-travel-negative-covid-test-required-at-us-canada-border/6710933002/

    Repost: September 1st 2019 Predictive Programming in the movie "Pandemic" already produced, with a release date of September 2019

    Repost: September 18th 2009 The case for killing granny. Rethinking end-of-life care - PubMed

    Repost: Tesla Currents in Medicine. Tesla's greatest impact on medicine is his invention of a transformer (Tesla coil) for producing high frequency and high voltage currents (Tesla currents). Tesla currents are used in diathermy, as they, while passing through the body, transform electrical energy into a therapeutic heat. In 1891, Tesla passed currents through his own body and was the first to experience their beneficial effects. He kept correspondence on electrotherapy with J. Dugan and S. H. Monell. In 1896, he used high frequency currents and designed an ozone generator for producing ozone, with powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Tesla is famous for his extensive experiments with mechanical vibrations and resonance, examining their effects on the organ ism and pioneering their use for medical purposes. Tesla also designed an oscillator to relieve fatigue of the leg muscles. It is less known that Tesla's inventions (Tesla coil and wireless remote control) are widely used in modern medical equipment. Apart from this, wireless technology is nowadays widely applied in numerous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

    February 10th 2021 Today the federal government begins shipping COVID-19 vaccine doses directly to about 6500 CVS and Walgreens pharmacies across the country https://news.yahoo.com/u-begins-sending-1-million-155746566.html

    February 10th 2021 WHO fact-finding mission: Animal source of 'Covid-19' still unidentified (because there isn't one), Wuhan laboratory leak 'extremely unlikely' (because it didn't happen). There IS NO 'virus' https://davidicke.com/2021/02/10/who-fact-finding-mission-animal-source-of-covid-19-still-unidentified-because-there-isnt-one-wuhan-laboratory-leak-extremely-unlikely-because-it-didnt-happen-there-is/

    February 10th 2021 Elderly deaths soaring after fake 'vaccine' roll-out - where are you media exposing this you disgrace to your profession? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vahFRfXjj80

    February 10th 2021 The Church of Woke Religion - A Sermon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iS6L0ffQxWA

    February 10th 2021 Dr Sam Bailey: Behind the curtain of the 'Covid' fake pandemic and the PCR test fraud on which it is all founded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9GccuvNs9U

    February 10th 2021 Liverpool Gym Owner Update Who Is Opening Despite The Fascism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgMqCO4I9-8

    February 10th 2021 (No one knows what's inside that "Vaccine"!!But, Shocking 'Covid' fake 'vaccine' reactions the Cult and it's Silicon Valley and media operatives and gofers don't want you to see – please share to protect others from the same https://davidicke.com/2021/02/10/shocking-covid-fake-vaccine-reactions-the-cult-and-its-silicon-valley-and-media-operatives-and-gofers-dont-want-you-to-see-please-share-to-protect-others-from-the-same/

    February 9th 2021 Reported in the journal Environmental Research, 8.7-9.5 Million people die each year from Fossil Fuels. Over 1 Million die in accidents due to the Internal Combustion Engine. https://phys.org/news/2021-02-fossil-fuel-pollution-deaths-globally.html

    February 9th 2021 The Truth About The 2020 Election. Show you the Evidence?? https://rumble.com/vdpuw3-the-truth-about-the-2020-elevtion.html

    February 9th 2021 U.K. Airports Warn 11th Hour Confusion Threatens Quarantine, which you have to pay for, 3 phoney tests, and $10,000 fine for going outside. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-09/u-k-threatens-10-years-jail-for-covid-quarantine-rule-breakers

    February 9th 2021 Read Trump's Impeachment Defense Memo https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/02/08/us/trump-defense-impeachment-trial.html

    February 9th 2021 Facebook bans proofs and links to their own reports about man-made pathogens and proofs and reports about their untested, fast-tracked "Vaccines" and mRNA "Gene Therapy" https://www.npr.org/2021/02/08/965390755/facebook-widens-ban-on-covid-19-vaccine-misinformation-in-push-to-boost-confiden

    February 9th 2021 Alex Jones at Infowars is presenting the idea of the perverted Age of Aquarius, and the Nikola Tesla character as John Galt in Ayn Rand's book and movie Atlas Shrugged. https://banned.video/watch?id=6021c4fafb61aa2b110a402e -- John Galts full speed riddled with ideas and quotes as she encodes Nikola Tesla as John Galt in the age of light vs the age of darkness. https://amberandchaos.net/?page_id=73

    February 8th 2021 Hospital gets $1.3 Million for a single Covid-19 treatment; who's going to pay for it? Your children?? https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-02-08/covid-treatment-hospital-bills-health-insurance-waivers

    February 8th 2021 Super Bowl celebrations flagged as Tampa Mayor laments COVID-19 mask rules were flouted https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-02-09/tampa-mayor-bemoans-super-bowl-covid-rule-flouters/13134630

    February 8th 2021 Lies, Lies and Damn Lies!! WAKE UP CALL | Documentary 4K | World Freedom Alliance: Copenhagen

    February 8th 2021 Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccine

    Tyranny and Eugenics through Public Health, Bioterrorism, and Vaccine Part 8 from Janaesp on Vimeo.

    February 8th 2021 Design Of The Global Enigma - David Icke Talks To The Hidden Gateway Podcast https://banned.video/watch?id=6020fbad1b70c429d6c4aab2

    February 7th 2021 Elon Musk is not the Founder of Tesla Motors. He was the 4th CEO. Tesla Founders On Elon Musk & The Early Days of Tesla. Dear Mr Musk: Please include enough space in your 1 man capsule to "Mars"; powered by Propane; for water, food, sewage, exercise, air conditioning for 500 degree weather; enough space for fuel for landing on Mars at 33,000MPH, and also fuel for taking back off to Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeRF_aKdpLA

    February 7th 2021 HOW MANY LIVES WILL BE LOST DUE TO THE LOCKDOWNS? https://worlddoctorsalliance.com SAVE LIVES, OPEN UP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xmelro48v4Y

    February 7th 2021 CHOOSE YOUR SIDE! @ THEGREATREOPENING https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsw-fkjvZA2U5KLOLs1KLmw


    February 7th 2021 Total Internet Shutdown?? Facebook urges Myanmar to unblock access to social media, as internet blackout reported after military coup – (1) the hypocrisy is shocking, and (2) something like this is planned in the West eventually and Facebook will be fine with that. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/07/facebook-urges-myanmar-to-unblock-access-to-social-media-as-internet-blackout-reported-after-military-coup-1-the-hypocrisy-is-shocking-and-2-something-like-this-is-planned-in-the-west-eventual/

    February 7th 2021 Masks and the Erasing of Human Identity – but it doesn't HAVE to be. WE decide https://davidicke.com/2021/02/07/the-erasing-of-human-identity/

    February 7th 2021 Wokeism: From Ideology to Mask of Sanity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX68n2EHAL4

    February 6th 2021 Proof "Climate Change" is a military operation to promote $2T a year in "Carbon Taxes" and $100T for "Carbon Capture"; the CO2 for use in Coca Cola https://www.infowars.com/posts/bombshell-confession-climate-czar-says-breaking-americans-will-is-the-mission/

    February 6th 2021 Proof, the hospital will kidnap you and separate you from your wife or kids. COVID-19 tore apart 'inseparable' couple, married for 63 years, so nurses worked to reunite them for a date https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/02/06/nurses-plan-date-couple-hospitalized-covid-19-illinois/4419254001/

    February 6th 2021 Inmates at St. Louis jail set fires, break windows over coronavirus restrictions, concerns https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2021/02/06/inmates-st-louis-jail-set-fires-break-windows-amid-covid-concerns/4419889001/

    February 6th 2021 "Cleaning up the air can actually warm the planet because that (soot and sulfate) pollution results in cooling" which climate scientists have long known, said study lead author Andrew Gettelman, an atmospheric scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. https://www.ecowatch.com/lockdown-air-pollution-temperature-2650268659.html

    February 6th 2021 Hey, Global Cult – it's going pear-shaped as Mumbai's vaccination drive sees just 58 of 8,000 expected frontline workers show up for jab. India Today reported a "general fear among frontline workers." The outlet spoke to a security guard posted at one of the vaccination centers who purportedly said he was planning to avoid getting the shot by claiming he has a skin allergy. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/06/hey-global-cult-its-going-pear-shaped-as-mumbais-vaccination-drive-sees-just-58-of-8000-expected-frontline-workers-show-up-for-jab/

    February 6th 2021 45-Year-Old Italian Doctor "In The Prime Of Life And In Perfect Health" Drops Dead After The Pfizer MRNA COVID Shot: 39-Year-Old Nurse, 42-Year-Old Surgical Technician Also Dead https://davidicke.com/2021/02/06/45-year-old-italian-doctor-in-the-prime-of-life-and-in-perfect-health-drops-dead-after-the-pfizer-mrna-covid-shot-39-year-old-nurse-42-year-old-surgical-technician-also-dead/

    February 6th 2021 As of Jan. 29, 501 deaths — a subset of 11,249 total adverse events — had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccinations. The numbers reflect reports filed between Dec. 14, 2020, and Jan. 29, 2021. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/06/501-deaths-10748-other-injuries-reported-following-covid-vaccine-latest-cdc-data-show/

    February 6th 2021 Animals-->Humans Hoax!! A study by researchers at the University of Cambridge has found that climate change played a key role in Covid-19 spreading from animals to humans, as the two groups were forced closer together as populations grow. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/06/climate-change-key-in-covid-19-spreading-to-humans-god-save-us-from-academics-i-wouldnt-pay-them-with-washers/

    February 6th 2021 Rand Paul: Claim Trump Incited Capitol Riot is "Big Lie" https://video.foxnews.com/v/6229667276001/

    February 5th 2021 Watch Live: Time Magazine Admits International Cabal Of Elites Stole Election From Trump https://www.infowars.com/posts/watch-live-is-america-beyond-the-point-of-no-return/

    February 5th 2021 TSA To Slap Mask-Mandate-Violators With $1,500 Fines https://www.fox32chicago.com/news/tsa-travelers-who-violate-mask-mandate-face-fines-up-to-1500

    February 5th 2021 Supreme Court lifts California worship bans prompted by coronavirus https://www.politico.com/news/2021/02/05/scotus-california-worship-bans-466466

    February 5th 2021 Berlin Mandates Medical Masks for Passengers in Private Cars https://europe.infowars.com/city-of-berlin-mandates-medical-masks-for-passengers-in-private-cars/

    February 5th 2021 Watch Mike Lindell's Censored "Absolute Proof" of Voter Fraud https://banned.video/watch?id=601dd3b6a773ce26767cef58

    February 5th 2021 MSNBC Suggest Killing Trump Supporters https://banned.video/watch?id=601dee880b7848273b70c6c9

    February 5th 2021 Iowa to end most Covid restrictions https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/the-latest-iowa-to-end-most-coronavirus-restrictions/2021/02/05/2aa1e41c-6810-11eb-bab8-707f8769d785_story.html

    February 5th 2021 Fake News from ABC | Can you catch COVID-19 variants from surfaces? They used to say you would get AIDS from kissing and toilet seats!! https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/GMA3/video/catch-covid-19-variants-surfaces-75685533

    February 5th 2021 The fake-cure presented by "Health Officials" admit their Antibody treatment for COVID-19 (seems), allegedly, to have spurred mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 that infected a man with a compromised immune system. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00502-w

    February 4th 2021 Elon Musk & Rockefeller' Standard Oil, Exxon push the $100T carbon capture scam. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidblackmon/2021/02/04/elon-musk-and-exxon-agree-ccsu-is-set-to-explode-in-2021/

    February 4th 2021 Trump refuses to testify in his Impeachement Trial on Insurrection; leaves his supporters hanging on a rope, and refuses to testify on his behalf on Election Fraud https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/04/us/politics/trump-impeachment-capitol-riot.html

    February 4th 2021 4th The Federalist | No, We Shouldn't Launch A 'War On Terror' Against Trump https://thefederalist.com/2021/02/04/no-we-shouldnt-launch-a-war-on-terror-against-trump-voters/

    February 4th 2021 Predicted Here: You will never be allowed to leave your house, without permission | UK Thinktank, Institute for Government funded by Bill Gates https://davidicke.com/2021/02/04/why-are-covid-cases-plummeting-new-infections-have-fallen-45-in-the-us-and-30-globally-in-the-past-3-weeks-but-experts-say-vaccine-is-not-the-main-driver-because-only-8-of-americans-and-13-of-peo/

    February 4th 2021 Side effect rates so far: 14% had at least one whole-body (systemic) after-effect - such as fever, aches or chills - within seven days of the first dose, rising to about 22% after the second dose. Doctors do say people with a history of significant allergic reactions, rather than general allergies, should not have the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or the similar Moderna vaccine. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-55932832

    February 4th 2021 Astrazenica claims they are studying mixing vaccines, an alleged inactivated adenovirus, a "Cold Virus https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/new-covid-19-trial-tests-mixing-two-different-vaccines-first-n1256683

    February 4th 2021 Florida grocery store bucks mask mandate; owner says Covid death toll is "hogwash" https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/video-shows-umasked-employees-shoppers-florida-grocery-store-n1256710

    February 5th 2021 #SCIENCE #FRAUD EU states 'must monitor sewage systems' for COVID https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-digest-eu-states-must-monitor-sewage-systems-for-covid/a-57401244

    February 5th 2021 Police threaten to arrest David Menzies upon return to Radisson quarantine hotel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiXzreOPxR4

    February 5th 2021 Helicopters join the Whistle Stop Rebellion: Cops return (again?!) to small town diner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEka6QSzVGg

    February 5th 2021 Rubella vaccine inventor admits dozens of babies were strategically aborted to establish a suitable cell line for vaccines https://vaccinewars.com/2021-02-05-rubella-vaccine-inventor-admits-babies-were-aborted-to-create-vaccines.html

    February 4th 2021 Elon Musk & Rockefeller' Standar Oil, Exxon push the $100T carbon capture scam. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidblackmon/2021/02/04/elon-musk-and-exxon-agree-ccsu-is-set-to-explode-in-2021/

    February 3rd 2021 Save Lives, Open Up! Stark facts about the consequences of lockdown and every one of them ticks a box on the Cult wish-list – open your businesses or they'll all be gone exactly as planned. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/07/stark-facts-about-the-consequences-of-lockdown-and-every-one-of-them-ticks-a-box-on-the-cult-wish-list-open-your-businesses-or-theyll-all-be-gone-exactly-as-planned/

    February 2nd 2021 Biden plans to expand coronavirus vaccine injections nationwide using FEMA and the National Guard https://vaccinewars.com/2021-02-02-biden-reveals-plan-for-vaccination-campaign.html

    US Department of Health and Human Services issued a declaration stating that NO LIABILITY could be attached to any person who participates in medical counter-measures against SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, it appears that, if a person takes the COVID vaccine, in order to fly (given airlines' emerging demands), and suffers grave injury or dies from the shot, there will be no legal recourse. https://davidicke.com/2021/02/07/vaccine-airlines-jewish-airlines-islamic-airlines/

    Febrary 4th 2021 CVS & Walgreens to deliver 100 Million vaccines. It's a good time to boycott the pharmacies. https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/04/us/covid-19-vaccine-drug-stores/index.html

    February 3rd 2021 Military wide stand-down to confront conspiracy theories on coronahoax, election fraud and false flags. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-biden-pentagon-extremism-idUSKBN2A335W

    February 3rd 2021 CDC sends out "guidelines" for events like Superb Bowl parties; includes no Cheering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZq3JBiUqjQ

    February 3rd 2021 AOC Lied About Being In Capitol Building, Did She Lie About Sexual Assault As Well? https://banned.video/watch?id=601b499aeca60f21ab3b5357

    February 3rd 2021 Florida Governor Vows to Fight Big Tech Censorship, Medical, Opt-Out, Disclosures, Property & Privacy Rights. https://apnews.com/article/capitol-siege-censorship-media-florida-ron-desantis-bf5e044933821026287cda7e5197b628 -- 33 Organizations Send Letter to Florida Governor DeSantis to halt the implementation of the state's proposed school safety database. For the database, the state considered collecting categories of information such as children who have been victims of bullying based on protected statuses such as race, religion, disability, and sexual orientation; children who have been treated for substance abuse or undergone involuntary psychiatric assessments; and children who have been in foster care. https://studentprivacycompass.org/letterdesantis/

    February 3rd 2021 WAR DECLARED as U.S. Government Moves Against Patriots on All Fronts https://banned.video/watch?id=601b0f92f4951520a6855316

    February 3rd 2021 How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis about Conspiracy Theories like September 11th 2001; Coronahoax and Voter Fraud; with a "Department of Truth" by some guy is a CIA basement. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/02/technology/biden-reality-crisis-misinformation.html

    February 3rd 2021 How do you have a "Case" for a Covid Variant, that you don't know what it is yet? If they Covid test you for Antibodies; how do they determine which strain it is? 5 new cases of UK variant in Nevada https://www.ktnv.com/news/coronavirus/5-additional-cases-of-covid-19-uk-variant-reported-in-clark-county

    February 3rd 2021 CDC: Schools can reopen without vaccinating teachers https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/03/cdc-director-says-schools-can-safely-reopen-without-vaccinating-teachers.html

    February 3rd 2021 Forced vaccines, vaccine passports against human rights: Council of Europe https://davidicke.com/2021/02/03/forced-vaccines-vaccine-passports-against-human-rights-council-of-europe/

    January 2nd 2021 "Kent variant has developed a super power" #magic #virus https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1392263/Kent-variant-covid-mutation-Uk-coronavirus-latest-vn

    February 2nd 2021 Baja California says people will have to get COVID vaccine every year. https://kyma.com/news/mexico/2021/02/01/baja-california-says-people-will-have-to-get-covid-vaccine-every-year/ -- COVID-19: Will we need an annual vaccine booster? https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-will-we-need-an-annual-vaccine-booster-12205644

    February 2nd 2021 Predicted by Tesla Leaks in November 2018 because of a new patent citation on Nikola Tesla's "System of Transmission of Electrical Energy" that referred to a Tesla techology of a "WORLDWIDE WIRELESS EMERGYENCY ALERT SYSTEM" proposed by Bill Gates that uses 1) Long distance wireless power & radio broadcast transmission system using longitudinal Earth-surface or "Standing Waves" (Cntrl+F) this page to search for Standing Waves. 2) Global Emergency and Disasters such as Earthquakes or "Pandemics"? --- Cult-Owned Psychopath Bill Gates Calls For "Global Alert System" Ahead Of "Next Pandemic" which he knows the Cult he serves is planning https://davidicke.com/2021/02/02/cult-owned-psychopath-bill-gates-calls-for-global-alert-system-ahead-of-next-pandemic-which-he-knows-the-cult-he-serves-is-planning/ Pandemic Prevention - Wikipedia

    ""When it comes to preventing pandemics, scientific tools alone aren"t enough. We also need new capabilities, including a global alert system and infectious disease first responders (or what I like to call a pandemic fire squad): https://t.co/53Rf5uvjub pic.twitter.com/rTmM7STl6U — Bill Gates (@BillGates) February 1, 2021

    Here is the original post on the Tesla Leaks Facebook Groups that were deleted by Facebook: --- Presidential Directive 51 Warning! Coming Soon… Newest 2018 patent citations to Nikola Tesla"s wireless energy patents of 1891-1907+ (System, Apparatus & Art) (He has 1000+ recent citations). Includes citations into August 2018 by companies who are using 6 of Tesla's U.K. patents which Tesla filed as improvements. Analysis of "Guided Surface Waves", "Surface Wave Transmission Lines", GPS with wireless powered "ID tags" using a Guided Surface Wave called "Object Identification System and method". August, 2018 patent for worldwide wireless powered "Nano-Bots" used in a ("Global Emergency and Disaster") https://patents.google.com/patent/US9997040B2/en"> https://patents.google.com/patent/US2685068A/en https://patents.google.com/patent/US10033197B2/en

    Presidential Directive(PDD 51) The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (National Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20, sometimes called simply (PDD) "Executive Directive 51" for short), signed by President of the United States George W. Bush on May 4, 2007, is a Presidential Directed that will be used in an "Emergency". A Tesla Leaks Original: 13+ Ways of (Nikola Tesla) Wireless Power Transmission & Signaling https://www.google.com/search?q=illuminati+card+deck&source=lnms Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6

    February 1st 2021 Forbes promotes China Anal Swabs; by promoting a Chinese study that allegedly shows that virus lasts longer in the anus; and could be better at testing for non-symptom patients. Yang Zhanqiu, a pathology expert at Wuhan University, told China's Global Times that nose and throat swabs are the most efficient ways to gather test samples for Covid-19. "There have been cases concerning the coronavirus testing positive in a patient's excrement, but NO EVIDENCE has suggested it had been transmitted through one's digestive system," Yang said.

    February 1st 2021 Chilling trend: A longer, deadlier pandemic. "It may take 4-5 years before we finally see the end of the pandemic and the start of a post-COVID normal,"

    February 1st 2021 Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere, ever!

    February 1st 2021 Dr. Lee Merritt: In Animal Studies, After Being Injected With MRNA Technology, All Animals Died Upon Reinfection

    February 1st 2021 Spanish magazine: 17,000 FEWER people died in Spain in 2020 than in 2019 and more than 26,000 fewer than in 2018. WHAT PANDEMIC??

    February 1st 2021 Door to Door Coronahoax phoney testing begins in the UK

    February 1st 2021 13 phoney ways they will use to make the vaccine appear effective; without any testing; and fast tracked.

    February 1st 2021 Lockdowns causing obesity; now blamed on Coronavirus

    February 1st 2021 Fake news making the case that two shots of the binary bioweapons do not protect you against genetic material that is being manufactured by your cells; or getting Covid.

    February 1st 2021 Death rates from Covid cases across all states is still less than .1%.

    February 1st 2021 Fauci says you will be locked down until 2024; and then he will have a party like its 1999.

    February 1st 2021 The creater of the phoney saliva test dies, just like the doctor who allegedly found Coronavirus, mysteriously dies.

    February 1st 2021 Liquor causes diabetes during lockdown, The Washington Post claims the diabetes is from Coronahoax virus.

    February 1st 2021 Lockdowns causing depression, have a new cure, an anti-depressant methamphetamine, to treat Coronahoax virus.

    February 1st 2021 You will not be able to get Life Insurance, without a phoney Coronahoax test.

    February 1st 2021 55 Long term effects of Coronahoax include caughing, hot flashes, and slipping on bananna peels.

    February 1st 2021 Phoney Covid testing machine claims to identify Coronahoax, inside your body, from 6 feet away, behind glass, as 99% effective.

    February 1st 2021 All neurological effects, like the fact that you are a moron, is now considered Covidhoax positive.

    February 1st 2021 HHS approves the binary bio-weapon; monoclonal antibodies, to fight off the previous vaccine that makes your body manufacture the Coronahoax virus genetic material.

    January 31st 2021 Full lockdown in Australia because of 1 (One) #alleged case of variant of phoney virus.

    January 31st 2021 Stand-up or lay down and take it in the ass with a Chinese Anal Probe.
    https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2021/01/31/rhoc-kelly-dodd-covid-19-criticism-instagram-positive-beverage/4334511001/ -- Austria Anti Lockdown Rally. This is Epic, Police have taken off their helmets and marched with the people. @RadioSavana pic.twitter.com/tya48F0eLo

    January 31st 2021 Take the vending machine test, get kidnapped, quarrantined and suffocated on a ventilator

    January 30th 2021 These COVID-19 patients are incubating new coronavirus; patients need to be medically kidnapped, sent to a FEMA camp, and quietly euthanized on an Incubator. If they are of the 90% that die on Incubators, the hospital gets $53K.

    January 30th 2021 Biden Health Adviser Warns of Virus Variants, 5 Years of Lockdowns.

    January 30th 2021 Can the arrival of new coronavirus variants #scare Americans into better pandemic behavior?

    January 30th 2021 CDC "rule" requires wearing of 2 face masks while on public transportation or face arrest as a Federal Crime

    January 30th 2021 Across the U.S. in 2020, 30% of businesses have closed their doors for good

    January 30th 2021 What testing? All current vaccines are fast-tracked; and sent to the people they normally do not give testing; pregnant women, the elderly and children

    January 29th 2021 Tesla Enters the TARDIS | Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror | Doctor Who https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK4_q_V3iyI


    January 29th 2021 Fauci and a not-peer-reviewed study recommends 2-3 masks; while making the claim "no, it won't suffocate you"; another lie. A recent (not yet peer-reviewed) study tested 11 mask materials and found that masks are more protective when they have three layers https://www.cnet.com/health/double-masking-for-covid-19-why-fauci-recommends-wearing-two-masks-at-once/

    January 31st 2021 at (11am EST)(600 likes to 1 dislike) All You Ever Need To Know: Censorship is everywhere and children to be used to spy on parents. https://davidicke.com/2021/01/31/all-you-ever-needed-to-know-sacha-stone-sean-stone-david-icke-livestream-this-sunday/

    January 31st 2021 Protesters Block COVID-19 Vaccination Site In LA a href="https://npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/01/31/962595477/protesters-block-covid-19-vaccination-site-in-la">https://npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/01/31/962595477/protesters-block-covid-19-vaccination-site-in-la

    January 31st 2021 China now entry of persons who have taken the Maderna or Pfizer "Vaccine" https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/25/business/china-covid-19-vaccine-backlash.html

    January 30th 2021 Catherine Austin Fitts: Planet Lockdown https://banned.video/watch?id=6015f75af3a1931739667ce6

    January 29th 2021 Covid, a cold virus, comes out of your sweat glands?? You trust studies by Lebanon & United Arab Emirates?? https://www.mcall.com/opinion/mc-prem-opi-covid-sniffing-dogs-miami-heat-muschick-20210127-kn36km5zabfcfp4ji7bltrp3q4-story.html

    January 28th 2021 China uses anal swabs to test for COVID-19 https://thehill.com/homenews/news/536197-china-uses-anal-swabs-to-test-for-covid-19

    January 28th 2021 Senator Rand Paul calls for a Mask Rebellion https://banned.video/watch?id=6012c9eae79e01123a063c07

    January 27th 2021 The Great PCR Scam - David Icke Talks To Lou Collins go over issues covered in the below 66.6 Ways Coronavirus is a full-blown HOAX! https://banned.video/watch?id=601131c40ebe370ef9e1901f

    January 27th 2021 Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths & Allergic Reactions: Officials said the person, who died Thursday, had tested positive for the virus in late December and received a vaccine several hours before https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-01-26/questions-surround-death-of-covid-vaccine-recipient

    January 27yh 2021 Bill Gates calls pandemic conspiracy theories about him, Dr. Fauci "crazy and evil"; the pot calling the kettel black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-yICEa9K1A

    BREAKING TODAY: MUTUALLY ASSURED DISTRACTION!! January 27th 2021 The CIA is both telling the story of THE GREAT RESET etc. and setting up a TROLL-TRAP in Google Search and Google Images for the word "Illuminati Card Deck"; a Steve Jackson card game since 1996. They are playing this game right now. You should get a copy. But, don't click on their website and fall for the trap. https://www.google.com/search?q=illuminati+card+deck&source=lnms Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5 Slide6

    January 26th 2021 Maderna confirms our contention that its mRNA recombinant, DNA lung tissue modifying, Chemotherapy/Gene Therapy Drug; illegally called a "Vaccine" is not recommend for pregnant woman because of risk of #Sterilization and breathing issues from the child's damaged lung tissue https://wgntv.com/news/coronavirus/pregnant-women-should-not-take-moderna-vaccine-who-advises/ More: https://who.int/news-room/feature-stories/detail/the-moderna-covid-19-mrna-1273-vaccine-what-you-need-to-know -- Full Show: Bombshell Big Pharma Admits Covid-19 is a HOAX @ https://banned.video/watch?id=6010aa7ec155bf0e53d081c5

    January 26th 2021 From Switzerland to Italy to California are reporting a potentially 50-80% bankruptcy rate. https://trtworld.com/business/swiss-hotels-restaurants-risk-bankruptcy-as-third-wave-of-layoffs-loom-43132

    January 25th 2021 Pfizer mRNA gene therapy vaccine is banned in India. India wants local safety studies before approval; which have not been done by Pfizer. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-india-pfizer-exclu/exclusive-pfizer-wants-india-to-order-covid-19-vaccine-before-pursuing-approval-idUSKBN29U1P9

    January 25th 2021 Hell Freezes over January 25th 2021Hell Freezes Over!

    January 22nd 2021 US baseball legend and civil rights icon Hank Aaron dies after taking 2nd Covid "Vaccine" https://www.wkrg.com/honoring-hammerin-hank/baseball-legend-hank-aaron-got-virus-vaccine-earlier-in-january/

    January 21st 2021 Biden signs nationwide mandatory masks and quarrantine for travelers; so they can separate families and rape your kids with an Anal Probe https://usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2020/11/11/joe-biden-national-face-mask-mandate-covid/6233249002/

    January 20th 2021 CDC's quiet admission that it blended viral and antibody test results for its case numbers and that people can test positive on an antibody test if they have antibodies from a family of viruses that cause the common cold https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html

    January 20th 2021 WHO they put out this memo, stating that a single positive PCR test should not be used for diagnosing Sars-Cov-2 infection. https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05

    January 19th 2021 Evidence is growing that self-attacking "autoantibodies" from Covid Vaccines (Causing a cytokine storm, like juvenile arthritis) https://nature.com/articles/d41586-021-00149-1

    Jan 18, 2021 #NUREMBERG Vaccine experiments on babies in Ireland broke Nuremberg Code. Horrific medical experiments on babies in Irish Mother and Baby homes have resulted in comparisons with what Nazi doctors did to countless victims in concentration camps. No clearance was ever given by unmarried mothers to have their children experimented on in every case uncovered at the notorious homes by an Irish government commission. Neither was permission given to donate dead babies' bodies to science or to put them up for adoption, many to wealthy Americans. https://www.irishcentral.com/news/vaccine-experiments-babies-ireland-nuremberg-code

    January 18th 2021 Shock Collars for the Slaves! French factory workers could be forced to wear social distancing devices that emit a loud noise like a dog collar if they stand too close to each other https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9159425/French-factory-workers-forced-wear-social-distancing-devices.html

    January 17th 2021 Infowarriors Repel Enforced "Truth" About The Efficacy Of Pandemic Protection Mandates https://cnn.com/2021/01/16/tech/coronavirus-vaccine-records-microsoft

    January 16th 2021 While that's going on fake news, mixed with real news, Infowars has a new story that Hydeochloroquine (Bleech + Meth) is a "cure" for Covid (Fauci & NIH) https://banned.video/watch?id=600258f52708e0455db77e5b

    January 16th 2021 23 people dead in Norway, received Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine days before https://zeenews.india.com/world/23-people-dead-in-norway-received-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-days-before-2336275.html

    January 15th 2021 As predicted on the December 26th 2019 at 1AM podcast, on controlling Countries with food, Bill Gates is now the largest farmland owner in the U.S. They will not send you any more money. The aim to starve you out. https://facebook.com/riseofthejedi

    January 15th 2021 Germany just announced, if you don't wear a mask, take the vaccine or anything else they say, your going to a Detention Camp https://banned.video/watch?id=600221620aa15f44e3375e7f

    January 14th 2021 Tesla Leaks 4th Facebook Account has been removed. Free speech is dead and your freedom is gone. Don't ever bother to use those words again. Your a slave! https://facebook.com/virtualunet

    January 13th 2021 Australia bans sex with "Rules" that recommended masterbation in front of your partner, but 6 feet apart, with your mask on. https://zeenews.india.com/photos/world/australia-issues-guidelines-for-safe-sex-amid-covid-19-outbreak-know-about-strange-norms-in-pics-2335667

    January 12th 2021 Hitler would be proud!! Ron Paul: With no explanation other than "repeatedly going against our community standards," @Facebook has blocked me from managing my page. Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified. https://nypost.com/2021/01/11/facebook-censors-ron-paul/

    January 8th 2021 Predicted Here 6 months ago: Pelosi uses Nuke Hoax as the reason to remove Trump from office Nancy Pelosi Nuke Hoax

    Repost: January 3rd 2018 NY Times | The 'Nuclear Button' Explained: For Starters, There's No "Button" https://nytimes.com/2018/01/03/world/asia/nuclear-button-trump-north-korea.html

    January 5th 2021 Phoney Mutant Strain of phony Virus causes more lockdowns. How many phony strains will they use; since the cold virus has allegedly 1000 strains? https://nbcnews.com/news/us-news/live-blog/2021-01-05-covid-live-updates-vaccine-news-n1252809

    January 4th 2021 Land of Confusion by Genesis and Phil Collins is Voted the #1 Song in the World for 2020 & 2021, for a 2nd Year in-a-row!! Genesis was so kind to expose the Nuke Hoax, Dinosaur Hoax, Alien Hoax, Fake News Danger, Martial Law, Puppets & Puppet Masters, Actor Ronald Reagan (spokesman for JP Morgan's GE) and much much more; back in 1986 ft The Men of Steel.. the Men of Power, Losing control by the hour! https://youtube.com/watch?v=Yq7FKO5DlV0

    December 31st 2020 Predicted Here: CNN admits Vaccine Passports will be Mandatory to travel. https://cnn.com/2020/12/27/tech/coronavirus-vaccine-passport-apps/index.html

    December 29th 2020 WHO chief scientist Dr Soumya Swaminathan said vaccines will not prevent infections. You will still be Quarantined, still wear the Mask, still need permission to leave your house, still be locked down, still be unemployed and still need multiple Vaccines of #whatchmacallit and still more after that. https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9093805/Why-receiving-Covid-vaccination-wont-prevent-hotel-quarantine.html

    December 29th 2020 Doctors Around The World Issue Dire WARNING: DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE! https://banned.video/watch?id=5febc6a8c3c5ce1ce2f5f8d7

    December 28th 2020 CNN admits, touching your nose and mask spreads disease https://cnn.com/2020/12/28/health/nose-picking-coronavirus-transmission-wellness/index.html

    December 26th 2020 KILLING PATHOGENS PART 3: The World Health Organization (Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, U.S. & Politifact) LIES about the efficacy and safety of UV-C lights, the Sun or vaporizing Hydrogen Peroxide to provide Ozone, in killing all pathogens. https://politifact.com/factchecks/2020/mar/20/greg-murphy/no-sunlight-has-not-been-proven-kill-coronavirus/"> - "UV lamps should not be used... can cause skin irritation and eyesight damage" WHO LIES. UV-C does not penetrate the skin nor damage the retina. https://who.int/uv/en/ - ABC NEWS A UV light may help to kill coronavirus https://abcnews.go.com/Health/ultraviolet-light-fight-spread-coronavirus/story?id=70170111 - https://latimes.com/science/story/2020-04-14/how-uv-light-may-protect-us-from-the-coronavirus - https://video.foxnews.com/v/6150507307001 - https://npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/04/17/836830157/coronavirus-faqs-can-sunlight-kill-the-virus-how-risky-is-an-elevator-ride - https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/04/16/coronavirus-update-uv-light-ppe-doctors-nurses - https://nytimes.com/2020/04/16/health/n95-masks-decontaminated-coronavirus.html - https://nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/02/what-happens-to-coronavirus-covid-19-in-warmer-spring-temperatures - https://pcimag.com/articles/107204-uv-sanitation-lights-can-kill-coronavirus https://www.facebook.com/SpiritofTesla/photos/a.915054161984456/1415759245247276 -- Cloramine to be used as a phony "cure" for Coronavirus comes as a waste product from #sewage. The cost of chloramine conversion was approximately $47 million. (UV) treatment facility worth $111 https://sfwater.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=9149 -- Tesla UV Treatment Facility became fully operational in 2011. https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/114-million-Tesla-project-aids-Hetch-Hetchy-water-2354053.php -- November 17th 2020 Argon Plasma treatments quickly kill coronavirus on surfaces. (High frequency discharge tube) used to kill pathogens. https://phys.org/news/2020-11-plasma-treatments-quickly-coronavirus-surfaces.html

    December 24th 2020 TESLA'S OZONE GAMBIT Coast to Coast with Marc Seifer PhD https://lnkd.in/gJdr8Db : My enemies have been so successful in representing me as a poet and visionary that it is absolutely imperative for me to put out something commercial without delay; forming the Tesla Ozone Company with devices designed to to destroy virulent pathogens... He wrote to assistant George Herbert Walker Scherff (Curious George, HW Bush Sr.), I swear! If I ever get out of this hole nobody will catch me without cash.

    December 23rd 2020 The Future of Vaccines https://www.bitchute.com/video/UQvaQFdGLn8/

    December 22nd Yuan eases as new COVID strain underpins dollar - Reuters https://www.reuters.com/article/china-yuan-midday/yuan-eases-as-new-covid-strain-underpins-dollar-idUSL4N2J30ON

    December 20th 2020 CDC CONFIRMS (3500) people have suffered adverse reactions to COVID vaccine. CDC: Any person allergic to any ingredient in any vaccine, should not take the vaccine. https://nytimes.com/2020/12/18/health/covid-vaccine-allergies.html

    December 20th 2020 Government and "Doctor" dope running of Fentanyl, and of Heroin from Afghaistan since 2001, and helping deliver and protect the amphetamine from China & Mexico, caused 20X more overdoses in San Francisco, than Covid-19 deaths. A record 621 people died, and 3000 overdosed, needing Narcan. https://apnews.com/article/san-francisco-coronavirus-pandemic-a48a148efadbeaa1181148ea367c4d68

    December 20th 2020 "Santa Claus is good to go": Dr Fauci says he vaccinated Father Christmas https://youtube.com/watch?v=YEil6VTzXdc

    December 18th 2020 #NUREMBERG Landmarks in law: Nuremberg and the first trial for crimes against humanity https://www.theguardian.com/law/2020/dec/18/landmarks-in-law-the-first-trial-where-the-word-genocide-was-spoken

    December 16th 2020 The immuno-response/s from the poisons in the Vaccine cause "The Hives" and other reactions; which require an anti-histamene, like Epehdrine, Epi-Pen or Primatene Mist (not available in any "Hospital"). Other immunoresponses are from the frozen metals like nano-organic mercury and Aluminum; and cold temperature of the #whatchamacallit in the Innoculation https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-16/first-hiccups-seen-in-u-s-push-to-deliver-covid-19-vaccine

    December 4th 2020 CDC recommends people wear masks indoors when not at home. This is the first time the agency has advocated for "universal" mask use. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/12/04/cdc-mask-guidance-indoors/ -- CDC recommends that people wear masks in public settings, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html

    December 3rd 2020 Get back in your prison cell. The boogie man is coming to get you; no really. His name is Bill Gates. https://apnews.com/article/business-gavin-newsom-california-coronavirus-pandemic-326daa8a6038706a95cafbe1839ff96b

    December 3rd 2020 "Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies" - Dr Ron Paul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puuvEdrGFMk

    December 3rd 2020 Your Vote Doesn't Count Part 6: Lawyer outlines multiple examples of illegal voting activity in Georgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRhQmioNY4o

    December 3rd 2020 Nano Organic Mercury in Vaccines and all Injectibles are known by the NIH of toxicity https://facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=196359725361750&id=100049631701504 1) Is completely absorbed in the Gut 2) Damage to Nerve Cells (Brain Damage) 3) Causes Fetal Brain Damage in Pregnant Women 4) Non-norganic Mercury is not absorbed and passes rapidly from the body. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2366450/?page=1

    December 2nd 2020 #armageddon "The Perfect Storm of Stupid!"; Where the whole population of Earth would imprison themselves from something entirely Invisible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugRnjpXEwTo

    December 2nd 2020 December 2nd 2020 Yes, suffocate the kids - Biden, Obama, Fauci, Gates, Clinton, Trump and so on, are responsible for these death's, diseases and breathing problems of children by wearing useless, but dangerous mask's. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=451873555797456&set=a.163557987962349

    December 1st 2020 Return of Kill Lists. If they kill Q-13, how would they get any Intelligence; since they obviously don't have any http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/december/01/fight-the-return-of-obamas-warmongering-re-treads-support-the-ron-paul-institute-on-givingtuesday/

    November 30th 2020 Serology tests look for antibodies in blood; not capable of diagnosing any disease https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/testing/serology-overview.html

    November 27 2020 L.A. County health officials announce 3-week stay-at-home order banning most gatherings set to take effect on Monday https://ktla.com/news/local-news/l-a-county-health-officials-announce-3-week-stay-at-home-order-banning-most-gatherings-set-to-take-effect-on-monday/

    Repost: October 16 2020 Biden repeatedly supported the bombing of Nikola Tesla's hometown, Serbia, with Depleted Uranium. "" Joe Biden was one of the most militant advocates of US military action against Serbs during the breakup of the Yugoslav federation, first in Croatia (1991-95), then in Bosnia (1992-95), and then in Serbia's province of Kosovo (1998- 1999). (As has been said about others like Hillary Clinton and the late John McCain, Biden evidently has never met a war he didn't like. Along with Hillary, in 2003 Biden helped to whip Senate Democrat votes for the Bush-Cheney Iraq war.) Channeling his inner John McCain, Biden continually called for the US to bomb, bomb, bomb bomb the Serbs while (in a foreshadowing of the Obama-Biden administration's support for jihad terrorists in Libya and Syria, which ultimately resulted in the appearance of ISIS) pushed successfully for sending weapons to the Islamist regime in Bosnia and then for the US to arm the Islamo-narco-terrorist group known as the "Kosovo Liberation Army" (KLA)."" http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/october/16/before-the-bidens-did-ukraine-there-was-iraq-and-serbia/

    November 27 2020 The next time, your not getting out!!! The Great Reset: If Only It Were Just a Conspiracy -- The World Economic Forum in Davos, has launched an initiative called, yes, 'the Great Reset'. It has its own website. https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/11/the-great-reset-if-only-it-were-just-a-conspiracy/

    November 26 2020 "Do as your told" you scum - Fauci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYsgJTNaEwE

    November 25th 2020 George Orwell, where are you? Oregon governor encourages neighbors to call the cops on COVID-19 restrictions violators. https://www.abc15.com/news/national/coronavirus/oregon-governor-encourages-neighbors-to-call-the-cops-on-covid-19-restrictions-violators/

    November 25th 2020 Fauci "I don't think we should ever shake hands again". No touching, holding hands or kissing neither. https://time.com/5818134/anthony-fauci-never-shake-hands-coronavirus/

    November 25th 2020 LA to cut power to homes hosting large gatherings https://www.cbsnews.com/video/los-angeles-to-cut-water-and-power-to-homes-hosting-large-gatherings-amid-pandemic/

    November 24th 2020 #Thanksgiving is Cancelled. No Turkey for you scumbags. But be sure to have extra trash bins and bleach tho. You'll be better off hiding in the closet with a shotgun (predicted here). No singing nor chanting either! That'll keep you safe! https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=190243975973325&set=a.107227307608326

    November 24th 2020 Doctors ask people vulnerable to covid to sign do-not resuscitate orders https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8978525/Doctors-ask-people-vulnerable-covid-sign-not-resuscitate-orders-Switzerland.html

    November 24th 2020 #Thanksgiving is Cancelled. No Turkey for you scumbags. But be sure to have extra trash bins and bleach tho. You'll be better off hiding in the closet with a shotgun (predicted here). No singing nor chanting either! That'll keep you safe! https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=190243975973325&set=ecnf.100049631701504

    May 1st 2014, two months before the launch of Tesla Leaks, July 4th 2014, John Kerry fronts for the "Save the Oceans" campaign to seize 2/3 of all the Oceans on Earth. Joe Biden, just hired him to do just that. https://youtube.com/watch?v=NGA2etqSV2I

    November 22nd 2020 Apocalypse vs Apocalypsis - ibid "A Great Revealing"; an unveiling. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/apocalypsis

    November 22nd 2020 CNN & Russian "Operation Warpspeed" Czar pushes forced immunization of 200 Million Americans & Toddlers with an untested, FDA Fast-Tracked "vaccine" made of #whatchmacallit https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2020/11/22/moncef-slaoui-vaccine-coronavirus-sotu-tapper-vpx.cnn

    November 22nd 2020 Covid: Thirteen arrests at Liverpool anti-lockdown demo - BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-55030622

    November 21 2020 Predicted, last 3 words of Rise of the Jedi Podcast, Episode 1 is the "Scientific Technorcratic Elite". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzgasel4C24&t=558s -- https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/526873-no-thank-you-dr-fauci

    November 21 2020 The Empire's "Lord of Terror", Darth Vader, used forced Inoculations on Princess Lea. https://youtube.com/watch?v=fMlxLy-FbMc

    November 21st 2020 California Governor Gavin Newsom Issues Limited Stay-At-Home Order Through December 21; "We Are Sounding The Alarm" https://deadline.com/2020/11/california-governor-gavin-newsom-issues-limited-stay-at-home-order-through-december-21-we-are-sounding-the-alarm-1234619144/

    November 20th 2020 Buffalo, New York Business Owners Stand Up to Cuomo Lockdown Orders; Chase Out Sheriff & Health Dept https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI_pkvlp2q4

    March 2nd 2020 Rise of the Jedi Podcast predicts the use of FEMA and Martial Law as the Covi-19 Scenario is in full swing. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fema-prepping-possible-coronavirus-emergency-declaration-n1147016

    November 20th 2020 Coronavirus domain named (HEL1) for Helical 1 Virus for a Corona. Spoken as "Hell One". The Nidoviruses: (Coronaviruses and Arteriviruses) Ehud Lavi, Susan R. Weiss, Susan T. Hingley - Science - 2012 - 728 pages. In 1996 the International Committee for Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) recognized the name Nidovirales, as the formal name for Coronaviridae and A rteriviridae. In recognition of this change, and in response to the wishes of our colleagues we named this meeting for the first time "The International Symposium of Nidoviruses". https://books.google.com/books?id=AvLlBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA704&lpg=PA704&dq=HEL1

    November 19th 2020 "The Masks are a Hoax" - Dr Ron Paul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PAwc8nlE_Q

    November 19th 2020 Covid hoaxers want you to "believe" they can detect Covid Virus using your voice. You must be dumb as a rock to believe that. https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/11/17/new-mayo-clinic-voice-test-could-detect-covid/

    November 19th 2020 The Government is GOD. They decided what the "Truth" IS! "The public needs to have accurate information, and when there are rumors and disinformation and misinformation we need a trusted source in government to say, 'Yes, this is true' or 'No, it isn't.' " https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/11/13/cybersecurity-202-officials-say-firing-dhs-cyber-chief-could-make-us-less-safe-election-process-continues/

    November 19 2020 Ethiopia's military chief calls WHO head Tedros & Donald Trump a criminal funding weapon's to rebels in the region. The "rebels" are the forces that lost the Grand Renaissance Dam issue. #losers https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/11/19/ethiopia-who-tedros-criminal-military-tigray/

    November 18 2020 Covid Vaccine Controversy Explained - With Guest Bill Sardi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMH9YMR3lvs

    November 18 2020 PA Governor announces new covid rules including wearing a mask in your house https://www.foxnews.com/us/pa-gov-announces-new-covid-rules-including-wearing-a-mask-in-your-house

    November 17th 2020 Darth Vader never cancells Thanksgiving. He's got a mask, never uses the toilet and social distances in a meditation chamber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xp4ZIV-LYAM

    November 16 2020 However, supporting a nationwide lockdown would violate Biden's campaign pledge to "listen to the science." The evidence regarding lockdowns is so overwhelming that even the World Health Organization (WHO) has been forced to admit the truth: lockdowns do more harm than good. Lockdowns result in more instances of depression, suicide, domestic violence, and alcohol and drug abuse. Lockdowns also cause people to not go to hospitals or doctors' offices, leading to people dying because they failed to obtain medical assistance in a timely manner. http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/november/16/will-biden-listen-to-the-science/

    November 15 2020 #winning "...that the government controls the weather; that Bill Gates is secretly a genocidal eugenicist." Read what the Ninth Protocol of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' says: 'We have limitless ambitions, inexhaustible greed, merciless vengeance and hatred beyond imagination. We are a secret army whose plans are impossible to understand by using honest methods.'" "They aren't backward and poor, he argued, because the Elders of Zion have conspired against them; they are backward and poor because they lack the ability to "see the world clearly and discern cause and effect relations in complex social settings." " The influence of nonsense, when unchecked by science, by direct observation, by a shared epistemological reality, can be profoundly damaging." https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/shadowland-introduction/610840/

    November 13th 2020 Elon Musk: Bogus Tests? Same Covid Test, two different results https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=184861559844900&set=a.107227307608326

    November 10 2020 Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better https://www.forbes.com/sites/worldeconomicforum/2016/11/10/shopping-i-cant-really-remember-what-that-is-or-how-differently-well-live-in-2030/?sh=4282a3961735&

    November 9th 2020 New coronavirus lockdown in Greece requires people to text authorities before leaving home https://nypost.com/2020/11/09/new-coronavirus-lockdown-in-greece-requires-people-to-text-authorities-before-leaving-home/

    November 9th 2020 'Dark Winter' - Biden's Coming Lockdown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZCPQ4OBX_g

    November 9th 2020 Trump Allies Are Rushing To Falsely Claim Government Credit For Pfizer Vaccine Success https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2020/11/09/trump-allies-are-rushing-to-falsely-claim-government-credit-for-pfizer-vaccine-success/

    November 9th 2020 What Pfizer will stick onto the muscle tissue of billions of people is a short length of genetic code made in a laboratory that will join with the DNA - RNA mechanisms of the cells effectively taking over the muscle cell and producing a covid19 protein structure; in this case the complex binding mechanism that allows the virus to attach to the ACE2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 - the portal on the surface of human cells) called the S-spike. Our bodies react to this by producing an antibody to attack the "alien" proteins being produced by our cells. This is untried, untested new biotechnology. It has no track record and there is no way of knowing what will be the medium, let alone long term effects. https://www.facebook.com/chrismaykerry

    November 9th 2020 Did Bill Gates win the Election? Is he still in hiding? Is he still wanted for crimes against humanity? - Ron Paul https://youtube.com/watch?v=vYSlBhpcZ7g

    November 9th 2020 The Great Danger of A Mandatory Vaccine https://youtu.be/vYSlBhpcZ7g

    Nov 9th 2020 Vaccine Mandate! Did Bill Gates Win The Election? | Dr Ron Paul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYSlBhpcZ7g

    November 8th 2020 The Great Reset in question is meant to disrupt all areas of life, on a planetary scale: government, international relations, finance, energy, food, medicine, jobs, urban planning, real estate, law enforcement, and human interactions—and it starts with changing the way we think of ourselves and our relationship with the world. https://tessa.substack.com/p/great-reset-dummies

    November 7th 2020 Candyman #Fauci & #Gates are coming for your children with forced testing, quarantine and innoculations; saying "I've got free #Candy". The only way out of your prison lock-down is with a flying-Tesla. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LehcJeNbFBw

    #mink #covid #hoax November 7th 2020 Morons killing 17 Million minks "as a precaution". Maybe they should just kill the 7 Billion #morons who believe Animals get human colds. https://slate.com/technology/2020/11/coronavirus-mutation-minks-denmark.html

    Nov. 6th 2020 Predicted @ Tesla Leaks #phony #tests https://www.npr.org/2020/11/06/929078678/cdc-report-officials-knew-coronavirus-test-was-flawed-but-released-it-anyway -Test kit could fail 33% of the time. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2448995512079931&id=100009085196708

    Nov. 6th 2020 Sir Patrick and Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, were questioned in the Commons science and technology committee and asked if the purpose of the data was to "frighten people". https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1356770/Coronavirus-lockdown-statistics-chris-whitty-patrick-vallance

    Nov. 5th 2020 The Contagion Myth w/ Tom Cowan, MD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBnLcw0Gly0

    November 4th 2020 England underestimates the costs of lockdown at its peril https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/nov/04/england-lockdown-peril-young-people-mental-health

    November 4th 2020 Maine's Rise in COVID-19 Cases Linked to Face Masks http://fortfairfieldjournal.com/ffj/2020/11042001a.html

    November 4th 2020 https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/fact-checker/2020-10-19-fact-check-video-predicting-asian-virus-recording-not-from-1956/

    November 4th 2020 Covid Hoax Meme's https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=181371273527262&set=a.181370923527297

    November 4th 2020 Michigan Governor Whitmer Goes Full Orwell, Demands Full Names, Phone Numbers For All Restaurant Customers. http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/november/03/michigan-governor-whitmer-goes-full-orwell-demands-full-names-phone-numbers-for-all-restaurant-customers/

    November 3rd 2020 No Vaccine for Tyranny https://www.facebook.com/ronpaul/

    November 2nd 2020 Everything you need to know about the second national lockdown https://theguideliverpool.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-second-national-lockdown/

    November 2nd 2020 President tries to suggest Biden wants to 'lock you down' https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/nov/02/trump-biden-coronavirus-covid-lockdown

    November 2020 The Great Reset: How to Build a Better World Post-COVID-19 https://time.com/collection/great-reset/

    June 5th 2007 Nigeria sues Pfizer for $7bn over 'illegal' tests on children https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/jun/05/health.healthandwellbeing1

    November 2nd 202 Trump Rally: "Fire Fauci!...Fire Fauci!...Fire Fauci!" https://youtu.be/0NfVMc_pFQ4

    October 30th 2020 Oil Has Worst Month Since meeting DaniB; After Covid Surge Hurts Recovery https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-10-29/oil-set-for-worst-month-since-march-as-virus-hits-demand-outlook

    October 7th 2020 Coronavirus: Health experts join global anti-lockdown movement https://www.bbc.com/news/health-54442386

    October 29 2020 Masks dehumanize us, ironically serve as a constant reminder we should be afraid. #fear People can now be spotted wearing masks camping by themselves in the woods or on a solo sailing trip. They have become a cruel device on young children everywhere, kindergarten students covered by masks and isolated by Plexiglas, struggling to understand the social expressions of their peers. Face coverings are causing real harm to the American psyche, provide little to no medical benefit, and distract us from more important health policy issues. https://thefederalist.com/2020/10/29/these-12-graphs-show-mask-mandates-do-nothing-to-stop-covid/

    October 28th 2020 New Federal Rule Makes COVID-19 Vaccines Free https://www.aarp.org/health/medicare-insurance/info-2020/cms-rule-makes-covid-19-vaccines-free.html

    October 28th 2020 Cops WILL enter homes and break-up Christmas family gatherings if they break lockdown rules, warns police chief https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13041212/cops-will-enter-homes-break-up-christmas-lockdown-covid-rules/

    October 28th 2020 Dr. Fauci warns of a 'whole lot of pain' due to coronavirus pandemic in the coming months https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/28/dr-fauci-warns-of-a-whole-lot-of-pain-due-to-coronavirus-pandemic-in-the-coming-months-.html

    October 22nd 2020 Posted by Tesla Leaks on March 28th 2020, and August 14th 2019, on Nikola Tesla's inventions stopping Polio and other diseases, not Vaccine's. https://www.facebook.com/groups/750861428384951/permalink/1704612616343156/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdCgHiyhXB8

    October 22nd 2020 Hoax. The "tests" look for antibodies, not any particular virus. Why announce your -private medical data about Covid to the public, while blocking your other medical records?? https://www.news18.com/news/world/donald-trump-tests-positive-for-covid-19-along-with-first-lady-melania-month-before-elections-quarantined-2927127.html

    October 21st 2020 Except in areas where Covid is surging, there are still no lines of patients in the hospital halls. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/20/well/where-have-all-the-hospital-patients-gone.html

    October 19th 2020 Canada to build Quarrantine Isolationist Camps for any number of Canadian citizens for any reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BLLbIWdk5Q

    October 19th 2020 5 charts that show Sweden strategy worked and lockdowns failed https://fee.org/articles/5-charts-that-show-sweden-s-strategy-worked-the-lockdowns-failed/

    October 19th 2020 Predicted Here: Biden has been picked to win. They want 1) Lock Downs 2) Mandatory ski masks 3) Mandatory vaccines 4) Contact Tracing 5) Weapon's Confiscation https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-biden-will-listen-to-the-scientists-if-elected/ar-BB1aaCVV

    October 19th 2020 Canada to build Quarrantine Isolationist Camps for any number of Canadian citizens for any reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BLLbIWdk5Q

    October 18th 2020 "We're about to go into a Vaccine, dark winter": Biden says https://www.cbsnews.com/news/biden-trump-coronavirus-plan-vaccine-winter/

    October 18th 2020 Belgium WHO investigation in Coronavirus Hoax https://greatgameindia.com/belgium-who-investigation-coronavirus/

    October 18th 2020 Twitter Cracks Down on President Trump's Coronavirus Advisor Scott Atlas for Opposing Masks. "Masks work? NO" http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/peace-and-prosperity/2020/october/18/twitter-cracks-down-on-president-trump-s-coronavirus-advisor-scott-atlas-for-opposing-masks/

    October 16th 2020 8 million Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, new study says https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/8-million-americans-slipped-poverty-amid-coronavirus-pandemic-new-study-n1243762

    October 16th 2020 Women in France felt like suffocation while forced to wear masks https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8834045/Women-France-felt-like-suffocating-forced-wear-face-masks-childbirth.html

    October 16th 2020 Covid-19 contact tracing app faces generational divide over privacy concerns https://abc7news.com/health/covid-19-contact-tracing-app-faces-generational-divide-over-privacy-concerns/7089588/

    October 15th 2020 Germans are rising up against Bill Gates, demanding humanity wake up and reject the self-styled "world health dictator", as well as corrupt Big Pharma and the elite who are driving the world towards "global totalitarianism" and "slavery." https://newspunch.com/biggest-crowd-in-german-history-rises-up-against-bill-gates-and-big-pharma-in-berlin/

    October 15th 2020 Will The Lockdowners Quit? Or Are More Lockdowns Ahead? https://youtu.be/ZVsU0qkFe5M

    October 14th 2020 Michigan attorney says burn your masks https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/michigan-attorney-says-burn-your-masks-and-forget-covid-emergency-orders-after-state-supreme-court-decision

    October 14th 2020 Trump Overstates W.H.O. Position on Lockdowns https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/14/technology/trump-coronavirus-who-lockdown.html

    October 12th 2020 Trump Official: A COVID Vaccine In January | Kaiser Health https://khn.org/morning-breakout/trump-official-a-covid-vaccine-in-january/

    October 11th 2020 Predicted by Tesla Leaks on February 25th 2020. There are no Covid19 isolates and no Covid19 test. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2448995512079931&id=100009085196708&set=gm.1674524159352002&source=48

    October 11 2020 Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop "using lockdowns as your primary control method" of the coronavirus. #slavery. He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was #poverty https://www.news.com.au/world/coronavirus/global/coronavirus-who-backflips-on-virus-stance-by-condemning-lockdowns/news-story/f2188f2aebff1b7b291b297731c3da74

    October 9th 2020 Fauci says White House had superspreader event as Trump https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/10/09/coronavirus-covid-live-updates-us/

    October 9th 2020 Coronavirus: Spain imposes state of emergency on Madrid https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54478320

    October 8th 2020 Bill Gates gets over 20X his investment; $200 Billion for vaccinating your dumb ass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSnIvdkEy-k

    October 8th 2020 COVID Criminals Accused of Crimes Against Humanity - #NewWorldNextWeek https://lbry.tv/covidcrimes:ce144c64e5425d40da345ade48cc8de98125adf3

    October 7 2020 #coronavirus #hoax No "causal" relationship has ever been identified between and particular Virus to any particular T-Cell.#fact -- Many types of medical and vaccine research employ supplies of cells originally acquired from abortion tissue. An emergency cocktail of anti-coronavirus antibodies made by Regeneron. These molecules are manufactured in cells from a hamster's ovary, so-called "CHO" cells, according to the company—not in human cells. According to Regeneron, laboratory tests used to assess the potency of its antibodies employed a standardized supply of cells called HEK 293T, whose origin was kidney tissue from an abortion in the Netherlands in the 1970s. https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/10/07/1009664/trumps-antibody-treatment-was-tested-using-cells-from-an-abortion/

    October 7th 2020 Coronavirus Has Thrown Around 100 Million People Into Extreme Poverty, World Bank Estimates https://www.wsj.com/articles/coronavirus-has-thrown-around-100-million-people-into-extreme-poverty-world-bank-estimates-11602086400

    October 7th 2020 'All These Idiots...Got It Wrong!' Trump Turns Hard On Fauci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByyH40Bd3MU

    October 4th 2020 Military will help distribute Covid-19 vaccine, says Hancock https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/04/digital-hotcakes-15m-downloads-for-covid-19-app-says-matt-hancock

    October 1st 2020 Covid: Vaccine will 'not return life to normal in spring' - BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/health-54371559

    September 29th 2020 Moratorium expires Oct. 1. Central Florida coalition expects to see uptick in homelessness once eviction moratorium expires https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/09/29/central-florida-coalition-expects-to-see-uptick-in-homelessness-once-eviction-moratorium-expires/

    Sep 26th, 2020 Florida Lifts COVID Restaurant Rules, Halts Mask Penalties https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/09/25/916969969/floridas-governor-lifts-all-covid-19-restrictions-on-businesses-statewide

    Sep 26th 2020 Holy misdirected anger! Bats not to blame, say scientists. https://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2020/0915/Holy-misdirected-anger!-Bats-not-to-blame-say-scientists

    Sept. 2020 As reported by Tesla Leaks as it happened,, Trump pulled up a microwave weapon "heat ray" to the Mexico border. This contention, is he wanted to use it vs the staged migrant crisis. All it takes 1 of these to beam your ass. Your guns are useless. The heat inplodes your bullets. https://wsws.org/en/articles/2020/09/02/heat-s02.html

    September 17 2020 #prison #planet Attorney General, Barr compares coronavirus stay-at-home orders to slavery, dismisses Black Lives Matter. "Putting a national lockdown, stay at home orders is like house arrest." "Lock Down" is a prison term. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/william-barr-coronavirus-stay-at-home-orders-slavery-black-lives-matter/

    September 17 2020 A pandemic of suffering follows on the heels of Covid-19 in poor countries, and children suffer most. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/16/opinion/coronavirus-hunger-disease.html

    September 15 2020 Edward Snowden on the Patriot Act, Contact Tracing, Encryption etc. Joe Rogan Experience #1536 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rl82OQDoOc

    September 11 2020 Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: Mayor Eric Garcetti Wants To Track Your Movements – Anonymously, https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/los-angeles-coronavirus-mayor-eric-011618267.html

    September 11 2020 Fauci needs to be arrested. Fauci says normal life may not be back until the end of 2021. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/11/health/fauci-normal-life-2021/index.html

    September 11 2020 The Other Way Covid Will Kill: Hunger https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/11/business/covid-hunger-food-insecurity.html

    September 9th 2020 For women and children around the world, a double plague: Coronavirus and domestic violence https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/coronavirus-domestic-violence/2020/09/06/78c134de-ec7f-11ea-b4bc-3a2098fc73d4_story.html

    September 3rd 2020 Renters in U.S. cannot be evicted through the end of the year due to coronavirus, CDC order states https://www.marketwatch.com/story/cdc-issues-nationwide-eviction-ban-through-the-end-of-the-year-in-an-effort-to-control-coronavirus-2020-09-01

    September 3rd 2020 #hoax Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, His Wife and Daughters, 4 and 2, Test Positive for COVID-19 https://people.com/movies/dwayne-johnson-family-test-positive-covid-19/

    September 3rd 2020 Signs of depression have tripled in the U.S. since the COVID-19 pandemic got underway https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-09-03/signs-of-depression-have-tripled-since-start-of-covid-pandemic

    September 2nd 2020 "Now you got yourself a Virus, stuck in the Matrix" - The Point of No Return, and nothing can stop it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J7yK1TPkDo

    September 1st 2020 CDC: provisional death counts for the coronavirus that was updated August 26 and listed underlying health conditions among those killed by the virus. According to the CDC, "for 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsVhY6QAzrU

    August 31st 2020 Hundreds of protesters gather against new flu vaccine mandate in Massachusetts https://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/hundreds-protesters-gather-flu-vaccine-mandate-massachusetts/story?id=72717575

    August 30th 2020 One shot of coronavirus vaccine likely won't be enough. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/30/health/coronavirus-vaccine-two-doses/index.html

    August 27th 2020 Scientists find that Citriodiol, ingredient in insect repellent, can kill COVID-19, And You! https://nypost.com/2020/08/26/citriodiol-ingredient-in-insect-repellant-can-kill-covid-19/

    August 26th 2020 75,000 could die due to cancelled treatments and missed diagnosis https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/26/lockdown-could-kill-75000-due-to-cancelled-treatments-and-missed-diagnoses-13328942/

    August 21st 2020 The use of masks for children of any age with developmental disorders, disabilities or other specific health conditions should not be mandatory and be assessed on a case by case basis by the child's parent, guardian, educator and/or medical provider. In any case, children with severe cognitive or respiratory impairments with difficulties tolerating a mask should not be required to wear masks. https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-children-and-masks-related-to-covid-19

    August 3rd 2020 Trump says nationwide lockdown would 'ultimately inflict more damage than the virus https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/03/trump-says-nationwide-lockdown-would-ultimately-inflict-more-harm-than-it-would-prevent.html

    July 29, 2020 Dr. Fauci: Wear goggles or eye shields to prevent spread of COVID-19; flu vaccine a must https://abcnews.go.com/US/dr-fauci-wear-goggles-eye-shields-prevent-spread/story?id=72059055

    July 25th 2020 Elon Musk enjoys firsts, and he can rack up another, because he may have had the first twitter argument with his quarantine partner! https://www.tmz.com/2020/07/25/grimes-elon-musk-twitter-beef-gender-neutral-pronouns/

    July 17th 2020 Florida Department of Health says some labs have not reported negative COVID-19 results https://www.fox35orlando.com/news/fox-35-investigates-florida-department-of-health-says-some-labs-have-not-reported-negative-covid-19-results

    July 13th 2020 "Everyone is Lying" about Coronavirus (Certificate Of Vaccination, Identification COVID) of (HEL1) cold virus and antibodies + paper mask hoax. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-shares-chuck-woolery-tweet-that-says-everyone-is-lying-about-the-coronavirus-2020-07-13

    July 1st 2020 The phony paper face mask hoax guidelines exempt for medical reasons, such as the limit "Suffocation of Infants under 2 years old", Asthmatics, COPD, Hearing Aids, Disabilities and other reasons. https://www.macon.com/news/local/article243788647.html

    June 30th 2020 Not up to date on your vaccines? Don't have a green light on your COVI-PASS app? Owe back taxes? Attended an anti-lockdown protest? Seen in public without your mask? https://www.facebook.com/TheConsciousResistance/

    June 9th 2020 World faces worst food crisis for at least 50 years, UN warns https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jun/09/world-faces-worst-food-crisis-50-years-un-coronavirus

    June 8th 2020 CDC wants states to count 'probable' coronavirus cases and deaths https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/cdc-wants-states-to-count-probable-coronavirus-cases-and-deaths-but-most-arent-doing-it/2020/06/07/4aac9a58-9d0a-11ea-b60c-3be060a4f8e1_story.html

    June 5th 2020 Reported here on the phony Covid-19 (HEL1) studies with no sources. "Todays "scientists" wonder off, equation after equation until they reach a conclusion with no basis in reality" - Nikola Tesla. Two Huge Covid-19 Studies Are Retracted After Scientists Sound Alarms. But on Thursday, the studies were retracted by the scientific journals in which they had appeared, The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, because the authors could not verify the data on which the results depended. https://nytimes.com/2020/06/04/health/coronavirus-hydroxychloroquine.html

    May 27, 2020 — Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a "vaccine criminal" and urged the Italian President to hand him over https://www.addisherald.com/italian-politician-demand-bill-gates-arrest-for-crimes-against-humanity/

    May 26 2020 China's Virus Apps May Outlast the Outbreak, Stirring Privacy Fears https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/26/technology/china-coronavirus-surveillance.html

    May 24th 2020 Meet Bill Gates https://www.bitchute.com/video/DSvhPnUgyz8/

    May 20th 2020 The government's disease-fighting agency is conflating viral and antibody tests, compromising a few crucial metrics that governors depend on to reopen their economies. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, and other states are doing the same. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/coronavirus-tracking-project-backed-bill-013742587.html

    May 11, 2020 Elon Musk says 'arrest me' as he restarts Tesla operations in Fremont Factory https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1259945593805221891?lang=en

    May 5th 2020 Predicted Here: Judicial Watch files lawsuit seeking Dr. Fauci & WHO (Bill Gates) records on Corona virus https://www.judicialwatch.org/in-the-news/watchdog-who-communications/ -- May 5th 2020 Wisconsin & Michigan Supreme Court to hear arguments to end the Unconstitutional lock-in as early as today: https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2020/5/5/21246697/republican-lawsuit-stay-at-home-legislature-palm -- Trump gives up on Virus (hoax) battle; cancels daily briefings, to focus on reopenings: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-cheers-on-governors-as-they-ignore-white-house-coronovirus-guidelines-in-race-to-reopen

    May 4th 2020 Predicted Here: DOJ sides with church suing Virginia governor over lockdown https://www.huffpost.com/entry/department-of-justice-virginia-church_n_5eb0386ec5b684fc457a1868

    May 1st 2020 Chinese lab conducted extensive research on deadly bat viruses, but there is no evidence of accidental release https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/chinese-lab-conducted-extensive-research-on-deadly-bat-viruses-but-there-is-no-evidence-of-accidental-release/ar-BB13rxpf

    May 1st 2020 Navy hospital ships like the Mercy near LA see few patients https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-05-01/navy-hospital-ships-once-thought-critical-see-few-patients

    May 1st 2020 Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, "The lockdowns are Facist". Facist Trump, Gates, Fausi, Pelosi, Sanders, WHO, CDC, "the Governors" and all thier Minions. "Give people their FREEDOM back" - Elon Musk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WCAb33-VGY

    April 30th 2020 Navy hospital ships, once thought critical, see less than 200 patients https://news.yahoo.com/navy-hospital-ship-once-thought- 200850021.html

    April 30th 2020 Huntington Beach mounts legal fight against Newsom closure of O.C. beaches https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-04-30/huntington-beach-seek-injunction-against-newsom-closure-of-o-c-beaches

    April 23 2020 Who's wanted for pre-meditated murder by giving knowingly faulty Coronavirus tests, forced quarrantine and murder by "Suffocation" of the victims. https://cnn.com/2020/04/22/health/coronavirus-ventilator-patients-die/index.html -- Aprio 22nd 2020 More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study https://apnews.com/a5077c7227b8eb8b0dc23423c0bbe2b2

    April 23rd 2020 Bill Gates suggests using interviews and databases to track Covid cases https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/23/21232782/bill-gates-coronavirus-contact-tracing-interviewers-database-analysis

    April 22nd 2020 Coronavirus Hoax News Update -- Antibody Studies In California Have Big Holes In Them "This study suggests that the covid fatality rate in LA County, currently estimated to be around 4%, is probably more likely between .15 and .09%, when accounting for all the infections that have not been counted," a Los Angeles Times reporter tweeted. The testing methodology reportedly can't distinguish between different coronaviruses. Many people testing positive for the virus might just have (or recently have had) the common cold. That would demolish the main finding of the study. As someone on Twitter summarized, "They used an assay that can not discern SARS-CoV-2 from common cold coronaviruses and MERS. This is one of many issues. But it means that they vastly overestimated the number of infections". -- https://cleantechnica.com/2020/04/22/covid-19-antibody-testing-studies-in-california-have-big-holes-in-them-unfortunately -- David Ike: "Show me the "proof" Coronavirus is real?" https://youtube.com/watch?v=QS-avIZUMoA - Dr Andrew Kaufman exposing the 'Covid-19', nor any other "Virus" can be determined to be the "cause" of any Disease (removed) https://youtube.com/watch?v=TXargSbVp7E -- April 21st 2020 White House Open Mic admits "So this is a Hoax"?? https://youtube.com/watch?v=IJIKBUQwb84 -- April 22nd 2020 Ron Paul: Whats in it for Bill Gates, does he want to rule the world? https://youtube.com/watch?v=965fQAi2iKo -- April 22nd 2020 James Corbett: Let them eat Ice Cream https://youtube.com/watch?v=ycYKHTYXa8k

    April 21 2020 UN food agency chief: Pending hunger pandemic of Biblical proportions https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/04/1062272

    April 20 2020 Facebook, based in Ireland, bans U.S. protest events that violate "guidelines" and "rules"; not laws! https://theverge.com/2020/4/20/21228036/facebook-ban-event-protest-misinformation-government-social-distancing -- April 20 2020 A Letter to the Future: The Digital Dark Age | Corbett Report https://youtube.com/watch?v=QzxGtRWujvA

    April 19 2020 #cuomo #fail #vs #tesla #leaks Cuomo Shuts Down Coronavirus Hoax Theories: 'Facts Are facts' | MSN - (There are no "facts" from Cuomo!; there is no valid "test" for a specific virus; Vaccine's do not cure! UV-C lights cure! Masks don't stop viru's and cause illness! Facts are facts!) https://youtube.com/watch?v=zF2CiG38knA -- April 18th 2020 American's "Spontaneously" attend Coronavirus Protests in 15+ states | NBC https://youtube.com/watch?v=KyOxKyupxhM -- Coronavirus Hoax Part 1: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2448995512079931&set=gm.1674524159352002%2F

    April 18th 2020 China's (alleged, believed and blamed Coronavirus) "Wet Market" ban promoted by The New World Order, Walmart, McDonalds Fish-Fillet, incudes banning private fishing, private food markets, and farmers markets https://youtube.com/watch?v=Lv03sSi-Z6Q -- Commentary: No, China's fresh food markets did not cause coronavirus https://latimes.com/food/story/2020-03-11/coronavirus-chinaHwangwon

    April 18 2020 World Health Organization (Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, U.S. & Politifact) LIES about efficacy & safety of UV-C lights, the Sun or vaporizing Hydrogen Peroxide to provide Ozone, in killing pathogens. https://politifact.com/factchecks/2020/mar/20/greg-murphy/no-sunlight-has-not-been-proven-kill-coronavirus/ -- ""UV lamps should not be used... can cause skin irritation and eyesight damage" WHO LIES. UV-C does not penetrate the skin nor damage the retina. https://who.int/uv/en/ -- ABC NEWS: A UV light may help to kill coronavirus https://abcnews.go.com/Health/ultraviolet-light-fight-spread-coronavirus/story?id=70170111 -- https://latimes.com/science/story/2020-04-14/how-uv-light-may-protect-us-from-the-coronavirus -- https://video.foxnews.com/v/6150507307001 -- https://npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/04/17/836830157/coronavirus-faqs-can-sunlight-kill-the-virus-how-risky-is-an-elevator-ride -- https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/04/16/coronavirus-update-uv-light-ppe-doctors-nurses/ -- https://nytimes.com/2020/04/16/health/n95-masks-decontaminated-coronavirus.html -- https://nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/02/what-happens-to-coronavirus-covid-19-in-warmer-spring-temperatures/ -- https://pcimag.com/articles/107204-uv-sanitation-lights-can-kill-coronavirus

    April 18th 2020 Predicted Here: Trump, Alex Jones, Fox News, National Review & Media Matters recommendation to use Hydrochloroquine (Bleach) combined with explosive Zinc as a "cure" for Coronavirus, is now killing people. https://reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-brazilian-chloroquine-study/true-claimbrazilian-chloroquine-studyon-covid-19-patients-washalted-after11deaths-idUSKBN21Z395 -- https://usatoday.com/story/news/2020/04/15/coronavirus-chloroquine-test-halted-drug/2983129001/ -- Study of High-Dose Chloroquine For COVID-19 Stopped Early https://sciencealert.com/clinical-trial-for-high-dose-of-chloroquine-stopped-early-due-to-safety-concerns -- A New York woman with coronavirus symptoms died last week after being prescribed a drug cocktail with known cardiac side effects https://nbcnews.com/health/health-news/family-new-york-woman-blames-hydroxychloroquine-combo-fatal-heart-attack-n1185451 -- A recent poll found that 65 percent of physicians in United States would prescribe chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 in a family member.

    April 17th 2020 Most Hated Top 10: Bill Gates' phony vaccine and biometric scanning becomes the #1 hated person in the world. #2) Tony Fouci for his fake statistics #3) Democrats for thier push for more Tyranny #4) Trump for going along with the Hoax #5) The Governors #6) The WHO, CDC, NIH & AMA #7) Walmart, McDonalds & Starbucks #8) Mike "Space Force" Pence #9) The Media Industrial Complex #10) AI scenario's and those who witness to fake deaths https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/17/technology/bill-gates-virus-conspiracy-theories.html

    April 16th 2020 Mass Non-Compliance! Are There Lockdown Protests? https://youtube.com/watch?v=QRuYu8-_w18 -- Ron Paul| https://youtube.com/watch?v=K6javvC5Myc -- Ron Paul | A Brave New World, Mass Surveilance State https://youtube.com/watch?v=BiZQmcqzPk8

    April 11th 2020 Max Malone: How LOCKDOWN Ends...IT DOESN'T! https://youtube.com/watch?v=X7woWuSF4AM -- Why not? I Made This Video In 2013 This Is Happening Now https://youtube.com/watch?v=-saVDEM9GGQ

    April 10th 2020 New World Order Update by Henry Kissinger by Mad Max Malone: Trump stepped down, the Pope stepped down, Boris is in Quarrantine; who is in charge? Is the Anti-Christ about to be revealed? Lock Down Is Torture Who Is Responsible For Global Takeover https://youtube.com/watch?v=J8qYd8-jgAI -- https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZUOcYL4-7mo -- Corbett Report; Corona New World Order? -- https://youtube.com/watch?v=HB00mLArYBQ

    April 10th 2020 US Doctor: How can you make a vaccine for someting never proven to exist? A Must Watch! https://youtube.com/watch?v=YkPL6VmUqQQ -- Thank You Satanic Elite - For Proving Me Right - David Icke Dot Connector Videocast https://youtube.com/watch?v=pO57Am75HWc -- COVID CRISPR CERN & the Virtual Panopticon! - 04.08.2020 - CCNT186 https://youtube.com/watch?v=UByUt58-lg0 -- COVID-19(10) 911 Mass graves Prisoners - Unbelievable No really UN-believable https://youtube.com/watch?v=gTrT2uOPh5g

    April 7 2020 RED ALERT: New World Order Attack Imminent! https://youtube.com/watch?v=Bu9e4WtVuw4 -- DaveJ on false witnessing "Death"; Coronavirus Hoax, the Nuke Hoax, Space Hoax... https://youtube.com/watch?v=wHAVfLkqgOQ April 7th 2020 Ron Paul: Resistance Building To Coronavirus 'House Arrest' Orders...It's About Time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJPlJ6Qf7nk

    April 7th 2020 Trump, Pelosi & WHO will have to kick in your door, snatch your kids and wife. If you resist, the police will blow your brains out. If still, the tanks will demolish your house. Phony Fox News claims you can catch Coronavirus from just "speaking" to someone and they claim the virus spreads through "pipes" in your home. All Lies!! https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZCyqcoC747o

    April 2nd 2020 Hospital ship Comfort departs NYC, having treated fewer than 200 "alleged" patients https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/nyregion/ny-coronavirus-usns-comfort.html

    April 2nd 2020 Alex Jones featuring predictive programming in V for Vendetta, Endgame, The Simpson's, Rockefeller & Carnegie Foundation, Bill Gates Foundation, forced innoculations, Lock Step, and more news on Prison Planet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4_2QnqDa6U

    April Fool's 2020 Share This! Proof of Hoax. Empty hospitals, phony tests and false positives. https://youtube.com/watch?v=BVQbc7W2_68 -- Event 201 pandemic scenario, Oct 2019 https://youtube.com/watch?v=Eq4lu0xfMq0 - This is a Rockefeller foudation pandemic scenario presented in 2010 https://youtube.com/watch?v=eKorglkGSTQ

    March 24 2020 We're living in 12 Monkeys : Truthstream Media: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1JLBXfKDbbI -- Quarantine 12 Monkeys https://youtube.com/watch?v=5CCVUc5ZMZo

    March 28 2020 Chinese foreign minister correctly tweets that Coronavirus originated from the U.S. and "Is the Black Swan event that the Globalists have been waiting for" https://web.archive.org/web/20200401140554/https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/as-virus-spreads-china-and-russia-see-openings-for-disinformation/ar-BB11Ps1U

    March 28 2020 Police in India physically strike people who violate coronavirus lockdown: report https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/public-global-health/489676-baton-wielding-police-strike-people-violating-lockdown?amp

    March 27 2020 Federal governments considering fines and prison time for not following "social distancing" or anything else they tell their slaves to do. #PropagandaWatch -- https://youtube.com/watch?v=OrKzCQdgixs

    March 27th 2020 The smartest man in the room, Chris Edwards, David Icke & the facts about "virus" protein snippets have proven that the "Coronavirus Test Kit" is a complete scam: Sanity Amid The Madness, Acquiescence And Sheer Stupidity (DEVASTATING information) - David Icke https://youtube.com/watch?v=-oLzC5P1A9o

    March 27 2020 Coronavirus Hoax Confirmed: After 3 Months of Coronavirus, Mexico's 150 Million people; they have a whole 4 (four) "alledged" deaths. The Mexican's are FREE. You are a SLAVE. If you believe otherwise you are either 1) A Moron 2) A New World Order "Stooge" 3) Part of the Hitlarian U.S., Great Britain etal Conspirators taking orders from your slave owner at the Vatican. https://youtube.com/watch?v=o3z-MH-xxdI

    March 27 2020 Was it China that made Trump cancel all subsidies for electric cars and renewable energy, or did he do it on his own accord? Did China make Trump indefinitely remove ALL environmental protections in the U.S.? https://electrek.co/2020/03/27/epa-suspends-environmental-law-enforcement-citing-coronavirus/ -- Is Coronavirus really from China, or has it been here for decades?? March 2nd 2020 #HEL1 The present outbreak of a coronavirus-associated acute respiratory nsp13-HEL1 core https://nature.com/articles/s41564-020-0695-z -- ((HEL1 pronounced "Hell One")) Coronavirus HEL1 manufactured in the Lab? The Nidoviruses: (Coronaviruses and Arteriviruses) edited by Ehud Lavi, Susan R. Weiss, Susan T. Hingley 2012 https://books.google.com/books?id=AvLlBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA704&lpg=PA704&dq=HEL1

    March 25 2020 Coronavirus Hoax: Slave owner, Modi, orders 1.3 Billion slaves "complete lock-down" to stay in their prison cell or face 2 years in prison because of 10 "alleged" deaths. https://cnn.com/2020/03/24/asia/india-lockdown-coronavirus-intl/index.html -- Hoaxers Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew of Monoco "claim" they have Coronavirus to dupe their moron flock of shit-heads to "do whatever they say" https://cnn.com/2020/03/25/europe/prince-charles-coronavirus-gbr-intl/index.html

    March 25 2020 Coronavirus: 1) Zero dead bodies 2) Zero body bags 3) Zero SS# death filings 4) Zero crying relatives 5) Zero newspaper death filings 5) Zero open casket funerals 6) Zero burials 7) Zero, Zero, Zero, Zero... 10) This video of Michael Jackson jumping out of the back of his coroners van with the same license plate of the coroners van that left the helicopter, is more real than any Coronavirus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N0Ogaskv88

    March 25th 2020 Trump berates the need for artificial lines, walls and nationalism. How can he and his ilk put you in a prison cell, if there is no cell block numbers and artificial lines?? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/11/donald-trump-coronavirus-politics -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGowUgT0Fr4

    March 25th 2020 New York City Deploys 45 Mobile Morgues as Virus Strains LIES Trump claims people in body bags at Elmhurst hospital in New York LIES New York City Deploys 45 Mobile Morgues as Virus Strains MORE LIES https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/nyregion/coronavirus-new-york-bodies.html

    March 25th 2020 Hospitals consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/03/25/coronavirus-patients-do-not-resucitate/

    March 24 2020 We're living in 12 Monkeys : Truthstream Media: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1JLBXfKDbbI -- Quarantine 12 Monkeys https://youtube.com/watch?v=5CCVUc5ZMZo

    March 23 2020 Coronavirus Victims spotted at Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks, 7/11 & Chevron Gas Stations https://youtube.com/watch?v=kBY6pF42I-c -- Coronavirus Panic - The Survival Mechanism Doesn't Think - David Icke https://youtube.com/watch?v=v39Xq_L-OMo

    March 23 2020 The Cloroquine (C18 H26 ClN3) Hydroxychloroquine "Cure" Hoax w/ Zink: Mr Trump, Alex Jones & FDA claim that "Bleech" (Hydrochloric Acid) and a million dollar HIV CPAC treatment is a "Cure". March 23rd Nigeria records chloroquine poisoning after Trump endorses it CNN: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/03/23/africa/chloroquine-trump-nigeria-intl/index.html -- https://nytimes.com/2020/03/20/health/coronavirus-chloroquine-trump.html -- When Zinc is dropped in Hydrocholoric Acid, it explodes. https://youtube.com/watch?v=KtY0USo84KI -- The reaction makes H2 Hydrogeon Gas https://youtube.com/watch?v=diiYf26LNJ4 -- Is intended for Parasite's, not Virus protein snippets https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chloroquine -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroxychloroquine -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrochloric_acid -- Update: FDA Continues to Facilitate Development of Treatments. ... to determine the efficacy in using chloroquine to treat COVID-19. https://fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-continues-facilitate-development-treatments

    March 23 2020 How COVID-19 Could Bankrupt Tesla https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/03/22/how-covid-19-could-bankrupt-tesla.aspx

    March 21 2020 - The Year of Digital Privacy Has Ended #RIP. Trump removes HIPAA fines by exective order https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2RjDrP30s0

    March 20 2020 Your Vote Doesn't Count Part 3: Facebook blocks Ron Paul's Video Report "The Coronavirus Hoax" https://youtube.com/watch?v=WYH0LskZWVg March 18th 2020 Bill Gates Calls For National Tracking System For Coronavirus. We're Not Ready," given during the Ebola epidemic... https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattperez/2020/03/18/bill-gates-calls-for-national-tracking-system-for-coronavirus-during-reddit-ama/

    March 18 2020 Washington Post: Zero new local coronavirus cases. Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is at full production. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/03/18/coronavirus-latest-news/?outputType=amp

    March 18th 2020 Elon Musk for President: Tesla workers told to come to Fremont factory after county shutdown order San Francisco Chronicle 1 hour ago https://www.sfchronicle.com/business/article/Tesla-workers-told-to-come-to-Fremont-factory-15140601.php

    March 17 2020 Facebook blocks Ron (Jedi) Paul's Video Report "The Coronavirus Hoax" https://youtube.com/watch?v=WYH0LskZWVg

    March 16 2020 CNBC, Cramer that Corinavurus and QE Infinity is the New, "New World Order" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70I7a_jN6VM

    March 16th 2020 Coronavirus Hoax |Dr Ron Paul http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/march/16/the-coronavirus-hoax/

    March 14th 2020 CNN Walmart is your new FEMA camp for phony testing, quarantine and concentration camp, Sunday at Midnight, Sharp!. https://youtube.com/watch?v=souNf6kglEM

    March 14th 2020 Proven here years ago. Just by traveling to any doctor to get any phony vaccine or phony procedure from the phony doctors would cause 6000 car crashes, just in the U.S.-- [Elon Musk Told Workers They're More Likely To Die In A Car](https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/elon-musk-spacex-employees-car-crash-coronavirus) Accident. [https://buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/elon-musk-spacex-employees-car-crash-coronavirus](https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/elon-musk-spacex-employees-car-crash-coronavirus)

    Friday the 13th - Zombie Apocalypsis HEL1 - The New, Novel, Self-Resurrecting, Virus Hoax Accelerates: Trump uses Presidential Directive PD-51 & HR-645 to declare emergency; makes FEMA & Homeland Security your mommy & daddy. https://politico.com/news/2020/03/13/coronavirus-emergency-declaration-trump-128530 -- NY cases explode overnight to 420? or is it 421 cases?? https://cnbc.com/2020/03/13/new-york-state-now-has-the-most-coronavirus-cases-in-the-us-as-new-cases-jump-30percent-overnight-to-421.html -- Brazil's Bolsonaero reported Friday that Bolsonaro tested positive, which his son, Eduardo, denied as "fake news." https://commondreams.org/news/2020/03/13/conflicting-reports-about-brazil-president-bolsonaro-intensify-alarm-over-trumps -- Tesla releases Model Y, Hoax Accelerates to Plaid: https://interestingengineering.com/tesla-model-y-could-see-delivery-march-13 -- Trudau, Hanks, Trump exposed as crisis actors on crack https://theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/13/justin-trudeau-coronavirus-response-canada-measures -- Coronavirus Hoax Part 1: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2448995512079931&set=gm.1674524159352002&type=3 -- Friday 13th UK goverment calls for phony, forced innoculations of live virus for 200 Million Eurpeans to get "herd immunity" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/13/herd-immunity-will-the-uks-coronavirus-strategy-work

    March 13th Rewind: #markofthebeast Denmark's parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police. The phoney, nano particle, or real live virus Vaccine includes a readable Tattoo, a Mark of a/the for A Beast", Sheep, Cattle or Flock. https://www.thelocal.dk/20200313/denmark-passes-far-reaching-emergency-coronavirus-law/

    March 11th 2020 Trump announces travel ban effective Friday the 13th. FEMA camps open, 5AM, sharp! https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2020/03/11/coronavirus-live-updates/ March 9th 2020 CNN reports on a study "It Takes About 5 Days for Sick People to Show Coronavirus Symptoms"; yet the CDC says 28 days to 60 days. Isn't it amazine how wrong they always are and how many lies they tell? https://time.com/5797300/coronavirus-incubation-period/ -- If such a person remains asymptomatic during this 90-day period. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/duration-isolation.html

    March 6 2020 Hannity on Fox News praises Trump for 1) Speedy closing of the borders 2) Speedy FEMA camps 3) Speedy new experimental vaccine funding. Is it surprising the Democrats, and Republicans want the same exact thing? Just be sure to wash your hands when you get their bullshit on them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbqZyapMgzY

    March 6th 2020 Elon Musk: Coronavirus panic is 'dumb' [Video] https://finance.yahoo.com/video/elon-musk-coronavirus-panic-dumb-214652017.html

    March 5th 2020 #hoax Drugs that treat the HIV #hoax and Ebola #hoax being rapidly tested on morons. "There is no approved treatments for diseases caused by HEL1", nor is there a treatment for a virus, other than giving you the live virus. Enjoy! https://nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00154-w

    March 5 2020 #hoax Again, the Coronavirus "pops out of nowhere" in the middle of the Ocean, without any contact with anyone. Because she was "linked" to the HEL1. Is "linked" proof?? The "acting" Governor will waste $8 Billion on your phony hoax. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-03-04/los-angeles-county-declares-coronavirus-emergency-6-new-cases

    March 5 2020 Most #SARS Coronavirus in fact gets infected and transmitted by hospital staff; well known as early as this March 2003 report where 200 hospital staff get SARS and spread it to patients. https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3323223/ 2) By December 30th at 5AM, the press reports the #Tesla #Gigafactory #Shanghai is at 1000 but approved soon for 3,000 cars per day. https://cnbc.com/2019/12/30/tesla-shanghai-factory-is-reportedly-making-1000-model-3s-per-week.html 2b) The Coronavirus Timeline starts the day of December 30th, the doctor went public about the alleged Coronavirus. On the evening of 30 December 2019, an The Wuhan local health authority issued "urgent notice on the treatment of pneumonia of #unknown #cause". It was initially reported to the WHO on December 31, 2019. The 2 for 1 to stop Tesla & Nikola Tesla & the Jedi. If you didn't know this was a #hoax by now, your stupid! Tesla Leaks Original Sep 16, 2015: Nikola Tesla's Missing Files as the Scientific Technocratic Elite in Eisenhower's Speech https://youtube.com/watch?v=J469g5CEPfg

    March 2nd 2020 The FDA allows rapid phony testing for phony virus and phony vaccine with real live virus and nano organic mercury. https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/coronavirus-covid-19-update-fda-issues-first-emergency-use-authorization-point-care-diagnostic

    March 2nd 2020 Is the HEL1 pronounced "Hell One" Coronavirus manufactured in the Lab? https://books.google.com/books?id=AvLlBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA704&lpg=PA704&dq=HEL1#v=onepage&q=HEL1&f=false

    March 2nd 2020 FEMA preparing for possible coronavirus emergency declaration https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fema-prepping-possible-coronavirus-emergency-declaration-n1147016

    March 2nd 2020 Chris Geo's "Run This Town". Featuring Trump & Caesar's FEMA preparing to use Presidential Directive PD51 to open 2000 prison camps for weapons confiscation and forced inoculations for a virus that pops out of nowhere and the live vaccine doesn't exist. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Qf_prA-mWbY -- Obama passed PD51 so that Trump could use it later. https://nypost.com/2020/03/02/fema-reportedly-preparing-for-possible-coronavirus-emergency/ The Coronavirus Hoax was the best scenario provided by the WOPR computer AI. The Alein invasion hoax, Nuclear bomb hoax, World Wars hoax, HIV hoax, Space hoax, Tesla's unintended acceleration hoax, Peak resources hoax, Federal Reserve Debt-Notes & Petro-Dollar hoax and even the Jurassic Park & Mad Max scenarious have been eleminated.

    February 29th 2020 Trump [Launches Coronavirus Task Force](https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-launches-coronavirus-task-force) with gas station owner Mike Pence.

    February 28th 2020 "Do you think Coronavirus is a Hoax? Democrat gets in heated exchange with Pompeo at hearing https://thehill.com/homenews/house/485184-pompeo-and-lieu-get-into-heated-exchange-over-coronavirus-do-you-believe -- Trump says the coronavirus is Democrats' new 'hoax' https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/28/trump-south-carolina-rally-coronavirus-118269

    February 25th 2020 Tesla Leaks publishes the 10 Contentions for a "Coronavirus Hoax" on Facebook https://facebook.com/groups/teslaleaks

    February 18th 2020 Stocks & Apple fall on Conronavirus "worst is yet to come". https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/18/coronavirus-latest-updates.html

    The next day, February 7th, [U.S. states quarantine passengers under Trump](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-usa-quarantine/u-s-states-quarantine-handful-of-passengers-under-trump-coronavirus-screening-idUSKBN202027)'s use of PD-51 and HR645.

    February 7th Doctor who allegedly first discovered the Coronavirus Hoax, Dies. Coincidentally. https://time.com/5779678/li-wenliang-coronavirus-china-doctor-death/

    February 6th 2020 [Tesla temporarily closes China stores amid coronavirus fears](https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/06/tesla-temporarily-closes-china-stores-amid-virus-fears.html).

    February 5 2020 You can't have your Tesla until you take your Vaccines! https://reuters.com/article/us-tesla-stocks/tesla-tumbles-as-coronavirus-weighs-on-shanghai-factory-idUSKBN1ZZ2MN -- Tesla launches Bio-Defense Mode https://tesla.com/blog/putting-tesla-hepa-filter-and-bioweapon-defense-mode-to-the-test + a UV disinfectant light bulb inside the car to kill all pathogens. Or to purify water like Nikola Tesla's system in San Francisco: [https://eponline.com/articles/2011/08/15/focus-on-californias-largest-ultraviolet-water-treatment-facility.aspx](https://eponline.com/articles/2011/08/15/focus-on-californias-largest-ultraviolet-water-treatment-facility.aspx) -- (Walmart no longer sells them) or cure surface wounds with a Violet Ray https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violet_ray

    Repost: November 27th 2019 Predictive Programming - The case for mandatory vaccination - Nature https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-03642-w

    Repost: April 10th 2018 The Era of Fake Video Begins. The digital manipulation of video may make the current era of fake newsť seem quaint. https://theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/05/realitys-end/556877/

    Dec 12th 2020 How the Media Wants You To Think about Masks, Covid & Lockdowns


    Full Facebook Archive from 2014-2021: Tesla Leaks 1.0 removed by Facebook on March 13th 2016 & Tesla Leaks 2.0 removed by Facebook on January 4th 2021.

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    Alex Jones's Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007)

    Operation Endgame

    IS THERE ONGOING OPERATIONS AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? Is Operation Endgame is an ongoing plan? by the Office of Detention and Removal Operations of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to detain and deport all "removable aliens" and "suspected terrorists" (and anyone else) currently living in the U.S.[1] Operation Endgame https://issuu.com/anonyaltair/docs/endgame -- Operation Faithful Patriot are currently being conducted as a domestic deployment and civil contingency operation of the U.S. Armed Forces https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Faithful_Patriot -- Can Donald Trump use force against the 'migrant caravan'? https://www.dw.com/en/can-donald-trump-use-force-against-the-migrant-caravan/a-46300123



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